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NEWS news (week of Dec 3) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Dec 2)

    • The first letter was from a listener who congratulated him on his drama and on the dome concerts saying that they hit for the countdown concert. They said that they would be going with their son who is a 1st year highschool student. It’ll be his first ever concert. She’s gone to NEWS concerts a number of times with her daughter, but her son became a NEWS fan after watching Zero. She’s really looking forward to hearing his thoughts on the concert.
      Shige said that he was happy to hear that, and said that he’s currently filming for Inugamike no Ichizoku. He talked about how he’s heard from a lot of people who became fans from Zero. Especially kids who are around highschool age, when he goes on location for filming they tell him that they watched Zero, which makes him feel glad for all the hard work he put in this year and wants to continue to do so. He said he’s working hard on Inugamike no Ichizoku so that it’ll turn out interesting. He said that he’s also done a lot of photoshoots for magazines talked about an interview he did with ‘Shosetsu Yasei Jidai’ and about being an idol, author, and actor. He talked about Inugamike and how he’s been thinking about his Kindaichi role a lot.

    • ♪ UFO ♪

    • For music club this week he said talked about Yonezu Kenshi and how he couldn’t not play his music. He talked about how he’s a fan and that he wanted to go see him live, but it wasn’t working out schedule wise. He talked about how amazing he was, saying that he’s powered up yet again, and played his song, “Flamingo”. He said that music video was really cool too and talked about it for awhile saying that a lot of people would probably be reminded of the music video for “Loser” and said that he felt like he’s improved even more at dancing. He talked about how he really liked the part where he says ‘flamingo’ and that he has great sense. He talked about how the song gives off a feeling of Japan from a long time ago.

    • The next letter was from a listener who asked Shige how he picks books to recommend to other people, saying that they saw him recommend “The Stranger” by Albert Camus in Shukan Asahi. They said that they’re also often asked for book recommendations but what people find interesting can differ a lot person to person. Also recommending books that they found interesting feels like revealing their mind to the person. They’re a teacher so they tend to pick books are ok to recommend to students.
      Shige said that the theme was a book that changed your life, and he also has a tendency to stick to ‘safe’ recommendations, but he really loves “The Stranger” and really felt like it grabbed his heart. He said it’s really hard when you’re asked to recommend a book, books that are well loved by everyone… it’s fine to recommend those, too especially as teacher. He said that he only wants to recommend books that he likes, he can’t that responsibility for books he doesn’t like. He can’t present a book that he didn’t like well, he does think it’s harder with the restriction of being a teacher, though the classic could be a good safe option, like Kafka or Dostoyevsky. They are classics for a reason. He also thinks The Great Gatsby or Murakami Haruki’s books that have been translated are good to recommend.
      He said that people probably want something they can empathize with but it also can be good to read things that are from a completely different world.
      He said that he would recommend the book ‘Mitsubachi to Enrai’ by Onda Riku, who he had a chat with for Shosetsu Yasei Jidai where they talked extensively about Kindaichi. He said that he had been wanting to read it as it had won awards and gotten a lot of attention, but kept putting it off because of the length and thinking he wouldn’t have a long period of time to read it. But he finally did and it was so good that it makes him embarrassed to think that he put it off for so long. They talked about Kindaichi the whole time so didn’t really get a chance to discuss ‘Mitsubachi to Enrai’ so he wanted to mention it here no matter what. The story takes place throughout a piano competition that follows a few, around four, piano prodigies. He said it was really interesting and recommended everyone read it while listening to classical music. He said he found it really amazing as an author, but it’s really interesting for any audience.

    • ♪ Anata ga Tonari ni Iru dake de ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Dec 4)

    • The guest this week was Tegoshi.

    • The opened by talking about how it was almost the New Year, and how fast time has passed, and Tegoshi kept saying meaningless things. They also talked about the upcoming Epcotia Encore concerts and how the planning for them are coming along nicely, and that it’ll have a bit of a different feel to the previous Epcotia concerts.

