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Warning: As all the EPCOTIA ENCORE shows have finished, this report will contain spoilers including song titles.

Since some of the mods went to the shows, this report includes our observations in addition to reports from other fans. We didn’t manage to do detailed reports for all of the shows, but thought these should be posted before the “WORLDISTA” tour begins, so here's what we have. Hope you enjoy what we managed to put together anyway!

December 31st Concert Report

  • The setlist for this day is different from the rest, in that there was no proper MC, and that there was the live telecast to Johnny’s Countdown, as well as a special Johnny’s medley they prepared for us

  • Massu cried at his first line in the third song, “U R not alone”, and when Shige tried to refer to this later in the concert he pretended not to know what’s happening (S: You can’t just pretend nothing happened!). Jan 2’s Marumaru seemed to be his way of addressing this though

  • Shige messed up his lines for “Strawberry”, not being able to catch the rhythm and Tegoshi helped him sing the lines at the end

  • Twice, in between sets, the aliens appeared in the audience and did some audience interviews. During the first appearance, they interviewed this man wearing the Encore hoodie and holding NEWS’ countdown group uchiwa. The man turned out to be Aoki ana. He was asked what his favourite NEWS song is, and he said “Hoshi wo Mezashite”. They asked him to sing it, he hesitated, and finally sung some lines, including the line of Massu’s that he likes (boku wa tashiKAni michi ni mayotteta).

  • NEWS performed the regular concert setlist up till really close to midnight, and when they did stop a few minutes before, they were already supposed to start singing “Ikiro” in just a bit. Massu was basically really excited the entire time for this countdown bit, giving us constant updates on the time left till we’re on, and basically just hyping the audience up, like “Everyone, we’ll be on THAT Fuji TV programme in a few seconds. (YAYYY) Let’s make this the place with the most sparkle in all of Japan! (YAAAAAAY!) Can you let them hear you? (YAAAAAAAAAY) It’s not exactly anything to be that loud about though!!”
    Each time just before they came on, one of them would let us know and the fans would all scream like crazy before and after their appearance in JCD (there were these smaller monitors that allowed us to see what’s on JCD).
    After their first appearance for “Ikiro”, they were asking if we were shown on screen, (M: All of you appeared on THAT famous Fuji TV programme!)
    S: It means we’ll be ushering in the New Year real soon.
    K: Let’s all watch that (referring to the small monitors showing JCD) together.

  • The countdown was happening in maybe about 3 minutes but they said they weren’t really sure what was happening too. They asked the staff to give them instructions through their ear monitors, and asked us to stay quieter (we were all bustling with excitement too) because they needed to hear. They explained the JCD telecast was supposed to come in for the countdown to New Year’s, but then there seems to have been some changes and now they’re not sure.
    S: Might be because the alien from NTV is among us! (referring to Aoki ana, since he’s from a different TV station)
    T: “Blue Tree”, “Blue Tree” (direct translating the kanji characters of Aoki ana’s name 青木)
    The aliens and all the juniors joined them on stage, and they continued talking about how happy they are about being able to countdown with us while waiting for the cue.
    M (talking to Cota): 2 more minutes! 2 more minutes, they say, Tako.
    S, K: It’s Cota!
    T (talking to Kai): You! You haven’t been trying to learn how to talk at all! It’s been quite some time but you haven’t learnt!
    S: The last New Year’s Eve for the Heisei era will be over in about a minute.
    M: Ah, so that means it’s the last Masuda of Heisei too? (kyaaaaa)
    S: It isn’t the last Masuda of Heisei! (because the era isn’t ending till April 2019 after the current Emperor abdicates)
    When it’s just about a minute till midnight, Koyama asked Tegoshi to say something to end the year with.
    T: 1 minute!?
    K: To end the year with.
    T: With the remaining minute?
    K: Uh you kinda need to hurry
    T: Okay for me to do this? We were born in the Showa era, and Hey!Say!JUMP kept saying things about Showa (the audio from JCD got cranked up at Kyocera while Tegoshi was talking) NOOOO!!!

