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NEWS news (week of Mar 14) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Mar 10)

  • The first letter was from a listener who said that they would be a college student come spring, but that they don’t really have a good grasp on who they are. Sometimes they dislike how easily influenced they are and now that they’re going to be in an environment where it’s more important to have your own convictions, they want to know how Shige was able to come into his own.
    Shige said that he thought it was good to be influenced by others, on the opposite end it can appear like stubbornness. If you think that you can’t be influenced by others then you may miss out something important. He tries to listen to others and be open to be influenced. He said that one of the great things about his job is that he gets to meet all different kinds of people, as well as lots of people in the publishing industry too since he also writes books. He thinks one of the important things in life are these “random” encounters. It’s important to experiences a variety of things, when he’s asked what genre of music or book or whatever he’s always not sure how to answer he tries to experience a variety. It’s important to experience different things and there’s nothing happier than finding something new to love. These kind of irregular encounters are important, so being easily influenced or not having a set idea of who you are is a good thing. Once you’ve been influenced by something/someone then you have to think about why you were influenced by it.You have to think about why you feel a certain way to be make sure that you’re not getting caught up in- accepting bad ideas without questioning them. He thinks your time in college really will have a big effect on the rest of your life and so he personally things that it’s important to have these kind of worries. He welcomed them to write to him again if they had more worries.

  • ♪ Worldista ♪

  • For music club this week he talked about KOHH, a Japanese hip hop artist. He talked about how many people probably already know him since he’s pretty famous and has done collaborations with foreign artists. He said before he thought that, “Yeah, he’s cool but why is he so popular?” and that the reason he didn’t get it at first must be because he’s older. He talked about him for awhile, giving background on his career and he played his song, “Leave Me Alone”.

  • Shige said that he wanted to talk about the grammys, he wasn’t able to watch it in realtime, but he recorded it and watched it after the fact. He likes to try and watch the Grammys and SuperBowl. The next letter was from a listener who wanted to know what Shige thought of the Grammys. They talked about how the music video for “This is America” by Childish Gambino that Shige recommended on the radio left a big impression on them and they watched it many times.
    The next letter was from another listener who said that they watched the Grammys for the first time this year. They knew Shige talked about it before, but had always thought it had no connection to them, but it was really interesting once they decided to try watching it. They wanted to know what Shige thought of it.
    Shige said it was good, though he’s only watched it once so far. He talked about Alicia Keys’ medley saying it was really good and how she played songs she wished she had written as well as throwing in a song she did herself. He said all the performances are fun, though to be honest he wish he’d had seen more of some people. He said it was like, “Of course!” when “This is America” won best song and though it also made him feel like why didn’t it get all the attention it deserved before even though the music video made such an impact. He said that he was also rooting for Janelle Monae. He talked about how Childish Gambino and Ariana Grande didn’t go to the Grammys. He talked a bit more about Childish Gambino and his TV Show “Atlanta” encouraging listeners to give it a try.


  • Kchan NEWS (Mar 12)

  • Koyama started by using the “Love Live” catchphrase he’s been using a lot lately, “Nico nico nii!” and Tego copied him making up his own catchphrase, “Tego tego tego tego tego-nyan nyan!”

  • They talked about how they will have just finished the concerts in Shizuoka and Koyama said that they also have another guest with them today, Emma! Which sparked Tego to being talking in his baby talk voice. Emma had been outside the booth but came in and they spent a little bit being distracted by Emma and talked about how she’s grown much more accustom to come to work with Tegoshi.

  • The first letter was from a listener said that they watched Tegoshi’s most recent Nochara segment on ItteQ (K: I watched it too T: Thank you!), and said that they were really curious about Tegoshi’s boobs keyholder that was shown on the show. They wanted to know if it was souvenir from overseas.
    Tegoshi said that it was gift and that he recently received another pair too. They were gifts from air:man’s Sugitani-san. Koyama mentioned how they got a lot of good response about when Sugitani was on Kchan NEWS. Tegoshi said that as a general rule he uses every gift he receives.

