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NEWS news (week of Nov 26) - Part 1

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  • As mentioned in the Nov 28 episode of “Baguette” that NEWS appeared in, all the spin-off episodes that NEWS acted in for "Zero" are going to be aired on Christmas at one go, as “Christmas Zero”. There will also be an alternative track where viewers will be able to hear comments by the members themselves. (Source)

  • The song list for “FNS Kayosai 2018” is up on their website. NEWS will be performing a 15th anniversary special medley, as well as Yamashita Tatsuro’s “Christmas Eve” as part of the “Christmas and Winter Song Special”.

  • It was announced on Nov 29 that Fuji TV will be airing Johnny’s Countdown, and NEWS will be appearing from Kyocera Dome. (Source)

  • The line-up for “Music Station Super Live 2018” has been announced and NEWS will be appearing on the program, which airs Dec 21. (Source)

  • Tegoshi will participate in a new segment in next week’s ItteQ, the long-distance swimming club, along with fellow itteQ members, Miyagawa, Uchimura and Miyazon. Preview in the source. (Source)

  • Massu will be appearing on Fuji TV’s  “Geinojin ga Honkide Kangeta! Dokkiri GP SP”. The program airs on Dec 8 and Massu will be pranking A.B.C-Z. (Source)

  • The official website for “Ikkyoku NEW Kon!!!!” is up, with the photo that has been used in most news articles.

  • “Ikkyoku NEW Kon!!!!” related tweets

    • As with “NEWSICAL” last year, “Ikkyoku NEW Kon!!!!” was announced to be a Kanto region limited broadcast. The Japanese fans have started sending in enquiries, as well as started a hashtag campaign with the hashtag #一曲NEW魂全国へ届けっ, to request for their local broadcasters to air the programme too (Source)

    • Hamasaki Aya, a director working at Fuji TV, tweeted to say that the tough location shoot she mentioned recently was for “Ikkyoku NEW Kon!!!!”. A quick look at her timeline suggests the shoot was held around Nov 25. (Source 1 2)
      For those who find this name familiar, she also worked on “NEWSICAL” last year.

    • Mountain guide, Kawana Tadashi, tweeted that he climbed Mt Myouji with NEWS. He commented that all four of them are fresh young lads, and that he was touched by how hard Massu worked.
      An earlier tweet also suggests he was referring to Massu as well, when he said it was the first time he got touched to tears in his 20 years as a mountain guide. (Source 1 2)


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  • NEWSRING (Nov 28) NR.jpg

    • It was Koyama’s turn to update

    • Koyama wrote about how they had concert rehearsal that day and would have the best artist performance that night.
      He said that going home from best artist rehearsal the night before Tegoshi and he were in the car together. Tegoshi had a slight crick in his neck so whenever Koyama talked to him he would turn his whole body around to look at him. Koyama thought it was cute so he talked to him a lot throughout the ride. Now his neck is better though.

  • KEIICHIRO (Nov 28) K.jpg

    • Koyama wrote a short entry, sharing two photos - one of Tegoshi and Emma outside the sharehouse they were at for the Sep episode of SCP and another of a back view of himself at concert rehearsals that day


  • Okutomi Naoto, the owner of vintage clothing store “BOY”, tweeted about his appearance in “Soen” with Massu. (Source)

  • Someone wrote in to ask Go-chan to help convey their love to Massu, and Go-chan said there probably wouldn’t even be enough time to finish conveying his (Source)

  • Mogamishaka, the person known for the “Shaka desu” pose that Tegoshi’s been doing (including in the LPS PV), posted a video on YouTube talking about his appearance on the Jul 8 episode of “Gyoretsu no dekiru horitsu sodanjo” with Tegoshi. He mentioned that Tegoshi was a great guy who did the “Shaka desu” pose with all his might, and who specially went over to him after the recording to thank him. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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