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NEWS news (week of Mar 27) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Mar 24)

    • Shige said that he got a of letters about Miacis Symphony so he wanted to read some. The first letter writer wrote about buying anan with Massu on the cover and Shige’s story, and gave her thoughts on the newest installment saying she really enjoyed it.
      Shige said that he too wondered how Miacis Symphony would turn out and talked about the points in the story that the listener pointed out and how he’s been putting songs and lyrics in his stories since Pink and Grey. It’s not just songs he likes, but he tries to pick ones that have meaning to the story in the artist’s history or the lyrics. By listening to the songs while reading you may be able to understand the characters’ feelings even more.
      Shige said that writing this made him think again about how he likes writing from the female perspective, it might be that he understands how men think too well so it’s tiring to write. Writing from a female perspective uses more of his imagination, he said he got a lot of letters asking why he understood how women felt so well, but he didn’t think that that’s necessarily the case but he’s happy if people identify with it.

    • ♪ Worldista ♪

    • In this week’s music club, he talked about the artist iri and her third album. He talked about how a lot of other artists participated in collaborations on the album, and how it’s full of great songs. He talked about her for awhile and how he feels like you’re missing out if you don’t know about her. He played her song “Wonderland”.

    • The next letter was from a listener about Miacis Symphony in which she gave her thoughts on the story saying she cried while reading it. She also talked about the song, “Yakusha (actor)” by Chiaki Naomi that was mentioned in the story. They said that they’re old enough to know it, but they couldn’t recall how it goes so they looked it up and found out about how when Chiaki lost her husband she retired from from the entertainment world and as he was being cremated she apparently knelt at his casket and yelled out, “Burn me with him!” The letter writer asked Shige if he included it knowing the history of the artist or if she was reading too much into it. She also asked about how the word “sabishii (lonely)” in the lyrics of “yakusha” is written as 淋しい and how the character in Shige’s story is 寂しい so they looked up the difference and felt that the kanji Shige used was fitting to the situation of his character. [translator’s note: 淋しい is more about the subjective emotion of feeling loney, and 寂しい is more about the lack of people or noise that makes something objectively lonely. The later is also used in Buddhism meaning something like “the extinction of delusions/fantasy”]
      Shige said that it’s coincidence about the different used of the kanji in sabishii, he thinks that 寂しい is more common, so he used it to make it easier to read though it’s nice that it ended up fitting the story better.
      He said he did know about Chiaki’s background and he’s glad the listener liked the story.

    • Shige said that he also wanted to talk about the Academy Awards and so read a listener message about it. The listener wanted to know if Shige watched the awards this year and mentioned how they paid special attention to  the movie Shige recommended on here, “Roma” and Janelle Monae’s performance. (S: Same as me) They wanted to know what he thought of the results. Because of Sorashige Book, they’ve come to enjoy a wider range of movies and music and enjoyed watching the show.
      Shige said that Academy Awards was interesting and that there about 3/4 highlights to it, including of course the results as well as the reasons for them, for instance how it’s been said that it’s now an era where a film made entirely by white people won’t win an award. There’s the trend that films that deal with  problems occuring in America, such as immigration or racism, can more easily get awards, such as Moonlight from last year. He also mentioned the performances such as Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and Lady Gaga’s performance. He said he was also curious about the Japanese works that made an appearance such as “Manbiki Kazoku (shoplifters)” and “Mirai”. He also talked about “Roma” again and how he wasn’t sure which award it would win, and how he was surprised that “Green book” won best picture, though there were people who called it. He thought maybe “Vice” would win, but it didn’t win. He talked about how “Spiderverse” won the animated category, and although he hasn’t seen it it yet, it’s been talked about a lot. He said he hasn’t seen “Green book” yet so he can’t really comment on the win, though maybe he can see why it won from seeing the trailer, though there has been both support and criticism of it’s win. He also mentioned “BlacKkKlansman” and said that he thought Spike Lee was really cool, and he also kind of wished it won. He said that he wants to watch all the winning films.

