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On January 15th, it was announced that NEWS’ next album “WORLDISTA” will be released on February 20th, 2019.

Continuing in the thematic steps of Neverland and Epcotia, comes NEWS’ 3rd fantastic and grand album project, “WORLDISTA”!!!

The journey with NEWS this time moves from taking place at a location to a device. This time, the story starts from a certain device (eye gear). Here you will find the greatest musical experience and entertainment. Close your eyes and imagine it. The world will surely surpass your imagination.

Welcome to the world of ‘WORLDISTA’, a virtual space that has not existed until now. Just by wearing the WORLDISTA eye gear, it will feel as if you have actually entered that world.

In that world there are seasons, and no seasons. Every day could be Christmas where you can meet the person you love any time. You can fly through the sky in a car and drive on roads in a boat. Whether you want to race on a global scale or relax in a fantasy forest, the way to enjoy this world is up to the individual player. The ideas of each and every single person who participates are shared in this one space. Made by the Japanese company, Neo Electric Wonder State, Inc. By some strange coincidence, this is the release date of version 10.

It’s a new N.E.W.S. sensory experience. A place that will exceed your imagination and surely become an amazing experience. #letyourimaginationleadtheway (#想像することがみちしるべ)


From Neo Electric Wonder State, Inc


Tie-up Songs included in the album


Russia 2018 Theme Song


NTV Drama “Zero Ikkakusenkin Game” Theme Song


NTV FIFA World Club Cup UAE 2018 Theme Song


Limited Edition

  • ¥3,800 (Tax excluded)

  • CD Tracks (17 songs including the 6 interlude songs)

Songs listed in no particular order

・Login Sequence -INTER-


・Orientation -INTER-



・Invisible Dungeon

・First Checkpoint -INTER-



・Presentation -INTER-

・Digital Love


・Quiz - INTER-

・Santa no inai Christmas



・Ending -INTER-

【DVD】(Planned to be approx. 20 minutes)

・WORLDISTA Ver. 10 & Making


Set in the near future, where this new sensory eye gear, WORLDISTA, is super popular. WORLDISTA shows you various virtual spaces. A world that people from Asia/America/Europe etc. any country in the world can participate in through the internet. These 4 are gathered in a certain place with eye gear in one hand in order to enter the virtual space of WORLDISTA. The 4 will start up WORLDISTA and begin on a journey into the virtual space. Could it be that that world…

Limited Edition Specifications

① Special packaging with WORLDISTA 3D Glasses sheet (With the 3D glasses you can see the WORLDISTA booklet message)

② Includes DVD

③ 28 page Booklet

Regular Edition

  • ¥3,000 (Tax excluded)

  • CD Tracks (number of CD tracks TBD)


・Tracks 1~17 are the same as the LE

・There will be other as of yet undecided number of bonus tracks included

Regular Edition Specifications

① Bonus tracks limited only to the regular edition

② 20 page Booklet

Source: JEHP
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