  • ♪ DEAD END ♪

  • The next letter was from a listener with the penname “Kaneko” which made Tegoshi and Koyama start fooling around about saying her name in funny voices. The listener said that they watched “Ride On Time” and realized that the sweatpants Tegoshi wore to rehearsal are the same ones he was wearing 7 years ago. (T: HAHAHAH K: Amazing!) The listener said that they also tend to use things for a long time and asked them if there are any other items they’ve been using for a long time.
    Koyama said that Tegoshi really does use the same items for a long time, and Tegoshi said that he takes care of his things. Koyama said that Tegoshi keeps underwear for a long time too and then Tegoshi peaked to see which pair he was wearing and they mentioned how Koyama has given him underwear though he was just wearing regular ones that day. Tegoshi pulled out his Sorajiro pouch and his backpack both of which he’s had for a while and both of which were also gifts. Koyama commented on how Tegoshi’s clothes today look rather new and Tegoshi said that they were souvenirs.
    Koyama commented on how Tegoshi doesn’t buy himself underwear much and Tegoshi agreed saying he doesn’t throw out things generally. Koyama said that it was good that he uses things for a long time and Tegoshi agreed saying he treats his things carefully.

  • The next letter was from a listener who said that they’re almost ready to graduate and are aiming to go to a local university. Koyama noted how the letter is from February so they might be done already. The listener said that they had been planning on living on their own, but her parents wanted her to live in a dorm so they got into a fight. The listener said that they’ve never lived in a place with a shared toilet and bath before and though they can understand their parents worries, they plan on trying to convince them. They asked what Koyama and Tegoshi thought about communal living like in a dorm and how they convince their parents.
    They said that they haven’t lived in dorms before though Tegoshi said he’s done overnight camps before (for soccer) though that’s only for about 2~3 days. Koyama explained that with a dorm the listener would be living there full time for a few years, and they agreed that they wouldn’t like that. Koyama said that he couldn’t do it if he wasn’t able to go about things at his own pace and Tegoshi agreed. They said that a sharehouse for a limited time could be ok though. They couldn’t do it if was their main house.
    Tegoshi wondered if they would be paying the rent themselves or if it was the parents who would be paying. If it’s the parents then there are limitations, but they could promise to work part time while in school and promise to pick a place that’s safe. They said that the parents must be worried to have the listener go off to live on their own all of a sudden, though they also understand the listener’s feelings.

  • At the end they talked a bit about the tour.

  • ♪ Worldista ♪

  • The last letter was from a listener who said that they rode an airplane for the first time in their life recently (T: Eh?? K: Really?) They felt nervous and uneasy but it ended up being really fun to watch movies and listen to music on the flight. They wanted to know how Tegoshi usually spends his time on flights.
    Koyama asked Tegoshi if he even had anymore room on his passport and Tegoshi said it was close to packed, though he got a new one last year so it’s ok. Tegoshi said that he tries to calculate the time gap, so for instance if he’s going to Europe it’s about a 11~12 hour flight, and if it’s a flight leaving during the day he’ll stay up and hang out chatting and drinking so that when he’s heading to the airport he’s a bit tipsy. That way when he’s on the plane he just can fall right asleep for most of the flight, then he usually has time after he’s woken up to watch a movie before arriving. He’s less sure of what to do when he’s going to places like Hawaii or Thailand which is around a 6~7 hour flight. If he’s going to arrive at night then he’ll try to stay up and watch a bunch of movies, but if it’s a flight arriving in the middle of the night or in the morning he has to sleep which is tough.
    Koyama said that the flight to Mexico was tough, it was a 15 hour flight which was really hard. Plus his body got really confused with the time difference. They said they watch movies, and Tegoshi said that he reads books on his tablet, and if it’s during tour he’ll review concert footage.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Mar 13)