  • The fans realised Kyocera Dome was getting shown on JCD before the boys did and started screaming while Shige was still saying “They might show us too, they might show us too”. Before we knew it it was time to countdown to the New Year’s and hey! The New Year’s was here. When the cue for the shuffle medley was given, they realised JCD wasn’t coming back to Kyocera and Tegoshi asked for the audio to be turned off.
    M: Everyone’s already starting to dance along to Glass no Shonen (laughter)
    S: Here, we’re going to-
    M: Here, NEWS is going to create our own Johnny’s Countdown! (KYAAAAAA)
    T: It’s Jan 1st isn’t it? So it’s Koichi-kun’s birthday isn’t it? But it’s also MADE’s Akiyama’s birthday!!!!!
    They all said happy birthday to him and he thanked everyone. They went back to what Massu mentioned, while the juniors and the aliens left the stage.
    M: We’re only doing this today. Not going to do this tomorrow (EHHHHHH)
    S: Only today. Only here.
    And they performed the following songs - “Cinderella Girl” (King & Prince), “Osaka Romanesque” (Kanjani 8), “Ee ja nai ka” (Johnny’s WEST), “Venus” (Tackey & Tsubasa)
    At the end of the medley, Massu said “I love Tackey & Tsubasa!!!!”

  • Koyama said he was nervous, Massu went around saying “Akeome Kotoyoro” (slang for happy new year) to the members and they asked how many minutes it was till their next appearance on JCD. There was quite some time (maybe a bit less than 10 minutes), so Koyama brought the basket with drinks and asked them to drink. Tegoshi got into his Emma mode and started talking gibberish. (K: Hurry up and take it!)
    They then started to talk about which songs they had fun doing for the medley, like “Ee ja nai ka” and “Cinderella Girl”.
    M: “Cinderella Girl” is… nice. Hey is it possible for us to take people’s debut songs?
    S: Like, “Sempai! We’ll give you  our ‘Cinderella Girl’!”
    They went back to talking about doing songs from the Kansai groups since it’s a Osaka venue, and said it was fun. They then remembered about wanting to talk about the penlights, with all of us going ??? Massu was asking the audience to sit down since there’s still some time (M: About 8 mins? No, 6? No, 5?) before realising most of the audience was seated already. (laughter)
    K: They are people who can read the atmosphere!
    M: Only the first row was still standing!
    Massu started explaining the penlight idea they had, saying they’re going to go in 4 different directions for the next song they sing for JCD, and thought it’d be nice if we could do a penlight wave during the song. In that everyone starts with the penlights switched off, and switch them on as the members pass by. He said because no Johnny’s group has done that before and he thought they would! They were saying if we waited for them we might be too slow, and started giving more details about their performance but still trying not to spoil it, just showing us where they’d be standing and to dim the lights. They then walked down the extend stage for us to practice, and said after the arena was done the stands should continue, though the people on level 2 probably can’t see those below, so… read the atmosphere.

  • Seeing that the fans were holding the penlights up high and Koyama kindly told everyone they could stop because their arms must be tired. (Source)
    Shige repeated that the only thing they can say is to “read the atmosphere”. And for us to go home and check the broadcast to see how that turned out.
    M: How’s this idea? How’s this?
    (audience cheers)
    M: They said it’s good, so let’s do this. (slight silence) How’s this? Shige, they said it’s good.
    S: (laughs) Yeah fine isn’t it. What’s with this sudden confirmation.
    M: I just got unsure suddenly.
    S: Really, we can only say “read the atmosphere”.
    They talked about how it’s amazing that we’re going in parallel with JCD. Shige said we’ll be seen in all the wide shots at JCD, so it’s a performance we all created together and that’s a happy thing. They added that right after that performance, they’re going to return to the main concert in amazing speed.
    There wasn’t much time left, and when Massu started talking about how it’s amazing NEWS is getting to do a countdown concert on their own…
    S: Yeah and of course that’d explain why Masuda-san was overwhelmed by happiness.
    (audience laughs)
    M: Eh? What do you mean? What happened?
    S: You can’t pretend nothing happened!
    M: Eh? What? What happened?
    They then got instructions it’s about time, and Koyama started putting their drinks away (K: Am I the manager?) while Tegoshi went off the stage on his own. They asked him what he was doing, and he said he was trying to put the bottles away because otherwise they’d get seen in the broadcast. So he took the bottles down and shouted “I’m leaving the drinks here!” but nobody came. (laughter)
    There was still a couple minutes more, and Koyama said while there was still time, they weren’t sure if they should just do MC as per usual as it’d be their turn on the live telecast soon. Tegoshi then suddenly started to confirm his starting position, saying it’s a live broadcast and they can’t make mistakes. (M: One more minute! Let’s not panic) While Tegoshi continued confirming his position and Shige apologising for them practicing before us. Massu asked if everyone set the recorder for the programme, and that it’s just one minute and everyone will be on TV in a minute!!! (S: It’s just one more minute, read the atmosphere!) They started to up the volume from the JCD, and Massu started singing along to “Cha-cha-cha Champion” at the final chorus. (audience screams) and then just kept going “chachachachacha” and suddenly “Coming coming coming coming! 5-4! 3 secs! It’s coming!” (straight face)

