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NEWS news (week of Jan 30) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Jan 27)

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that they’re sure Shige must have been really busy over the new years with the concerts, but wanted to know if he did any festive New Years things and what kind of year he wanted 2019 to be.
      Shige said that the Kyocera Dome concerts were tough and he did everything he could to stay well but after it was finished and he got home that he got sick. He had to do his best to get well for the Tokyo Dome concerts, he had a bad cough but was somehow able to go on stage in Tokyo. It was tough, though he pulled through the concerts some way or another, even at the time of recording he’s not 100% recovered yet.
      In regards to what year he wants 2019 to be he said a healthy one, he wants to make this his last cold of 2019.

    • ♪ Strawberry ♪

    • Shige said that in between the Osaka and Tokyo concerts, he was sick and didn’t have much to do so he spent it holed up at home and watched a lot of TV. He watched a certain music ranking show of the top 30 artists that will cause a buzz in 2019, as a music lover he likes to watch and guess at what rank things will come in. [note: Shige is probably talking about the show bazurizumu02 that aired on Jan 4th] The ranking was based on the choice of people in the music industry, and Shige watched it while thinking of who he would pick. There were bands he didn’t know in the ranking too, and King Gnu topped the list. He agreed with that, though that’s not who he’s playing on the radio today, he’ll play them at a later time. He played the group that ranked in at number 4, having discovered them from watching the program. He said that he often plays R&B, Jazzy, city pop type songs, and foreign rap songs. He hasn’t played much rock, so he doesn’t know a lot of hard rock, but he thought they were cool and decided to listen to more of their stuff. The band is called “Survive Said The Prophet”.  He talked about the band for a while mentioning how the lead vocal is bilingual in English and Japanese and there are 5 members in the group.
      He played their song, “Right and Left”.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that  they went to the first Tokyo show with her mom. They admitted that they thought the setlist wouldn’t change that much between the Epcotia arena shows and Epcotia Encore, but there were a lot of differences including setlist and they had a lot of fun. They said that Shige was really pretty during Avalon. They always hoped to hear Kakao live, so they were really happy. They wanted to know if he planned to do Kakao from the start, or if he decided after looking at the concert as a whole.

    • The next letter was from a listener who also said that they really like Kakao so they were glad that he did it. They also said that they thought Shige performing in the heels was the embodiment of his femininity, he was really beautiful on stage. They said that his femininity was very elegant and that they like things like when women dress masculinely- androgyny, so they really liked Shige’s performance.
      Shige said that since they didn’t do solos for Strawberry they decided to do them for Encore, but that they didn’t want to do the same ones as they did for the arena tour, so it’d be interesting to find a fun way to do them. He’d done Kakao on SCP, and since he used the heels in Hyouon but not actually worn them, he felt he wasn’t quite done with the heels yet since he hadn’t tried to walk around or dance in them, which is why he chose to do Kakao in heels that time. He also thought it’d be nice to try and do that in a concert, he could have a lot more people see the performance that way. That section was also the time warp section, and they all approached it differently, it wasn’t like you have to do a past solo you could just do whatever you wanted.
      He talked about how when he originally first performed the solo it was the rock version, and in the performance he rode on lip-shaped device, but it wasn’t his idea but the concert director decided it. He wrote the song, but he didn’t do everything himself, he lacked ideas and didn’t have strong opinions. As he’s gotten more experience he’s gotten more independent in creating his solos- taken more of the lead, but with Kakao he’s always had this sense of incompleteness.
      There may not have been a need to rearrange the song, but he would have been able to feel settled if he didn’t try to update it, and do it in a genre that he likes currently. It’s a memorable song for him, and a song he wrote early on, so he really wanted to redo it and do it with a live band since they had that option.
      He said that the music producer pretty much picks the order of the setlist and they go with that.
      He said he wasn’t trying to express femininity in his performance, though he has no issues with others interpreting it that way. He actually is against the idea of heels being a symbol of femininity. Isn’t it ok to be genderless? He said men don’t wear them because they’re a pain, but personally he’d like to change the idea that heels = women. So, it’s not that he was singing as a woman or anything like that, though the song itself is written from a woman’s point of view. He said he’d like for masculinity and femininity to become mixed up, or for gender to become less defined, really to be without gender. Also, personally he likes ‘mannish’ things. He really likes mannish, mode fashion type things. [mod note: Our guess is that he is referring to ‘mannish’ styles for women. Mode fashion is an ambiguous term, but it’s like the kind of creative artsy fashion that you would expect to see in Paris Fashion Week.]
      He said that he got lots of letters saying so and he himself feels the same way, his solo was very ‘shigeshigeshige’-like.

