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NEWS news (week of Feb 4) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Feb 3)

    • Shige talked about Worldista and how it’s coming out soon at the beginning of the show. He said that they just finished it. He asked people to look forward to his solo, and that maybe the titles have been announced by the time this airs.

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that they’re really happy by the announcement of the album and the tour but that it all happened so fast they can barely wrap their mind around it. She said she was surprised to see that they’ll come to Fukui, where her home town is, and thanked them. She’s looking forward to how the tour will be, and can’t wait.
      Shige commented on how they’ve never been to either Fukui or Nagano, and how the tour starts next month….he wondered aloud if Kato Shigeaki will be ok, he’s worried about it, but he always ends up being ok!

    • The next letter was from a listener who congratulated him on Yotsuba Ginko and NEWS getting to sing “Top Gun” for the opening theme. They said they’re really looking forward to the song and Shige’s guest appearance in the 3rd episode. She asked if it’s ok to interpret it as NEWS’ momentum from their 15th anniversary won’t be stopping. She’s happy with all the happy announces.
      Shige said it’s a good song although we’ve only been able to hear the chorus so far, it’s a cool song. He said it’s a bit mysterious that NEWS gets to do the theme song for Maruyama-kun’s (Kanjani8) drama, there are probably people thinking “Why?”  and he himself reacted like “Eh? Really?” but he’s really happy at getting the offer. He’s thankful, and said that he already finished filming, since he was just a guest he didn’t film for that many days, but he did have a scene with Maru. It was fun, and he also mentioned getting to act with Nakayama Yuichiro again which made him happy. It was short, but very stimulating.

    • ♪ Worldista ♪

    • For music club this week, he started by reading some letters from  listeners because he got a lot of them. The letter was about the artist King Gnu’s new album, an artist that Shige has introduced on the radio before, which got the listener hooked on them. They asked him to play one of their new songs.
      Shige said that he also felt like he had to play one of their new songs. The next letter was also about King Gnu who asked to hear Shige’s thoughts about their album. They also shared their thoughts on their music and how it happened to come out the same day as the Epcotia DVD.
      The next letter was from who came to know and like King Gnu from Shige’s radio, they’ve been waiting for the new album. They mentioned the song “It’s a small world” in particular, they said they didn’t have the vocabulary to talk about it adequately so they wanted Shige to introduce it on the radio.
      Shige said he really got a lot of letters, but he picked these. He talked about how King Gnu have really gotten popular and how they topped the ranking list he talked about last week. He talked about their new album which is their major debut and how they’re growing but still keeping their King Gnu-ness. He played their song “It’s a small world” and said that the music video was really cool and exactly to his tastes. It’s like watching a play, you can get sucked into it.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they watched Ride on Time episodes 1&2, and talked about how precious the chance is to see them behind the scenes. They were happy to see it and it made them love NEWS and Shige even more. They said that Shige saying a few years ago that writing he usually knows where he’s going rather than figure it out in the process, and watching him writing Miacis Symphony in the show really brought home how hard it must be to write without a set direction, they were glad to see the process. They also mentioned the coverage of him filming Inugamike no Ichizoku, and how he started filming from the last scene and said it must be difficult to get the emotions right, but wondered if it’s common and therefore not so bad for actors. They enjoyed watching his Kindaichi.
      Shige read another letter that was on a slightly different topic but also about Ride on Time. The next letter was from a listener who said that the first episode finished in the blink of an eye, and said that they were surprised to see that Shige did the voices for the aliens in Epcotia. She was surprised and it made her love the alien plushies from Encore even more.
      S: I’m happy to hear that. That’s right… It was me… haha
      He said that the ROT staff  really filmed them for a long time and he’s grateful, though he feels there must be no limit to the unaired footage they have. Though that’s true for when they cover other artists too. He said that everyone doesn’t know probably about 70% of what goes on, and it’s nice to have everyone see once in a while.
      He said that the interview about Miacis Symphony in ROT, it really did help him write. He said the 5th installment would probably come out this month. The part he was writing in ROT, he thinks it turned out well. He’s still puzzling over how to finish the story.
      In regards to starting filming from the last scene, it can be tough, but it wasn’t so bad for Kindaichi. You’re always kind of finding your footing on the first day of filming.
      With the aliens, he wrote a screenplay- came up with all the lines and the flow of the story. There wasn’t a lot of time, and so he did the voice too. There are parts he thinks like oh I could have done this instead for the arena tour, and feels like he was able to improve all of that in Encore. He thinks of it as his first screenplay.
      He thanked everyone for the letters and said that he’d be waiting to hear everyone’s thoughts on the 3rd episode. He’d talk about it next week.