  • After they finished “Boku no senaka niwa hane ga aru”, it was V6 doing “weeeek” and everyone at Kyocera Dome was singing along too. After V6’s performance was over, they thanked V6 and everyone at Kyocera Dome, and the JCD monitors/audio was switched off.
    K: Well then everyone, we’re going back.
    S: Please think you just finished watching “Blackhole”!
    T: The next song is one where everyone joins in with your voices too!
    K: So… please read the atmosphere. ENJOY THE SECOND HALF TOO!
    And we returned to the concert.

  • At the end of the concert Tegoshi was fooling around with Kota, one of the aliens:
    T: Ahhhh Kotaaa!! Kotaro!!
    S: Kotaro is you! You’re Kotaro!
    T: HAHAHA But they really are cute, They’ll become Emma’s toys.
    S: Don’t let her chew them! Don’t let her play with them! Don’t make them toys!

  • Tegoshi Solo: Addict

January 1st Concert Report

  • During “Koisuru Wakusei”, they fooled around a lot starting from Massu’s part in the bridge onwards (“koi wa omou you ni ikanai…”). The other three circled Massu and ended up disrupting his singing; Koyama hugged Tegoshi from behind, who just started going “choi choi choi choi” instead of singing; and somebody went into an impersonation of the comedian Nagano (“Lassen ga suki~”) etc etc.
    At the end of the song, Massu said “Hey, let’s do this properly”. (Source)

  • Before “Strawberry”, where they sat in the K>S>T>M order, Massu took a drink with him to the circular stage and was drinking it when Tegoshi asked to have a drink from it too. After that Massu asked if Shige would like a sip too, Shige did, passed the bottle to Koyama, and then they passed it back to Massu. (Source)
    Massu had shades on for the segment before “Strawberry”, and he only realised he still had them on midway through his opening lines for the song. He went, “Crap! Sunglasses!” and took them off in the middle of his lines.

  • After they were done with “Strawberry”, they lay down on the stage for a bit, saying there were exhausted and that they didn’t have good enough blood circulation.
    T: It’s important for humans to lie down and get the blood distributed evenly!
    M: Yoga fire! Yoga flame!
    S: Dhalsim! (TL note: referring to a character from Street Fighter and his powers)
    T: Sonic Boom! Guile! (still on Street Fighter)
    K: That’s enough
    (Source 1 2)

  • When they finally started the MC properly, they suggested having us do the New Year greetings, with them saying “Akemashite” and us replying “Omedetou” and then “Kotoshimo” “Yoroshiku”!  (TL note: “Akemashite omedetou” = Happy New Year, “Kotoshimo Yoroshiku” = Please take care of us/me this year too) They split up in different directions to guide the fans along, but somehow Massu stuck on to Tegoshi.
    T: WHY is he following me!
    M: ……
    T: WHYYY are you following me! Let’s go.
    K: (comes over to join the group)
    T: WHY are you coming over too! WHAT!
    Shige also decided to go over, and they finally split up and led us into the doing the greetings, but once we were done Massu said we should do the reverse.
    M: Reverse, reverse! Let’s do the reverse, we’re the ones who should be yoroshiku-ing (TL note: in that he feels they should be the ones asking to be taken good care of), I only realised that when we got told “yoroshiku”. Okay go ahead!
    S: Ready, go!
    So we did the same in the reverse.
    K: This is so peaceful.
    S: Yeah, very New Year’s like.