    • The first letter was from a listener who wrote in about the previous kchan NEWS when Massu, Kiriyama and Nakama from Johnny’s WEST, as well as Nori-san were guests. They said that since Tegoshi talks as much as four guests when he’s on, they were able to follow the conversation.
      Koyama explained to Tegoshi how after Best Hits he and Massu recorded Kchan NEWS. Koyama commented on how the listener said that when Tegoshi is guest it feels as if there are ~4 guests on the radio and Tegoshi agreed that it must seem that way. He added that when all of NEWS are there that it actually gets quite annoyingly loud (uzai), so he doesn’t talk as much. Tegoshi then was surprised at how he used the word ‘uzai’ for the first time in a long time, saying that he doesn’t use it very often. Koyama questioned why he had to voice this realization right now, but agreed that they don’t really use it because it’s not really used much anymore but also because they don’t bad mouth.

    • ♪ Ikiro ♪

    • Koyama announced that the next letter was from a fan in Brazil and Tegoshi exclaimed loudly and wondered where in Brazil, if they were from São Paulo. The listener said that they live in Japan (T: Are they Brazilian? K: Aren’t they- ah wait- T: Or are they Japanese living in Brazil? ) They said that they learned who Tegoshi was from the 2014 World Cup and then became a NEWS fan. They said that they currently run a Japanese restaurant with their family, sometimes when they show Brazilians footage from NEWS concerts they say stuff like “What group are they?” “Amazing!” They said that Brazilian woman think Koyama has a cute face and he’s popular with them, and since Tegoshi wears make up they often think he’s a woman and don’t believe them even when they explain that he’s a guy. (T: I see) They said that they’ll keep supporting them and said that they want them to come eat at their restaurant sometime (T: Ah nice, Japanese food!)
      T: (yelling away from the mic) CAN YOU HEAR ME?? HELLO!!
      They talked about how Tegoshi has been to Brazil once for the World Cup, and Koyama asked if he hasn’t gone for ItteQ and Tegoshi said he hasn’t. They talked about how Koyama went to the Amazon. Koyama said that when he went, he went in from Brazil and fans went to the airport in Brazil. Tegoshi said that Japanese people are really quite popular with Brazilian people saying that when he was there four year ago he really was very popular. Koyama countered that Tegoshi’s popular no matter where he goes. Tegoshi said that he was waiting at supermarket type place next to the soccer venue along with staff members when a shop clerk suddenly grabbed his arm and asked him to take a picture.
      T: I thought if anything happens, I’ll live in Brazil! That’s what I thought at the time.
      K: Amazing,  you’re really an idiot.
      Koyama said that Tegoshi must have been happy to be so popular in Brazil but that he’s popular everywhere and Tegoshi said that he still has a long way to go. Koyama commented on how in Brazil they would grab Tegoshi’s arm and Tegoshi said that they’re very passionate and that in Japan is too passive, they should be more forward. Koyama asked if Tegoshi if he wouldn’t be a bit like “hold on…” if someone in Japan were to suddenly grab on to his arm and ask to take a picture and Tegoshi said, that he would if it were just out of the blue and Koyama laughed. Tegoshi said that he means in regard to your boyfriend/girlfriend not people you don’t know, when it’s strangers he gets shy.
      Tegoshi suddenly cut off mid conversation and urged Koyama to come closer to him and started going “Pon pon!! Pon pon pon!!” while laughing, and Koyama explained that he’s wearing a hood with a pompom on it and said that he wanted to go home and think about things on his sofa. Tegoshi said that he likes Kchan NEWS and has a lot of fun.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they recently realized that they like a guy they’re friends with. They’re trying to decide now if they should confess their feelings, they reason why they’re not sure is because there are a lot of things they’re worried about. The biggest thing is that they think they’re not his type and worry that a confession from someone who’s not your type is just a bother.
      Koyama said that a confession is when you can make people realize how they feel with a confession, and Tegoshi agreed it can make you aware of them and curious. Tegoshi said that if you don’t confess then the possibility of success is zero, but if you do confess there’s at least a 1% chance even if you’re not their type. So it depends on how you want it to turn out, if you want to chance the shock of failure for the small chance of the joy of going out with them. Tegoshi started to talk about something really good someone said on TV and Koyama asked him if he was going to repeat it pretending that he said it and Tegoshi said that he just thought it was really true. “You either live a life with both failure and success, or a life with neither failure nor success.” Tegoshi said that trying things is important, if you don’t then you’ll have neither failure nor success, and those who keep challenging themselves and doing new things will have both. He said that he wants to live the second kind of life. He said that he thought that that was really cool when he saw it on tv, and Koyama agreed that there’s lots that you learn from failure too, and Tegoshi agreed. Tegoshi said that it’s the same with love, he said that he saw that yesterday on tv while taking a bath.
      Koyama asked Tegoshi if there are times that he thinks that he’s failed and Tegoshi said that there are, but it teaches you a lot. They encouraged her to go for it saying that it’s possible that she’ll succeed.

