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NEWS news (week of Jan 14)

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  • Shige will be appearing on the Jan 29 episode of “Ariehen ∞ Sekai”. (Source)

  • Massu will be appearing on the Jan 31 episode of “Downtown DX”. (Source)

  • “Yotsuba Ginko Harashima Hiromi ga Monomousu“ started airing on Jan 21, and here’s “TOP GUN”.

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  • KEIICHIRO (Jan 14) K.jpg

    • Koyama post a photo of himself with the recently released strawberry eclair from Family Mart, saying this is his happy time. (TL note: NEWS fans have been calling the eclair “Kei-chan’s eclair” since it was released on Jan 8, as this was the return of the double cream eclair since Family Mart stopped production of the original double cream eclair that Koyama liked last year.)

  • MADE ni Omakase (Jan 15)

    • Taiga wrote about Epcotia Encore, saying he was really happy to be able to be a part of it. He said he was the Junior representative again this time and helped with the Junior choreography. He said that he redid the composition for Yuya’s solo song Addict, originally it was 5 people including Yuya and for this performance they did it with 13 people total. He said it was tough but thanked Yuya-chan for letting him do it. He also worked on Shock me and Fighting man, as well as other things. He mentioned how these concerts were his last performances of 26 and first of 27 since his birthday is on the 1st and how all of dome celebrated his birthday and he was happy and moved.
      He also said that he got Otoshidama from Masuda-kun, Shige-kun, and Yuya for the first time. Massu’s was in a cute pouch, Shige had handwritten ‘To Akiyama Taiga’ on his pouch, and Tegoshi just gave him cash. He said he got otoshidama from Kei-chan last year too, and this year as well.

  • NEWSRING (Jan 16) NR.jpg

    • It was Koyama’s turn to update

    • For shiritori he had ‘te’ and picked ‘Tegoshi Yuya’ saying that for him and surely the fans as well, te = Tegoshi. He said that recently the two of them went out to eat together and talked passionately, putting all their feelings into words. He also said that Tegoshi treated him for the meal.
      He also talked about the new album, Worldista, and how they’re working hard on recording.

  • Maru no Taisetsu na Hi (Jan 19)

    • Shige was mentioned in Maruyama’s (Kanjani 8) jweb entry, saying that he filmed the drama with Shige that day.

  • KEIICHIRO (Jan 21) K.jpg

    • Koyama updated to post about his 19th anniversary of joining Johnny’s. He thanked everyone for supporting him and said that he’s continuing to move forward and that he’d be happy if we continued to stay close to him. He included a selfie at the end.


  • Gai san tweeted on Jan 16 to say that it’s the release day of “EPCOTIA” DVD & Bluray, and asked everyone to get their copies because it’s filled with awesome content. (Source)

  • air:man posted two EPCOTIA Bluray/DVD related tweets on Jan 16, first a photo of him at Tower Records, and another of him holding both LE and RE versions, saying he went to buy them himself even though he’d already received sample copies. He also said he’s watched it and that it was a great space journey. (Source 1 2)

  • her0ism also tweeted about EPCOTIA on Jan 16, listing some songs he’s involved in - “EPCOTIA”, “KINGDOM”, “HAPPY ENDING”. He said he’d be happy if everyone would check out the footage and enjoy another trip to the space. (Source)

  • zopp posted a photo of the EPCOTIA logo on his instagram, saying he wrote the lyrics of “Sweet Martini”. He said he’s sad he hasn’t been able to work with them much recently, but he’s glad to see them doing well. He saw a performance of “Sweet Martini” with the dance choreography on a programme, and said he’s happy they made it so cool. He’s also happy how fans love this song even though it’s not a title track. He’s grateful this song got included in the DVD. (Source 1 2)

  • Takahashi Mami posted a blog entry on Jan 16, saying they had the first recording of “Sore Dame” for the year and the staff celebrated her marriage for her. There were some photos of the staff presenting her flowers, and it’s likely the face covered in stars is Massu. (Source)

  • It seems the logo for WORLDISTA is by the same person behind the alien plushies for EPCOTIA encore.

  • Yasman Maeda tweeted early Jan 21 about WORLDISTA, telling NEWS fans to look forward to the album as it’s easily better than their previous works. NEWS is (so good they are) scary. He’s looking forward to the concert.
    In his second tweet a few hours later, he said WORLDISTA, a masterpiece, has been completed and he was going to take it to the factory (Source 1 2)

  • Oricon wrote an article of Shige and Maruyama (Kanjani 8) filming for “Yotsuba Ginko”. With Maki Yoko sharing how Maru has been excited about acting together with Shige, Maru commenting that it’s fresh how they get to work together since they’re in different groups. While there was some embarrassment during the rehearsal, it was really fun. Just that it was really cold too.
    Shige said Maru’s a close sempai, and he behaves the same way even on set, talking constantly and fooling around. But thanks to that, Shige was able to film in a relaxed mode. He also said that Maki Yoko was just as her role in the drama was, gentle yet strong in leading the filming forward. It’s a great film set and Maki (Hiromi) is a charismatic person he can’t help but want to trust. (Source)

  • The official account for Mandarake tweeted to say that the shoot Massu did for the March issue of mina was at their Nakano branch. (Source)

  • The jacket covers for “WORLDISTA” were released on Jan 23, along with the solo song titles and an additional track, "FIGHTERS.COM".
    Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 9.55.34 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-01-23 at 9.57.26 PM.png
    Massu - "Symphony of Dissonance"
    Tegoshi - "DoLLs"
    Koyama - "Going that way"
    Shige - "Sekai" (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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