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NEWS news (week of Mar 14) - Part 1

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  • KEIICHIRO (Mar 16)K.jpg

    • Koyama updated saying he was on his way to Fukuoka for the concerts and was writing from the airport. He also wrote about his appearance on the quiz show “99nin no Kabe”. He included a selfie of himself at the end of the entry.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Mar 19)M.jpg

    • Masuda Takahisa no Fukuoka

    • Massu thanked everyone who came to the Fukuoka shows and said that it was really fun. He said he spotted a lot of people wearing the goods, including the Encore bag and the Neverland Parka in addition to the Worldista goods. He said he wanted to get out of his car and say thank you directly but he just watched from the window as he drove past.
      He said he was able to go shopping, interviews, and go out to eat in Fukuoka. At the end he also promoted “Geinoujin kakuzuke Check Basic Spring 3 hour special” that he appeared in.


  • Massu went to watch Nakamaru’s (KAT-TUN) play on Mar 14th. (Source)

  • On Mar 15th, when asked if he isn’t changing his hair colour, Nakamaru replied that he can’t possibly dye his hair silver or neon pink, since he’s already 35. While there’s someone like Massu around him, it’s different because Massu’s artistic! (Source)

  • Rintaro from comedian duo EXIT tweeted on Mar 16th to say they thanked Massu for mentioning them (during Shizuoka’s MC the previous week), and said Massu replied like a gentleman, apologising for mentioning them without permission. That Massu went on to using a line from EXIT’s gag during MC on Mar 16th is almost like a dream.  (Source)

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