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NEWS news (week of Nov 26) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Nov 25)

    • The first letter was from a listener congratulating Shige on his drama, they said that they thought Zero would be his only lead role this year, so they’re glad to be able to see him in Inugamike no Ichizoku too. They said it’s also the second Christmas in a row they’ll get to watch Shige act, since there was Newsical last year.
      Shige said that he was thankful to be given so much acting work this year and every year.

    • The next letter was from a listener who talked about attending Strawberry and all the concerts this year.
      Shige thanked them and said that he thought that maybe people would be tired of hearing about the 15th anniversary since they’ve said it so much and the actual date has passed, but he’s happy to have all these opportunities to see the fans.  He’ll work hard to make the concert one that will make you glad to support NEWS.

    • ♪ Jump Around ♪

    • For music club this week Shige started by saying that he’s found time to go fishing here and there, and this time of the year, fall you can catch a bunch of different things. He said that he can’t go that often so he often wonders what he should try to catch, it’s that time of the year. And there’s a song he likes to listen to at times like that. The artist’s name is Kasarinchu, and he said some people probably already know them. He explained that the name means someone of Kasari, a town in Amami Oshima where the duo of Kasarinchu are from. Shige said that he often goes there, so he  He talked about their song “Koko Mejina Tsureru” which sounds at first like it’s a love song but is actually about fishing. Shige read out a bunch of the lyrics, and said that it’s like his theme song.

    • The next letter was from a little while ago. The listener who said that they don’t like fish, to the point that if they go to a sushi place there’s hardly anything they can eat. They asked Shige if he had any recipes to help them get over their dislike of fish.

    • The next letter was also from a listener who hates fish, they hate the fishy smell and can’t even put it in their mouth ever since they can remember. However they want to get over this hatred, so they asked Shige for a fish or way of cooking that would help.
      Shige said that hearing all this he can’t help but think it’s impossible. He said that if that’s the case, then it’s fine to not eat fish. However, he does find it to be a bit of a shame, as someone who loves fish he wants them to like it. He feels that if the fish made them hate fish that much then it must not have been good fish. Shige said that he catches and cleans the fish himself, and he wants to emphasize that if you do that it’s completely different. He drains the blood on the boat, and the ‘fishy’ smell/taste that people complain about is from blood. If it’s not a fish from a good place then it may be no good. He wondered if they’re able to eat cooked fish like canned tuna.
      He said a cooking technique that could make you like something you hate would have to be magic. He said he doesn’t love this technique but there’s always the option of smothering it in curry, most things become easier to eat in curry. He said that he really thinks the key might be getting rid of the fishiness and also recommended white fish, because for instance mackerel has a lot of blood, and also mentioned some techniques to get rid of the fishiness but emphasized that he doesn’t know that it would make them able to eat it.
      He said that personally he thinks it’s fine for them not to eat fish although he finds the idea sad.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they’re studying for exams now and people often tell them that they can’t succeed if they don’t believe they will succeed. They said that though logically they can understand this, they don’t know how to actually believe that they can succeed. They end up losing more faith because of this. They asked Shige if he thought, in his experience, that it’s good to force yourself to believe. They added that they’re a new fan of NEWS as of this year.
      Shige thanked them, and said that he gets a lot of messages about this, and apologized that anything he says now without knowing a lot things will just be kind of random. Shige said that the question is, what is success. If you measure it based on someone else’s measurement then everything might end up being a ‘failure’, or everything could be considered a huge success. So then take what you think of success, but there are times when the results aren’t what you hoped for. With exams, you probably have something you want to be and so a school you want to get into. So you can aim for that, there’s no need to envision the future you just aim for that clear goal. You just need a clear process for how to achieve that dream, how many points you need to score etc.
      Since it’s right before the exam it’s understandable to be worried, but let’s suppose the exam doesn’t go well. Is that failure? It’s not, not at all. There will be other things, if you think too much about success or failure you’ll lose sight. For now, the best thing is focus and do your best with what’s in front of you.
      Shige said that for him, rather than exams it’s with work. For example, with his novels, what does success look like? Would it be having a lot of people read his books? Or winning an award? Or writing a novel that he’s satisfied with? He thinks that success is writing something that he can be happy with. If he were to write something he wasn’t happy with and it won an award, it may be even more like a failure.
      He talked more about how you should think about the definitions of these words like success and failure that we use a lot everyday. Life is full of these kinds of worries. It also can’t be helped to imagine things you don’t know, for instance in interviews people ask him about what he wants to be in 15, 20 years and he answers the question but in reality he doesn’t know what will happen by then. He think that if he has time to worry about things in the future like that, then that time is better spent actually working on things, though he understands their worries.

