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NEWS news (week of Jan 23) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Jan 20)

    • At the beginning Shige talked a bit about the Worldista album, and how they hinted at how it would start with W at the end of the Epcotia concerts so he was sure fans had guessed it would start with W. He added that fans had probably also guessed up to ‘World’ but NEWS had gone and created their own word again, and talked about the theme a bit and how it’s not simply ‘the world’. He also said he’s currently still making his solo and is really busy, and if he’s not careful he won’t make the deadline.

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that they watch ‘Inugamike no Ichizoku’ and that it was the first time they saw any of the Kindaichi Kosuke series, and they were on the edge of their seat the whole time. They want to see more of the Kindaichi series.
      Shige thanked them, and said that he’s gotten a lot of mail about Kindaichi.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that though they had a vague image of the movie, they didn’t know any of the main plot points or who the culprit was. They said that Shige’s Kindaichi was very cute and charming, which helped them watch through to the end despite the dark scenes in the movie. They said that they thought a story set in olden times would be difficult to get into, they were able to enjoy the drama easily. They said they would love to see him play Kindaichi again.
      Shige said that he really got a lot of feedback on Kindaichi, his friends and staff he works with told him that they watched it and he’s really grateful he got to play this role. If he were to be asked to play Kindaichi again he would love to do it. He thinks that having so many people watch it is really thanks to the hard work of the staff and wonderful costars. Shige said that though the movie wasn’t able to cover all the details in the time allotment and was fairly simple, he was glad to have been able to act it in an interesting way. It was difficult challenge, but is really happy to have lots of good response to it.

    • ♪ Avalon ♪

    • For this week’s music club he talked about the artist, ReN. He talked about how he’s been getting attention lately, and praised his voice and guitar technique. He talked about his background and how he was influenced by English music and played his song ‘Shake Your Body’. The first time he heard his music was his song ‘Lifesaver’ and that’s when he started paying attention to him. He talked about how he thought he was really talented in writing music, and talented in a lot of respects since he used to be a racing driver.

    • The next letter was from another listener who said that they watching ‘Inugamike no Ichizoku’. They said that while watching the scene where Shige has to run in geta they were thinking ‘Do your best!’ and ‘It seems painful to run geta, is he ok?’ but otherwise it didn’t feel as if they were watching Shige but were absorbed into his acting as Kindaichi. They asked him what was particularly difficult about filming the movie.
      The next letter was from another listener who watched the movie. They talked about how since it’s a famous series with fans of the original and also lots of historical drama fans watching, clearly there will be mixed reviews. However, they thought that with it being the last Kindaichi drama of the Heisei era, that it was an easy drama for newcomers to the series. They talked about how they’re sure he was very busy and had a heavy responsibility in taking on the role. They said that they thought he blended into the role well and asked him if he didn’t get any muscle aches from running so much.
      They thanked him at the end, and Shige said that it’s him that should be saying thank you. He said that he’d like to start with talking about his appearance, saying that about half the hair he had in the role was his own hair and he didn’t get a haircut for about 3 months. He also didn’t touch his eyebrows at all in that time period, trying to really add a Showa era feel to his look. He didn’t want to look too put together. He said that he didn’t have any muscle aches, but he’s the type that tends to push himself- hit the accelerator rather than the breaks, and he ended up probably tearing a muscle. After climbing the mountain for ‘Ikkyoku New Kon’ he had running scene and then another running scene, it was his fault for not stretching. He’s never played a lot of sports so this was the first time this has happened to him. He doesn’t have a lot of experience getting injured so he’s not good at prevention.
      He could run in the geta fine it didn’t hurt, but it put stress on his muscles which is probably a big reason why. With the concerts too he really felt sore all over, and he needs to be more careful with this body. They kimono he wore was also quite heavy. When he got a massage from his usual masseuse they asked him if something happened because apparently the shape of his feet was completely different from running in geta. He said that playing Kindaichi was worth it, and also made him think about how things were in the past with wearing geta and stuff like that.

    • ♪ It’s You ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Jan 22)

    • The guest this week was Tegoshi.

