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NEWS news (week of Jan 23) - Part 1

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  • It seems there are only 3 episodes of “RIDE ON TIME” for NEWS, as opposed to 4 as previously announced. The Jan 25 episode was titled the last one and the next episode preview at the end was for King and Prince. Johnny’s net has also been updated to show that it’d be Kansai Juniors no “RIDE ON TIME” from Feb 8 onwards.
    There doesn’t seem to be any public information on why there was this change in plans, but we thank Fuji TV anyway for 3 awesome episodes of NEWS and the side to them we don’t usually get to see.

  • ItteQ related updates

    • A preview of Tegoshi’s segment, “No chara life” was shown at the end of the Jan 27 episode, saying that it’d be coming soon. (Source)

    • A designer for fashion brand VANQUISH tweeted to say Tegoshi was wearing a new release from them on ItteQ (Source)


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  • MADE ni Omakase (Jan 22)

    • Tomioka wrote about Epcotia Encore in his jweb, saying that they completed the concerts successfully and that NEWS’ first Kyocera Dome Countdown concerts were really fun. He said it pretty tough, but it was even more rewarding and felt like they all became one.
      He talked about a few songs they appeared in, first Spirit, saying how with the 4 members of NEWS and 7 juniors there was a total of 11 people on stage for the performance. He asked if we knew the significance of that number. [Mod note: probably referring to how there are 11 people on a team for soccer] He said the formations were pretty complex and it felt good to dance too.
      He said the part that you could call the climax of the concerts was the ‘UFO’ ‘Megalomania’ and ‘Blackhole’ medley. He said it was really hard since each song uses a lot of energy, when they all first saw the setlist they were astonished, but it was fun!
      He also promoted the DVD of Epcotia Arena, encouraging everyone to buy it. He also talked about receiving Otoshidama from NEWS.

    • At the end of the entry, there’s a segment where he answers questions given to MADE, and this time Massu came up with a question. His question was, ‘How do you want to be woken up in the morning?’
      He said that he wants to be woken up by the sound of eggs being mixed and the smell of coffee.

  • NEWSRING (Jan 23) NR.jpg

    • It was Tegoshi’s turn to update

    • He talked a bit about how he loves to sing, and that they got to sing quite a bit this last year.  He hopes to be able to sing even more in the new year.
      For shiritori he had ‘Ya’ and went with ‘Yakei’ (night view) He talked about beautiful night views, mentioning Singapore, Hong Kong, and Las Vegas. He said the night view in the countryside is also beautiful.
      He talked about how it’s testing season now and encouraged those studying and taking exams now.
      At the end he included a quote he likes, ‘There are two options in life. A life with neither failure nor success, or a life with success but also failure.’ He said that he simply chose the latter.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Jan 23) M.jpg

    • It’s the 3rd year anniversary of Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru!!

    • Massu asked if everyone was healthy since it’s been cold, encouraging everyone to be careful. He said that the album is basically finished, and that it’s a cool album. He said that everyone is forgetting that he came up with the N,E,W,S plan. He’s thankful to everyone who’s making it a reality.
      Once they make it to S NEWS will have grown and it’d be nice if they could release a best of album then in 2020. He said he would do his best.
      He reiterated that W is a cool album and added that there will be solo songs, and his is made by the same team that did Thunder. He said they’ve been having a lot of meetings for the concerts.
      In regards to the 3rd anniversary of Marumaru, he said that it also feels like, ‘Only 3 years!’ but that he treasures this place.


  • TV Shizuoka used NEWS’ names when riding onto the hashtag #企業公式中の人川柳 (Senryus by the people behind corporate accounts) (Source)

  • On January 23rd, air:man tweeted a link to the oricon article about the Epcotia Bluray and DVD ranking 1st in the charts, adding the comment “Wonderful‼️” (Source)

  • her0ism mentioned NEWS in his tweet on Jan 24, saying “WORLDISTA” has been completed. It is filled with lots of works he’s proud of, so please look forward to it!!! (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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