    • The next letter was from a listener who went to Encore and they said they had a lot of fun. They said that they felt like they heard a bit of melody from Dreamcatcher in his Kakao performance during the interlude part.
      Shige said he was happy that they realized, but that it wasn’t just Dreamcatcher. He said that there may be people who didn’t notice but that the video footage started out as Hyouon, then changed to Kakao. The piano also started out playing Hyouon, “Don’t believe in me” which then changed into Kakao. They were trying to show the time and space distortion with the piano, he suddenly asked the staff to do it a few days before the show.
      He showed them a video of the comedian Yuriyan Retriever’s gag where she plays the character of an elementary school boy at a piano recital who loves Harry Potter too much, where the song he’s playing on the piano keeps changing to the Harry Potter theme. Shige said that he told them he wanted to do this but with Hyouon and Kakao, and in the interlude to add in the melody from his other solo songs. So in the interlude there was Dreamcatcher, but also Escort and Ayame. He said that whoever was able to notice this has a really good ear.
      Shige was really pleased to have a listener notice this and called himself a genius for coming up with it before getting embarrassed at himself.

    • The next letter was from a listener who wrote in about the special Johnny’s medley that NEWS did only on the 31st. They wanted to know if NEWS decided who would sing what themselves. They commented on how Shige sang Jinguji Yuta’s (King&Prince) part in Cinderella Girl, and how he looks a lot like Shige.
      Shige said that the members decided through just talking through who should do what lines and he said that he would do Jinguji’s parts since he’s told that they resemble each other. He said it was fun.
      For Osaka Romanesque, Koyama said that he wanted to sing the hook of the song which he thought was unusual, and NEWS likes to honor those kinds of wishes so they told him to go ahead. Apparently Koyama really like Osaka Romanesque, and he said that he really wanted Shige to sing the B melody part that goes like “Suki ya to Iu kara”, so Shige did. They decided it as a team.
      He said that since they were in Osaka, they picked Johnny’s West and Kanjani8 songs, and since they’re graduating, a T&T song. They picked King&Prince too because Shige wanted to do it and because they’re the brand new debuted group. He thinks it was a good line up.

    • The last letter was from a listener who asked if Shige worked on the videos they show during the concert this time too.
      Shige said that he usually works on them, and he actually did quite a lot for Epcotia with the video team, and there were a lot they used from that tour in the Encore concerts, but he did want to change some stuff up. This time, he didn’t really give any instructions to the video team, but they picked out stuff that he would approve of. He said that he’d love to be able to say he did it, but this time it was really the hard work of the staff. He’s grateful, it was beautiful thanks to them. He said that he felt like they picked stuff he would like because they knew he’d be annoying about it otherwise. It’s not that he has a lot of knowledge about the topic, but he has strong preferences. He said they really did a lot with only a short amount of time.

  • Kchan NEWS (Jan 29)

    • The guest this week was Shige.