    • ♪ Spirit ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Feb 5)

    • The guest this week was Shige.

    • They talked about how fast the year is going by already as it’s already February even though they sometimes still forget that it’s 2019 and not 2018. They also talked about how there’ll be a new era starting from Koyama’s birthday when he turns 35.

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that they recently went to a fortune teller with their friend. They said that they believe in fortune telling a fair amount but wanted to know if they did. They said that Shige seemed like they didn’t.
      Shige said that it is interesting, and Koyama agreed though they don’t necessarily take it seriously. Koyama said that he doesn’t pull a new year’s fortune, cause he doesn’t want to be influenced by it. Shige agreed saying it’s fine if you’re having trouble making a decision or something like that. Koyama said he really doesn’t participate in any good luck fortunes or anything like that and Shige said that Koyama’s the type who would get hooked on it if he did so he’s being careful not to. Koyama agreed with him saying that he has a Birthday divination book that he loves, and he likes blood type divination.
      Koyama said it’s fine if you just believe the good fortunes.

    • ♪ Worldista ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who’s pen name was cinnamon and they got sidetracked talking about cinnamon causing Shige to go off talking about spices and curry and Koyama apologized to the staff for getting him started on it, but said it was mostly the letter writer’s fault for using that pen name. The letter writer said that they like Shige’s husky voice, and that Hirano Sho (King&Prince) also has a husky voice, and they they asked them which they thought was huskier.
      Shige said that he didn’t think he could beat our Hirano-kun, and Koyama commented on how he’s able to sing quite clearly for having such a husky voice. They also said that Hirano was quite a funny person, and talked about how he really is like Koyama when he was younger, can be an air-head. Shige commented on how Koyama has actually gotten better about that recently, and Koyama said that he has at his age it’d be bad if he were still acting like that.
      Shige said that actually recently Massu has been worse.
      K: Yesterday was really bad
      S: The cherry-strawberry incident
      S: While looking at a strawberry, he was like, “Want a cherry? Ah- it’s not a cherry, what is this?”
      K: Yeah!
      S: He said “What is this?” about a strawberry!
      K: It was pretty scary
      S: It was. I’m worried about him~
      Koyama wondered out loud if Hirano was born with a husky voice, and started to ask about Shige then laughed at the idea of a husky voiced baby. He said Shige must have had a clear voice as a baby and did an impression of a baby crying huskily. Shige said that he had a low voice as a baby.

    • The next letter was from a listener who asked them what Valentine’s Day memories they have. They wondered how Tegoshi and Shige, who don’t like sweet things, spend Valentine’s Day. They said that when they were in high school they tried to bring chocolate to the boy they liked but once they made it to the front of his house, they weren’t able to give to him so they went home and it ate by themselves while crying. (S: Cute!)
      Koyama said that Shige likes chocolate and Shige agreed that he did, he’s grown to like it. Koyama said that he’s been eating a lot of it lately. Shige said when there’s chocolate around he’ll eat it, and Koyama said that the other day Massu brought chocolate he’d received to their dressing room saying that they could have some and Shige ate it. Shige said that chocolate is supposedly good for your body, and they talked about the chocolate episodes they did for NEWS na Futari.
      They talked about how in school you’d open your shoe box hoping there’d be chocolate waiting for you. Shige said that he’d opened his locker on Valentines, and there were no chocolates. Shige said he never received any while he was in highschool, he actually got more when he was in elementary school since it’s not as big a deal to give them then. In high school it’s too real. They agreed that the listener’s story was cute, and that the 14th is a good day to confess your feelings.
      They also talked about the custom of women giving chocolate on valentine’s day and then men giving back on white day, and the practice of ‘gyaku choko’ which is when men give chocolate to women on Valentine’s day instead of the other way around.
      They said that they get chocolate from staff, so they do give chocolate back on white day. Koyama said he has to keep notes of who he gets stuff from so he can give them chocolate on white day.

