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NEWS news (week of May 15) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (May 12)

    • The first letter was from a listener who talked about attending Worldista and how they liked listening to the two new songs in concert (S: Ah, this is a bit of a spoiler, but I guess that’s fine…) They said that they can’t wait to listen to the recorded versions of “Top Gun” and “Love Story”.
      Shige talked about how their new single was finally announced and that it’ll go on sale on June 12th and that it’s a double A-side. He talked about it a bit (single details here), and how for Love Story they’re using the fans’ voices that they recorded during the Epcotia Encore performance. He also talked a bit about the coupling songs, and messed up saying “Top Gun ban ban” instead of “Top Gun ban” (Top Gun version) and laughed saying it was difficult to say.
      He said “Dragonism” is a cool type song, and said that the music video for “Top Gun” will be surprising, it was directed by the same person who did “LPS”. The music video for “Love Story” is by the director who did “Koi wo Shiranai Kimi e”, and it’ll be a single cut video. He said it didn’t take long at all to film.
      He also mentioned how Massu did the costumes for both, and asked everyone to look forward to them

    • ♪ NEWSKOOL ♪

    • For music club this week he talked about the artist, No Rome, and played his song “Pink”. He talked about how he collaborated with a band called The 1975 during Coachella and how he’s from Manilla.
      He talked about how his music really grew on him the more he listened to it and so he decided to play it on the radio.

    • Shige talked about how he made a noren for Nakajima Yuto (Hey!Say!JUMP) and how it ended up making net news and he got a lot of letters regarding it from fans since Yuto mentioned his name to the press and uploaded a picture of it to jweb. Shige said that it’s not that he minds, but he made it just for Yuto (rather than a thing to show to the fans) so he wasn’t sure if he should talk about it here, but since he got so many letters he figured it’s fine if he talks about it on his own radio.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they found out about the noren from Yuto’s blog. Since they’re a fan of both NEWS and Jump they were really excited. They talked about the meaning Shige put into it, in the colors and imagery and words, and how Shige has a really good artistic sense. They said that they didn’t really know how the process of making a noren works and wanted to know how Shige communicated what he wanted to the craftsman.

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they thought it was very Shige-like to respond to Yuto’s request to make a noren for his first starring play with the question, “Are you fine with me doing it?” They said that they also thought the noren itself looked very “Shige-like” the second they saw it, and felt that even more so after reading the meaning behind the design. They said it was a lovely design, and wanted to know if he came up with the design right away and any behind the scenes stories about it.

    • The next letter was from a listener who talked about how much they liked the design and said that her Jump fan friend expressed her thanks to her for the lovely noren that Shige made and for how he looks out for Yuto, and it made her happy to hear. She wanted to know if Shige had known that the demoiselle crane is the bird that can fly the highest in the world.

    • Shige said that around the end of March Yuto contacted him asking for a favor. Before that, sometime in January he, Yuto, and Nakayama Yuichiro, who was also in the “Yotsuba Ginko” drama with Shige, and Yamauchi Takaya all got together. Since Yuto and Yamauchi knew each other they decided to all go to Yamauchi’s house and that’s when Yuto told him that he was going to be in a play though it hadn’t been announced yet. Everyone was really excited for him.
      When Yuto contacted him he thought maybe he would ask him to come watch rehearsal, but then thought that couldn’t be it since Yuto has a fair amount of acting experience under his belt. It was a bit scary just getting a message like “I have a favor to ask…” He found it pretty surprising when he then asked him to make him the noren, because Yuto has acted with a lot of different actors and he thought maybe Yuto should ask someone with a bit more experience. He asked Yuto if he was really ok with him making it and Yuto told him that Shige has taken care of him and showed interest in his play, which is why he wanted him to do it so Shige agreed. He wondered how you make noren. He had an idea for the design right away, doing one that’s half pink and half grey. It’s a design that would be too embarrassing to do for himself, so really Yuto is the only person that it would work for. Then soon after he came up with the design to go over that. He consulted Maruyama Ryuhei (Kanjani8) because he heard before how he had given a noren to Yaotome Hikaru (Hey!Say!JUMP) and he connected him with a staff that he worked with, so it’s thanks to Maru that he was able to make it.
      With the crane, Shige likes to use descriptions and metaphors of animals in his works like when he writes novels and he thought that the crane really fit Yuto well. Hayashi Matori, a former Kansai Jr who graduated to become a choreographer, did the design using Shige’s ideas since he’s good at drawing. They worked in the idea of a wave, kind of in the style of Hokusai’s famous print, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” which Shige liked because he’s into ukiyoe. Shige had wanted to write both his and Yuto’s names on the noren, but he didn’t have time. He said he was a bit nervous about it but was glad about the positive feedback he got on it. He said he was also planning on going to see Yuto’s play soon.