    • They started the radio show by encouraging listeners who are taking the center test and Tegoshi introduced himself as ‘Center’. Koyama encouraged those studying for it to put their pens aside for a second and take a break by listening to the radio. They talked about how difficult it is and that they would have trouble doing it now. Tegoshi said that he did it twice already once to get into Junior High School and once to get into college. Tegoshi said that when he took the one for college he was also filming a drama at the same time and it was tough.

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that in the spring they would be entering Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) . (T: How cool!) They’ve lived at home with their family their whole life, so thinking about being separated from them and their pets soon is making them feel lonely and sad. They still have some time before Spring so they’d like to do something, but they’re so overwhelmed by feelings of loneliness they can’t come up with anything. They asked them for any suggestions.
      They acknowledged that leaving your family is lonely. Koyama said that in the case of JSDF, it’s something the listener wants to do as it’s not something you just fall into doing. Koyama then realized that the listener specified that they had wanted Tegoshi to read the letter and apologized for being the one to read it out loud and Tegoshi burst out laughing.
      Tegoshi repeated how cool it is, and Tegoshi said that for him too he started living on his own to work as an idol. Koyama said that the time he gets to spend as his parents must be small and asked how he finds time to talk with his mother and Tegoshi said that they’re constantly talking. Koyama agreed saying that they both talk with their mothers a lot.
      Koyama said that talking with your mom is important because they’re the ones that worry about you the most and Tegoshi agreed. Tegoshi said that even if the whole world becomes your enemy, your family will definitely be by your side. Koyama ageed, and said that he thinks it’d be good to reflect back on the time they’ve spent together so far.
      Koyama talked about how sometimes they take out pictures from when he was a kid and they look at them and talk about those times. He said that there are things that their mothers will talk with them about honestly now that they’re adults, about how things really were. He noted that both his parents and Tegoshi’s parents got divorced, so their mothers might tell them how they really felt at certain times and how their fathers were. Those times are nice. Tegoshi agreed, and they encouraged the letter writer to do their best.

    • ♪ Blackhole ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who is currently job searching and therefor filling out a lot of resume sheets and having to write about themselves and their skills. However, they’re a fairly negative person so they can’t come up with much. They wanted some advice on how to find the good things about themselves from Tegoshi who is the most positive person in the Heisei Era.
      Koyama asked Tegoshi if he really is the most positive person in the Heisei Era, and Tegoshi said that actually he’s the most positive person in all the universe. Koyama agreed that writing down your strengths is hard, and asked Tegoshi what his strengths are. Tegoshi responded his positiveness, his competitive hate-to-lose attitude, and his face.
      Koyama and the staff laughed over his answer for a bit and he asked Tegoshi if that’s what he really would write on a resume. Tegoshi said that it’s important to know your own strength and weaknesses. Tegoshi said that he looks at the stuff he’s recently appeared in and learns about what his good angles and expressions are, it’s important to love yourself. Tegoshi said that he doesn’t really look at himself in the mirror regularly, besides when having his hair and makeup done or when flossing. Tegoshi said that he doesn’t look in the mirror trying to look cool, and Koyama said that he sometimes does for instance when he thinks he’s getting a pimple.
      Koyama asked Tegoshi id he doesn’t have a mirror in the bath and Tegoshi said that he does and he’ll check in there if he got all the shampoo out of his hair. Koyama asked him if he looks in the mirror when stopped in traffic in the car and Tegoshi said he doesn’t. Koyama noted that there are people who do that.
      Tegoshi said that he doesn’t even own hair wax. Koyama said that when he goes out to eat with Tegoshi for instance, he often goes home to wash up first, doesn’t set his hair or wear accessories. Whereas when he’s in his ‘on’ idol mode he does all those things. Koyama asked him if it’s annoying or what and Tegoshi said that he doesn’t really like hair wax. He told Tegoshi to give the listener advice on how they can find the things they like about themselves, saying normal people don’t have the confidence to name their strengths.
      Tegoshi said that you can pick anything, like loving books, everything can be a strength. Koyama said that he thought you could really leverage a ‘competitive hate-to-lose attitude’ in work. Tegoshi said that one piece of advice he would give is that he wouldn’t hire anyone one said that they have bad luck in when asked if they are lucky or not. If he had a company he would hire anyone who blames their failures on bad luck. He’d rather higher people who say they are lucky because he doesn’t want to hire negative people, when troublesome things happen they’ll just get more and more negative. He thinks being positive is a really good thing to a company. It’s important to say it to yourself to convince yourself that you’re positive.
      Koyama said that he thought it would be good to ask your friends what they think your strengths are and Tegoshi agreed saying that they hang around you because they can see the good things about you.

