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NEWS SP Program on Fuji TV!


It was announced on December 1st that NEWS will be starring in a special TV program on Fuji TV called “Ikkyoku NEW Damashii!!!!”. The program will air on December 20th and will feature NEWS doing a song performance at the edge of a cliff at an elevation of 1057m.


The concept of the show is to “present the best song performance in an unprecedentedly difficult location”. The 4 members of NEWS climbed “Chousu no Kashira” on Mt. Myougi in Gunma Prefecture, one of Japan’s top 3 rare scenic views. In order to reach the top, they must face many difficulties including climbing a nearly vertical rock stretch of close to 30m and traverse across a steep cliff. With Tegoshi taking the lead and them encouraging each other along the way, NEWS will perform their new song, “Ikiro”, upon overcoming all manner of hurdles.

Having performed in proper environments with fancy staging and lighting, this time they’ll be performing on a completely natural stage without any audio equipment. Relying on just their own voices, it’s will be a challenge that’s completely new to them since their debut.

The filming took 2 days, and Shige commented, “It’s a novel concept to spend two days mountain climbing just for this. It may have been unprecedented, but there was value in doing it. Our teamwork was strengthened after these two days” Though there were times when a member almost gave up midway, they finally managed to sing the same song together, and Tegoshi said, “It felt like the essence of ‘Ikiro’, the core of it reached my heart. Looking at the view from the top, I feel like we worked really hard to finally earned this privilege to sing in these mountains and woods. ” This being 15 years since their debut, they also took the chance to look back on their journey and speak honestly about their thoughts towards the upcoming years.

Source: Yahoo! Japan, Sanspo
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