    • ♪ Ribon ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Mar 26)

    • The guest this week was Shige

    • The first letter was from a listener who asked about how she was really happy at how they made the uchiwa plastic covers round after they discussed in the MC in Epcotia. They said that it became a hot topic online and asked for any behind the scene stories when it came to deciding on the tour goods.
      They said that wanted to give it a try and Koyama said that he got a lot of messages from fans saying they liked it, Shige said that he got criticism and Koyama said he also got that. They agreed that it’s to be expected since they’re trying something new, they knew that going in that there would be pros and cons. If won’t know which way is best unless they give both ways a try.
      Shige said that if they raised the price of the uchiwa a lot then they could make something really nice, but it’s difficult. Koyama said that he heard from some fans saying that they way it was before was better, since by cutting off the corners to make it round, it causes there to be an opening in the plastic cover. They also heard from fans who said that their uchiwa got wet because of the opening. They’re still looking into whether making the cases round really made the uchiwa better as a whole. They don’t know the right answer, but they hope the fact that they’re trying out various things out of love comes through to the fans.
      They really just want to make fans happy, and it’s difficult problem. There was also the option of just not having a plastic cover and making a proper round plastic case you have to buy separately, which also would have had it’s demerits. Shige joked that to fill the empty space when you have round uchiwa in square plastic covers is that you could make square uchiwa. Koyama said that the uchiwa corners would be dangerous. At the end they concluded that they’d keep looking into the issue.

    • ♪ FIGHTERS.COM ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who wanted to know what they did between shows when they had two shows in the same day.
      Koyama explained that they have one show the first day at a location and two the second day, Shige commented on how that’s how it’s been for awhile now so it’s kind of become routine. Koyama said that they have a certain order they get their makeup done in, and Koyama’s first and then Shige. Koyama said that he doesn’t know how the order of getting makeup done was decided, but in the end he’s first. They used to go in pairs, but it ended up being faster if they went one by one in 15 minute intervals. When Koyama gets done the first show, his manager tells him, “Koyama-san, it’s 45 minutes until make up.” He’s still riding high on how great the first show went when the manager tells him that.
      Koyama said that from what he’s seen Shige always goes to shower first and Shige agreed that the first thing he does after a show is shower. Shige said that he doesn’t like to eat right before going on stage, so he doesn’t want to eat between shows but it can’t be helped it could be dangerous if he didn’t. Koyama said that he gets his makeup done about an hour before the show starts so he has a lot of time beforehand so that’s when he eats. Shige commented on how Koyama is ok even if he eats right before, so he’s constantly eating leading up to going on stage. Shige commented that Koyama watches anime between shows and Koyama agreed that he wants to get makeup over with quickly so he can watch anime.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said they went to a show in Fukuoka and wanted to tell Shige that they thought the shower story was funny. They were curious how the showers were after that.
      Shige explained the context for those who hadn’t been at the show, there are 4 showers at the venue and only one had semi-ok water pressure and the other three were really weak. Shige checked them all ahead of time, and put his shower stuff in the one with better water pressure to claim it. Shige tried to be sneaky about it no one would notice what he did, when all the others were complaining about the water pressure Shige replied, “It is weak, huh?” though Koyama noticed and was like, “Hey, your’s is stronger!” Koyama said he knew right away why Shige had placed his stuff there when he went in the stall next to it and the water pressure was weak. Shige said that it’s not just that the water pressure was weak either, the water also occasionally got cold. The hot water tank is small, but all the showers have the same tank so they all got cold at the same time.
      Koyama said that Tegoshi took a shower last and apparently it was all just cold water and was upset about it. They commented on how that wasn’t the case last tour, it gets worse every year, so if you don’t say anything…

