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NEWS news (week of Feb 25) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Feb 24)

    • At the top of the show, Shige talked about the Worldista release and the how NEWS ni Koishite is getting new visuals in celebration of the 1 year anniversary.

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that they recently asked their friend what their favorite color is and they answer burgundy which irritated them. They said that though burgundy sounds cool, can’t you just say bordeaux? (S: No, Isn’t just red fine?) They wanted to know what Shige’s favorite color is, or what color name he thinks sounds cool.
      Shige said that he’s really the type to answer something like burgundy too. He said looking at the colors of Worldista, the visual is pink and blueish. He said magenta and cyan, people who use printers probably know those words. He said that he likes the sound of magenta, it sounds like the name of a beautiful woman. He also like cyan, it’s light blue which is nice.

    • ♪ Worldista ♪

    • For music club this week Shige talked about the artist VULFPECK, who he learned about recently because Hoshino Gen said that he’s been listening to them recently on the radio. Shige said that he has good taste and the band is so good he wondered why he didn’t know them before. He talked about the group for awhile and how he like the member, Theo's, voice. Shige played their song “Animal Spirits” which was the first song that he listened to which impressed him. He said that the music video is funny cause they fooled around with it and he also mentioned how there are Japanese subtitles in the video. He thanks Hoshino Gen for introducing him to them.

    • The next letter was from a listener who asked Shige what the first movie he saw in the new year was. They said for them it was Bohemian Rhapsody.
      Shige said that he's been busy and hasn't been able to go to the movie theater but he did watch Roma as he mentioned before. Shige said that there was a few old movies he's interested in, he has an old friend who is interested in movies and books, so he watches stuff he recommends to him. He said that he hasn’t watched it yet, but for instance there’s a remake of “Suspiria” being made by the director of Call Me By Your Name. Since he hasn’t seen the original he wants to watch that first. He also mentioned the movie “Burning” which is based on a Murakami Haruki work. He hasn’t read the original yet, so he needs to do that first so he’s preparing to be able to watch movies. He said it’s short and easy to read. He said that he really likes the works of the director, Lee Chang-dong, he always cries watching his movies. He talked about how good his movie, “Oasis” was and recalled that it was Nishikido Ryo who recommended it to him.
      He said that the movie he’s been hooked on the most though is “Chihayafuru” and laughed at himself. He said he couldn’t stop crying watching them, and said it made him want to return to highschool. He recommended it to everyone to watch it when they have time.

    • The next letter was from a listener who talked about writing a song as a part of the club they were in in high school, and asked Shige if he starts with the melody or lyrics when writing songs.
      Shige said that he thought that you do both at the same time, like picking at the guitar while singing just notes along to it. For “Sekai”  he’d just throw around the phrases “nasakenai ikizama” and “nigirishimete”, the things he was thinking and at first just kind of randomly arrange them thinking maybe this will be the chorus and then start to sing different melodies and see what sticks. It’s like putting together a puzzle, he can’t just pull out a melody. That’s how he usually does it. He talked about how it sounds fun to come up with a song like the letter writer did with a group, he said that’s the kind of energy he liked in “Chihayafuru” and he was jealous.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that reading about Worldista reminded them of “Tuberose de Matteru”. They wanted to know how he’s involved with
      Shige said that of course he did vocals for the album, and if you listen to it you know that the INTER tracks tell a story. So he often comes up with the plot of the stories in these concerts though everyone is throwing around ideas. He said that for Worldista, he talked a lot with the producer about the visual and approach for the story of Worldista and he helps with the video parts of the concert. He said that Massu also works on it a lot with him and gives suggestions.

    • ♪ Dead End ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Feb 26)

    • This week was Koyama’s solo radio.

    • Koyama talked about the Worldista release and said that he recently took a taxi in Shibuya and when they stopped at a red light at the intersection where Worldista was playing and the taxi driver noticed. Koyama said he was embarrassed but grateful. He did PR for his appearance on “Seiko no Idenshi” and said that he’s already finished recording for it and said that it was fun to do recording for a show like this for the first time in a long time. He said that since it’s made by the news program team he was able to see them all again for the first time in awhile and they all called out to him like, “Kei-chan! Kei-chan!” which made him happy. He also did PR for “Otasuke Japan” saying that he and Massu just came back from the Amazon yesterday so he’s jetlagged. He was there for a while and he got really tan, he’s also wearing a flashy jersey that he bought in Mexico while he was enroute. He said it looked normal in Mexico, but it’s quite flashy here in Japan. He said that he has rehearsal after this so he’s wearing it as his rehearsal clothes. He asked for everyone to watch the two shows.