  • At the opening, they talked about the “WORLDISTA” tour has finally began… though at the time of the recording for that week’s radio, the concerts hasn’t started yet. They shared that they’ve already had full dress rehearsals, and the staff are probably already starting the preparations at Shizuoka that day. Massu said it was rough for costumes this time too, they weren’t fully complete for the full dress rehearsals, and will probably only be ready just before the costumes began.
    Sakura: Is this the case each time? That the costumes are only ready just before?
    T: You see, Masuda-san is a slow worker.
    M: Not true!
    Sakura: Hey the way you’re phrasing it.
    T: (weird sounds like) Ehhhh? Heh heh…
    M: Also, what’s up with your hair?
    T: What about it?
    M: You got it with Masuda in mind?
    T: No, it’s shocking pink.
    Sakura: I thought you guys switched things around.
    T: What do you mean?
    Sakura: The colours.
    T: AHHH, because I’m always blond?
    Sakura: Yeah, Masuda-san is blond now, and Tegoshi-san pink.
    T: Pink, pink.
    M: So you had it with Massu in mind.
    Sakura: Yeah, you got your hairs with each other in mind…
    T: Hang on. It’d be too cute if Tegomass went to our respective hairstylists and said, “Please make me into Masuda”, and “Please make me into Tegoshi”. That’d be too funny.
    Sakura: Yeah. Isn’t that true?
    Tegoshi said their colours are different if you look carefully, but it’s true they look like they switched hair colours on first look. Sakura said she felt a bit warm inside when she saw them. They said while they’re not sure what will happen for the concerts since there’s still some time left, Koyama has light hair now. Massu said he intends to make it red, and said he’s blond now because of his trip to Ecuador for “Otasuke Japan”. His head has felt super itchy since his last day there, and he was afraid it was because of some insects, so he went to the hair salon once he returned to Japan, and asked for his hair to be bleached. As a form of sterilization. In case there were tiny insects left on his head.
    T: Bleaching isn’t the same as sterilizing! Your hair colour doesn’t get lighter because you sterilized it!
    M: Because my scalp felt itchy and I thought I’d just get it bleached once.
    Sakura: Didn’t your scalp sting?
    M: Extremely. And my scalp flaked a lot. Hurhurhur. It’s over now though.
    T: Ahh and you were under the sun a lot right.
    M: I’m going to dye it red again, so Tegoshi is just making himself like me.
    T: Ah really?! Pink isn’t red, is it.
    M: (small voice) You look up to me?
    T: Whaaat would I? Though it’s kinda strange to say I won’t.
    M: Yeah. That was it after all.
    T: Ah whatever. The fans can interpret it however they want it too. That’s fine if that makes them happy.
    Sakura said it feels weird for her to be not facing a blond, but that’s fine. Tegoshi shared that the main reason for his change in hair colour was the costumes. Masuda Takahisa always makes flashy costumes for them since that looks better on stage, and his tame hair just didn’t make sense to him when he put on the flashy costumes during fitting. He felt like his hair was being overshadowed by the costumes and it wasn’t a win-win situation where the two brought out the best in each other, so he went straight to his hairstylist and asked them to give him a colour that would look good on stage.
    M: AH. So Tegoshi’s hairstylist likes me?
    T: Ah really. Is that it? It’s a person who’s always been working on visual kei artists though. There’s a chance they looked at Masuda Takahisa and thought, “He’s a rocker.”
    M: And thought, “Ah, red’s nice.”
    T: Well to be very honest, this was based on X Japan’s hide-san when he was singing “Pink Spider”.

  • The request this week was for “Ribbon”. It was a song that made them think they’d love another collaboration between Kaco and NEWS again. They said Kaco-san composed and arranged this song, and it’s a hard song to sing as it’s something that could be sing in any style. Massu shared that air:man specially went over to him during rehearsals and said, “‘Ribbon’ is really good. ‘Ribbon’ is amazing.”  And they surprised that he likes such a gentle song, since he choreographs dances and they thought they’d prefer other danceable tunes.
    M: Well, so we’d like to play “Ribbon” for air:man, maybe sometime later during the tour. SO! Please listen to-
    T: NO. We’re not going to let you get away with that. I already saw it coming from “Well, so we’d like to…” Sakura got it too, right? We got it immediately. There’s this change in atmosphere.
    Sakura: There was a change in aura.
    T: Yeah, we could get it, like, “Here it comes!”
    Sakura: It turned into a super cheerful colour.
    M: Then it’s fine to not stop me, wasn’t it? You made my colour gray from what was a cheerful one.
    Sakura: We’re not going to let you feel good about it so easily.
    T: Not going to let you hit your goal that easily. We have a goalkeeper.
    M: Well I guess it’s fine since I managed a goal attempt.
    Sakura: How positive!
    M: The ball entered the goal post! Just that the keeper managed to stop it.