    • ♪ Epcotia ♪

    • The last letter was from a listener who asked them what they think they are the ‘only one’ at?
      Tegoshi said his character, saying that there’s nobody out there with the same personality as him. Tegoshi said that in this world there’s so many conventions like you can’t do this or do that and it’s annoying, it doesn’t actually matter. He has fun everyday no matter what others say. No one else has the right to complain about that, you shouldn’t live in a way where you are constantly trying not to be hated. Tegoshi said that there are a lot of people who work hard and refrain from doing what they want to do because they’re concerned about what others will think. Tegoshi said that if you work really hard you have to also give yourself rewards. He said that he felt like there’s a lot of people like that particularly in the entertainment industry.
      Tegoshi asked Koyama what he thought and he said that it’s yourself, if you’re the same as someone else you won’t do well. Koyama said that for him his ‘only one’ is being in NEWS. There’s only the four of them. Tegoshi started comparing people who try to do the same thing as other as zombies who seek out the blood of people who stand out and try to make new things.

    • At the end they did promo for the Epcotia DVD/Blu-ray and Ikkyoku NEWkon, saying that it took a lot of physical strength.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Dec 5)

    • At the opening, they talked about it’s already December
      T: So there’s just one more year left to 2018!
      Sakura: It’s not a year
      M: HUH?
      Sakura: What are you talking about? Stop!
      T: Hmm? This is weird. For two consecutive weeks! I’m sorry.
      M: If there’s another year, there’d be 2 years to 2018!
      T: AH! EH?? This is bad…
      Sakura: This is scary
      T: I find myself scary too!
      They continued saying it’s scary for a while, then wondered what realm Tegoshi was living in
      Sakura: Your lips are totally dry!
      T: Let me apply some lip cream
      M: Are you nervous?
      T: HAHAHHAHAHAH! This is bad! If I were nervous for radio, man! Am I subconsciously nervous about radio?
      Sakura: How many years have you been doing this!
      M: This is not the time to be applying lip cream!
      T: I will I will! You know, I lose my lip creams all the time.
      Sakura: We know. You’ve said this several times.
      T: AHAHHAHAHA. This is bad. BAD!
      Tegoshi tried talking about how it’s just a month to their concert and he’s nervous AHHHH, Massu didn’t join in the conversation and Sakura asked him to help since she can’t deal with such things alone. They told her it’s her job. So she said to move on!
      T: It’s the request next.
      Sakura: Onto the request already? Sure.
      T, M: Go ahead!
      Sakura: No! It’s not like I’m doing this alone.
      T: All the best!
      Sakura: Not “All the best”! Ah whatever.

    • The request this week was from someone who drives more than an hour each way to work. They have a folder of music with NEWS/ Tegomass and listen to that everyday while driving. Of which, they like “Overdrive” very much. What songs do they like listening to while driving, and which NEWS/ Tegomass songs do they recommend for car rides? They talked about how the songs they listen to for rides in summer and winter are different. Massu said then it has to be either TUBE or Hirose Kohmi and the rest agreed saying those are the artistes that represents summer and winter best respectively.
      Tegoshi said he used to listen to L’Arc~en~Ciel’s “Driver’s High” a lot, to which Sakura said that’s good for all seasons, and Massu was like, isn’t that for deserts? Tegoshi said that’s just in the PV! So, what? We can’t listen to “Kaguya” unless we’re in some Japanese environment?
      M: Ah, right. That’s how it’d end up.
      Sakura: He gave up. That’s fast!
      T: I won!
      Massu said for real, he listens to his own solo songs. (T: SERIOUSLY!?) Tegoshi said he puts everything on shuffle. Sakura doesn’t own a license, though she often rides on her father’s car.
      M: How old are you again? That sounded like something an elementary kid would say
      Sakura explained it’s because she stays with her parents, so when they go out for meals or shopping together her father drives. But Tegoshi said when he goes home and goes out for meals with his mother and granny, he drives. Massu agreed, saying as they grew up the roles reverse.
      Sakura (small voice): I don’t have a license.
      They then talked a little about how it might be a good thing for girls not to have a license since then they can depend on people, and they joked about how maybe Sakura deliberately decided not to get one to use that trait to build on her public character/ profile. Back to the songs Sakura would play on the car, she named Sum 41. And they finally played the song.