    • ♪ Worldista ♪

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that they’ve been waiting for Koyama’s solo radio (K: Thanks!) and they said that they heard that Koyama has been hooked on anime recently and wanted to know which anime he’s been watching. They also wanted to know if he’s always been interested in anime but hadn’t found time to watch before, or if he had had no interested before but suddenly got hooked on it.
      K: Ahh, Gai-san, anime sure is great isn’t it?
      G&K: Hahaha
      Koyama said he really is just a beginner when it comes to anime, so to those are anime fans what he says about it might seem shallow, but he really is watching it everyday. He pulled out his cellphone and said that he’s started subscribing to a few sites where you can watch anime, and he’s watching 5 different series right now.
      The first one he started watching was “Tokyo Ghoul” he said that it’s really interesting and he likes the art and that he thinks Kaneki Ken is really cool. He said that the Tokyo Ghoul theme song has been stuck in his head and start to play the song for a few seconds and sang along to it.
      K: When this song comes on- Ahhhh I want to watch [Tokyo Ghoul]!!
      He continued to sing along to it for a bit and said that he’s about to finish season 3 and he watched it a lot in the flight to the Amazon. He said he’s also watching “Yakusoku no Neverland” which is also great. He said that the main character’s name is Emma, when he saw that it coincidentally had both “Neverland” and “Emma” it made him want to watch it and now he can’t stop. He also is watching SAO and said that the worldview of the anime is similar to Worldista, and said he’s sorry that this might be a spoiler to those who haven’t seen it yet, but explained that it’s set in a similar kind of virtual space.
      He said the other one he’s watching is a bit pervy, it’s called “Prison School” and said that it’s not very serious but it’s interesting. Koyama said that the reason he’s gotten hooked on anime is because he’s been wanting to find a new hobby, and the streaming site he usually watches there’s a lot of anime on it. So since he has the subscription anyway he thought he should trying watching some. This all started with just one click.
      He said that he’s been asking everyone what anime he should watch and they’re all giving him different answers, but everyone says he should watch “JoJo's Bizarre Adventure” and he’s currently watching the first season. Koyama asked Gai-san what his favorite is and he said “Love Live” and Koyama said that that’s also a popular one that’s been recommended to him a lot. He said that he couldn’t picture himself watching it, but that since it’s been mentioned so much he’s starting to feel like he should watch it since there must be a reason that it’s so beloved. He mentioned how Miyata Toshiya (Kis-My-Ft2) really likes it.
      Koyama said that got a lot of letters about anime from fans, and lot of people recommended that he watch “Yakusoku no Neverland” and said that he is watching it and quickly sang some melody probably from the anime. He said that’s really happy to have discovered his love of anime, and wondered why it took him almost 35 years. He said that the stories really get to you, he’s cried numerous times while watching “Tokyo Ghoul”.
      He said that he really wants a Kaneki mask. He apologized saying he’s still just a beginner and asked fans to keep recommending him things to watch. He went to go read another letter but they were already out of time.

    • ♪ Invisible Dungeon ♪

    • Koyama lamented that they were at the ending already but he still wanted to keep talking about anime. He said he’d try and resist and read one last letter. The letter writer said that they’ve been waiting for his solo radio and that his Jweb KEIICHIRO also really makes them happy. They brought up how before Koyama said that they can’t post pictures of their faces unless the pictures are from right before or after work. They asked him to take a selfie during the radio and post it to KEIICHIRO.
      Koyama brought up how he’s wearing the flashy jersey he bought in Mexico again and said he also has a cap on but he’d put it on KEIICHIRO.