    • ♪ Happy Ending ♪

    • The last letter was from a listener who said that they have a big forehead and have always been teased about it. They asked for Tegoshi to come up with a forehead joke to use when people tease them about it.
      Tegoshi first came up with one that was unrelated to foreheads that mentioned something else in their letter instead. Koyama said that they should try it though he thinks it probably won’t get many laughs. Tegoshi said he’d come up with a forehead one next and Koyama pointed out that that’s what they wanted from the start anyway.
      T: My foreheads large, right? SO? SO? SO? SO WHAT?

    • At the end Koyama did PR for Epcotia DVD and Ride on Time while Tegoshi fooled around in the background.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Jan 23)

    • At the opening, they talked about how the ENCORE dome concerts, with Tegoshi saying thank you, and that it was a happy time for him. Massu said they used to do the arenas then just Tokyo Dome at the end, but this time there was a break in between before they brought the ENCORE version back as a dome tour. Tegoshi added there was the 15th anniversary concerts too. Sakura commented they had many concerts and they agreed. Massu said he felt like he was singing all the time since he had the play too. Tegoshi listed all the things they did in 2018 and they were singing all the time. They’ve never sang so much before, and he shared how his throat was in a bad condition during the year end and he had to go get a drip. It was before the “LA.LA.LA. Love Song” collaboration and he felt upset that he lost his voice during a chance to collaborate with these people. He left while the rest were having their meeting to get his drip done, but was already recovered by the dome concerts. He continued to say Tegomass loves singing, it was a very fulfilling year and 2019 is going to be better.
      Sakura was trying to move on to the request when they stopped her and tried to disturb things, with Tegoshi asking her to make the sound of the boar (it’s the Year of the Boar in Japan this year) and Massu asking how her New Year’s was. She shared how her first laugh was at Massu’s Happatai performance in the Netapare SP.
      T: We talked about that during MC too.
      M: Who’d have known that only Tegoshi didn’t watch that.
      T: So when I heard he was down to his underwear and leaves, I thought that was really erotic.
      Sakura: Not at all. Sorry, but it wasn’t erotic. At all.
      They continued talking a little about this, ending with Sakura saying it was a great performance and Massu thanking her.

    • The request this week was from someone who attended the Dec 31 concert and would like to hear “UFO”. They love the singing and dancing of Tegomass in this song, and their entire family loves this song. Their brother doesn’t stay with them now due to his college studies, but each time there’s a NEWS concert, their family would meet up at the concert venue so this is a precious opportunity for their family.