    • Koyama said that as soon as the stepped into the recording booth this week Gai-san said to Shige, “Kato-san, Inugamike was so good!” and Shige said it was really happy. Koyama said that Gai-san proceeded to talk really fast to Shige about it for about 5 minutes. Shige said that the last time Gai-san talked to him so excitedly about something was when he was when he was talking to him about Jojo. Koyama said that both he and Gai-san actually hadn’t known the story of Inugamike before watching it. Shige said that unexpectedly not many people in their generation know it. Koyama said that after watching it he told Shige that it was really interesting, he didn’t know who the culprit was at all.

    • Koyama said that this is the first time they’re properly saying so on Kchan NEWS, and announced the Worldista album.
      S: Neverland, Epcotia, N, E, and W is…
      K: WORLDISTA!!!!
      Shige said that it was a good title, and Koyama agreed saying that if it had been just ‘World’ then people would probably have an idea of what it is, but it’s ‘Worldista’. They said that they had a meeting yesterday for the concert and Shige said it’s amazing they’ve just been doing concert after concert. Koyama said that in picking the set list, there are a lot of songs that they’ve done a lot recently. Shige said since they did so many last year, the Worldista set list will be pretty different. Koyama said that he really wants people to listen to Worldista, and Shige commented on how they’re releasing it earlier this year than usual and Koyama agreed saying the concerts will start soon after and listening to the album creates the world view of the concert. Koyama said that there’ll be parts that make you think, “They’re singing that song!” They asked everyone to look forward to it.

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that they’re really happy they’re coming to where they live, Nagano, for the first time. They wanted to know what their impressions of Nagano is. It’s rural, but they’ve got a lot of nature and they love it.
      Shige said that he went to Nagano to film Inugamike and Koyama’s been there quite a bit for filming too, they both agreed that it’s a great place and it was the place of Olympics. They talked about the venue they’d be playing there a bit saying that they heard it’s fairly big. They said that due to the venue’s schedule they couldn’t play Nagoya this time, they ended up playing Nagano since it’s relatively close, so people from Nagoya will have to travel a bit, though there’s also Fukui. Shige said he’s never been to Fukui even once. They started joking about mnemonics that Koyama uses to remember which prefectures are in different regions. They said that they’re looking forward to the concerts.

    • ♪ Erotica ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who brought up how Shige talked about wanting to eat curry after the concert, and wanted to know what curry they like.
      Shige talked about how since he went to Sri Lanka, he started liking spicy curry. Shige makes curry from scratch and he’s hooked on it. Koyama said that he often goes to places like Coco Ichiban and they talked about making curry and Shige said it’s hard to fail that badly when you make it. He said that he was planning on making spinach curry the next day, and Koyama said that he thought of Spinach as a topping and Shige said it’s a green Indian curry. Koyama asked him how much he was going to make and Shige said two days worth. Shige said that he’s been busy lately, so when he makes food he’ll make a bunch and then split it up to eat over several days. Koyama said that was amazing and asked if he’d gotten a new fridge and Shige said he did after moving. Koyama asked if he got a big one since he’s always had small ones before and Shige said he did, and protested that Koyama was referring to 5 years ago. Shige said that he didn’t think he’d end up cooking as much as he does. Koyama said he’s surprised too, Shige asked him what he keeps in his fridge. Koyama said that since he travels to different regions a lot for work and in private, he has a lot of those dressings they sell at airports. Shige said that he understands because he receives a lot. Koyama said that he has a lot of soy sauce too and Shige said that he has so much miso he never seems to run out.
      Shige asked Koyama what dressing he likes the most, and Koyama said that recently it’s surioroshi onion dressing. They talked about how fresh onions are really good. They kept discussing dressing for awhile, and Shige said that he tries to make dressings on his own. Koyama was surprised and commented on how amazing that is.
      Shige also likes sesame dressing and asked Koyama which he picks when at the convenience store, and he said aojiso dressing. Shige said that he understood that, and that sometimes he gets frustrated at himself for picking that one so much. Shige started talking about how he doesn’t like it when his manager picks up salad for him at the convenience store and assumes he wants aojiso. Even though he would feel like, “Where’s the aojiso dressing?” if he didn’t get it, he doesn’t like others thinking “Ah this guy’s fine with aojiso”. Koyama commented on how the managers listen so next time he has to pick dressings it might be tough. Koyama said that if he were a manager he’d just buy all the kinds of dressings. They kept talking about dressings for a bit longer.

