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NEWS news (week of Apr 22) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Apr 21)

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that they read his ring entry from March 27th in which he wrote about magnolia and said that she and her mother have always loved magnolia and looked forward to magnolia season. She said that her image of them is one of strength and diligence which was the opposite of Shige’s impression of them being fleeting. That was interesting to her and made her want to see how his brain works.

    • The next letter was from another letter who wrote in about his jweb saying that it made them interested in magnolia and magnolia kobus so they researched them online. They talked about how similar they are so it’s easy to mistake them for each other and talked about the difference between the two.
      Shige said that he got a lot of letters about magnolia and said that the picture he posted on jweb was probably actually magnolia kobus. He said that he always thought the ones along the route he always takes are pretty so he looked for those plaques that have the type of tree written on it but he couldn’t find one. So he googled something like “spring tree white flower”, since he often mentions plants and stuff in his books when he sees this kind of flower he tries to look it up, same with birds. He looks at flower dictionaries sometimes, the more he looks up that kind of stuff the prettier they appear to him. He wishes he had seen more of this when he was younger. He said it’s difficult to look them up, but he’s learning them bit by bit.
      It’s a road he often takes, and when he saw the magnolia kobus he thought it was magnolia and when he was googling he saw the phrase “the difference between magnolia and magnolia kobus” and he was like “magnolia kobus??” and realized it looked more like magnolia kobus. He talked about how he used magnolia in “Pink and Grey” too.
      He said that he agrees with the first letter writer’s impression of Magnolia, but his description of magnolia in his jweb- he wrote it at night and having them there amongst the sakura made them feel fleeting and how they get overlooked for sakura and plum blossoms. He said magnolia do have an element of sexiness to them, a depth to them.

    • ♪ Invisible Dungeon ♪

    • For music club this week he said he wanted to talk about an artist that’s been getting a lot of attention in America, Billie Eilish who’s debut album, “When we all fall asleep, where do we go?” was released last month. Shige carefully read the long album title out and then laughed at himself and apologized for reading it so flatly and tried to read it again faster. He said said it was amazing and talked about Billie Eilish saying it was amazing how much attention she’s gotten despite it being her first album and only being 17 years old. He talked about how she released her first song awhile ago and how he felt that he’s seen her name around for awhile and was surprised to learn that she hadn’t debuted yet. He talked about how her album has serious themes of depression and suicide, saying that it was a bit issue with teens in America like in Japan. He said that it’s very intense, even if you don’t understand English. He played her song, “Bury a friend”.

    • The next letter was from a listener who is currently a 3rd year junior high school student in the midst of entrance exams for high school. They have a high school they want to go to and a field of work they want to do once they graduate, but every time they see their mom and grandmother they ask them if they’re sure that’s really what they want to do. Their mother is a single mother, and she’s the first grandchild so she’s thankful to them for worrying about them, but she wanted to know if Shige thought it was ok for her to put what she wants to do first, or if she should what her family says.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they wanted to start learning the piano, but those around her are against it, because they think it wouldn’t useful to her future and she should save the money instead. She wants to learn as a hobby with the goal of being able to play her favorite artists’ songs. She wanted to know what Shige thought.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that she was writing him on their 20th birthday, and since it was such an important year she wasn’t sure what she wanted for her birthday and wanted his input.
      Shige said that he thinks that doing what you want to do is one step in drawing out talent. Sometimes he gets letters from listeners saying that being a writer is Shige’s calling, and he said that that’s not the case at all. That he was able to fall in love with writing, is his “talent”. His “talent” is also that he has so many things he likes, that he was able to do what he wanted to do. Of course, luck was also involved. He thinks you should definitely do the things you want to, you should convince your family of it. He said that if it were him, he’d probably do it even if he couldn’t convince them, but if you have that clear a vision of what you want to do as a junior high student, then he thinks you should give it a try. There’ll probably be difficult things from giving it a try.
      In regards to the second letter, with the letter writer’s family saying she should save money instead, Shige countered that money isn’t happiness, it’s more important how you use it. Though it is convenient, money doesn’t automatically mean happiness. Would saving that money bring you more joy, than the joy they would get from learning to play the piano? What do they mean by it won’t be useful to her future? Even if it weren’t piano, and it were a more niche instrument he thinks you should do it if you want to. Happiness is discovering something you want to do, and if you get sick of it you can quit. It may be hard to get a job where you make money off of playing piano, but there’s nothing that brings more joy than filling your heart with something you love.
      With the last letter, he thinks they should pick something like that that would bring them joy, or something that they can keep using for a long time. For him, that’d be something like a camera or a guitar. Something you think you won’t get sick of, or something you want to bring doing.
      He thinks that you should definitely try to do things you want to do, though of course there are circumstance like timing to consider. There’s no happiness like having something you want to do. It can be hard once you start- the most fun is before you start writing a novel for instance.