    • ♪ U R not alone ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Nov 27)

    • The guest this week was Massu again. In the opening he and Koyama talked about how they crashed West’s radio show twice, Massu said it was fine for them to crash twice since they’re both ‘Bunka housou family’ and ‘Johnny’s family’ but Koyama told him they should maintain a good distance and the fans might be like ‘Them again??’ Since Kiriyama and Nakama should be finishing with their show soon, they thought it would be good to have them come on their show next, if they can make it time before the show ends.

    • ♪ Blue ♪

    • The first letter was from a listener with the pen name of ‘Tara-chan’ who said that they’ve always had a bad habit of cheating. (M: [In a high pitched voice, imitating the character Tara-chan from Sazae-san] Oh no!) Even if the person their dating is a kind and good person, after some time they’ll start to wonder what other good men are out there. (M: That’s horrible~ K: Tara-chan wouldn’t say that. And the quality...) The listener said that if they continue like this it seems unlikely that they’ll be able to be happy, but they want stimulus. They asked if they knew of anything besides men that could give them that.
      K: What kind of person are they?
      M: What an awful letter!
      K: No no no, Tara-chan is the one writing.
      K: Tara-chan is wondering if there are other good guys out there.
      M: I wonder what other good- I can’t do it well tonight….
      K: It doesn’t resemble him at all. It should be like “I wonder what other good guys are out there…
      Koyama told her to stop it, and Massu said that is what you end up thinking. Massu said that while he thinks that it’s good to have spice in your life, he wants her to place more importance on her feelings of treasuring others and Koyama agreed. Koyama said that if she wrote into their radio, then that means she must like NEWS at least a little bit so then he hopes that their activities could give her that stimulation she wants, but maybe she wants it more in her daily life. Massu said that maybe they could give her that. Massu started doing his Tara-chan impression voice a bit more and they joked around a bit and then Kiriyama, Nakama, and Nori-san showed up.

    • They came in and everyone greeted each other and West introduced themselves. Koyama welcomed them to Kchan NEWS and Massu thanked them for coming. Massu said that earlier he crashed their radio as a guest and explained that actually this is just Koyama’s radio and so he’s actually guesting as well, he’s on the same level as them.
      They talked about the segment they did on West’s radio where they ask which side of a debate you fall on they all tried to choose the same thing but couldn’t. They said that if they can’t all choose the same one then they can’t leave so continued it here.

    • Koyama read the letter, and the question was are you the type to put in less water than directed or just as much as the instructions say. They were confident that this one would be easy to get everyone on the same page, but they weren’t. Koyama and Nakama said the amount instructed and everyone else said less, leading to surprise all around.
      Nakama said that the amount in the instructions is the most delicious ratio of hot water to mix according to the maker. Koyama says he puts in that much but it ends up being less because the noodle absorb the water, and was surprised that others put in less. The others explained that by putting in less the flavor intensifies. Massu said that he pours right up until the line on the bowl but definitely won’t surpass it. Koyama said that he understood not wanting to exceed the line.
      The next one was what ingredient in onigiri makes you the happiest, with the premise that your parents made them for you. Nori-san told Massu ahead of time not to say some complicated thing, and Koyama told him he also couldn’t say salt it had to be an actual filling in the onigiri, and Nori-san added one he’s actually had before.
      Koyama: Dried bonito flakes
      Massu: Kombu
      Nakama: Mentaiko
      Kiriyama: Rolled egg
      Nori: Salmon
      They all said it at once and confirmed and talked about their choices. Koyama said that they should try again this time with the premise of convenience store onigiri when you’re really hungry- the one you buy most often because he thought they’d be able to do it that way.
      Koyama: Ume
      Massu & Kiriyama & Nori: Tuna Mayo
      Nakama: Mentaiko
      Koyama said that he heard someone say mango and they all clarified what they said. They talked about how Koyama’s two picks were Ume and Dried bonito flakes and Massu said that if he were to randomly get to two onigiri and they were those two he’d feel like it was a miss.