    • ♪ UFO ♪

    • The second mail was from a listener who went to the Dec 31 concert. They were deeply moved by how they were able to see rare scenes like the special performance NEWS put up just for the countdown concert, the behind-the-scenes of a live telecast, Massu’s tears etc. (M: Tears?) They hope to hear behind-the-scenes stories from them about the countdown concert. Tegoshi said that the Kyocera Dome that was filled 100% with fans who were there to watch just them was amazing. Massu added that considering it’s that season (New Year’s) it’s extra amazing how people would choose to spend that time with them. Tegoshi said he’s thankful to the fans and the staff. They said while they’re on stage, and the fans are in the audience when the clock strikes midnight, the staff and the managers are all at work backstage, at the carts etc. and have to welcome the new year from wherever they are. They reiterated how they cannot hold a concert just by themselves.
      Massu said he first thought they had to create a concert separate from the Jan 1, 6, 7 concerts for Dec 31, but was told that it’s going to be the same thing. So they spent the most time thinking about how to do the countdown. It’s a bit longer than the rest as there’s the countdown to do, but there’s a time limit as to when they can have sound coming out from the venue. (M: I thought we could do it up till 5am. T: It was 1am, right? They’d shut the audio down at 1am sharp)
      Tegoshi shared how on the Jan 7 concert, his and Shige’s mics were messed up when they were singing “Chankapana”. Since the levels for their mics were all set up individually, his voice ended up super loud since he was using Shige’s instead of his own. When he was checking the footage for that concert, he could only hear his own voice. His voice in KoyaMasu’s ear monitors were also super loud, since the sound they receive in their monitors were adjusted based on the mic volumes. Massu added that the max volumes for each of them are predetermined, such that they’d all sound as loud. Because of the differences in their voice qualities, a lot of things have to be adjusted to balance their voices out. He panicked when he could only hear Tegoshi’s voice. But because he didn’t know about the mics, he just thought Tegoshi was being super hyped up. Tegoshi knew his mic got swapped, as his voice wasn’t coming back to his ear monitor as it was supposed to. He realised it was Shige when he heard Shige on his ear monitor, and they switched their mics back after the first chorus in Chankapana, since they happened to be standing beside each other for that song.
      Massu said it was Tegoshi’s fault the mics got mixed up though, as he exited the stage on the opposite side for the previous song and handed his mic to a staff different from the one he was supposed to. And that staff, who was in charged of Shige’s mic but wasn’t supposed to receive Tegoshi’s mic, got confused and set their mics wrong for Chankapana. They ended by saying such accidents are unique to live performances.

    • The third listener went to the final ENCORE concert, and said they thought Tegoshi would sing “Encore” for the final concert. Little did they expect that it’d be “Akane Sora”. They wanted to know if there’s any meaning to Tegoshi singing a different solo song for each concert, and why Massu decided to cover a Yamashita Tatsuro song instead of singing one of his own solos. (T: Why did you pick that? Even the members don’t know) Massu first shared that everyone else was okay with not doing solo songs this concert during the concert meetings. He was the only one who wanted to do it and suggested the idea of the timewarp and doing past solos. The rest found that interesting and decided to do it. While he was the one who suggested the idea, he wasn’t sure how he should sing his past solo songs and which to pick. He went on to think about the songs he did recently and since there’s a timewarp, it might be fun for it to end up in various places, so he decided to do “Zutto Issho Sa”, the song he sang on SCP as a song from his roots.
      M: What about Tegoshi? That’s true, you had this song titled “Encore”. This mail reminded me of that. Why didn’t you sing that? Are you stupid? Yeah? You forgot about it? Or just stupid?
      T: No! Like I’d forget!
      M: (smaller voice) Are you stupid?
      T: No! I was wondering what I should do!
      He explained that all his past solo songs were important to him, so he wouldn’t want to pick just one and then have people thinking that one song is of particular importance to him. There wasn’t any particular meaning to the songs he picked, he just picked the ones he wanted to do. So at Kyocera, he picked dance numbers and at Tokyo, he picked one to do with the band and the song he wrote Taiga as a surprise. He just picked the songs he wanted to do at random.
      M: What about “Encore”?
      T: To do “Encore” at “EPCOTIA ENCORE” would be too normal. They’d expect it. I wanted to do stuff out of their expectations.
      M: So you’re saying the listener’s too simplistic.
      T: Nonono! Ahhhhh!!! I didn’t say that. It’s the way you phrase things. I didn’t even think for a second, “Ah what a simplistic way of looking at things”. AHHH this is not good. AHHHHH. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
      Sakura: (laughter). What was that? It’s not like you’re a kid anymore.
      Massu added that everyone probably didn’t choose their songs because they have special attachments to that particular song, but likely because it’d be interesting to perform that song at this point in time. That segment was something like a surprise so that was nice and fun.