  • ♪ Ribbon ♪

  • There was new segment this week, and Massu messed up the segment name at the front. So this new segment is named “Tegomass has amazing habits!” and was born from the number of mails the listeners sent in about their habits when they asked for them in a previous mail segment. So they’ll read the habits the listeners sent in, see if that’s true, and if they knew they had this habits to begin with.

  • The first mail had the following - Tegoshi: tends to raise his voice when telling blatant lies. Massu: Almost always fixes his fringe before replying the members with a joke. As opposed to Tegoshi, who tends to move his upper body especially his hands when he gets into a song while singing, Massu tends to move his lower body, like bending his legs.
    Massu said it’s not habits when it comes to singing, there are times when they do things on purpose, as a way of expression for the performance. There are also differences in the postures that help each of them project their voices better.
    In response to Tegoshi’s blatant lies, he was like, “WHEN do I lie? I’m truthful most of the time!” They said that was a lie too, since he said it in a loud voice. He said it’s only usual to start using a loud voice when he’s trying to share an episode, saying he sounded like comedian Chihara Junior now, but the rest said he sounded more like Degawa Tetsuro. They decided to KIV this as Tegoshi’s habit, to see if any other more obvious ones come up later.
    As for whether Massu fixes his fringe before saying a joke, he says it’s probably only during the times when his fringe is long. They said he touches his hair (not just his fringe) very often, while Tegoshi barely touches his. Massu said again how he only touches his hair when it gets long, and doesn’t otherwise, and Sakura was like, why are the both of you refusing to admit your habits? They said it’s because they’re not true and they need something that makes them think, “Ah, RIGHT!” They decide to move on to the following ones.

  • Tegoshi: whenever he tries to be funny on purpose and the other members throw replies back at him, he’d always say, “What, what!” Both Massu and Sakura agree, as if he’s using it as a conjunction when expanding on a topic. Tegoshi agreed he might, and they certify this as a Tegoshi habit.

  • Massu: Whenever there’s a CD/DVD release or other happy news, Massu would always say, “Ah, this makes me happy.”
    T: Ahhh yes yes yes. He does, he totally does. CERTIFIED.
    Tegoshi even did an imitation with Massu’s expression when he says that and Massu shot him back saying nobody can see that! (Imai-san laughs like crazy in the background in the meantime)
    T: Go ask Kato and Koyama too! They’d definitely agree. (imitates Massu again) “Ah, this makes me happy.”
    M: Imai-san is laughing so much! Is this really so funny?
    Sakura agreed that she got it. Tegoshi continued to say how Massu says this all the time, for music programmes and all and imitates Massu again.
    M: But I AM happy, what should I be saying then? It’s not a habit, it’s just a comment for the situation!
    T: Ahhh okay okay okay. He says this, he does.
    M: It’s NOT a habit, it’s just the situation.
    And Massu continued mumbling how it’s not a habit while Sakura moved on to the next habit.

  • Tegoshi: No matter how small the item is, he’d hold it with both hands and eat it elegantly. (M: That’s not elegant or anything!) The listener said they’ve noticed him doing so on programmes for things like candy and grapes, and they find him cute as it’s like what small animals such as squirrels would do.
    They tried to make him try eating a cookie on the spot, and he does hold it with both hands. Tegoshi said he might really be doing this (without realising).
    M: Ah. Is this something you don’t do in private, only when it’s for TV?
    T: AHHHHHHHHHH. Yeah of course. There we go again.
    He said for things like sembei and all, he’d hold them with both hands if they’re big ones. He uses one hand for things like chewing gum, small chocolate pieces etc. though. They asked him about grapes and he said he would use both hands for grapes. As for candy, he doesn’t think he does that but he admits he does them for fruits like grapes, strawberries, apples, watermelons…
    M: Everyone uses both hands for watermelons, don’t they? Eating them with one hand would be like Shige.
    T: Ah right.
    M: Shige’s probably the type to eat meat buns with one hand.
    Tegoshi said he eats meat buns with both hands, Massu too, and that’s probably about the size they’d usually use both hands for, and anything smaller than that would be with just one hand? Massu then made Tegoshi try drinking from a pet bottle and he holds it with both hands too! Though he joked saying like he would do that, suggesting he might have used both hands on purpose? He said it might have something to do with how he’s ambidextrous.