    • ♪ Overdrive ♪

    • They did the simple questions series this week. The first question was from someone who wanted to know what they do when they do collaborations/ sing covers of other artists. Tegoshi said they’re probably different in what they do, but Massu looks like he would listen. Massu does. For “Ai no Katamari”, it was a song he already knew, so he didn’t specially listen to it on purpose. But to him, when singing songs of other people, it’s THEIR song, so it’s necessary to know how they do it, rather than “Well since I’M going to sing it, I’m going to sing it my way!”. He’d actually be happy if people told him he sounded like the original. While he’d try to sing it as close to the way the original sang it as possible, it’d sound different in the end because he’s the one singing anyway. He feels it’s important to be able to mimic people for their industry, like to try to dance as well as Michael Jackson, but still manage to pull a spin of their own to it. So he’d listen to the original. Tegoshi would listen too, though not to the extent of listening to it all the time.
      Massu referred to the time when they sang “Forget-me-not” on Music Fair, there were many different scores for that song and they spent quite some time discussing which one to use. In the end, they decided to use the one that Makihara Noriyuki used for his cover. Tegoshi added there were three different scores - Ozaki Yutaka’s version, Makihara’s version, and the demo version from Music Fair. They’re all slightly different, including the key too. They had to decide on one for everyone to sing to, or the harmonization would be off.
      M: How about you, Sakura-chan?
      Sakura: Wa-
      T: As a vocalist. See, when we speak of good Japanese vocalists, it’s either Superfly or Sakura.
      Sakura: EH? I’m an announcer…
      T: And when you do covers of another announcers?
      Sakura: Yeah. I do. Like look at where they pause in their scripts and so on.
      They continued on this nonsense for a while, asking what happens when they harmonize etc. before moving on.

    • The second question was from someone who had split views with their friend on whether or not to sing along at concerts. The listener sings along, but their friend said they’re there to listen to NEWS, so they’d rather not go to the concert with someone who would. Would they want the fans to sing along? Tegoshi asked what Massu would do when he goes to a B’z concert, for example. Massu said he wouldn’t sing, and he doesn’t like it when people do. But as someone who creates concert, he’d want people to sing along when they asked them to. Just for that part though. It’s like ending up next to someone wearing really strong fragrance at the restaurant? Since it’s something for everyone, the basis should be to not to things different from others. Tegoshi then asked what about the dancing? Massu said well, then when they asked them to dance? There’s no fast rule to this, but as someone on the performing side, he’d appreciate it more when people concentrated on watching them.
      Tegoshi said when he goes for other people’s concerts, he said he’s probably singing along in a soft hum. But when the audience is asked to sing, he’d sing with all his might. Like at X’s concert, he’d sing with all his strength because ToshI-san would say to sing. But for ballads he wouldn’t do that. Maybe just hum a little at the most. He wouldn’t dance either. Massu asked what about for when they’re the ones performing? He’s not sure, but for example if they’re singing “madoromi” and the audience sings with all their might it’d be strength. So for songs they’d like people to listen, please listen, but for songs that’re meant for everyone to join in, please join in. He thinks the otaku culture for female idols is amazing, in that those who can follow the dance perfectly draw the attention of the audience away from the stage, and that’s perfectly acceptable. The two of them joked if that happened at their concert, they’d probably stop the music and go, “HEY! You over there! Look, we’re being totally cool on the stage now, what’s this.” Massu added that these are all just the opinions of them as people who create concerts, so the audience should just do what they want to, to enjoy the concert. Though as mentioned, for songs like “madoromi”, they’d feel sad if there’re people waving their pen lights when they’d already requested for everyone to switch them off. Tegoshi agreed, and he’d avoid looking that direction as that’d spoil the mood he’s entered for the song, and he’d want to look at the ones who’re properly listening, to sing for them instead. They said they’re happiest when they feel like the venue has become one, and that’d reflect on their singing too.
      Sakura said Yamashita Tatsuro spoke about that recently, and Massu said he heard about that too. Apparently Tatsuro said very directly that the audience isn’t here to listen to fellow audience sing. They said it was an interesting question, and Massu said he’d do his best to sing so everyone would listen.