    • The fourth listener always listens to their programme with their mother (T: OKAAASANN!) and would like to hear from Massu about the costumes for the ENCORE concerts. He said he initially wanted to use the exact same costumes as the arena tour, maybe just changing the order of appearance and stuff, but the rest thought since it’s an encore concert and the content was going to be different, the atmosphere became one where everybody started thinking the costumes would be different. So there were discussions on whether it’s possible to remake some of their previous ones, but Massu didn’t want to do that. Because the previous set were complete in their way, and he didn’t want to touch them. So he had the opening coats made such that they looked like they were remade from the previous set, but they’re actually new. The fabric for this one was dyed under lots of planning and calculations. He realised from this time that completely different things could be made when you feel differently at that point in time, even if you’re making the same thing for the same theme.
      M: I thought, ain’t I talented…!
      Sakura: Hmm? The last bit...
      T: Yeah that last bit was kinda…
      M: The talent couldn’t be kept hidden anymore.
      T: When it was such nice words right up till then.
      Sakura: He seems to be praising himself recently.
      T: Yeah.
      M: (cute voice) I mean, you guys won’t praise me!
      T: Well, it’s important to love yourself as you’re your biggest fan.
      M: Nope. My biggest fan is my mother. (might be referring to the listener’s mother too)
      Sakura: Ah, mother huh. Yeah there was the mother just now too.
      M: Hmm? Did my joke fall flat?
      Sakura: That’s fine your jokes fall flat all the time.

    • The fifth mail was from someone who went to the Jan 1 concert. It was their first NEWS concert as well as their first concert ever, and gave their thoughts on it. They wanted to know why Tegoshi wasn’t on the stage for “Chankapana” and only appeared later than everyone else.
      Sakura: What were you doing?
      T: Sleeping.
      Sakura: No way!
      Sakura: Stop that. You’re a pro, stop that.
      He explained that for that bit, they’re on standby while the band plays, goes into Chankapana, and they start dancing. So he was backstage, changed into the next set of costumes, and waiting for the cue from the stage director for NEWS to head out. But he didn’t hear anything in his ear monitor, so he suspects the volume in his ear monitor might have been lowered. He was like, “Has the band performance always been this long?” and the next thing he knew the intro for “Chankapana” was playing and he’s like, “SERIOUSLY?!” but he could only get out then so he did.
      M: It’s because you rely on people.
      M: I was already on the stage when they say “NEWS, please head onto the stage”
      Sakura: That’d be too fast. What, the four of you went out separately? What’s that?
      M: I was even setting up the mic stands!
      T: Nonono you weren’t supposed to be there then! We were supposed to reach just as the intro for “Chankapana” starts playing. So you CAN’T be out there so fast. That’s being too safe!
      M: You’re too reliant on people.
      T:  It’s wrong to be late but you can’t be there the entire time too!
      Sakura: No you can’t. What are you guys doing!
      M: Which do you think is better?
      Sakura: Both terrible! Do things properly!
      Tegoshi repeated again how he was on standby backstage when the intro started playing. Massu said he said he simply thought Tegoshi didn’t make it in time. But since they’ve been trained since junior days to react to situations, he moved into the center once the “Dalalalala” started playing.
      T: Ah because what was supposed to be four ended up as three.
      Sakura: Masuda-san’s amazing.
      M: My right leg just started moving on its own.
      T: Like, “hey stop!”
      M: (singing to the tune of Chankapana’s intro): Ararara! Ararara! (fufufufu)
      T: Ararararararara!
      M: WHOO~
      T: What do you mean “whoo~”! There’s nothing to “whoo” about at all, because I wasn’t there.
      Sakura said that was interesting and they’ve heard some nice behind-the-scenes stories.

    • At the ending, they promoted the EPCOTIA DVD/Bluray. Massu tried explaining about the pen when he got stopped again. (M: Isn’t it fine already? T, Sakura: Nononono) They also started doing what Taro-chan, the writer for the programme, thought up for them while Sakura’s reading the address - to do the “zenryoku xx” (do xx with all your might) thing that’s the rage on Tik Tok in Japan now. At the end, Massu asked Tegoshi to say something and he said “shit”, and of course he got shit from the other two for saying such a juvenile thing. They also said they’d no idea what this was about, and was asked to do this for a mag interview before too (TL note: likely referring to the TV LIFE Premium Vol 27) and all of them were wondering why they were asked to smile with all their might when they’ve always been smiling.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Jan 25)

    • At the opening, he talked about how the EPCOTIA DVD/Bluray has been released on Jan 16 and thanked those who has already purchased and watched it. This was the tour the ENCORE concerts were based on and he’d be happy if everyone would watch it. He recommends “THUNDER”. (of course)

    • The first mail was from someone who wanted to know if Massu would prefer cream based or tomato based pasta. He said meat sauce/bolognese which makes it tomato based!