  • On phrases they often use - Massu often says “nan nara” (if you like) and Tegoshi “iu naraba” (if I had to say). Sakura and Tegoshi agreed that Massu often says that and he tried saying that in a funny tone. Massu said Tegoshi says that phrase too, when he’s trying to defend his jokes in a loud voice. They both don’t realise their respective phrase, though Sakura says Massu uses that phrase more than Tegoshi does.

  • Tegoshi: He often says “koremondde” (TL note: this can mean a lot of things, depending on the hand gesture that accompanies the phrase when the speaker says it). He agrees that he says it super often, and usually when he’s trying to be funny. So this one’s certified too
    They say there are a lot more, so they’ll continue to do this next time. They also asked listeners to send in more mails if there’s anything else we notice

  • At the ending, they talked about “Love Story”, the new CM song for “NEWS ni Koishite”. While it’s not been decided yet if it’ll be included in the “S” album, or released in a single, they have finished the recording for it. They said it’s a cute and pure song, and they think fans will fall in love with it. They also promoted “Otasuke Japan”.
    Tegoshi read another children’s picture book while Sakura was reading the address, and he said he got tired after that. Massu got worried about whether the mails will come and they said it should be fine since people should have registered it before, though if they don’t get mails from new listeners it’d be sad.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Mar 15)

  • At the opening, he talked about attending Maroon 5’s concert recently. He really loves Maroon 5 and often listens to their CDs, and he got to hear some of the songs he really wanted to hear live, like “Moves like Jagger”. He also talked about how it was really cool that some songs he really like sound different live, and he wanted to be able to sing like that someday. He said they were super cool, and that it was an awesome concert. He then promoted “WORLDISTA”, listing the venues for this tour.

  • The first listener was from a listener who wanted to know if he prefers ice cream or sorbet. He said if he’s presented with the option of ice cream or sorbet at the end of a meal, he’d basically choose vanilla ice cream.


  • The second mail was from a listener who bought the LE version of “WORLDISTA”, and liked how analog elements were included in the album despite the futuristic theme. For example, the 3D glasses, and the “WE ♡ YOU” message inside the box. They only discovered the message a week later, and were delighted by how there are elements included that are possible only with a physical copy of the CD, given how music has been going digital recently. While they know it’s too soon, they can’t wait for the next album.
    Massu thanked the listener, and shared that he only found out about this maybe 10 mins ago, when he saw the listener’s mail and took a look at the LE album. He said while they check the cover design, have meetings with the designers and producers, take photos etc., they weren’t shown the insides of the album so they didn’t know. So this was the staff taking action without telling them beforehand!
    M: (playing on the hashtag and recurring theme this time) We needed imagination for that. It’s a stereotype that designs can only be done on the exterior, there’s no rule saying we can’t design the insides too. Thank you to the staff who were particular right down to such details.

  • The third listener is someone who has been going for “morning services” recently. While Massu’s father seem to prefer bread in the mornings (TL note: referring to Massu’s lines in “Strawberry” - “asa wa pan datte otousan” ~ My father says we should eat bread in the morning), they’d like to know if Massu prefers Japanese or Western styles when he goes for morning services. He first talked about the image he had of morning services - that they’re mostly in Nagoya, and when you order a coffee, bread, eggs or pizza toast would get served complimentary. For breakfasts, he said he doesn’t properly eat them at home if he has work early in the morning, but would head over to the location, and eat the sandwiches, onigiri etc. that are prepared for them by the staff. When they’re on the tour at the hotels, his usual routine is to order the American breakfast, open up the curtains and have his breakfast while looking out. He realised he probably haven’t been eating anything else other than the American breakfast recently, on days when he does have a proper breakfast. He’d get asked how he’d like his eggs done and the beverage he’d like, and he’d pretend to act celebrity like and ask if he could have both the sunny side up and scrambled eggs. He’d always get a hesitated reply that it is possible, just that there’ll be extra charges and then he’d say it’s okay. He said he usually wants to eat eggs for breakfast, so he’s an egg person for breakfast.