  • KoyaMass then started heading towards the edge of the stage to get their drinks and all, Koyama said they should all go, but Shige said he should bring the shopping basket over anyways. KoyaMass then started settling down with their drinks and towels.
    S: Are you bringing them over?
    T: Bring them over~
    K, M: (ignores them)
    T, S: They’re just drinking on their own.
    K, M: (rolls the drinks and throws their towels over)
    S: HEY HEY HEY the way you’re handing these over! Rude! Don’t treat the merchandise like this!
    T: So da ne~ (Meaning “that’s right” referring to the line the female curling team made famous during Pyeongchang Olympics)
    S: So da ne~
    K: Naiyou no nai MC (an empty MC, referencing “Naiyou no nai tegami”)
    S: How’re MCs usually done again?

  • They talked about how it’s their first Kyocera Dome as 4-member NEWS, and that it’s their 15th anniversary, which they’re almost celebrating over two years.
    S: We might do something again on Sep 10th.
    K: Sep 15th!
    S: Ah, 15th! (audience starts saying “Shige~~~”)
    K: When you’re the one saying “kyou wa kinenbi”. (referring to the lyrics in “Strawberry”)
    S: Sorry New Year’s is making me dumb.

  • They started talking about receiving otoshidama from Higashiyama-san and Matchy-san every year, and Shige said for some weird reason Maruyama (Kanjani8) also gives him one each year. And since he won’t get to see Shige during New Year’s this year, he can’t give him any, so he had this super grand osechi delivered to them. Massu added how they’d get told when the people they work with send things to them, like “Flowers from xx”, “Cookies from xx” and then when they heard “Osechi from Maruyama-san” all four of them went “EH!?”
    S: Like, don’t say that in the same breath.
    K: Yeah that doesn’t belong in the same category.
    They wondered if the container used to hold the food had to be returned, and what to do with that if they could keep it.
    T: I put stuff like my earrings and all in it.
    K: Earrings??
    T: Earrings in the top right, rings down the bottom right…
    M: He splits them up!
    T: ...lots you can put in.
    They wondered the accessories wouldn’t smell of food and made fun of Tegoshi for a bit.

  • Going back to Maruyama giving them osechi instead of otoshidama, Koyama brought up how there’re 12 juniors with them this time and he thought they should give them otoshidama too, since they’re sempais. Masuda-san already gave the juniors the otoshidama.
    M: Yay!
    (audience starts clapping and yelling “kakkoii!”)
    Massu shared that while he’s given his younger relatives otoshidama a few times, this was the first time he’s given them as a sempai. Since the juniors this time are juniors who’re following NEWS around a lot (T: For “Shounen Club” too.) he thought he would give them.
    Koyama said he was observing the situation, and noted that Masuda-san has given otoshidama to the juniors. Then Tegoshi did too, though he handed them the cash directly, rather than putting them into proper envelopes. (S: Just like the flashy person he is! T: Because it was sudden!) Koyama thought he should too, but he didn’t have enough cash so he borrowed it from Tegoshi.
    T: Return it to me at Tokyo Dome!
    M: You can’t do that! How can you borrow money from people for the otoshidama!
    K: It’d be horrible if I got spotted at a convenience store near Kyocera.
    M: Go!
    K: That’s FINE!
    M: Gogogogogo!
    K: Horrible if I got spotted withdrawing money from the ATM.
    Going back to the story, so he borrowed money from Tegoshi, and said now that the three of them have given otoshidama, the juniors started getting into the expectant mood.
    M: On the contrary, “Why isn’t he coming?”
    K: Yeah, like, “He’ll probably come.”
    S: Otoshidama...?
    K: No no no…
    S: (fakes a foreigner accent) Otoshidama? …. Nah I don’t think I’m in the position to give otoshidama.
    K: You totally are.
    M: Let’s give otoshidama once you’re over 30 years old!
    K: Yeah let’s.
    T: I mean, you’ve received so much money from “Dream Kingdom”! (referring to “Zero”)

  • They moved on to talk about the the drama, how all of them got to appear, and how “Christmas Zero” should have already aired (while some people in audience started saying it didn’t air in Kansai). Massu asked if their commentary would be included in the DVD, the staff told them no, and he’s like “NO!?” They said again how they were thankful all four of them got to appear, and even get to sing the theme song.

