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NEWS news (weeks of Dec 25 - Jan 8)

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  • NEWSRING (Dec 26)


    • It was Koyama’s turn to update

    • He wrote about how the concerts are coming soon and the four of them are preparing for and refining the concerts to make them better. He also wrote about how he’s been influenced by Tegoshi and is now into eating oden. He ended by asking us to enjoy the concerts to the max.

  • NEWSRING (Jan 2)


    • It was Shige’s turn to update

    • He apologised for not being to update Cloud with a proper greeting at the end of the year. He said being able to enter the new year at Kyocera Dome is one precious memory and it was awesome. He then shared a story of how his manager bought him the wrong carbonated drink and how he couldn’t believe his attitude.
      At the end of the entry, he put on a super polite female sounding tone and said to take care of them this year too.

  • Marumaru (Jan 2)


    • Masuda Takahisa no Akeome Kotoyoro (NOTE: this is a casual slang, short for the standard new year’s greetings in Japan, “Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu. Kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu”)

    • He wrote a very heartfelt entry on the dome tour and the countdown concert at Kyocera Dome, how it’s been 20 years since he joined, their first Kyocera Dome as 4, how people told them they couldn’t do Domes when they first became 4… He said it was only possible because of everyone’s support, that it was an amazing sight. He was touched, and also assured. He thanked everyone who came and asked everyone who would be going to the upcoming ones to look forward to them.
      At the end, he apologised for not having updated marumaru. He used a commonly used idiom for the year of the boar to say he’d update so much he’d crack all our phone screens up. (just kidding)

  • MADE ni Omakase (Jan 8)

    • Inaba mentioned NEWS in his entry when he wrote about Epcotia Encore concerts, focusing mainly on the countdown one. He said that  for JCD the setlist is made just for countdown, but for the Kyocera countdown the New Years songs are fit into the setlist, so it felt strange for the concert to start at 10pm. He said that it made him feel like he was on a natural high and he had a lot of fun.
      He said he was happy to see the aliens again and that it was the first time in awhile that he was able to appear so much in a sempai’s concert. He said the highlight was UFO, Megalomania, and Blackhole, adding that in summer Megalomania and Blackhole were really tough.
      He ended that section of his jweb by expressing his thanks for a fun space trip.

  • NEWSRING (Jan 9)


    • It was Massu’s turn to update

    • He thanked everyone who came to the concerts and said they were amazing. He quoted his line from “Strawberry” (hitori de dekita koto… nakatta kamo) and said there’s this line from this famous song, and that’s how he felt, because the time everyone created together felt so precious. He added he tried his best to reach every single person in that huge venue and hopes they managed to deliver a great performance. At the end of the entry, he thanked everyone again

  • KEIICHIRO (Jan 9)


    • He wrote to say the four of them will work together so that everyone would give NEWS their precious time again. He also wrote that the influenza virus is going around, but he seems to be okay this year. He asked everyone to be careful too, and ended with a photo of himself wearing a mask (preventive measure for the flu).

  • Kubota Toshinobu, who collaborated with Tegomass on CDTV Christmas Ongakusai, tweeted about the collaboration, saying Tegomass are really nice people and it’s all thanks to them that the Christmas Ongakusai was a breeze. (Source)

  • The official account for CHEMISTRY quoted the above tweet, using emojis to represent the 6 members involved in the “LA.LA.LA Love Song” collaboration. (Source)

  • Yoshita Makito, a Japanese soccer player, tweeted that there’s no doubt his favourite Johnny’s is NEWS. In a reply to someone’s question on this tweet’s comment, he said his favourite member is Shige. (Source)

  • Murakami Mai, a top Japanese gymnast, named “Full Swing” as the song she highly recommends. She happened to hear that song in her freshman year in college, and the lyrics fit her situation then. It was when she had problems controlling her weight and pushing on with the tough practices, and was told by her coach to relook at how she treats gymnastics. This song, which says to move forward with all their might, gave her strength, and she still listens to it very often now. (Source)

  • Aoki ana, a NTV announcer who worked with Massu on “PON!” tweeted after Massu’s appearance on Dec 29’s “Sekai Ichi Uketai Jugyou SP” was over, saying thank you for his hard work and agreeing how the lyrics for “Jetcoaster Romance” are really good, as mentioned in the programme. (Source)

  • Aoki ana went for the Dec 31 show of “Epcotia Encore”, and posted a photo of him holding NEWS’ group uchiwa on his instagram. (Source)

  • Ihara Ryoji, who played the saxophone in the band segment in “Epcotia Encore”, tweeted on Jan 1 after the concert to say he managed to play in a countdown and New Year’s concert with such fantastic members before tens of thousands of people. He also included a photo of a group photo of the band members who played for the concert. (Source)

  • Some of the cast Massu worked with for “Only You” went for the Jan 6 concert, with the following posting stuff on their social media accounts about the concert

    • Dandoy Marika tweeted to say the “Only You” troop went to support Massu, saying there was so much going on it was a lot of fun, that she was so impressed by the art design for the stage as well as the lighting, she thought it was the best illumination this winter, and bought 3 items from the merchandise without second thoughts. (Source)

    • Hirose Shinpei said Massu was so cool and the best. He also wrote about buying the hoodie and towel, saying it was extremely fun. He also thanked the fasn who took the photos for them. (Source)

    • Mikami Ryohei said all of NEWS was cool, “weeeek” was real exciting as always, and this concert was really fun too! He asked Massu to do his best for the following day too (Source)

    • Ninomiya Meu also posted two stories on her instagram, one a repost of Shinpei’s story, and another of a photo of a screen with NEWS graphics, and her congratulating Massu for the great performance and saying he was impressive.

  • her0ism tweeted on Jan 7 that he’s in Japan and at the Tokyo Dome for the first time in 2019, suggesting he attended NEWS’ concert on Jan 7. (Source)

  • Osada from comedian duo Chocolate Planet quoted a tweet with a video of NEWS doing a Chocolate Planet gag during Jan 7’s MC, thanking them. (Source)

  • The mountain guide who worked with NEWS for “Ikkyoku NEW Kon!!!!” tweeted a link to the site of “RIDE ON TIME” and said he can’t help but search for NEWS’ programmes since Ikkyoku NEW Kon. He can’t watch most of them real time since he’s at the mountains most of the time, but there’ll be all the recorded programmes waiting for him when he gets home. (Source)

  • On the Jan 8 episode of “Kchan NEWS”, Koyama and Massu announced the name of the next concert - “Worldista” (NOTE: spelling to be confirmed as this is what we figure it to be from how they said it on the radio programme).

  • An account which seems to belong to a staff from the drama team at TV Tokyo tweeted to say “TOP GUN” is a groovy and great song. (Source)

  • Inada Hideki, producer for the drama, ‘Yotsuba Ginkou Harashima Hiromi ga Monomousu ~Kono Hito ni Kakero~’, tweeted on the 13th that there would be a surprising announcement regarding the drama and that when he told Maruyama Ryuhei (Kanjani8) and Maki Yoko they were both really happy.
    A fan quote tweeted that tweet, and said that it was that Shige would be appearing, and the producer replied tagging Maru and Shige saying that the two were close friends and spoke on the phone right away after the announcement. (Source 1 2)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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