    • ♪ Spirit ♪

    • At the end they continued with the talk of what’s in their fridges, and Shige said that if he didn’t cook his would be empty. Koyama said that he has a lot of yogurt in his fridge, and they talked a bit about the kinds of yogurt. Shige asked Koyama what keeps at the bottom of fridge in the vegetable drawer, and Koyama said that his mom comes every week, even though there are some sundays he’d like to spend quietly by himself but she’s always there when he gets home. Shige said that it’s good that they get along so well, and Koyama agreed that it is. But she makes him food and they freeze it. Shige commented on how Koyama’s mom is good at cooking since she’s a chef. Koyama said that since his mom and older sister both cook, he doesn’t really. Shige said that if Koyama tried he might discover a new talent, he has lots of people who can give him advice.
      S: You also have me! Actually I want to know, I want them to teach me.
      Shige said that he doesn’t know how to make gyoza. Koyama had to cut the conversation short since they were running short on time.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Jan 30)

    • At the opening, they talked about it’s going to be February and the season of entrance exams. Tegoshi shared again of the story of how he was at the same entrance exams as Shige when they took entrance exams at the same locations, though Shige was already in Johnny’s then and Tegoshi wasn’t yet.
      M: The two of you might not have known, but I was there too.
      T: You weren’t. Spare me from this, Masuda-san. You weren’t. Don’t make things up.
      M: You don’t know that.
      T: You’re making history up.
      Sakura: That’s falsifying your CV.
      M: (gasp) I can’t even say I took the entrance exams?
      Sakura: Nope.
      M: What a time it has become.
      Massu admitted he didn’t take the entrance exams, didn’t even want to, and Tegoshi said those taking entrance exams soon must be nervous. They said they hope they will do their best and moved on to the request.

    • The request was from someone who couldn’t go to their countdown concert, but watched the Johnny’s Countdown at home while waving their penlight in front of the TV. They can’t wait to cheer with all their might at the next concert. Their request was for “Mahou no Melody”. They need to be constantly smiling at work, and it gets hard sometimes. But this song magically puts a smile onto their face and they’d like to know if there are songs that do the same for the three of them.
      Massu said it’s KICK THE CAN CREW’s “Christmas Eve Rap” for him recently. He was watching their performance during their rehearsal for Music Station, and he was like, “YEAH! This song!” and this is a song he really likes.
      T: Hmm well for me this isn’t quite something that makes me smile, but-
      M: No. It has to be something that makes you smile.
      T: Hey, how strict.
      Tegoshi said it’s the soundtrack for games. He always listens to the soundtrack of Final Fantasy on flights and all the battle scenes would come back in his head.
      M: And? You laugh?
      T: I don’t, but I do think, “Omg it’s here!” I don’t laugh though. It’d be scary if I laughed alone on the plane wouldn’t it?
      Sakura: You seem like the type who would.
      T: No way!
      Sakura: It isn’t entirely impossible.
      M: We see you as that type.
      T: Nonono… I keep super calm.
      Tegoshi listens to the soundtracks of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, and they said they’re happy the listener works hard on her smile and told her to do her best.