    • At the end he did PR for the album and tour and said that next week air:man would be the guest.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Feb 27)

    • At the opening, they talked about how it’s two months into 2019. They started with the ENCORE Dome concerts, released an album, and it’s going to be the tour soon. It feels like they’re singing all the time and it’s great because they love singing. They asked what Sakura’s been doing the past two months and she said dashing (emotionally). They then teased Sakura, saying there’re lots of mails asking to know more about her, and they should just skip playing the song and talk about her. She said no, and not especially today, since there’s a song they want to play. They’d talk about her later if there’s a chance.
      T: Well since there’s this song you want to play so much, let’s hear it.
      Sakura: Please. Let’s play this.
      M: Ready?
      Sakura: Go ahead.
      M: This highly recommended track… Sakura-chan say it.
      Sakura: Really? Okay here goes.
      T: Yup.
      Sakura: Please listen to “Invisible Dungeon”.
      (sounds of stifled laughter)
      M: She managed to say it.

    • ♪ Invisible Dungeon ♪

    • The first letter this week was from someone who’s going to Canada for a homestay in March. It’s their first trip overseas, so they’d like to know where the three of them went for their first overseas trip, and if there’s anything they take special care of or take along on their trips.
      Tegoshi said his first trip overseas was to Taiwan, with NEWS. There was a short confusion when Massu couldn’t remember what he was talking about, but Tegoshi said they did go, soon after their debut and when Johnny-san was around too. Massu said his first trip was to the Cherating Beach in Malaysia with his family. He barely remembers it, and it was probably when he was in the lower grades of elementary school or maybe even before he was a grade schooler.
      T: Ooh that’s really fast, to have gone for a trip in kindergarten/elementary school.
      M: I mean, we’re talking about me.
      T: Ah really.
      M: It’s ME.
      Sakura: Hmm? Your parents took you there, didn’t they.
      M: Ah that’s right. Sorry.
      Sakura said she’s only been to Hong Kong once, and for work. Massu asked if there is any place she really wants to go to, and she said Venice, because if she doesn’t go soon it’d sink. Tegoshi asked if she doesn’t want to go to like the Japan Expo in France or something, since there’ll be the ranger stuff and so on. She does, but it’s hard to take such long breaks off work.
      T: Oh yeah, as expected of a busy person.
      Sakura: No no no… not that. It’s like, for office workers, they have paid leave-
      T: Yeah of course. Those who go for 4d3N holidays overseas are all super free.
      Sakura: NO! HANG ON!
      T: Not busy like Sakura-chan.
      Sakura: No! They work really hard everyday, and then take paid leave as a reward to themselves. It’s splendid.
      Tegoshi continued to make fun for Sakura a bit, and she said she can’t afford to leave because she wouldn’t know when she’d just get replaced like that. As for what to bring along for the trip, Tegoshi said what he’s always been saying - mobile travel washlet. Massu said since everything can be done on the mobile phone these days, that, and a voltage converter maybe? They expanded on that topic a little, saying items like mobile phones and DS players are all good without converters. It’d also be nice if there can be a world standard for electric plugs someday, though it would be hard since everything has been made for different markets, just like how it’d be hard to standardise currencies.

    • The second letter was from a listener who just went to have their fortune told. They’d apparently be meeting the man of their life in Tokyo, and get married there. However, he’s not going to be a good looking man, so it’s as good as being told they won’t be marrying Tegoshi, whom they love lots. (T: Well that’s true. Sakura: Shut up.) They wanted to know if the three of them believed in fortune telling. Tegoshi said he would if he went to like 100 fortune tellers and they all said the same thing. But they don’t, so he just takes them as references. He hasn’t been to proper fortune tellers, and has no idea where to find them, though he has used those fortune telling machines at game arcades. He wondered if they really are accurate, and said if they offer suggestions on top of their predictions, he’d take them into consideration, but if they’re just going to say things like, “There will be nothing good this year,” then what is he going to do.
      They brought up Getters Iida, a talent-cum-fortune teller, and Massu said how Getters compiled a lot of data over the years to make his predictions, so it makes his words more believable. It’s probably important to meet someone like this, and he can’t believe just any random fortune teller he gets introduced to. He’s met Getters-san a few times, so if he gets advice from him he might do it. They conclude it’s a matter of the relationship they share with the fortune teller, then maybe the fortune could be changed too, and they might be able to get married to a good looking man.
      T: Yeah that’d be nice. If they can’t get married to a good looking man, then I’m out of the question. So! We’re open for mails from (Sakura: So annoying) everyone. That was the mail segment!
      Sakura: So annoying!
      M: What’s with him.
      T: What??

