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NEWS news (week of Dec 11) - Part 1

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  • Tegoshi will be appearing on the Dec 19 broadcast of “news zero”, to report on the latest leading up to the match between Kashima Antlers and Real Madrid. (Source)

  • The song list for Dec 21’s “Music Station Super Live” has been released. NEWS will be singing “Ikiro”. (Source)

  • It seems there is going to be a new segment for “The Shounen Club Premium”, “NEWS no Chiebukuro”. The official site is taking requests for troubles and question you’d like NEWS to solve. The deadline is Dec 24, and you can send in your requests in the form here. (Source)

  • The line up for “CDTV Special! Christmas Ongakusai 2018” has been announced, and NEWS will be appearing on this Dec 24 programme. (Source)

  • There will be a special episode of “Netapare” right after the broadcast of “Johnny’s Countdown” on Jan 1. (Source)

  • Massu will be appearing in the Jan 8 episode of “Nazotore SP” (Source).

  • It was announced that NEWS’s group uchiwa will be sold at Johnny’s Countdown. (Source)


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  • NEWSRING (Dec 12)NR.jpg

    • Shige apologized for not updating his Cloud jweb for a while and for doing pr for his essay in Tripper which he then proceeded to do, saying that he wrote about his trip to Sri Lanka. He also mentioned that the 4th installment of Miacis Symphony will be in an an.
      He said that he’s busy writing, doing rehearsal for the concerts, and filming for Inugamike no Ichizoku. He said that he can’t help but feel shocked that filming for Inugamike will be finished in about 2 weeks. He said that every day of 2018 was very fulfilled and it was thanks to everyone’s support.
      He said that his passion for photography was reawakened in his trip to Sri Lanka, and he may post a photo he took there on cloud. He said that it’s his dream to put out a photography book sometime. He said that he hopes that everyone’s dreams can come true and said in English “GOOD LUCK”

  • Kato Shigeaki no Cloud (Dec 12)SC.jpg

    • Shige posted a picture from his trip with the caption “Ancient City of Sigiriya”

  • Taipusufuru (Dec 12)

    • Massu was mentioned in Fujigaya’s entry when he wrote about the doukikai they had on Tsuka-chan’s (A.B.C-Z) birthday, with Nakamaru (KAT-TUN), Kame (KAT-TUN), Massu, Kosshi (Fo-yu) and Tsuka-chan. He said they talked about the past and present over delicious food and how it’s amazing they’ve spent 20 years of their lives in the entertainment scene.

  • Kato Shigeaki no Cloud (Dec 13)SC.jpg

    • Shige shared another picture from his trip of a monkey.


  • The official twitter account for TV Guide PERSON tweeted an episode about Tanaka Kei and Shige. Those familiar with the magazine will know they have this segment where they ask the appearing artistes to name someone they’re curious about at the moment. Tanaka Kei named “Shige” (because he was watching “Zero”) and Shige named Tanaka Kei the next time TV Guide PERSON interviewed him. When told about this, Tanaka Kei asked if that’s true and said he’s happy. (Source 1 2)

  • The official twitter account for KIDILL tweeted a photo of Massu’s page from the January issues of Duet and Potato, saying thank you (probably for wearing clothes from them). (Source)

  • For the next few weeks there will be no radio summaries due to a busy few weeks coming up. We’ll try to keep up with the other updates, and will resume regular updates as soon as possible.

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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