    • ♪ SPIRIT ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Apr 23)

    • This week was Koyama’s solo radio.

    • Koyama said that he holds back from talking about himself and what he’s been thinking about and into recently when the other members come on as guests. But he wants to talk, so in between the usual radio shows where the other members come one he’s also having these solo ones. He apologized to the fans who were looking forward to a guests, but after all it is called Kchan NEWS.
      He talked about how they’re in the middle of a tour right now, about half way through and said that it’s really fun. He said that as he’s started to talk about anime, the uchiwa that fans bring to concerts have begun changing. Of course he has the usual ones asking for fan service, like to “blow a kiss” or “pay rock paper scissors”  etc, but recently “Do ‘Nikoniko’” has become popular, which is the character from “Love Live”, Yazawa Niko’s catchphrase. He said he’s not against the rise in such uchiwa, and he does it when he sees them. He said that he’s also gotten a lot of letters about anime, and this whole radio show might just end up being about anime.

    • The first letter was from a listener with the pen name “Eri-chan” (K: Eh, Erichi?? Erichi sent this letter? My favorite [Love Live] member is Erichi!) The listener brought up how he talked about anime on his solo radio before, and they were hoping he’d talk about it in the concert MC, but they miss it since he hasn’t. They asked him to talk more about anime.
      Koyama enthusiastically said he would. He said that the did bring it up once in an MC, when they were talking about how he had dyed his hair and he said that he dyed it to look like Kaneki’s hair from Tokyo Ghoul. He said that he learned that silver fades really fast, like within 3 to 4 days, but he’s also enjoying seeing how the color changes with time. Before each concert he’s been going to the salon to get more silver added back into his hair. It’s become just normal conversation for his hairdresser to ask, “Would you like it like Kaneki?” and he’ll reply, “Yes, like Kaneki.”
      Recently, he’s been most hooked on the anime, “The Seven Deadly Sins” since he finished season 1 of “The Promised Neverland”, he didn’t want to part with the characters but he wasn’t able to stop watching and is looking forward to season 2. He was talking to his friend who told him that the manga is further along, but he wants to wait for season 2 and watch other anime in the meantime. He said that Elizabeth and DeAnne from “The Seven Deadly Sins” are cute.
      He also talked about “Love Live” and said that he happened to run into Miyata in Shinjuku in a fancy department store and asked him to come on Kchan NEWS when he has one of these solo shows, though it might not be up to him so if his manager says it’s ok then he should come so they can talk about “Love Live”. When he said that there was a certain gleam in Miyata’s eyes. It didn’t work out this time, but sometime when it fits in Miyata’s schedule. He said that he’s current stopped watching in the middle of the second season because  he doesn’t want to say goodbye to μ's, so he only watches one or two episode in between watching the other anime series.He said that he’s started wanting figurines.... But if it does start then it’ll be all downhill from there. He’s thinking of asking Miyata about it, since he’s his sempai in regards to this.