  • The fourth listener was someone who tried making the curry introduced on a recent episode of “Sore Dame!” at home. They’ve never tried making curry with using so many spices before as they thought it would be troublesome, but the programme made it seem doable and they enjoyed the process very much. They’d like to try making it again. Massu said making curry with spices is great, and a home party with that would be nice. He said he bought some turmeric on the day of that location shoot as well, though he hasn’t even opened the seal up yet. He’s still not sure when he’d use it, but bought it as he got excited after being introduced to the variety of spices. He said the method introduced on the programme was really simple, and asked everyone to try it.

  • The fifth mail was from a listener who has long hair and does it up differently every day as they don’t want to wear their hair the same way every day. This might have something to do with how they’re in the sales industry, but they also don’t like wearing the same clothes everyday. They enjoy coming up with the different combinations each day, but got told by their friend that this means they have a tendency to be unfaithful, and wondered if males see this the same way too. They’d like to know what fashion-loving Massu thinks. He doesn’t see it negatively at all and he finds it amazing they have so many variations up their sleeve. Even when there are times when people try out different hairstyles, the general direction that fits your face usually sticks. He feels it means the listener has a very high level of professionalism and he encouraged them to continue doing and enjoying it.

  • The sixth listener gets bothered when the ropes for items like the ones around hoodies and the waist of sweatpants aren’t of the same length and would like to know how it is for Massu. He agrees it would bother him, and he’d probably allow a difference of about 2-3 cm. Same for shoe laces. He doesn’t like having to redo his shoe laces for his new shoes, as he’d start to wonder why the person who did them didn’t feel it’s important to have the length equal on both sides. It’s okay they get a little different in length after tying them, but they should start off the same. He also gets bothered by asymmetrical hairstyles, as it looks like that person might get stiff shoulders on the longer side. Continuing on the subject of asymmetrical things, he has a few clothes that are like that, and while they look really cool, he somehow feels his body tends to place more weight on the longer side. So to balance things out, maybe wear two watches or put two wallets in the back pocket or something. He said being bothered by too many of such things will just lead from one to the other, so if it bothers the listener that the rope round the hoodie is of different lengths on both sides, tie it up! It bothers him too though.

  • The seventh listener is someone who is trying to find a new job, and got told that they don’t smile enough during interviews. They were shocked to hear that as they feel they are relatively smiley and wanted to know how they could smile like Massu. He said considering how they’d probably get nervous, and how it’d be an environment they’re in for the first time, it’s going to be hard. He can’t share from a similar experience since he hasn’t had to attend such interviews, but he feels everything won’t be as enjoyable if they kept thinking, “I need to be smiling!” First impressions are important, especially for service industries, and smiling can help create happier moods. As for advice he can give the listener… he said to not get too nervous, and just behave appropriately for the situation while having fun themselves. There’s a term “tekitou”, which can mean “suitable” or “sloppy”, but he feels that means to not try overly hard, or work overly hard, so it’s a good word to him. Since interviews are opportunities to show their best side, it’d probably be good if they can enjoy themselves in their process. To encourage the listener on, he’d like to play this song from NEWS.

  • ♪ Smile Maker ♪

  • For Masterpiece this week, he played “Ribbon”. He said it was composed and arranged by Kaco-san, who wrote “madoromi” for them previously. He said the way she places notes makes the melody one that enters his body easily, and he likes this song very much. There are many ways of interpreting the lyrics, and they’re great lyrics. The final bit has all of them singing in unison, and he’d like those going for the concerts to pay attention to whether they manage to pull off the unison properly, in the emotion and tone for the song.

  • At the end of the programme, he promoted “Otasuke Japan” and the Fukuoka concerts that weekend.

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