    • ♪ Worldista ♪

    • The last letter was from a listener who said that they saw an article online about an English woman who is marrying her blanket. According to the woman, “[Her] duvet is the longest, strongest, most intimate and reliable relationship that [she has] ever had.” They wanted to know which of their favorite items would they choose to marry.
      Koyama said that maybe his mask, since it protects him from the outside, it keeps out 99.9% of impurities, though he is afraid that since he takes it off he could accidentally leave it somewhere. It might be better to pick something that is constantly on him. Shige said he’d be the TV since he wouldn’t ever be lonely if he has a TV. Koyama commented on how Shige always turns the TV on right away, and asked him if it makes him feel at ease. Shige said that it did, having some background noise. Koyama asked Shige what size TV he would want and Shige said that he didn’t care about size.
      K: Eh? You’re fine with a small tv?
      S: I don’t discriminate like that.
      K: Discriminate?
      S: I don’t discriminate. I’m peaceful.
      K: It’s not about discrimination.
      S: I don’t like a TV “because it’s big” It depends on the size of the room
      S: “If you’re small, then I’ll just come closer ♡”
      Koyama said that maybe he’d like to marry the throw pillow you keep on a couch and Shige said that if he did then he wouldn’t have a couch. The couch would get jealous and leave. Koyama decided to stick with his choice saying that he’s always hugging the pillow and even if he didn’t have a couch he could sit on the pillow and be fine if there’s a wall nearby.
      K: So did you decide on the TV?
      S: Hmm, well why do we have to get married anyway?
      K: No, that… then why did we read this letter? It’s “for example”

    • At the end they mentioned how the next concert stop is Hokkaido.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Mar 27)

    • At the opening, they talked about how the tour has started proper. They shared the preparations for the tour this time finished earlier than usual, as Koyama and Massu had to go to Ecuador, and they finished all the rehearsals before they went. While they used to rehearse right till the last second for previous tours, all the choreography this time was finished about a month before the tour begun. So while MasuKoya went to Ecuador, TegoShige were free to practise on their own. They also had more time to listen to the songs, and consider making changes to the performances.
      M: You understand this, don’t you? Like when you need to write your gags.
      Sakura: I’ve never written any gags. You surprised me, it’s not like I’m some comedian.
      T: You’re not?
      Sakura: Eh? You’re only realising this now?
      T: Aren’t you one of the trio?
      Sakura: Who are the other two then! Even if I really were a comedian, I’d be solo!
      M: Ah, so you’re not a chef either. Like how you might be torn over whether to add a tomato on top of the dish or not.
      Sakura: No I won’t, I won’t. And if we continue expanding on this topic, this episode will end at the opening segment.
      M: Let’s move on to the ending then!
      Sakura: No we won’t. We have a request!
      T: Sure, if you really want to move on to the request so much, go ahead.
      Sakura: Hang on, it’s not that I want to move on, but I just don’t want to waste time on meaningless conversation.
      T: If you have a request fetish then just do it.
      Sakura: Yes, fetish. It’s a fetish!

    • They finally managed to move on to the request, for “FIGHTERS. COM”. The listener will be giving birth to their second child in April, and won’t be able to join the current tour. She’d be happy if they’d play this song to help her fight the labour pains.
      Tegoshi said he’s concerned if the child will be born properly if they listened to the song during the delivery, like if they’d appear with their right hand out first or something. Or do loud shouts the second they’re born. They said it probably means the child will be born a strong one, and Massu said maybe the child could be named “Dot Com”. While they wish the listener could come to the concert, giving birth is more important and maybe she could come with her child next time.