    • For “Tegomass’ Battle” this week, the first battle was to see who can write more kanjis made up of just two strokes in just 30 seconds. They both did terrible, with Tegoshi managing just 二 and 十, and Massu writing those two a couple more, one of which Sakura said wasn’t a word. But as they went through the right answers, they realised the one Massu wrote and Sakura said was wrong existed! “ム” Nobody knew what that word was, but this meant Massu won! (M: Well of course I’d just win when it comes to such knowledge based stuff. Easy-peasy)

    • The second battle was for them to write as many states of America as they can in 30 seconds. Tegoshi had California, Wisconsin and Colorado. Massu had New York (T: New York is a state?! I didn’t know that!), Brooklyn (not a state), Nevada, Houston (not a state). Which means Massu had two, Tegoshi had three and Tegoshi wins!

    • The third was a staring-out battle. As it’s on radio, they can make whatever weird faces they want to make each other laugh.
      T: Sakura-chan, you be the one who make the faces to make us laugh.
      Sakura: NO. That doesn’t make sense. It’s a battle. TEGOMASS’ battle.
      Tegoshi said this game doesn’t make sense as if they make weird faces there would be times when they can’t see each other, like if they rolled their eyes. So they decided to change the game to one where whoever makes Sakura laughs first wins.
      Tegoshi went first, and started laughing in a few seconds. He apparently showed Sakura his nipples and she’s like, WHY.
      Sakura: Face! It should be about your face!
      M: Yeah not about trying to be funny by showing your nipples.
      Sakura: Not like you’re in elementary school!
      T: The point is keeping a straight face while showing my nipples!
      Sakura: It wasn’t funny at all. In spite of everything you showed us.
      M: And you laughed first, so it’s your loss.
      Sakura: Yeah you had the “I’m going to do something funny now” like Masuda-san always has.
      T: Ah okok.
      M: Why did I get a hit out of nowhere.
      Tegoshi was then given a second chance, when he made a funny sound and started laughing in like two seconds.
      M: You lost. Lost!
      Sakura: Let’s have Masuda-san go first then.
      T: Yeah show me a sample.
      M: No, how many chances is he getting? Isn’t this unfair? Isn’t it?
      T: I don’t know how to do it! Show me a sample!
      Sakura: It won’t make a difference since he’s so bad at it.
      Massu took his turn, and Sakura laughed in maybe a second.
      M: Ah look (while clapping) 1 second! Good, right?
      T: Amazing!
      M: She’s laughing!
      T: This is amazing.
      Sakura: This! This was what I was waiting for.   
      M: Who won?
      Sakura: Masuda-san!
      M: Yeah! (claps)
      They asked if Tegoshi wanted to try again, if he had the confidence to make her laugh faster than in a second (T: I can’t!). He went again anyway, and started laughing himself first again. They concluded he likes himself too much so he’d find himself funny before anything else.

    • At the end, they promoted “WORLDISTA” and “NEWS ni Koishite”. Tegoshi started reading a picture book while Sakura was reading the mailing details and Massu said he couldn’t hear Sakura at all and they said for everyone to check the website for the address details.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Masterhits (Mar 1)

    • At the opening, he talked about how the “WORLDISTA” concerts will be starting soon, and he’s been busy with the rehearsals, costumes and so on. They’d probably keep making changes right up till the last second to make things better, so for those who can make it, please look forward to it!

    • The first mail was from a listener who wanted to know if Massu prefers ramen or udon. The listener recommends natto udon, and Massu talked a bit about this udon he’s had with natto inside, at a shop near Imperial Theatre and it was delicious. As for whether he prefers ramen or udon… he likes noodles on the whole, but he’d feel like eating ramen more now.

