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NEWS news (week of Mar 4) - Part 1

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  • Massu and Shige will be appearing on “Geinoujin kakuzuke Check Basic Spring 3 hour special”  on Mar 19. (Source)

  • Koyama will be appearing on the Mar 16 episode of “99nin no Kabe”. (Source)

  • Massu will be appearing on the Mar 22 episode of Fuji TV’s “Bistro Earth”. (Source)

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  • MADE ni Omakase (Mar 5)

    • Massu was mentioned in Inaba’s entry when he answered the question of who he’d give chocolates to (for Valentine’s), having to choose 3 friends and 1 true Valentine’s to give to. Inaba picked Massu as the real Valentine’s, and he’s always being taken care of by this big sempai and he’d like to return the love.

  • NEWSRING (Mar 6) NR.jpg

    • It was Massu’s turn to update

    • He wrote about going on location for “Otasuke Japan” saying he was thankful to be able to go to the Amazon 2 years in a row and mentioned that he’d like to travel to various places in the future.

  • KEIICHIRO (Mar 8) K.jpg

    • Koyama wrote that they’re having rehearsals at Shizuoka, and the tour was starting soon. He told everyone to look forward to the rehearsals, and ended the entry with a selfie. (TL note: His pose and ending line seem to be referring to the signature line of Yazawa Nico in “Love Live!”, suggesting he’s watching it as he said he would in Feb 26’s Kchan NEWS.)

  • KEIICHIRO (Mar 11) K.jpg

    • Koyama wrote a short entry on the anniversary of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

  • MADE ni Omakase (Mar 12)

    • Taiga mentioned going to watch the rehearsals for “WORLDISTA” a few times, saying while they’ve been part of the concerts every year, they can’t this year because of “Ikemen Vampire”. He can’t wait to see it soon as it’s been a really long time since he’s watched a NEWS concert from the audience seats. He went for food after the rehearsal with Shige, and as expected of Shige, it was at a stylish place.

  • NEWSRING (Mar 13) NR.jpg

    • It was Koyama’s turn to update.

    • He asked if we prefer bread or rice in the morning. He prefers bread and talked about how hotel breakfasts are nice. He intends to have an elegant breakfast at the hotels during the tour, and will begin from Fukuoka.
      He ended his entry with “Harasho” (TL note: a Russian line one of the characters from “Love Live!”, Eli Ayase always says) saying he’s already on Season 2.


  • On Mar 6, the official account for “NEWS ni Koishite” tweeted that there’ll be new CMs for the game, and that a new song, “Love Story”, written based on the game, will be the CM song. Two versions of the CM can be viewed in the source links. (Source 1 2)
    Those who were at the ENCORE concerts will find the melody familiar, as this was the tune they made us hum along to during the participative segment.

  • air:man tweeted on Mar 6 saying that “Love Story” is wonderful.  (Source)

  • The official account of TV Suzu tweeted on Mar 8, the day of NEWS’ goods presale for Shizuoka Ecopa Arena that they had the urge to alight at Kakegawa then head to Aino to get to Ecopa Arena, rather than alight at Shizuoka Station, suggesting they were referring to NEWS. (Source)

  • Tanaka Kazuhiko tweeted on Mar 9 congratulating NEWS on the first day of the Worldista tour. (Source)

  • Massu apparently said during MC on Mar 10 that he likes comedian duos EXIT and Indians, and they responded on twitter

    • EXIT’s Kanechika tweeted to say something for every member, that he heard KoyaShige used a line he always does, Massu joking that Kanechika being serious recently is a hazard for his image, and Tegoshi being clueless as usual.  (Source)
      Rintaro, the other comedian from EXIT, tweeted a bunch related to NEWS, many of which in response to fans telling him about what Massu said. Some of the tweets include him saying “Massu paisen (lingo for sempai) mentioned them in their hometown!?” and though he isn’t there he’s happy to hear. (Source 1 2)

    • Kimura Ryousuke, of the comedian duo, Indians, tweeted in response to a NEWS fan letting him know that Massu mentioned him as a comedian he found funny recently in the MC of Worldista. He said he was grateful and thanked Massu. He said he would do his best. (Source)
      Tabuchi Akihiro, the other comedian in Indians, tweeted saying that he really liked Massu. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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