    • ♪ Worldista ♪

    • Koyama apologized for already taking up half the time talking about anime. The next letter was from a listener who brought up how Imamura, a junior who is backing for NEWS this tour, said that the sempai he looks up to is Koyama at the Sendai concerts. He had said the same before in magazines too. They asked him if he could bring Imamura on his radio, and Koyama said that he still waiting for Miyata to come on.
      He talked about how Imamura had said that he looked up to him and Koyama said that this kind of thing is really rare. He said that he really favors those who say he’s their admired sempai. He said that before he said that he admired Koyama, he had been worried about his hair and how to style it in a cool way so Koyama did his hair for him during the concert. When that happened, Imamura had been smiling and Koyama wondered if it because he was happy that he had done that.
      Koyama said that since MADE usually always backs for them and he’s close with Taiga he’s given him his clothes and accessories he doesn’t use anymore, but maybe now he’ll give them to Imamura. He wants to give them to people who’ll like them, maybe he’ll tell him where he goes to get his hair done too. Gai-san joked that he’s treating him like an apprentice, and Koyama protested that it’s because he’s happy. He said that Imamura is really polite and puts his all into dancing- he’s cute. He said the other jrs on tour with them are all working hard too. A lot of them are nervous since it’s their first time going on tour with NEWS, so they practiced really hard and Koyama said that he thought that was really cool. He encouraged everyone coming to the concert to also pay attention to the juniors, since their all making the concert together.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that their a new graduate and entering the adult world. (K: Congratulations) They said that they’ve moved to the city and are living on their own for the first time. They want to know how often they cook for themselves, and what they like to make as they’d like to try making it too.
      Koyama commented on how they’re from Kanagawa so they can visit home anytime, thought of course they’d feel uncertain and worried living on their own for the first time. Koyama said that he hasn’t cooked much before, he always ordered delivery. But he’s been cooking, though just pasta. Either meat sauce, carbonara, mentaiko, cream sauce. He bought mentaiko when he was in Fukuoka and has been making pasta with it. He said that making pasta is easy and there’s not much clean up involved.
      He said that his older sister and mother and good at cooking, if it’s Chinese food then his mother could teach him. He’s doing it little by little, but he can’t cook like Shige does. He told the listener that he’s rooting for her.

    • ♪ Kimi ga Ita Natsu ♪

    • Koyama commented on how fast time went by but there’s still so much to talk about. It’s ok though because next week will be his solo radio too. He asked people to send questions for him too and said he promised to make everyone who comes to the upcoming Hiroshima concerts happy.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Apr 24)

    • At the opening, they talked about it’s the 392th episode of the programme, and Sakura was asking why they’re talking about such an awkward number. They said the 400th episode was coming soon and wondered what they should do for that. Since Chino-san came for the 350th episode and they sang something live together…
      M: We can have Chino-san or someone come again, and have Sakura-chan sing.
      Sakura: Stop that!
      They said they do want to do something, and Tegoshi suggested just talking throughout, and not play any songs, since there wasn’t really a need to.
      M: The opposite is possible too-
      T, M: Just songs.
      Sakura: That’d be like we’re taking a break off an episode!
      T: We can just stay at home for that then!
      They then asked for suggestions for the 400th episode, for things they’ve not tried before.
      M: Or we could make a recording that’s of almost CD quality and play it.
      T: That’s just like another song isn’t it.
      Sakura: We might as well just play a CD then.
      M: But if we keep playing that?
      Sakura: Look, it’s just going to seem like we’re taking a break again.
      T: What, are you trying to take a break??
      M: Of course not.
      T: Taro-chan will think of something too. I mean, if he doesn’t, then there’s no need for him to be sitting in this booth with us.
      Sakura: How strict!
      Taro-chan suggested playing songs the three of them chose, instead of playing requests from the listeners. They liked the idea and said maybe they can do something with the listeners’ suggestions for the 401st episode then. (M: Or do Taro-chan’s for the 401st episode. Taro: Why???)
      They tried recalling the things they did for the previous anniversary episodes, but concluded the listeners would remember better than them, and said to send in ideas for things other than the ones they’ve done before.
      (*NOTE: Taro-chan tweeted after the episode ended, asking for listeners to send in their suggestions)

    • The request this week was from a listener who broke up with her boyfriend before last Christmas. It wasn’t because they started disliking each other anything, but because they thought it’d be better to go back to being friends. The lyrics from “Santa no inai Christmas” resonated with her, and she got back together with the same boyfriend because of this song. They wondered a little about why they decided to break up the first time, and said they must have realised how much they liked each other after the time apart.