    • ♪ IT’S YOU ♪

    • The last letter was from a listener who asked them what onigiri filling would they most want as a girlfriend.
      Shige said it was difficult, and said that his favorite filling is tuna mayo and Koyama said that his is Ume.
      S: Ume??
      K: It’s got to be ume!
      S: Sorry, I’m saying this as someone who make umeboshi but…
      K: It’s definitely ume!
      S: Ume???
      Shige continued to be in disbelief saying that Koyama’s taste was like an old woman’s. They decided that a plain salt onigiri would be kind of cold/unwelcoming (based of of how the word ‘salt’ is used in Japanese)
      Shige said that if a tuna mayo was a woman they’d be flashy, a good person but somehow you’d get tired from being around them. Koyama agreed and they said that she’d be the type that dyes her hair and wears a lot of make-up like bragging that she’s got mayonnaise.
      They analyzed a few more kinds of filling, okaka is someone who’s family oriented, and Shige teased Koyama more for his preference of onigiri. They agreed that salmon was very mature, since salmon have to fight to swim upstream they’d be persevering, like “I’ve overcome all these obstacles to be inside your mouth” She could support you. They said minced meat filling would be like, well I’m fine with the rice too so they’d end up cheating. Koyama said that he’d want to go with salman, and Shige said either salmon or okaka.
      Shige said that when he was young he’d choose tuna mayo. He suddenly remember mentaiko, and they said it’s someone with a lot of children (because mentaiko is fish eggs…) and Shige laughed at how literal Koyama is. Shige said that mentaiko would be beautiful.
      K: Let’s both go with salmon?
      S: Yeah?
      K: Then we both have to be salmon too
      S: Swim upstream…
      K: And at the end of the swim...
      S: No, we should be the rice that embraces our girlfriends who have swam upstream
      K: So even if they were hurt (along the journey)
      S: They were hurt
      K: I’ll embrace your wounds too- I, who has just a little bit of salt.
      S: HAHAHA Don’t get salt in her wounds!

      S: And then together…. Together we’d raise ikura!
      S: How stupid…
      K: So stupid… hahaha

  • Tegomass no Radio (Feb 6)

    • At the opening, they talked about “WORLDISTA” saying how there might have been people who guessed the world to be “World”, but it’s not. They did not say too much about it, saying it’s a virtual world and asked everyone to look forward to it.

    • It wasn’t a request this week, but a song from the new album. As usual they fooled around saying they should do requests as “Tegomass no Radio” is a programme is created together with the listeners.
      Sakura: Don’t say such things only at such convenient timings!
      M: True. I feel so, but Tegoshi doesn’t feel that way.
      T: No! I think so too! Thank you!
      Sakura: Shut up, both of you.
      M: That person’s probably only doing everything based on how he feels.
      T: That’s not true!
      M: He thinks it’s fine even if no mails come.
      T: Hang on! I get lonely really easily so if no mails come I’ll be sad!
      Sakura: But we don’t get to read the mails because of how you’re talking all the time.
      T: Sorry about that.
      Tegoshi then proceed to say how it’s hard for him to talk that day because he has a mouth ulcer, and asked them to look at it.
      M, Sakura: There isn’t.
      T: There is!
      M, Sakura: Don’t see any.
      T: There is!!!
      M: Nope.
      T: There’s a HUGE one. Look!
      M: WHATEVER!
      T: WHY! Don’t say such things! It’s gigantic, it is!
      M: We don’t see any, and this isn’t nice to the listeners at all.
      Sakura: He starts talking about himself in an instant despite of everything.