    • ♪ Ai ai gasa ♪

    • The second mail was from someone who wanted to know if Massu wears socks when he sleeps. He knows some people wear socks to sleep because it’s cold, but he’s heard that wearing socks disrupts the blood flow and isn’t good for health so he basically sleeps without socks on. He wears sweatpants that have elastic bands around the feet so he pulls them down over his feet. While he likes socks, he removes them soon after he reaches home and he prefers being barefoot.

    • The third mail was from a listener who talked about the differences in people’s idea of “slightly past xx o’clock”. The listener feels that should be up till the 8th minute of the hour, and anything after that should be said as 10 past xx or 15 past xx. What’s Massu’s idea of “slightly past xx o’clock”?
      He said if he was asked to meet “slightly past 2pm”, for instance, he’d think it’s okay up till 3pm (laughs) In that if he were told that, he’d probably think it’s fine to show up anytime before 2:30pm. But for scenarios with “reach slightly past 2pm” + “let me know when you’re here”, they usually end up only meeting around 3pm. In that he’d think the person they’re meeting would only be available from after 2pm, so you shouldn’t reach at 2pm. Like if they finished work at 1:30pm and wouldn’t make it in time to meet at 2pm. Hence it always ends up around 3pm.
      He says what confuses him is how people say the time. Like for instance, when people say before quarter past 12, he always wonders if it means before 12:15, or if it’s 11:45 (TL note: this doesn’t translate well into English, but basically means people can interpret the time they’re told to be either 11:45 or before 12:15). He says that’s what’s difficult about Japanese and wishes people would change the way they say the time. Same goes for deadlines. Like if it’s “By the 12th”. Does it mean to send it in within the 12th? Or to reach latest 23:59 on the 11th? He interprets it to be safe as long as it’s in by around noon on the 12th. He feels people using analog and digital watches have different views on time too, but he hopes to be able to lead life punctually.

    • The fourth mail referred to something Massu said on one of his appearances on “Domoto Kyoudai”, where he said he rubs his pressure point for his bladder whenever he has time. They wanted to know if he still does, and if there’s anything he did subconsciously recently.  He says he probably still does, and probably does it subconsciously. He likes rubbing the pressure points on his feet. He used to feel a lot of pain when the pressure point of his bladder was pressed on, so he remembered that. And to prevent it from getting worse, he started pressing it which made it become somewhat like a habit he guesses.

    • The fifth listener wanted to know if Massu is better at singing ballads or rock numbers. He paused for a while, and said “...both…right...” He said he loves B’z and listened to them. While he tried to imitate them, and GLAY in elementary/middle school, he couldn’t sound like them. The first music genre he found cool was probably rock, then hip hop/rap, and he only started listening to the “gentler” songs way later. So when he managed to start singing his own songs, it was with Tegomass/NEWS and they didn’t have that many rock numbers back then. So he started thinking singing ballads suit him better. Subconsciously though, he likes the sound of bass/drums etc. He’s probably better at ballads he guesses?
      He said as Johnny’s, they get to come into contact with many different genres of music so he’d like to become someone who can sing any genre. He hopes to become someone who can sing every genre.

    • ♪ Pokopon Pekorya ♪

    • For Brain Master this week, the question was for a term used to refer to shirts in Japan “Y shirts”. What word did “Y” come from. He first thought it was the shape of collars, but that’s wrong. He was then given a hint - a word that’s been the title of one of NEWS’ albums. He guessed “color” first, as it sounded similar to “collar”, but he knew that was wrong, and then managed to finally get it right after a few guesses - “WHITE”. He repeated “White shirt” a few times after he found out the explanation, and said if he knew this before the “WHITE” tour, he might have added shirts into the costumes for that.

    • ♪ Mr. White ♪

    • At the ending, he promoted the EPCOTIA Bluray/DVD

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