    • ♪ Mahou no Melody ♪

    • The second mail was from someone who wrote in for the first time. They find it a pain to write New Year’s cards, and thought they won’t receive anymore this year, but surprisingly received about 20. From which, they found out happy news such as their friends getting their own homes and becoming mothers, their students successfully entering the same college they studied at etc. and these made the listener really happy. They wanted to know if the 3 of them write New Year’s cards for work/in private. Tegoshi went into some commentator mode, saying it’s an era where everything’s gone digital and people barely write nor send physical mails anymore. So how’s it like for them! Sakura was like, “What’s up with you?” and asked him to answer first, so he decided to answer while still in his commentator mode, with his elbows on the table.
      T: Well I received New Year’s cards from my teachers from middle and high school, as well as my classmates in high school. So when I returned to my mother’s place after the Kyocera Dome concerts, I wrote my replies to them, and dropped them off at the post.
      M, Sakura: …How boring!
      M: The way you spoke was so bad!
      Sakura: You’re not cut out to be a commentator. At all. You’ll never get any job offers with what you just did, in fact they might stop coming.
      T: A commentator I am!
      M: It was so bad, we can’t even find anything to say about it.
      They continued to diss his answer, saying even the content was bad as there’s nothing much to it, so it’s bad even for a regular talent. He said well that was what happened so at least he gave a factual report. Massu said while he knows he should be writing New Year’s cards to people on his own initiative, he doesn’t really have anyone he particularly wants to write to. He does receive quite a number of cards each year, so he’s always prepared to write replies to those. It’s the same for Sakura. She said she doesn’t even text “Happy New Year!” to people. They talked a little about how it’s a happy problem to receive such texts, because while they’re grateful to those who send these texts to them, it’s troublesome to have to reply to all of them. Massu added to say such greetings really ought to be made more properly, so instead of sending them through texts, people should really be spending the time to write the cards, make phone calls, or just convey the wishes when you meet up in person.

    • The third listener said they often get asked by people for directions, and recently got asked by an elderly person on how to set their phone to silent mode. When they taught them how to do it, they received two bags of udon noodles in return and was surprised as they’ve never received udon noodles as a gift of thanks before. They wanted to know if the three of them have been asked by strangers for directions before. Tegoshi said he ever talked about it before, how he got asked by a foreigner at Tokyo Station and took the person to their destination.
      M: You took the train with them?
      T: Nope, by taxi.
      M: Eh!?
      T: I talked about this before, didn’t I?
      Sakura: You did, you did.
      M: I don’t recall it at all.
      Tegoshi said briefly how he was in his blond hair and shades, and got stopped by this couple who asked if there’re any tourist spots nearby. Since Ginza was along his way, he dropped them off at Ginza and went off. That was probably the most recent time he got asked for directions. Massu said he’s been asked for directions by foreigners before, but not by Japanese. Sakura said it’s probably because people don’t ask for directions as much anymore in general, with the map apps and all. Massu shared this story he’s mentioned before of how he got confused after transferring trains, and wanted to ask for the nearest exit to this departmental store that people from that area would definitely know. But just when he went “Excuse me,” he got told “No, thank you.” So he figured they probably thought he was trying to hit on them, or trying to sell them something. Tegoshi said how Japanese are probably the most likely to reject giving directions, as they aren’t the straightforward type. Massu shared another story of how he’s been asked for a photo before, and he said he can’t. But he always wonders if people are asking him to take a photo for them, or with them. Sakura suggested they offer to take it for them, but then it’d also be ambiguous if they’re okay-ing to take for or with. They concluded it’s best to figure out how to pretend to be really bad at taking photos in a really dramatic way (M: PLEASE, find someone else~~ T, Sakura: What a cumbersome person!)

    • The fourth listener went to watch the Jan 1st concert, and wanted to know how much of the uchiwas handmade by the fans can they see. They ever saw a gyoza uchiwa and thought that’s sneaky as Massu would definitely spot his favourite item immediately. Is there any uchiwa that ever made them laugh or made them happy? Tegoshi said it depends on the venue and his eyesight isn’t as good anymore, so it’s hard to read messages. If he looks at faraway spots long enough he can see them though. They had the bungee ropes to lift them up this time, so when he’s on that he can see right till the last row of the top level, but when he’s on the first level, he can’t really see much of the top level. Massu said he can see up till the first row of the top level when he’s on the first, though sometimes he can’t see some directions due to the lights. He can see pretty well, and is basically looking for the uchiwas with his face. They’re the easiest to figure out and makes him happy. Tegoshi said yeah, as those are the official merchandise.