    • For “Quiz! Tegomass ni Oshiete” this week, the first one was a riddle. What are the cans that contain things like wood, water and soil? Tegoshi got it right - a week. (This is a play on the pronunciation for cans [kan] and a week [isshukan], and how the Japanese terms for days of the week contain the elements of nature. E.g. Thursday is 木 [wood], Wednesday is 水 [water] and Saturday is 土 [soil].) He cheered really noisily and Massu claimed he figured it out at the same time. But Tegoshi was faster. Tegoshi said he worked really hard for all his other work just to get this quiz right. Sakura said his sense of motivation is weird, though it’s a happy thing.
      M: I got it. I got it too. (increasingly louder voice) I GOT IT TOO.
      Sakura: You did? Really?

    • The second question was also a riddle. You can get a suikawari (splitting a watermelon) with a watermelon (suika), so what can you get with an empty bowl? Tegoshi got it right - second helpings (okawari). Tegoshi said again that he did his best for the rest of his work just for this. And Massu tried to continue figuring the question out and Sakura stopped him to tell him it’s over.

    • Sakura had just started on the third question when Massu asked if it was the last question (it was) and for it to be worth 4 points. (T: Why do you ask for so much more. But fine. It’ll be a 6-0.) It was also a riddle. Enoki, shiitake, shimeji. Which is the fungi good for brains (atama ni ii)? Tegoshi got it right again - enoki. Again, a question on the play of pronunciation, where atama ni ii (E) can mean to start with an E.
      T: EMMA! PAPA WON!!!!!
      Sakura: What happened! You got a change of brains! Somewhere! 6-0. Masuda-san.
      M: What about the eringi?
      Sakura: It wasn’t in the question. Masuda-san! 6-0.
      T: It seems like the year would end fantastically!
      Sakura: Too early to tell!
      M: What’s this. I lost?
      Sakura: You totally lost.
      They talked about how Tegoshi lost completely the previous time, and Massu said the questions today weren’t from a genre he likes. Sakura said he’s a terrible loser. Massu closed the segment in a very deadpan tone.

    • At the ending, they promoted Epcotia Encore concerts. Tegoshi picked the one of the listeners who sent in the quiz questions to give the pen to, and Massu tried to talk him out of it. While Sakura was reading the address, they talked about how Massu’s actually the one who gets second helpings and not Tegoshi. Massu tried to involve Sakura by asking if she gets second helpings and she got mad but answered she doesn’t. Tegoshi said he’d continue to work hard for his other work so as to do well for the quiz.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Dec 7)

    • At the opening, he spoke about how there’s only a month left to the year. They’ll be appearing on the year-end music programmes, so he hopes everyone would check them out. He listed their releases this year, “LPS”, “EPCOTIA” album, “BLUE”, “Ikiro”, saying it was a year when they were rather active musically, as there will still be the year-end programmes and their own countdown concert.

    • The first mail was from a listener who wanted to know if Massu would prefer shoyu or tonkotsu ramen, if he were to eat one of them now. He chose tonkotsu, with the noodles al dente style and an extra serving of noodles.

    • ♪ Mafuyu no Nagareboshi - represent NEWS mix- ♪

    • The second mail was from a listener who asked about Tegoshi’s request in the September episode of “The Shounen Club Premium” for the members to gift him complete outfits for his birthday. They wanted to know if the members have done that, and the kind of outfits they bought him. Massu did a recap on Tegoshi’s request, how he has no idea about fashion and can’t be bothered either, but if he had 3 outfits then things would work out somehow, so he asked the members to gift outfits to him. Massu said all of them protested and asked how he’s even asking for presents. Massu had probably given him decent presents the past 3 years, but Tegoshi probably only got him 1.5 times. Same goes for the other members. So it really just doesn’t balance out and it’s like Tegoshi’s just on the receiving end all the time. Though he himself doesn’t have much interest in other people’s birthdays. Massu didn’t get him anything this year, as it’s like, why did he even bother all these years. So he isn’t getting him the outfit. Nope. They did tell him if he did get everyone something before his birthday, something nice might come out from it, but he did nothing. So. Yup.