    • ♪ FIGHTERS. COM ♪

    • While reading the mail from the second listener, Tegoshi tripped on “Massu”, saying “Masshu” instead, saying he mixed “mai shu” (every week) with “Massu”.
      M: Stop that, calling me in a special way.
      T: Sorry, sorry!
      Sakura: No…
      T: Whoa this is embarrassing, sorry!
      M: Hmm? Isn’t his face turning red?
      Sakura: It is!
      T: I’m not that type!
      Sakura: And his hair is pink! It’s turning the same shade.
      T: I LOVE girls.
      M: You don’t have to say that in such a loud voice.
      Going back to the mail, the listener wanted to know if they looked at their phones in the toilet or the bath.
      M: Who are you asking this again?
      T: (laughs) Masshu and…
      M, Sakura: HAHAHHAHAHA
      T: ...Tegoshi-kun and Miyamiya.
      Massu said he would never bring his phone to the bath, and Tegoshi said he’s the opposite. He asked if Massu soaks in the bath, and Massu said he wouldn’t use his phone even when he does.
      T: What do you do then? Space out, like what you do best? He always does this on flights. He doesn’t think at all, and just spaces out.
      M: But that makes sense right!
      Tegoshi tried mimicking Massu and ended up looking around, and Massu said he doesn’t do that, but just spaces out, with his eyes focussed on one spot. (Sakura: So scary!) So they both soak in the bath for about 10 mins, and when soaking in the bath, Massu would want to focus on the act of bathing, or think of things like, “ah there’s a stain on the wall”, “I forgot to wipe that bit”, “I’m running out of shampoo”. But Tegoshi would be reading magazines/books off his tablet, watch soccer etc.
      M: Why can’t you do that outside of the bath.
      T: But what do you do while soaking then?
      M: I don’t see the time spent soaking in the bath as useless time.
      T: It isn’t, but you can multitask while doing that, can’t you. Like read.
      M: Then that makes it “reading time”. Wouldn’t it feel tiring to bath then?
      Tegoshi said Massu could read fashion mags then, and Massu shared the same story again of how he did that once, but the magazine got moist and flimsy (T: It WON’T, as long as you make sure the ventilation is done properly) Massu said again he doesn’t see the time in the bath as wasted time, and they asked Sakura how she’s like. She brings the phone in with her as well, as she soaks for quite an extended period. She’d even bring in a glass of water and towel to wipe perspiration off.
      Tegoshi shared an episode of when he got irritated. He was at the TV station for a music programme recording, and wanted to go to the toilet. He usually uses the sit down cubicle, regardless of which he needs to get relieved off at the toilet, and both cubicles were occupied. Both of them were OBVIOUSLY looking at their phones as he couldn’t hear a sound coming from either cubicles. He couldn’t believe how they were both taking their time, looking at their phones when he was waiting outside. Of course he wouldn’t rush people if they were in the midst of their businesses, but when it’s obvious they’re just looking at their phones, he’d knock on the doors. Especially when the recording was starting soon. Massu said maybe their phones just happened to be in the pockets, and not that they specially brought their phones to the toilet.
      M: I’m not sure about that though, since I don’t go to the toilet.
      T: I knew he would say this once I saw the mail.
      Sakura: Yeah me too, and ah this is troublesome.
      Tegoshi asked if Sakura brings her phone to the toilet. She doesn’t usually, but would if there are things she needed to check urgently.
      M: Oh you go to the toilet?
      Sakura: Totally. Very often.
      T: Me too. Very often.
      M: Okay ne~xt.

    • The third mail was from someone who got transferred to a new department in March. They wanted to know if they feel nervous or worried when the three of them have to work with people they meet for the first time, and if there’s any way of enjoying their work even then. Tegoshi said they’re used to it already, and Massu said there’re places where the staff are people they’ve worked with all the time, and places where there’re new people all the time, it’s about half each. Sakura offered how for most people, the work environment doesn’t change that much so getting used to working with new people all the time wouldn’t happen. They said maybe it’s something like back in school, when classes can switched around. It sounds fun though, as they can try to figure out who they might get along better with etc. And if everyone went through a shuffle, they’d all be at the same fresh starting line and that’d be fun. But if they’d be entering an environment where everyone already knew everyone that might be a little tough. There would be new stimulations for both sides though, and that should be fun. They hope they’d find someone they can get along with soon.