    • ♪ Santa no Inai Christmas ♪

    • The second mail was from an undergrad student who holds a part time job at large retailer store. They have intercoms to facilitate staff communication, but the earphones are too large for the listener and makes their ears hurt. They wondered if Tegomass have the same problems since they wear in-ear monitors.
      They said their in-ear monitors are custom-made because otherwise they won’t fit well, and they won’t be able to hear just their own voices well, which then makes wearing the monitors meaningless. They said the process of making the in-ear monitors is probably similar to making teeth molds, in that they put things into the ear to obtain the impression before making the final piece. The final product would only fit into the ears it is made for, and they have to make a new one every two to three years as the shape of our ears change over time. Since their in-ear monitors are custom-made, they don’t hurt.
      On the listener’s issue, they wondered which part it is that makes their ears hurt, and talked about how they do admire people who use intercoms. They also talked a little about how it’s important to set the signals right, as otherwise the wrong sound will transmit to the wrong system. Massu shared how he was supposed to say, “Hello! This is NEWS’ Masuda Takahisa.” for a location shoot once, and his voice ended up going through the speakers of a school next to the shoot location. When they had no plans of going to the school for the shoot at all. He thought that was really funny though. Going back to the listener, they said while it might be tough, they’ll be supporting the listener so please do their best.

    • The third mail was from a listener who wanted to know whether or not they ate rice together with gyoza. The listener’s mail ended with asking the three of them to take care of themselves, since Tegomass are on tour (with NEWS) now, and Sakura started working on a new programme. They picked up on Sakura’s new programme, asked her what it was about and congratulated her. She said her things aren’t important and moved things back to gyoza. Massu said there’re times when he does and when he doesn’t, though he wouldn’t order gyoza and rice together right away. Tegoshi wouldn’t eat rice, as he simply won’t be able to finish all of that. Sakura would eat both, though she prefers fried rice over white rice. Massu said as someone who likes gyoza, he’d hope for people to either not eat any rice, or eat white rice. Like for people who eat ramen and gyoza, he’d wonder which they went to the shop for. The rest of the studio obviously didn’t feel the same way, so he went, “NEXT! NEXT!”

    • For “Tegomass no Debate” this week, the first question was, which would make you happier? A: You’re the first customer of the day. B: You’re the 10,000th customer. Before choosing, they all said they don’t particularly feel for either of them, and when Sakura tried to get them to choose one anyway,
      T: Though we don’t feel particularly happy about either of them, we just need to decide which would make us happier?
      Sakura: Such terrible personality! Did you have to say that?
      T: I get it.
      Tegoshi chose B and Massu chose A after a slight delay, so they asked if the delay was because he wanted to make the debate more interesting and he said yes (TM bursts out laughing). Tegoshi did his explanation first, saying the likelihood of being the 10,000th customer was lower than the first, since it’s possible to put in work to become the first one, but not the 10,000th. You need some luck for that. Massu said if he didn’t know about his friends starting a new shop, for example, he wouldn’t be able to go immediately, but if he did, and was told he’s the first, it’s like a sign of their relationship, and that they’d continue to be as close? Because otherwise he wouldn’t get to find out and go so soon anyway. Sakura said they both gave good answers (rarely), and while she feels the same way as Tegoshi, Massu gave a rare good explanation, so she gave the round to Massu.
      M: “A rare good explanation”… how do I feel happy about this.
      T: Since I have a higher average, you know, even in school and all that…
      M: Next! Next!
      M: Next-----!

    • The second question was, which would you not want to happen while shopping? A: Regret buying. B: Regret not buying. Massu immediately went “B!” after the options were read out and Tegoshi chose the same. Massu said he wouldn’t want to regret buying something too, and Tegoshi said the same logic applies for everything else too. Like to regret having confessed your love, or to regret not having confessed your love. Better to have confessed, isn’t it. They concluded it’s the worst to regret something you didn’t do.