    • The next one was demi-glace sauce or ketchup and they were confident they could get it this time.
      Koyama & Nori & Nakama: Ketchup
      Massu & Kiriyama: Demi-glace
      Nori-san and Koyama immediate started to ask who it was that didn’t say ketchup and messed up the synchronization and Massu joked around pretending they all picked the same one. Koyama was surprised that they picked demi-glace and Nakama said if there’s already ketchup in the omurice then why would you put it on top too to which the other’s protested saying that the flavors don’t go together if you do demi-glace.

    • The next one was which way do you like your curry, thick or watery and they all picked thick. They immediately all started cheering, and Koyama encouraged West to do promo for something so they said that they’re 5th album is coming out. Koyama said that they should pick a song from the album for them to play since they had room for another song. They picked a song that their fellow member, Kamiyama, had written.
      Kiriyama: Please-
      Masse: Nevermind let’s not.
      Massu said he just wanted to remind them he’s still there. They talked more about the extras on the album and they explained that it comes with footage of them BBQing. Nori-san also did some promo for his radio show.

    • ♪ We are WEST!!!!!!! ♪

    • At the end they said they had fun chatting with Kiriyama and Nakama and praised them saying that they’re good at radio.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Nov 28)

    • At the opening, Tegoshi messed up when he tried doing something funny before even getting to his name. Massu made him apologise properly, as Sakura and him were already waiting for their turns to introduce themselves and Tegoshi did. He said it’s because he does such things that the opening gets too long. They proceeded to talk about what they ate or are into recently, and Tegoshi said NOTHING. He’s been living for like 30 years so how often is it that you can just eat something for the first time recently. Then randomly, Massu asked if Sakura cut her hair and she did. As for what they want to eat. Massu said hot pot. Sakura said yakiniku. Tegoshi then said he hasn’t eaten tsukemen very much before, and asked for the difference between tsukemen and ramen. They explained it to him, saying that the soup is on the side like soba, and can be served either hot or cold. The noodles are on the thicker side too. He asked what abura soba is, and they said that has no soup, and Massu said he has, it’s very tasty. They continued discussing noodles for a while and couldn’t think of anything else they wanted to eat recently (T: Anything I feel like eating I’d go eat it!).

    • Moving on to the request, it was from a listener who performs their songs alone at their school festival, and has been performing “Chankapana” every year, so they’d like to request it. This year, they performed “Chankapana” and “It’s You”, and emerged top for the school festival. To them, “Chankapana” is a very special song so they hope it’ll be played. Tegoshi wondered if the members performing that wouldn’t increase, and Massu said if it worked like NEWS, the members would only decrease but not increase. They said they’re very happy and that there are people who look forward to their performance each year is awesome.

    • ♪ Chankapana ♪

    • The second mail came from a listener who had an interesting name and they discussed the reading of it for a while, and then of how the listener referred to Sakura as “Miya” before going on to the mail. The listener feels weird if they go out without wearing their watch. Is there anything they would feel weird with if they don’t wear it? Tegoshi immediately said it’s the rings for Massu, and then said Tegoshi doesn’t like wearing anything around his wrists as he feels they get in the way. Sakura also feels weird if she heads out without her watch, and will end up looking at her wrist even if she wasn’t wearing one. Massu said he knows how it feels as he does the same and it’s kind of embarrassing when he gets seen looking at his empty wrist. Tegoshi said there’s nothing for him, and they said it doesn’t have to be accessories. He then said he needs something on his face - a mask, a hat, sunglasses, something. He doesn’t like it being empty.
      M: You can’t accept it when an empty-ty Tegoshi appears?
      T: I can’t.
      He then offered the example of running into his neighbours at the lift. He’d always want to look at them in the eye and greet them, so if he’s got nothing on, it’d be like, “Good morning (TEGOSHI!)” And that’s embarrassing. But if he had a hat or something on, it’d be more like, “Ah hi.” It’s almost like he’s not put any bottoms on when he’s out with a naked face, like, “I’m exposed!” Massu said Tegoshi always wears these glasses that scream “celebrity” and Sakura agreed, saying it’s those huge ones. Tegoshi said he likes those, and while he’s got zero interest in clothes, he really likes sunglasses. It makes him feel good when he wears one, and they come in useful in countries where the sun rays are strong.

