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NEWS news (week of Dec 18)

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  • It was announced on the Dec 19 broadcast of “every.” that Koyama will be leaving the programme. Fujii-san read a message from Koyama, where Koyama first apologised for the having caused trouble and worry for what happened. The decision to leave the programme was made after discussions with the programme and JE staff. He is grateful to all the viewers of “news every.”, staff, cast and personnel involved, and thanked those he interviewed for the news coverage for all that they’ve taught him. While it is regretful that he will be leaving the programme, the experience he’s gained from the past 8 years on the programme will definitely be useful for his life moving forward.
    Fujii-san added a comment of his own after, saying Koyama was around since the programme started, and has supported the programme not as an idol, but as a young individual. He would like to express his personal thanks to Koyama. He understands that there may be criticism towards them for using airtime for something like this, and he apologised for taking up everyone’s precious time. (Source)

  • The preview for “Ride On Time” has been released and you can view it in the source link. (Source)

  • Line-up for “CDTV Special! Toshikoshi Premier Live 2018 - 2019” has been announced, and NEWS will be appearing (Source)

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  • NEWSRING (Dec 20)


    • It was Massu’s turn to update

    • He said he was happy to be able to appear in various special programs for the year end. When he has free time he’s also going out to ear and looking at clothes. He also had fun going to eat with mina staff.
      For shiritori he went with ‘kumo (cloud)’ saying that when he travels abroad he often takes pictures of clouds from the airplane because he he thinks they’re pretty though when he looks back on them he can’t tell if they’re from the way there or back. Despite that he’ll keep taking them because he likes clouds, he’ll just have to make folders so he can tell.

  • KEIICHIRO (Dec 20)


    • Koyama updated his Jweb to talk about the announcement that he would be leaving every. He said that the 8 years he spent as a newscaster on every was precious to him. He said he was thankful to everyone who supported him as a newscaster and thanked everyone. He said he wanted to put everything into performances as an idol going forward

  • CLOUD (Dec 24)


    • Shige posted a bunch of photos from the filming of Inugamike no Ichizoku on Jweb for a limited time only, and were hidden so you had to try and find them. Some of them included him in his role as Kindaichi.

  • Oricon released the results for their annual rankings on Dec 20. For the singles ranking, NEWS came in 30th with “Ikiro” and 37th with “BLUE”.
    Albums - 30th with EPCOTIA.
    DVD/ Music DVD - 13th with “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2017 NEVERLAND”.
    Bluray - 12th with “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2017 NEVERLAND”.
    Music Bluray - 6th with “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2017 NEVERLAND”.
    Total Music DVD/ Bluray - 10th with “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2017 NEVERLAND”

  • “Ikkyoku NEW Kon!!!!” related tweets

    • One of the mountain guides who was on the show tweeted a picture of his foot overlooking the view down the mountain. He said that he took this while NEWS was singing because his foot was naturally moving along with the rhythm of the song. He said that since NEWS was next to him when he took it, seeing this photo reminds him of them.
      He added another tweet in the same thread later, writing about Shige's smile while saying "Let's start", Koyama checking on the members while still holding onto the rope, Tegoshi's expression that got progressively serious, the throbbing of Massu's heartbeat and his determination. He couldn't help but cry when Massu started singing after the parts of the other three. (Source)

    • her0ism tweeted before the show aired encouraging everyone to watch. He mentioned also talking about it on a musicru TV feature, and that he put all his heart and soul into, a play on the title of the show. (Source)

    • Hamasaki Aya, the producer of the programme, tweeted to promote the programme, talking about the rationale behind the programme’s concept, and that NEWS showed their singing abilities. (Source 1 2)

    • Tanaka Kazuhiko, the writer for “Typwriters”, tweeted the link to the programme’s official site saying he was looking forward to it. (Source)

    • air:man tweeted about watching the show while being surrounded by tshirts (referring to the “T”), he said that it was lovely. (Source)

  • Go chan tweeted a bunch of tweets during MSSL on Dec 22 on NEWS, including things like the parting of Koyama’s fringe, Shige’s pinky, and wanting to give all of his bonus to the cameraman who did the close up on Tegomass during the bridge of the song. (Source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9)

  • In Yakumaru Hirohide’s blog entry on Christmas party he organised, Massu’s name appeared in the guest list. Other Johnny’s who attended were Higashiyama and family, Tottsu (A.B.C-Z) and Nakajima (Sexy Zone).  (Source)

  • Sekiguchi Kunimitsu, a Japanese soccer player for Vegalta Sendai, tweeted on Dec 24 saying he really likes “Ikiro”. The lyrics really resonate with him and he wrote some parts of it along with the moments in his soccer career that overlaps with the lyrics. (Source)

  • Shige was mentioned in the Dec 24 concert of Hey! Say! JUMP’s, when Yabu was asked about being on the same drama as Shige. Yabu said they talked about concerts, since NEWS had concerts too. And that Shige seems to be writing now. He also said he didn’t know when Shige changed his name from kanji to katakana. (Source 1 2)

  • Gai-san tweeted to say “Inugamike no ichizoku” was really interesting, that it was his first time watching it. He went to look it up on wiki and spoiler sites, and before he knew it, Christmas Eve was over. He also said he feels he’ll end up talking passionately about it the next time he meets Shige (Source)

  • Ito Shunsuke, who worked with Shige on “Green Mile”, tweeted a few tweets on Dec 24 in relation to NEWS (CDTV)/ Shige (Inugamike no ichizoku), including “Now when he hears ‘Ikiro’ he ends up crying.” and “‘Inugamike no ichizoku’ was interesting! Supervisor’s (referring to Shige’s role in “Green Mile”) fresh and refreshing portrayal of Kindaichi was great! The only person whom I can forgive for not bathing!” (Source 1 2 3 4 5)

  • Urata Wataru, a voice actor, tweeted “‘Koi wo Shiranai Kimi e’ is a masterpiece” and “Ikiro!!!!!!!!!!!” during the CDTV Christmas SP. (Source 1 2)

  • The official TBS CDTV twitter account tweeted out right before NEWS was about to appear on CDTV Christmas SP announcing that they would sing ‘Koi wo Shiranai Kimi e’ and ‘Ikiro’ and shared a picture of their costumes.The NEWS na Futari twitter also retweeted this tweet. (Source)

  • NEWS na Futari Official Twitter:

    • NnF tweeted that NEWS would be appearing on TBS’ Christmas SP and that the staff from NnF saying that they came to see NEWS in their dressing room. They said NEWS were excited and encouraged everyone to watch. They also tweeted a picture of the snacks they brought for them, various musubi some that had NEWS written on them stacked in the shape of a Christmas tree as well as cupcakes. (Source)

    • NnF tweeted again saying that everyone loved the snacks and Massu even took a picture of the musubi tree. They said that NEWS is always kind and shared another picture of the snacks. (Source)

    • They shared that Shige talked about his umeboshi in between their location shoot. He made 15kg this year, and said it’s almost as if he’s some umeboshi vendor, and that he made them for Tegoshi during the tour.
      The staff commented that Shige looked very happy when saying that. (Source)

    • They tweeted an episode from before they began filming, when Shige picked up bitesize sausage rolls and said, half laughing and half crying, that the sausages were tiny. Koyama apparently burst out laughing watching Shige eat. It seems that for Koyama, “Cream buns are the best!” (Source)

  • CDJapan started a fan vote for most popular JE group. Voting is open and ends Jan 16 2019. Do cast your votes for our boys here!

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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