    • The third question asked which was more embarrassing. A: Tripping over a cool phrase. B: Singing off pitch. Massu chose A, and explained how because they’re artistes, it wouldn’t be nice for them to sing off pitch, but who decided on the pitch in the first place? (The rest: Hmm???) Like, there’re things more important that being on pitch.
      Sakura: Uh, Masuda-san shall we take a break? Tegoshi-san go ahead.
      Tegoshi said because all their fans are super nice, even if they tripped over their phrases they can just try to make it into a funny incidence and that’s fine. But as a professional, it’s a bigger issue to go off pitch. So it’s more feeling frustrated than embarrassed, but he feels it’s worse to sing off pitch than trip over phrases.
      Going back to Massu, he tried to get everyone to think to imagine the situations these happen. So if he goes off pitch, it’d be when he’s singing. But even if he does sing off pitch, he wouldn’t think, “Ah this is embarrassing!” Though as a professional that shouldn’t happen. Tripping over phrases, however, is just embarrassing. Simply. Just imagine that. It’s embarrassing, isn’t it?
      Sakura: (while laughing) “Just imagine that”...
      T: To “imagine”.
      (more laughter)
      M: I lost. Hurhurhurhurhur…
      Sakura: Sorry. Tegoshi-san.
      They said he was good all the way up till “Just imagine that”.

    • At the ending, they promoted the “WORLDISTA” tour. While Sakura was reading the address details, Tegoshi had to do a mental calculation based on the figures Massu read out to him. He lost track midway and asked to do it again from the start again (also making Sakura read the address again), only to find out the last line was “multiply it by 0”.
      T: IT’S ZERO!!! Dammit. (banging on the table)
      He said he was doing his best seriously, working his brain and hey! He should have just waited for the last line. Massu showed Tegoshi the script Taro-chan wrote, saying how he’d written “Tegoshi-san would probably do it seriously, and say, ‘Isn’t it zero!’ at the end.” They said Taro-chan is amazing and Tegoshi behaved just like a puppet. He said there’s a line in “DoLLs”, saying “ore wa ningyo nanka ja nai” (I’m not a doll) but he was totally one now. They said it just shows how predictable he is. They said again Taro-chan’s amazing and next week looks like it’s going to be an interesting episode too.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Apr 26)