    • ♪ WORLDISTA ♪

    • The first mail is from a 24 year-old listener who still refers to themselves as “oira” sometimes, a term they used to use when they were younger. Is there any quirk/habit they’ve had since they were children, and can’t break out from? They first wondered if the listener used “oira” because of their dialect, but they couldn’t be sure.
      Sakura: Like owning that weird light-blue bag for Tegoshi-san?
      T: Stop that. The one with “Tegoshi” written on it? It’s cute.
      M: Are you still using it?
      T: It’s on my sofa at home now.
      M: On your sofa??
      Tegoshi then shared how he used to chew on his nails subconsciously as an elementary student. Massu wondered if he was trimming his nails that way, and he said he was. Then he said he uses a lot of tissues, and that he’s the “Tissue Man”. There was a slight silence, with the rest wondering if that counts as a habit, as it just meant he likes tissues a lot.
      Sakura asked if Massu had any. He couldn’t think of any and Tegoshi pointed out how he always touches the back of his hair (M: That’s only when I do my hair) and touches his nose (M: Because it’s itchy!). Massu said he parts his fringe when it gets long, but that only happens when it’s long and it isn’t quite a habit either. Massu offered snapping his fingers, adding though that isn’t a quirk, he does it consciously, when he wants to.
      Sakura said she it’s touching people’s elbows for her - hers and her parents’. She used to touch the elbows of her parents when she sleeps as a child and still can’t get rid of that it seems. Tegoshi said he puts his hands between his thighs when he sleeps. Massu couldn’t think of any, and asked if the rest can think of any. They tried to think of something for KoyaShige too but couldn’t. Tegoshi said maybe the fans would know better, and Massu said some of the actions they do on screen are on purpose so that might not count either. They decided to ask Sakura as third parties would know better. She said none, so they opened it up to everyone - send in a mail if you can think of a quirk/habit of theirs!

    • The second mail was from a listener who always only wears their new shoes out for the first time on sunny days. Do the three of them care about the weather when wearing their new clothes out the first time? Tegoshi said he cares about the weather when wearing white shoes out, and the rest were surprised he’s actually conscious about such fashion-related things. He added that it also depends on the price and if the items are gifts from people. Like he doesn’t really care if his sports gear get dirty or anything. They said it doesn’t bother them though if Tegoshi’s clothes are neat or not, like how he happened to be in a really crumpled tshirt that day. They asked how he does his tshirts, he said he watches them, hangs them, and folds them. They asked if he wore one he folded, he did, and wondered why it was so crumpled. He asked if everyone irons their tshirts, they don’t. He added he tends to spill things like ketchup and wine on himself and he’s ruined a few tops that way, so he usually goes for meals in black as it’s harder to tell that way.
      For Massu, he said how he’s heard it isn’t good to wear shoes out for the first time at night (T: Why?) and they talked about how Tegoshi hasn’t heard of any such superstitions. They threw out a couple more and he hasn’t heard of them either. He said it must be because his parents were both realists. Going back to Massu, he said he tries to avoid wearing shoes out for the first time at night, but doesn’t really care about the weather. Sakura was surprised, saying he looked like he would. He said yeah he gets told that very often, like how people think he must bring a lot of things to concerts, and be very careful about not getting food stains on his clothes, but he doesn’t really care. He’s gotten wine stains on his clothes too, and just washes them properly when he does. On the things to bring to concerts, he’s fine as long as he’s got his scrubbing towel. (T: You carry that around? M: Yeah during the tour. T: Seriously!) He said recently they prepare the scrubbing towels for them at the venue so he stopped bringing it too. Now all he has in his bag is throat medicine. Tegoshi doesn’t bring a lot of things along either. So KoyaShige brings suitcases along to concerts, while Tegoshi always shows up in a tiny suitcase and a backpack. Massu said he’s convinced he can combine both into one, but Tegoshi doesn’t as they’re for different purposes. The “bigger one he drags along” is for items he’ll leave at the venue, while he carries the backpack to the hotel with him. (M, Sakura: “The bigger one he drags along…” T: Yeah.)