  • They also talked about “Ikkyoku NEW Kon!!!!”, and they asked if it aired in Kansai (audience clapped). Massu said he had no idea there was such a cliff so near to Tokyo. They talked about Massu not being able to go up, and he said he knows he wouldn’t want to climb up something like the Himalayas, but he had no idea that there’s something so (geographically) close to him that he wouldn’t want to climb up. They praised him for making it up in the end, and he said otherwise they’d have to pick him up at the bottom of the cliff with the drone camera, when the rest of them were all up the T shaped cliff. And it’d have to do a sharp dive down for him.
    S: Like “Where’s Wally”.
    M: …… who’s “Wally”?? (audience laughs) Who’s “Wally”!
    At that point in time the staff were telling them in their ear monitors that the spin-off dramas would be included in the DVD and they said they knew.
    Going back to what they’d like to do in 2019, Shige asked if they’d want to try going to climb another mountain. But since the idea of the programme is to sing under tough conditions, it could be anything.
    M: Like the sea.
    S: Oh look! Because he’s good with the sea!
    T: ItteQ did the swim relay so I’m okay!
    M: I can probably do two turns for that.
    Koyama brought up how something like “Hen Lab” would be good too, though he’s had to weird things like collecting farts, then Shige started rattling off all the things they made him do, like eat crow meat, drink dolphin milk…
    M: After drinking that dolphin milk, my mouth was smelly for like 3 days.
    (audience bursts out laughing)
    M: When I woke up in the morning, I could see dolphins jumping across my face, ahhhh.

  • This was also the concert Tegoshi appeared late for “Chankapana”, as they’d already mentioned on Jan 23’s Tegomass no Radio.

  • At the end of the concert where they were walking around to all four corners of the extended stage, Koyama spotted a young Tegoshi fan while walking, and went to grab Tegoshi around by the shoulders to turn him to the direction of that young fan.

  • Tegoshi solo: I’m Coming

Other general observations

  • They did “LIVE” on the bungees again this time. As with the arena tour, Massu would introduce Shige and Shige would do his spin in the air. During the part of the lyrics when they go “dakishimete mo ii” (Can I hug you), Shige would wrap his arms around himself and do air hugs while still suspended mid air.

  • For “Strawberry”, the lyrics were all handwritten, with each member writing the lyrics for their part. At the end of Massu’s line “Umareta kansha kono uta de” he included a drawing of a character (bear…?) making a peace sign

  • During a part of Koyama’s solo, the juniors would purposely get in front of him to cover him and try to grab attention for themselves. At first, Koyama would just say they’re in the way, but progressively over the concerts, one particular junior, Konno, got increasingly prominent. So much so that he took the mic from Koyama during the last show and sang a few lines in Koyama’s place.

  • For each of their solos, the song titles were flashed on the big screen before the song began, but for Tegoshi it was just his name. Which made sense on retrospect, as he sang a different song each night - “Addict”, “I’m Coming”, “Lovin’ U”, and “Akane Zora”.

    • For the first 2 shows, he wore a long frilly red jacket for his solos. For the last 2 shows at Tokyo, Tegoshi wore a new costume, changing to a black military-esque costume with gold trimmings

    • On “Akane Zora” - Tegoshi wrote this song for Kyomoto Taiga (SixTones) for Shonentachi. Tegoshi wrote the melody and Taiga wrote the lyrics. Tegoshi also helped coach Taiga through recording the song and his vocals were used in the chorus. As mentioned on Jan 15’s Kchan NEWS, the lyrics were handwritten by Taiga for the VTR in the concert

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