    • For “Quiz! Tegomass ni Oshiete” this week, what is the paper you can’t cut if it’s a single sheet, but can cut if there are many.
      M: Ties. Ties.
      Sakura: Ties??
      M: You can’t cut a tie if you’re alone, but if there’re many people around, there’ll be many ties you can cut.
      Sakura: It’s not something that philosophical.
      They made a few more wrong guesses (including pizza), until Tegoshi got it right - playing cards.

    • For the second question (Massu continues going “PIZZA!” while Sakura started reading the question). What is the place you can’t deliver a book you ordered to? Tegoshi got it right - Hong Kong. (playing on the pronunciation of “hon ga konai”, meaning the book won’t come)

    • The third question’s also a riddle. What kind of person can you become if you add 1 to 1? They started thinking when Sakura repeated that it’s the last question and asked if Massu would like to make it 3 points. (T: NO! I should be the one to decide, the one leading should get to decide!) Massu got it right - king. If you write the kanji for 1 + 1, it’d become the kanji for king. (一 + 一 = 王)
      So Massu ended up winning this week.

    • At the ending, they promoted the EPCOTIA DVD/Bluray. Tegoshi also started reading a children’s book (Inai Inai Ba) in a super loud voice while Sakura was reading the address, pronouncing “ba” as “BEH!” all the time. They said it’s supposed to be a bedtime book, but Tegoshi had no idea. They then made Taro-chan demonstrate how to read it, and proceeded almost immediately to say the ending lines after Taro-chan started reading it.

    • Imai Taro, the writer for Tegomass no Radio tweeted after the airing of the episode ended, saying the book was something he brought from his home and thought it’d fit Tegoshi most. And it did. (Source)

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Feb 1)

    • At the opening, he promoted WORLDISTA, and said he’s going to do a world premiere of “WORLDISTA” later in the programme, as the Masterpiece for the week.

    • The first listener wanted to know if Massu eats his oranges slice by slice or a few slices at a time. He said it’s an important question and considered a little, then said mostly by the slice, and 2 together at the very most.

    • ♪ SPIRIT ♪

    • The second listener watched the EPCOTIA DVD and was mesmerised by Massu’s lithe and sharp dance moves. They wanted to know if there’s anything he pays extra attention or is especially particular about anything with regard to the dance choreography. Also, which song was the toughest dance in the concert? He first repeated the words they used to praise his dance and thanked them. He said he loves dancing, but usually sticks to the choreography as much as he can as he feels it’s more cool that way, rather than add his own touch to it. He feels it’s similar to acting, in that the dance steps are choreographed a certain way, because of the lyrics at that point in the song, to express the dance in a certain emotion etc. He said that might also be why he’s not exactly the type who can do dance battles when the DJ plays a song and he dances freely to it. There aren’t many instances when he’d start dancing on his own without choreography.
      As for which dance is the toughest, he named “Chumu Chumu” as it’s most physically taxing. Before realising the song isn’t part of the EPCOTIA tour.

    • The third listener also watched the DVD, and was originally intending to watch it alone, but their sons, twins in their senior year in high school, came home soon after it started. They thought the sons would leave the room soon, and continued playing the DVD, but their sons ended up watching the rest of it with them, saying stuff like, “Massu’s totally a rapper!” “How cool!” They hope to take their sons along to a concert someday.
      Massu thanked the listener and said he’s happy! It’s possible NEWS gained 2 male fans at a go, all thanks to them. That the sons found it cool even though they haven’t been watching NEWS before is something really happy, and he’d be glad if the listener would work at recommending NEWS to them, and then come together to their concert together sometime.