    • The third mail was from someone who hit the ballot for the Dec 31 concert (M: Tegoshi, here comes! T: Oh?) and it’d be their first NEWS concert ever. (T: OH! CONGRATS!!!) They saw the mail in school and couldn’t stop shaking. They were jumping up and down when telling the news to the friend going with them, and ended up falling from the stairs and getting their first fracture ever. (T: Eh! No way!) They wanted to know if there’s anything the 3 of them experienced for the first time recently. They are looking forward to the concert and asked them to take care of themselves.
      M: No, YOU take care of yourself.
      Sakura: Can they still go? Are they okay?
      T: Is it a leg fracture?
      Sakura, M: Not sure
      T: But Messi managed to play in the match 3 weeks after his fracture so the listener would be fine.
      Sakura: They’re not Messi!
      M: Me too, me too! I fractured my wrist but still managed to do “Tegomass no Mahou”.
      Sakura: No way, I took 2 months to recover from my fractured pinky.
      M: Well, that’s because of the difference in potential we all had to start out with.
      They continued saying how they’re worried. Massu then shared he’s been saying during one of the meetings for the countdown concert or something, that they should include something for people watching a NEWS concert for the first time. But Tegoshi declared very loudly that there’s no way there’d be a first-timer for the Dec 31 countdown concert!!
      Sakura: Why?
      T: No… so if it’s about concerts...
      M: He did, he did.
      T: I mean, it might be their first time at our concert, but I don’t think there probably wouldn’t be anybody who would not know any song from our albums or the coupling tracks.
      He continued to say that since it’s the New Year’s Eve, it would be a day when people would want to spend with their families and friends. So for them to take all the trouble to go all the way to Osaka to see NEWS, it means they love NEWS very much and there shouldn’t be many people who wouldn’t know any of their songs. (M: Ah! When we were discussing the set list!) So it would be safe for them to perform songs from their album, as these people would not not know the songs, nor find them boring. They said again how happy again the listener’s coming for their first concert. Massu added how because they’ve been doing this many times, there’re songs they want to perform a certain way, or certain things they want to show first-timers, and then things they want to show people who’ve been with them since the start. Yeah. As a “first-time” can only happen once to just one artist, they’re really happy.
      Moving back to something they experienced for the first time recently, Massu offered his fracture about 3 weeks before “Tegomass no Mahou”. Tegoshi said he went to Croatia for the first time recently. They discussed how Mirko Cro Cop (a Croatian mixed martial artist) is really cool and very good. Massu asked how it was to meet Mirko Cro Cop, and they joked about how Tegoshi fought him and lost, but made it past the first round at the very least. Sakura talked about Japanese ginger again, how she used to hate it but managed to eat a salad of practically Japanese ginger recently. (T: What’s that? Can I look it up?) They tried explaining it to him while he looked it up, and
      T: May I react to it when the search results come up?
      Sakura: That’s fine. It’s okay, we can close this topic.
      He’s not sure about how that tastes and they were surprised he doesn’t know Japanese ginger. They explained it’s got a strong taste and he concluded it’s great she managed to start eating it.

    • For “Tegomass no Debate” this week, the first question was which they’d be more shocked to be told by their partner - A: Your clothes are lame. B: Your breath stinks. They both chose B. Massu said if it were between bad breath and body odour, it might still be a tougher choice, but this one’s straightforward. Sakura asked which he’d choose then but he was like, hey! That’s what I just came up with. Sakura would also choose B, and they moved on.