    • ♪ WORLDISTA ♪

    • The second mail was from a listener who eats the shishamo fish often at home, and remembers being told as a kid how if they ate it from the head, they’d become smarter, and if they ate it from the tail, they’d get stronger legs. They still try to eat the fish from the head now, but don’t feel they’ve been getting smarter. They’d like to know where Massu starts eating his shishamo first. He said he basically eats them heads first, for things you can eat entirely, like shishamo and ebi fry. And of course since he’s been eating shishamo from their heads he’s been getting smarter and smarter since he was a kid, so. He hopes the listener would continue to eat them from the head as they’d never know when they’d start getting smarter.

    • The third mail was from a listener who likes Massu’s rap but notice Massu tripping over his words when he speaks. They like both sides of Massu, but would like to know how he gets so good when it comes to rapping. He wondered if he trips over his words so much… he doesn’t anymore, but when he first started doing radio, it wasn’t that he’s tripping over his words, more like he had no idea what to talk about. He can do a 30 min programme on his own now and if they didn’t play songs in between he’d be talking non-stop. As for not tripping over raps… those are songs, so he can’t answer why he doesn’t trip. Like, if they were asked to perform on music programmes and he messed his rap up, they’d probably be yelling at him to go home. He practises them together with the melody so there isn’t much to trip over about. He doesn’t feel he trips over his words very much, and hopes to be able to finish the episode without tripping.

    • The fourth listener was from someone who’s into growing their own pea sprouts, and likes them very much as they find watching them grow cute. They’ve named their bean sprouts and would like Massu to name the latest. He named it “Nobio”, linking it with “nobi”, Japanese for growth.

    • The fifth mail was from someone who loves clothes, and will start thinking about the colour coordination for clothes even as they’re looking at clothes. Their favourite recently is coffee jelly, black coffee jelly with white whipped cream, and red cherry on top. It’d be like a black dress with white collar, and red as a point colour. Cute. Is there any food Massu feels will look cute if it was made into clothes? He said he might be able to understand, and while he hasn’t felt that way about food before, he’s looked at cars and felt they’d be cute as clothes. Hmm like curry? Dressed in full white with a brown jacket? He does think the restaurants do consider how the dishes look on the whole, as with clothes, as it starts with choosing the right plate, and whether to add some ingredients for the colours and so on. For him, it’s more likely he starts thinking about the fabrics when he looks at coffee jelly, like how it is with parma ham + melon for instance. A meat coloured blanket on a face… when he realised it was a bad example and moved on.

    • The sixth listener was someone who isn’t able to start using something they really like. When does Massu know is the right time to start using something new? He sooooometimes does such things, like buying clothes he likes, puts them out on display for a bit then keeps them away, sometimes for two years, then start wearing them a lot. When he reads books on decluttering, they’d say things like how clothes you haven’t worn for a year are clothes you’d never wear again, but that doesn’t apply to him at all. As for the timing, the moment just come by chance. It’s important to know exactly where each item is kept where, or you might forget about the presence of the item that that would be sad for that item. There are times when he’d buy a new jacket and then recall this other item that goes well with it for example. He knows some sneaker maniacs who’d wrap them up nicely and puts them away, but he has this friend who loves sneakers who said there’s no point not wearing them, and just wears all of them. He agrees with that way of thinking. Rather than feeling happy about buying the items and putting them away, it makes the purchases more meaningful to wear them and feel happy about it. Though he belongs to the type who finds it hard to use the items he likes, like how the sneakers will never look as good as new once you wear them. But similar types will come on sale in about two year cycles, so it’s better to use them. “Let’s use them!”

    • The seventh listener wanted to know if Massu prefers the sunrise or sunset. He said he gets to see sunsets more often, timing wise. He also brought up the shoot for the music video of “LPS” where they timed the filming for the sunrise, and that was beautiful too. He’d hardly get to see sunrises otherwise, so these are probably rarer.

    • ♪ Koiyake ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “Invisible Dungeon”. He said when he first heard the demo, he thought, “This is real cool!” getting really excited. How the beats decrease at the chorus is really nice and he really likes this song. He can already imagine himself grooving along when he hears this on a loud volume at the concerts. It’s a song that presents the world view of “WORLDISTA” and he’d be happy if everyone likes it too.

    • At the ending, he promoted “WORLDISTA” tour.

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