    • At the opening, he said they have a special guest since it was the final episode of Master Hits for the Heisei era - it was Tsuka-chan (A.B.C-Z). Tsuka-chan said how it’s nice to be able to join Massu on this commerable episode as they met during the Heisei era, and Massu said don’t make it sound as if they started something together at the beginning of Heisei or something. They talked about knowing each other for more than 20 years and while they weren’t the closest at the start, after going through lots of different groups and all they’re now the closest. If they were younger they’d have seen each other more as rivals, since they’re all striving to move up from the same start, but now they’ve come to respect each other for their individual work. Massu said it’s the same for him and Nakamaru-kun (KAT-TUN), in that they became closer after they became adults. It’s nice how they managed to gather for their 20th year.
      Tsuka-chan: You sure something like this is good enough?
      M: Yeah! Or do you have something else you want to talk about.
      Tsuka-chan: Nope. That’s all!
      M: That’s all? Then would you leave… hur.
      Tsuka-chan: No, I mean, since this is a rare opportunity. Massu ask something. Ask me something.
      They tried to think of something, but said since they talk in private and have been seeing each other around at work there isn’t much. Tsuka-chan ended up asking if Massu does any training.
      M: Hurhurhurhurhur… yeah I do.
      He said he aims to go twice a week, once the usual gym training, and the other time at the pool. Tsuka-chan runs once a week at the very minimum, and tries to finish 10km within an hour. He also started going to the gym regularly again. The instructors at the gym he goes to aren’t there all the time, so it’s a place where you can go more casually.
      M: The instructors aren’t there all the time?? You sure that’s okay? Seeing how you say “Kinpatsu, kinniku, Tsuka-chan desu!” (I’m blond and muscular Tsuka-chan!), you should treat the muscular bit with more importance.
      Tsuka-chan: No, it’s a proper gym!
      He explained since he more or less already knows his way around, he doesn’t really need the instructors to come to talk to him. He was also thinking of just going in to train his pectoral muscles that day and head home.
      M: It’s probably just Tsuka-chan and I, isn’t it? The Johnny’s that’re bigger sized.
      Tsuka-chan: That’s true. You eat rice when you go to yakiniku, right?
      M: I do.
      Tsuka-chan: And the rest of the members don’t?
      M: That’s true.
      Tsuka-chan: They’ll pick the parts to eat too.
      M: Ahh… like the less fatty parts.
      Tsuka-chan: Do you eat boneless short ribs?
      M: Yeah, but not that much.
      Tsuka-chan said it’s good enough that Massu eats them, because if their group goes for yakiniku with the staff for instance, and take up maybe 2 - 3 tables? The short ribs from the mixed platters for these tables will all end up at Tsuka-chan’s seat. There’s just no way he can finish all of that and he wishes his group would deal with their meals better, because meals are important. Massu asked how Goseki-kun is like, because he has that image of just eating grilled fish with rice and miso soup. Tsuka-chan said he’s surprising actually the one who eats most out of the other four. Kawai eats the least, as he talks more than he eats. Tottsu tends to talk more than he eats after some drinks, so Tsuka-chan ends up being the one to clear the food, and the one who grows bigger physically. Hasshi’s appetite changes according to whether he needs to get his physique to a certain look for his roles.
      Massu said for NEWS, he’s the one who clearly eats a lot more than the rest. He said they’d order what they want to eat, and he’d be the one who orders like 3 cold noodles at the end, with garlic rice too sometimes. Everyone would want to go home already, and he’d be like, “Eh? Aren’t we getting some noodles or rice to end the meal off with?” and he’d eat like 3 servings of those, desserts, plus the complimentary gum before going home.
      Tsuka-chan: And the rest of the members don’t eat at that pace?
      M: Nope.
      Tsuka-chan: Poor you!
      Massu shared how for concerts, they’d usually reserve a place and the members would head over at their own time. Tegoshi and Shige would be there really soon, and by the time Massu reaches the venue, nobody would be there anymore. (Tsuka-chan: That happens???) Massu said from the restaurant’s point of view, they’re probably going in loops the entire time, serving appetizers non-stop for instance. So usually when Massu reaches, Shige’s already just chatting with the staff, which means the staff are probably there for like 5 hours or something. Tsuka-chan said poor staff, since they should be tired too, and Massu said it usually goes, Tegoshi goes off, Koyama reaches, he reaches, Koyama goes off while he’s there, while Shige’s still there having drinks with the staff. This happens very often, so there’re only about 30 minutes when all four of them are actually there together. Which is why their levels of excitement towards the food would be different, since the rest would mostly already be done with their food while Massu would have just started. He wouldn’t even know what they would have been talking about beforehand.
      For A.B.C-Z, since there’re limited shower cubicles, Kawai and Hasshi would shower first, while the rest would wait. For NEWS, it’s Tegoshi and Shige. Which means Koyama and Massu would be left with 10 - 15 mins of waiting time. While he doesn’t hate that as he can soak in the atmosphere of the concert, they always make it sound as if he takes forever to get ready. But hey, this extra 10 - 15 mins isn’t his fault. Tsuka-chan said he’s also the type who likes soaking in the atmosphere, and spending time on that’s important too. Massu shared how since he’s sitting across Koyama, sometimes they’d be talking about the things that happened during the concerts with the staff, eat some stuff from the catering, and then end up heading back straight from there. They wondered where Tsuka-chan would place in the timeline if he were in NEWS, and he said maybe about Massu’s time as he’s slow with preparations.