    • The fourth mail was from a listener who referred to Shige’s liner notes on “Invisible Dungeon”, saying Tegoshi sang in a “mixed voice”. They’ve never heard that term before and tried listening out for it, but couldn’t really figure out what that meant. They said Shige likes using those terms, and Tegoshi didn’t actually use the mixed voice in “Invisible Dungeon”. To explain the term to the listener, they said it’s between the natural voice and the falsetto. People good at singing falsetto can sing really strongly, but a mixed voice comes out even stronger than a good falsetto. So it really is a “mix”, as the name suggests. Tegoshi said his mixed voice is nearer to his natural voice than the falsetto, and Massu said he didn’t used to be able to sing falsetto before. Like for Mr Children’s “Kimi Ga Suki”, he didn’t used to be able to sing “jihanki de futatsu kan kohi wo katte” part when he first tried singing it at the karaoke and went “jiHAAAN…” wondering why Sakurai-san (the vocalist for Mr Children) could sing that note. He didn’t even have the concept of falsetto back then. Tegoshi said there are some artists who can reach high notes in their natural voices, but aren’t good at using falsetto. It takes practice and it’s nice to be able to sing a good mixed voice after lots of practice. Going back to the mail, they said it’s either Shige lied, or that he didn’t really understand the concept of a mixed voice. Tegoshi said singing in a soft natural voice could sound really close to a mixed voice, so it is hard to tell. Massu said when it’s obvious it’s actually bad singing, technique wise. So if Shige thought Tegoshi used a mixed voice when he didn’t, it could actually be the best praise for Tegoshi’s singing in a sense.
      M: Or it could also be true that Shige’s just dumb.
      T: How strict! You’re too strict with Shige!
      They said Shige’s amazing to have listened to the songs so closely and to write so much on the songs in his jweb. Even going to speak to the music producer, asking for the traits of each song, and write his own interpretation of things. It’s amazing. (M: I’d like to try reading it)

    • The fifth listener said they enjoy the falsettos in between verses of the songs, and wanted to know if they decide when and what kind of falsettos to add to the songs, and also how they decide how to rearrange the songs for the concerts. (T: So many mails on singing today!) Massu sang a verse from Mr Children’s “Fake” in relation to falsettos and Sakura said it’s a different “fake”, Massu continued trying to be funny, saying how it’s easy to make fakes from famous brands etc., then moved on to saying “face” and “shake”. Sakura said he’s exceptionally troublesome today and to stop and talk about what the listener wants to know.
      Tegoshi said he thinks about such things together with the producer, and recently the producer just lets him do what he likes. For concerts, he just does whatever feels right then and doesn’t plan ahead. Massu said he sings according to the demo for recordings, though he does play around sometimes for concerts. They don’t sing falsettos very much, though Tegoshi does sing more of that for Tegomass as he does more upper harmonization for their songs. KoyaShige doesn’t have to sing much falsetto, for instance. Taking “Izanaizuki” for instance, Tegoshi sings in falsetto for the final chorus entirely, but he sings differently for each concert, depending on how he feels then. That’s part of the enjoyment for concerts too. They’re happy to know people listen to such details!

    • At the ending, they promoted the “WORLDISTA” tour and “Love Story”.

[Concert Spoiler (click to open)]

    • There’s a dance in the chorus for “Love Story”, and they hope everyone who can make it for the concert will remember it.

    • It was Tegoshi’s turn to read the kid’s story this week, and he ended up linking it to Nagano’s gag and perspiring all over again. Sakura told him not to have his saliva flying all over and Massu said even he got tired. They commented the drawings for this picture book is cute though nothing about the content went into their heads (because of how Tegoshi was reading it).

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Mar 29)

    • At the opening, he talked about being in the middle of the “WORLDISTA” tour. While he didn’t manage to go outside much at Shizuoka, he managed to go out for a bit after rehearsals, do an interview, have meals outside etc. and he hopes to be able to look around the upcoming cities too. He’ll share whatever he’s done on radio after.

    • The first listener wanted to know if Massu (and the radio staff) prefers fried udon on the usual warm udon. Massu asked the staff what they thought, and somebody said “Whichever!” and he said that’s a cold answer. This segment is when he tries to pick one of the two whenever possible, so… this week, he picked the usual warm udon.

    • ♪ Symphony of Dissonance ♪

    • The second mail was from a listener who travels for work often and has problems deciding when to do with their stuff during periods when they have to travel on a once per week kind of pace. They asked what Massu does with his belongings when he’s on the tour. He said the listener is probably asking if he puts his things out at the hotel room, and he doesn’t. He’s been doing this for quite some years already, but he leaves everything in his bag. He does take things like his chargers and toothbrush out, but even for the toothbrush, he just uses it, dries it and puts it back. Some people might put all their clothes into the closet, or pants under the TV, but he’s never done that. He can’t even be sure if he’ll put his things out if he had to stay at the same hotel for a month, though he feels like some of the other members do.