    • The next question was from someone who washed her husband’s organiser by mistake. Was this A: the fault of the husband who dumped the organiser into the laundry basket together with his clothes; or B: the fault of the listener, who ran the laundry without checking. They each think it’s the other’s fault. When Sakura asked Tegomass to choose, Tegoshi said A and Massu chose nothing, and said maybe A after. Tegoshi explained it might be more of the husband’s fault, though he can completely understand the feelings of the husband, who comes back from work tired and just takes everything off. So it’d be nice if the wife would check before washing. But since he’s staying alone and doing his laundry himself now, he knows he doesn’t check the pockets of his clothes either and just washes everything assuming there’s nothing inside. If the circumstances were such that the wife just gathered all the clothes and did the laundry without checking, then it miggght still be her fault, but since the husband just dumped the stuff into the laundry basket without checking, it wouldn’t be nice to put the blame on the wife. Massu added how when he washes his stuff with things like name cards still in the pockets, he blames himself for having put the name cards into the pockets, rather than not having checked before washing. They said they’re not siding with the listener more because she sent the mail in, but that’s how it is.

    • The final question was, which is tougher to lie about? A: Saying you hate what you actually love; B: Saying you love what you actually hate. They both chose A. Massu used the example of food, like if you ate something you hate but had to lie saying it’s delicious, it might be out of consideration towards the feelings of someone. But if it’s having to lie saying you hate someone you love, for example, that would definitely be tougher. Sakura said Massu was really easy to understand that day.
      T: It’s pretty much the same for me.
      M: No you can’t say that.
      T: It’s the same!
      He said there are no benefits to pretending to hate something you like. But if you were to be taken to dinner by your boss, it’d make sense to read the atmosphere and say the food was delicious. There wouldn’t be any case when you’d have to pretend to hate something you like - some snacks the boss brought in, for instance, as they’d just say not to eat them then - and that wouldn’t make sense.
      M: He’s saying the same things. It’s all the same.
      T: That’s because you said I can’t say “Same here”! So I tried my best to rephrase it.
      M: It’s all the same. It was our loss to have listened to you.
      Sakura: Both work, both are fine. That’s all.

    • At the ending, they promoted Epcotia Encore.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Nov 29)

    • At the opening, he talked about going for the wedding of his friend whom he mentioned previously. He said the usual standards would be getting informed about the wedding about 2 months ago, then receiving the invite in snail mail and having to send the reply back also via snail mail. However, his friend only attached a digital invite in a text about a week before, saying they’ve mentioned this before and Massu can come, right? Massu said he’d try his best to make it though he won’t know for sure if there’ll be work till the very last second. He managed to make it, so the night before he was looking for the suit he bought when he was 20, but he couldn’t find it. He texted the rest of the friends in his group saying, “Crap I can’t find my suit” and they told him it’s fine just come in regular clothes. In the end, he wore some nice looking jacket and pants with a white tee and dress shoes. (M: Like some overseas celebrity) He wasn’t sure if it’s okay to wear a tee inside, so he texted a stylist to be sure. He also asked for advice on how to play with the outfit a little, but decided not to since the parents of the couple probably wouldn’t appreciate such fashion for the occasion. So he went in a nice tshirt, without playing with his outfit too much, so much so that there was almost nothing that said “Massu” in it.
      He also shared how he forgot to buy the envelope to put the gift money in, and texted his friends after he arrived the venue to ask them to help him get one. Like, “Please!!!” One of his friends agreed to, and came with one of those packs of brown envelopes. While the friend had a proper gift envelope for themselves. But his other friends brought him a proper one, so there were these things other than the actual ceremony that hyped everyone up. While he’d thought it would be a cosy wedding of mainly friends and families, it was a rather large one. It was a nice ceremony though and he’s glad he managed to attend it. (M: Congrats!)

    • ♪ Tsuki no Tomodachi ♪
      (M: You know, the lyrics for this song are really awesome!)

    • The second mail was from a listener who listened to the episode Shige guested in and thanked them for the enjoyable time. In a sudden change of topic, they wanted to know when Massu trims his nails as they really like his nails. Massu commented that it’s really the first time in a very long time since he spoke one-on-one with Shige. And as he’s mentioned before, Shige is more like a friend from middle school (due to Kinpachi) rather than a fellow Junior he worked hard with together. As for when he trims his nails, he usually trims them in the mornings after bathing, if he notices that they’ve grown out.
      M: How’s this? Or would it have been better for an idol to have something like a nailist take care of it everyday? I trim them in the morning. Sorry, but I trim them myself in the morning.