    • For “One-line Actors” this week, Tegoshi went first, having to say “I got the gold medal!” while walking on a tightrope. He went, “Ah. AHHH! I got the gold medal!” and then said himself that that was terrible and he wasn’t even close to the bronze model. But he’s confident Massu would do worse than him so that’s okay.
      Massu then went next, having to say “Finish your homework by today” while doing squats. He made some weird struggling noises before spouting the phrase out, and Sakura said, “Tegoshi-san, he did worse than you.” Massu wasn’t happy about the results and made Sakura do one so she’d understand how hard it is. Her situation: The moment she fell in love at first sight. (T: Something you’re bad at isn’t it. Sakura: Yeah. Why did you have to say that.) Her line: “It’s starting to rain.” She said it in a soft girl sweet voice, and there was silence after that.
      T: Look, look! This atmosphere hurts the most, doesn’t it. It was perfectly okay, you were good, but this silence! And how it feels after you delivered the line.
      Sakura: “Help! Help!”
      T: It felt like terrible didn’t it?
      Sakura: Yeah. I didn’t want to look at anyone after that.
      Massu added that Sakura was really good and all the male listeners were probably all thinking it was nice.

    • For round 2, Massu went first, having to say “Use my muffler!” right after eating super spicy food. He just made weird loud voices. The other two that was horrible while he was strangely confident about it.
      Tegoshi then had to say “Sweet potato” as if he’s being hypnotized. He was silent for the first few seconds (with the rest stifling laughter) and then said “Sweet potato” in a flat voice.
      M: Omg… so bad! That was radish, not sweet potato!
      Sakura: Ah this is good, Masuda-san!
      M: That was a radish right?
      Sakura: Yeah it was!
      T: Ahhh this is bad. I’m depressed. I’m supposed to be mentally strong but this is depressing. I lost all confidence. This is bad.
      Sakura gave the round to Tegoshi though. (M: HEEEEEEEH?????) Sakura said because he didn’t even say his line properly, while Tegoshi did his best.

    • At the ending, they promoted “EPCOTIA” DVD/Bluray. They pulled out a situation for Sakura to read the address in - at the verge of bursting out in anger (Sakura: Well this is me all the time, towards the two of you). After she was done, Tegoshi started telling her how she shouldn’t be using this tone towards the listeners, as if he wasn’t the one who made her read it that way.
      Sakura: Seriously. Just vanish from this world.
      T: HAHAHHAA SCARY! This is the scariest!
      Sakura: I was MADE to do this.
      M: Ah she’s still at it.
      T: This feels so real. Not acting.
      Sakura: Because I’m not. This IS real. Please. End this already.
      T: I’m awfully sorry. Sorry, yeah?
      M: Sakura-chan should act! Don’t just do that swimsuit stuff all the time.
      Sakura: Don’t make it sound like I do a lot of that!

  • Masuda Takahisa no Masterhits (Feb 8)

    • At the opening, he talked about “WORLDISTA”, how while they were done with the recording quite some time ago, there are plenty of processes before an album is complete, so it takes a bit of time from when they finish the recording, till  the album is finally finished. They’ve now received it, and now they’re listening to it lots, to make the songs part of themselves. He feels they managed to make yet another cool album, and hopes everyone would look forward to it.

    • The first listener wanted to know if Massu prefers eating curry fresh on the first day, or on the second day. He prefers it on the first day.