    • The third mail was from a listener who wanted to know if Massu feels luckier when he has time off from work on weekdays or weekends. He said he doesn’t feel much difference between the two, since they don’t work regular hours. So sometimes when he happens to go to Harajuku on Sunday afternoons, he’d wonder if the crowd is due to an event like someone having a concert at the Yoyogi Gymnasium nearby, only to realise it’s Sunday. He might feel luckier to have days off on weekdays if he worked Mon-Fri, as it isn’t as crowded on weekdays, but he doesn’t, and they don’t get fixed days off, so he doesn’t feel much about it. It seems it’s easier to ask his friends out for meals on weekends/holidays though, like if he tried asking his friends out for dinner on Monday, his friends would be like, “EH? But it’s Monday! Make it Friday or something.” And Massu would think, oh. So there’re things like that. Or do they just not go drinking on Mondays? So… he doesn’t really know, and he apologised for giving such ambiguous replies for two consecutive mails.

    • The fourth mail was from a listener who wanted to know if Massu’s happier to be told he looks older than his age or younger than his age. The listener is 19, but often gets told they look like their in their mid 20s. Massu wondered if they’re happy to be told that. Massu said while he’s 32 now, people always say they thought he’s only around 28 or something. He thinks it’s probably only because they debut when they were really young, and that image of them being young just sticks. His friends the same age probably age a similar way so he doesn’t think they look that different, though maybe he might look different if he had to wear suits often, or keep a hairstyle that matches a suit better. He thinks it’s a good thing for the 19 year-old to look slightly older though. He wondered if he’s shared this episode before, but he got asked for his ID when he tried to buy beer from the convenience store recently. Because the staff said he looks like he’s in his teens. To be told he looks in his late 20s is one thing, but to look like he’s in his teens… “Do I look that fresh!?” He also shared how he finds the way some females ask, “How old do I look?” is scary. Like, what answer are they looking for? If someone in their 40s asked, and he replied, around 40, they’d probably think, “HUH.” Right? He’s never asked anyone how old he looks, and suggested everyone to stop this system.
      M: Once somebody asks, “How old do I look?” They’re out. Hurhur. Yup.

    • The fifth listener was from someone who discussed with their friend recently, the men they find cool. Their friend find men with black, short hair with spectacles cool, while the listener likes men with long, blond hair wearing blue contacts. What kind of men does Massu find coolest? He first commented they decided by just appearances, and then listed a few qualities - work hard play hard, earnest, a family man, well-read, gourmand, leads a stylish life… but in the end, a cool man is someone who’s a survivor. Like knowing which things are edible in a forest, is able to do farming… he finds people who can grow things that become food amazing, as he can’t do that himself. So in conclusion, TOKIO. He listed a lot of qualities, but ultimately, it’s just TOKIO. They do their best at work and probably in private too, are stylish, can grow vegetables, make their own boat… TOKIO.

    • The sixth listener was from someone who wanted to know what they should do when people are singing them their birthday song. Is it enough to just look at the cake? Or should they clap and sing along too? What does Massu usually do? He said this was an interesting mail, as he’s never thought about this. The listener is probably someone who is very considerate to the people around them. He wondered if it’ll be lame to go, “Happy Birthday to ME!”, and suggested maybe they could try to take photos or a video of that moment? He does receive quite a lot of cakes from the people at work, and he realised he always just takes photos of the cakes. So he ends up forgetting which cake came from who. As such, it might be a good idea to take a wide shot with everyone and the cake so as to remember. He wondered what face he makes when he’s in the situation, and he’d like to try to pay attention to that next time.

    • ♪ Happy Birthday ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “Digital Love”.

[Concert Spoiler (click to open)]

    • He said this is a song with a sound that makes one feel like they’re inside a game. The dance and performance they make for the concert this time is really fun too, so he likes doing this part very much. The lyrics are cute too, and this song just has this unexplainable power of lifting his mood up. He hopes people coming to the upcoming concerts would look forward to the performance of “Digital Love”.

    • At the ending, he promoted the Sapporo concerts for “WORLDISTA” that weekend.

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