    • The third mail was also from someone who picked up something from Shige’s episode. Shige mentioned liking the act of girls removing their earphones. So the listener would like to know if Massu likes it when girls tie their hair, an action many men are said to like. They’d also like to know if there’re any other actions he likes, other than what he mentioned before - applying hand cream. He doesn’t particularly like the act of hair tying. He explained that carrying items like hand cream, tissues, lip cream etc. are more attractive to him than carrying makeup around for touching up. As for other actions… maybe the hair tying one is nice? Not the type when the hair is done perfectly, but something like Shinohara Ryoko, where it’s tied together, but still somewhat loose? It’s that ease that’s attractive.

    • The fourth mail was from someone who watched the episode of “Sanma Goten” Massu appeared on, and realised something about socks after listening to the radio episodes when he shared his sock stories. Like Massu, they’re only super particular about certain things, but rather than not wanting dirt and germs to get to their socks, they don’t want them to get into contact with their feet directly. So they’d always wear socks. It was only when Massu mentioned how the dirt would then get transferred from their socks to their shoes that they realised that, and was mildly shocked from that revelation. They intend to bring a spare pair of socks with them all the time now, so please make socks as part of the merchandise! Is there anything Massu always brings around, “just in case”?
      He talked again of how he doesn’t like walking around wearing his socks at restaurants/ sports auditoriums/ slippers provided and then having to wear his own shoes again in that same pair of socks. He brought up how it’s good manners to bring along a clean pair of socks when visiting someone’s place, as a sign of not carrying in the dirt from outside in. Though he’s never seen anyone doing that at restaurants (laughs) but that’s okay right… He said how there’s almost always someone in his group who doesn’t want to go to places where they have to remove their shoes, and joked about how there’re also times when there’s someone in the group everyone hopes would NOT remove their shoes.
      Something he brings around “just in case”... if it’s for work, it’d be medicine for his throat and pens, but he really doesn’t bring anything much usually. Like how for that day, he only brought with him his wallet, phone and keys. (Hurhur) So there’s nothing he brings around “just in case”.

    • The fifth mail was from a listener who would like to prepare a birthday cake for the boyfriend as a surprise. But as they only started dating recently, she’s not sure about his preferences. She doesn’t want to start asking now, as that might spoil the surprise. Would Massu tell her what cake he likes, so she can get that cake just to satisfy herself?
      M: No, no! You can’t do that. That’s really…
      He suggested asking directly if the birthday is really close. And maybe just saying straight out, “Not that I’m going to get one for you…” and the boyfriend can start thinking, “Eh? So am I going to get one? Am I not?”. Massu would be happy if it were him. He doesn’t recommend getting something he likes for the boyfriend though. He’d be like, “Huh???” if he found out after.
      M: Though well, it might be fine to let the boyfriend get a little jealous. The cake I like is chocolate cake. Yup chocolate cake, but to give him a chocolate cake is…
      He thinks it’s fine to just ask, or eat the cake he likes together. Or do it pizza style and get a quattro. He hopes the surprise goes well!

    • The sixth mail was from a listener who hopes Massu would say “All the best!” to them. They’re taking their entrance exams soon, but have to undergo an operation beforehand. They’ve been down with a hip disease since their first year of middle school. Because of the fear and pain, they haven’t been coping very well and take it out on people around them. They don’t like themselves that way, and would like to get better. So they’d like to hear Massu’s voice before the op. He figured the listener’s probably only around 15 years old, and it must be tough to have to deal with the illness on top of school work. He’s supporting them and hopes they’d be able to overcome everything.

    • ♪ Kibou Yell - represent NEWS mix- ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “Moves” by Olly Murs feat. Snoop Dogg. He said it’s a cool song and gave a brief introduction of Olly Murs. The song is from a recently released album that he’s listening to on heavy rotation recently and he hopes to discover more songs he likes.

    • At the ending, he promoted the Epcotia Encore concerts. He’d do his best not to get sleepy for the countdown concert.

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