    • ♪ WORLDISTA ♪

    • The second listener was someone who went to the ENCORE concert, their first ever. They wanted to know how Massu/NEWS feels about those who use penlights from previous concerts. He said they always puts in a lot of thought into the penlights, picking the colours based on the worldview they want to create for each concert, and also how they would like the audience to use the penlights. So obviously they feel strongly about wanting the penlights to be of a certain colour. They’ve made it such that penlights that’re completely unrelated to them are not allowed at the concerts, as they’d be shocked to see such penlights at their concerts. But seeing the ones they made for their previous concerts don’t shock them. He also shared how they did consider doing something with the penlights from their past concerts at the Strawberry concerts. They didn’t manage to come up with a good solution, so the idea got KIV-ed, but he hopes they can do something like “Bring your favourite penlight!” someday. He doesn’t think people would throw their penlights away (laugh) but he’d be happy if people would hold on to the past penlights nicely.

    • The third mail was from someone who loves men’s hoodies very much, especially how they can get glimpses of what is worn under the hoodie from the neck. Same goes for getting to see bits of the inner wear worn under tshirts and sweatshirts, but they don’t like seeing what’s worn under knitted tops. They tried to explain their love for these “glimpses” to their friends but they just thought it’s too extreme. They wrote into Massu because they felt he’d understand, does he? Also, is there anything he loves to the extreme? He first said the hoodie the listener’s referring to is probably the pullover type and not the front zipper type. He said he totally understands, and that he decides the colour of what to wear inside because of that. He also talked a bit about how he cares more about the bit at the bottom that gets revealed, more than the part at the neck, and wondered if people would get what he’s talking about. Like how it’s probably the most ideal to wear shirts on his own, but because of how see through the material is some people might decide to wear tanks or tshirts under white shirts to be safe. But then that’d make them look like middle schoolers so… he totally understands. Like if it’s a black hoodie, then it’s be a white tshirt under it. He wondered again if people typically care about such things. He does though.
      With regard to what he likes on the extreme, he brought up the thing about the inside of shoes again, how he likes them clean and he doesn’t feel that’s extreme at all. Nope.

    • The fourth mail was from a listener who talked about the spare buttons that come along with clothes, and they always lose track of which button belongs to which item after awhile. What does Massu do with his? He said he understands that! And like how a piece of fabric comes along with suits, probably for when the knees and stuff get worn out? He’s got lots of such things, so he’s got a small box to hold them. But now there’re so many he can’t keep track. So when he’s missing a button for a shirt, he’d probably just hand it over to the costumes people and ask them to just use whatever. Rather than going through the box and to find the right one. For the shirt buttons that come in small paper bags, he’d write notes on them saying which shirt they belong to though. It’s true though he’s only been putting buttons into the box and never took any one out. He hasn’t lost any button before, only had them close to falling out. He wondered if it’d be good to properly label them, but would that be too particular? Since they’re all in their individual bags, he’d probably have to open all of them up to figure out what’s what. In reply to the question of what Massu does with his buttons, he’s just keeping them.

    • The fifth listener turned 30 the previous month. They remembered being happy about turning 20 but have complicated feelings about turning 30. They celebrate their birthday with fellow NEWS fans from their hometown each year, and this year they decided to make it a grander celebration seeing it’s their 30th, and they’re probably going to have lunch at a hotel. They wanted to know if Massu did anything special for their 30th. He first wished them a happy birthday and said turning 30 is completely something to be happy about.
      M: 30 years old...so 2 years younger? Which means we could have been in the same high school at the same time for a bit. What about college…? Ah, I didn’t go. I didn’t. Sorry. I didn’t go to college.
      He tried to recall what he did for his 30th and asked if he said he bought anything for his 30th. He probably didn’t buy anything, though he does like buying things in celebration of special occasions, so as to remember how he felt at that point in time. Like how this lunch at the hotel will become a memory of their 30th birthday, and he thinks it’s great. Since it’s their birthday, here’s this song from him.

    • ♪ Happy Birthday ♪

    • For Brain Master this week, the question was on champagne glasses. There’s this particular process done for the bottoms of champagne glasses that other glasses don’t have to go through. What is it? He made a few wrong guesses before finally getting the answer - they purposely scratch the bottom of the glasses so the champagne bubbles up better.

    • ♪ Sweet Martini ♪

    • At the ending, he promoted “WORLDISTA”, saying again it’s about entering a VR world where we’d get to travel to and experience many different places inside

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