    • The third mail was from someone who runs into the same uncle buying the same coffee at the vending machine from the station on their way to work everyday. On cold mornings, would Massu buy coffee or corn soup from the station’s vending machine? He first commented how the feeling of buying coffee from the vending machine during the work commute is nice. He shared how for him, if he were at the convenience store, he’d want to buy bottled drinks, but if it’s the vending machine, he’d feel like buying canned drinks. He wondered if people would understand what he meant. He feels the uncle buying canned coffee from the vending machine is kind of cool, as he feels the act of buying canned coffee from the vending machine is cool. So for him, he buys coke, tea, water, and coffee from the vending machine, and on cold days, corn potage. But if it’s in the morning… would he feel like drinking corn soup as breakfast? Or buy tea, keep it for later, then get another coffee or corn soup? He looks forward to the day when the uncle buys corn soup instead of coffee.

    • The fourth mail was from someone who’s studying to become a certified nutritionist, and has a practical training coming up. They know it’s very important but because they’re adverse to new environments, they don’t feel like going for it, even if they know it’s just going to be for a few weeks. As Massu seems like the type who adapts well, does he have any tips or advice on how they can feel more motivated about dealing with new environments? He said they hardly work in the same place for a very long time for their work, so he’s used to it. Though he really isn’t the type to start new things, like “I’m going to start a new hobby when and when!” Work-wise, everything and anything is new to him, so he never feels averse to trying out new things in that sense. Can’t say the same for things in private though. He feels you never know if you never try, so whether it’s for the good or bad, it’ll all work out to become good experience. Since they already have the chance to go for the training, so just go, and see how things go. It might be fun, you never know. Since it’s just a few weeks, he hopes they’d be able to overcome it. Will work as good training for taking care of their mentality too.

    • The fifth mail was from someone who referred to the recent episode of “Music Fair” NEWS appeared on. Since they were asked to share their memorable trips this year, the listener wanted to know if Massu’s the type to keep returning to the same places for food during their holiday, or try out lots of different places in the same trip. Massu said he usually prefers to go to the same place all the time. He doesn’t travel very much, but he guesses he might go to different places? Since it’s a holiday. But for food places, he feels it’s easier to go to those that already understands what he needs, and that he already knows rather well. So… he can’t say for sure. Though he does think he might return to the same place even when he’s on a holiday, since he pretty much keeps liking the same thing once he decides he likes it. And not quite the type who falls in love with new things all the time.

    • The sixth mail was from someone who finally passed the test to becoming a teacher, their dream for the longest time. It was tough since they had to balance studying and work, but listening to songs like “U R not alone”, “FLY AGAIN” and “Hello” as breathers helped them. The lyrics from “Hello” especially resonated with and pushed them along, and it was all thanks to NEWS’ songs that they were able to hang in till the end. They felt all over again that NEWS’ songs have the magic of bringing people courage. This year was a great year for them, as they managed to pass the test and NEWS’ 15th anniversary. They’re looking forward to the countdown concert. Massu first congratulated them and shared how he still remembers very clearly what a female teacher in his first year of elementary school taught him. Kendama. And also how to behave as a person. He feels the things taught in school can have a rather strong impact on one’s personality, so he looks forward to the listener to becoming a teacher (who would be impacting their students). He played “Hello”, correcting his pronunciation of the song titles a few times to make it sound closer to the native pronunciation.

    • ♪ Hello ♪

    • For Brain Master this week, the question was for the first book that used the idiom “the scales fall from the eyes”. He said since it must have been a surprising moment… “Arale-chan” (from Dr. Slump). Nope. He has the feeling it’s from a manga, so he guessed “One Piece”, since it’s set in the sea. He continued to make several wrong guess (“Books on fishes”, “Where’s Wally?”, [hint: it’s a world famous book] “Botchan”, “The Little Prince”) before giving up. It was the bible, from Acts 9. Other idioms that came from the bible include “pearls before swine”, “a house of cards”.

    • ♪ Open Your Eyes ♪

    • At the ending, he promoted Epcotia Encore.

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