      They then talked about how they’d like to stay behind for a bit to talk to the staff about the work they’d just finished with, like TV or magazine shoots. Massu said he’s not the type who’d try to rush through things and finish faster. Of course there’re times when he’d leave earlier if the work finished faster than scheduled, but if something’s scheduled for 2 - 4pm for example, he’d be around till 4pm, even if the work finished faster than expected. (M: Though the staff might be thinking they want to go home earlier hahahha) He claims to know how to read the atmosphere though. Massu said there’re some magazine staff whom they’ve worked with since they’re 12 or 13, so he’d just be talking about irrelevant things with them, though they might be thinking in their hearts they want to go home already.
      Tsuka-chan started getting worried about whether it’s okay for them to just be talking casually like that, and Massu assured him it’s okay again. So Tsuka-chan was like, okay just let me say this, and he thanked Massu for designing A.B.C-Z costumes last summer. Massu said he’s happy. They talked about how that happened, saying it started during the 2017-2018 countdown. So during the final CM break before the show was about to start, the two of them switched costumes and took each other’s places in their respective groups. They thought it would be funny, though it didn’t really get caught on screen. But because Tsuka-chan wore NEWS’ costumes, he felt they were different from what he’d be wearing for A.B.C-Z and that was what sparked him to ask Massu to design something for them. Massu took into consideration Tsuka-chan’s requests, and looked through all their recent costumes. Since they wear suits a lot, he thought he’d make them some casual ones. It seems Massu asked for some tough things and that set of costumes took longer than a set of NEWS costumes usually took. Tsuka-chan said while it’s amazing the work Massu did, they also felt the teamwork from the costumes team Massu usually works with. Massu said the costumes are only made possible because lots of people are around to help them.
      Tsuka-chan: When it was decided Massu was going to make something for us, Massu isn’t that dumb either, so…
      M: What is it. Why does it have to start off with the context of me being dumb.
      Tsuka-chan: Well there’s the image of Massu’s ideas being very out of the world, in a good way of course.
      M: No don’t say anything more. You can’t say anything else.
      Tsuka-chan: I mean, you have these wild ideas, but people still stick with you through them. So this team work is amazing. There’s this trust. But since Massu isn’t that dumb…
      M: You said that again. Why are you trying to emphasize that.
      Tsuka-chan: Of course you’d more or less consider how long it’d take to make the costumes isn’t it.
      M: I don’t “more or less” consider it. I put things into proper consideration!
      Tsuka-chan: But if you get tied down by all the logistics, you won’t get to create amazing things, so I felt the team work there.
      M: Hmm? What is it? Are you praising me or what?
      Tsuka-chan: ….. Of course!
      Massu talked again of how the costumes team gives him a lot of support. The most time is spent getting the designs down on drawings, lots of discussions go on and he’d bring in fabrics he want to use to show them etc., but they understand him and help him out with that. Of course, he could just give them a brief idea of what he wants to do and they would make the costumes, but he’d tell them 100% of what he wants to do. Massu said he’s happy again about getting to make the costumes for A.B.C-Z and that the footage is included in “Black Sugar” too.
      They said maybe they should read some mails from the listeners as quite a few of them came in for Tsuka-chan, in relation to the douki kai (batch mates gathering), how they say Massu’s costumes in the footage included in the “Black Sugar” LE B. Lots of mails came in, but there wasn’t enough time to read them that day anymore.
      Tsuka-chan: Thank you! Thank you so much! Though I don’t know what the mails are about. I’ll look through them later!
      Since there wasn’t much time left, Tsuka-chan started talking a bit about “Black Sugar” and Massu tried to stop him, saying there wasn’t time. But Tsuka-chan was like, “At least play it! Please!” So they decided to play it before saying their goodbyes.

    • ♪ Black Sugar ♪

    • Massu said this song is really cool, and while A.B.C-Z is known for their acrobatics, they decided not to use that this time and it turned out really cool. Tsuka-chan said they performed this at The Shonen Club, and while there are fans of other groups there the atmosphere was really good, so people who like Johnny’s love this song too. Massu said this feels like a song good for concerts, and he’d go watch the next one too. (M: Can I appear in the performance for “Black Sugar”?) Tsuka-chan said he understood why Massu likes this song, as the composer for this song was Dojima Kohei, who wrote songs for Kinki Kids too. It’s just when they were back dancing for Kinki Kids so it’s what their bodies are used to listening to. Massu apparently started dancing a bit. He said while they don’t have guests over that much for Master Hits, he asked Tsuka-chan to appear again when it’s the Reiwa era, and they said their goodbyes.

    • ♪ WORLDISTA ♪

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