    • The fourth listener wrote about the first episode of “RIDE ON TIME”, and referred to the scene when they were deciding on the tour merchandise. They find NEWS merchandise really good and almost always buy everything. They wore the ENCORE hoodie to tennis and received lots of praise, like how it’s fashionable and looks expensive. That made them really happy and they look forward to future merchandise too. Massu thanked the listener and said he’s happy. He gave a brief introduction on “RIDE ON TIME”, and said the scene inside the programme was when they’re towards the finalising stage of the merchandise production. They first decide on what to create, and the process shown in the programme is repeated tens of times. Items like the hoodies and tshirts are pretty much done by Massu, and the members get involved about twice, when they go through the process similar to what’s shown in the show. They spend the most time on the part when they decide what to make, what kind of fabric to use, what function they want the merchandise to fulfil etc. and they give comments to what the staff come back to them with. He’d be happy if everyone would incorporate the merchandise into their daily lives, like wearing the hoodie to tennis or even as pyjamas. He’d continue working hard so as to continue creating merchandise that everyone would like.

    • The fifth mail was from a listener who congratulated them on the release of “WORLDISTA”, and quoted an excerpt of the album description on JEHP and said they’re looking very forward to it. They also gave the songs that they’re excited about, based on just the song titles - “DEAD END” and “Santa no inai Christmas”. They said again they’re looking forward to the third concert in the series of thematic concerts, and asked them to take care of their health. They also said they’re using the ENCORE bag everyday, and love the inner pockets.
      Massu asked if this mail wasn’t written by a JE staff, as it sounded completely like one. (M: You sure there’s no problem? Nobody pretended to be a listener?”) He said after reading the letter, there’s nothing else for him to say. Because this is it! He elaborated on how he talked about how NEWS didn’t have Christmas songs with the producer. Everytime Christmas comes round the corner, he’d really want to play their own songs on radio, but while they have winter/birthday songs, they didn’t have Christmas (nor New Year’s) songs. Then they ca me across this song, so he’s happy. He thanked the listener again at the end

    • The sixth mail was from a listener who only found out that there was no dance choreography for “AVALON”, as they were watching Massu the entire time during the concerts, and didn’t realise that the dance he did during the chorus was his original. They really like the dance. They wanted to know if he has any recommendation for this DVD. Is it “Thunder”? He first explained that while they’re going to release “WORLDISTA” and start the tour soon, “EPCOTIA” is now on sale. Those who aren’t familiar with NEWS and listening to Master Hits now might be confused and wondering what the conversation is all about. He explained the N-E-W-S concept too. On “AVALON”,
      M: Because there were sound? Because there was music. On the contrary, was I dancing? I want to know. Hmm. I didn’t realise that either.
      On the part he wants to recommend,
      M: Well, I happen to have the song here, so I’d like to play it. The song I recommend. Here goes.

    • ♪ Thunder ♪

    • As he promised at the start of the programme, he played “WORLDISTA” as the Masterpiece this week, trying his best to perfect his pronunciation of the title a few times. He also shared how they had a meeting before the programme begun to decide if they could play the song in full here, and they did. He considered talking about the song first, and was about to start when he decided to let everyone listen to the song first.
      After the song ended, he said in continuation to “NEVERLAND” and “EPCOTIA”, they’re creating “WORLDISTA” as an album/tour with a huge concept. He explained how “WORLDISTA” is a VR game and one could experience various things inside the game, a virtual space where one could go to many places and meet many people. Everyday is Christmas, and cars could fly etc. Anything can happen. He feels this song is one that represents the worldview of the “WORLDISTA” album. They’ve also put in many fun elements in the song, like how “S” in the series doesn’t appear in the lyrics, even though they have “NEVERLAND”, “EPCOTIA” and “WORLDISTA”. He hopes everyone would look forward to the album which begins with this song and gave the release details.

    • At the ending, he promoted “WORLDISTA” again

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