  • Kchan NEWS (May 14)

    • The guest this week was Tegoshi.

    • T: Hello, It’s Yuya Shigote! Thank you! Ah, I mean Yauyu Shigote.

    • They talked about how fast the year was going by with it already being May and how it’s getting hot, Tegoshi talked about how he has his windows open with the screen down and that’s perfect for keeping his place cool, though when it was really hot he had to put on the air conditioner.
      They talked about how it was cold towards the end of April and Tegoshi boasted that he doesn’t get cold easier. When they took the photos for the tour pamphlet it was really cold, but Tegoshi was fine and didn’t wear a jacket. He speculated that he has a high body temperature, maybe around 36.5℃ (97.7°F) and Koyama commented on how much he talks, though it’s fine since it’s the radio but it’d be annoying if this were a video. Koyama told him that a body temperature of 36℃ is normal, and Tegoshi said that in the past his was 35.8℃ before he started weight training.
      They talked about going golf and how it’s the perfect temperature for golf. Koyama said that he talked about it a bit during his solo radio show, but he wanted Tegoshi to talk about the charm of golf. Koyama said that Tegoshi seems like he’d be the type to be a reckless golfer, just hitting the ball as far as he could, but Tegoshi was really very precise and spend a long time trying to calculate the distance and picking his clubs before swinging and then switching to putter and lining it up once he was closer to the hole. He really was very serious about it, and Tegoshi said that he is very serious once it comes to sports. It really comes out when he’s playing sports. Koyama said that they got food too, and they were given locker keys with numbers on them, for instance maybe his was 180 and Tegoshi’s was 181. Tegoshi had been so serious up until that point, Koyama though he would continue that way, but Tegoshi ordered his food using Koyama’s number. Koyama didn’t realize at first and kept thinking how Tegoshi was really ordering a lot. They talked about how fun it was to go with all the concert staff and they’re discussing all getting together to golf at a place Tegoshi goes to regularly once the tour is over and things have calmed down.

    • ♪ Emma ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who wrote in about how Tegoshi sleeps with a body pillow. (K: Do you still use one? T: I do! K: What do you use? T: A pillow! K: No, I know that- T: A big blue one)
      Tegoshi explained that he sleeps with the pillow between his legs. (K: How cute…) Koyama asked what he does when they’re in hotels while touring and Tegoshi said that he’ll put the comforter or something between his legs instead, he has to have something there or he can’t sleep. Koyama complained that Tegoshi was hitting his thighs as part of his explanation, but since it’s the radio none of the listeners can hear or understand what’s happening.
      Koyama told him if body pillows are so necessary he should buy the best kind. Tegoshi started to pester Koyama to buy him one, and Koyama complained that he should buy it himself.
      K: Why do I have to buy you a present even though today is my birthday??
      T: My birthday is in half a year!
      Koyama kept complaining and Tegoshi kept pestering him, Koyama said he’d just look around a bit, and Tegoshi said he should priority ship it to him. Koyama complained so Tegoshi told him to bring it over then. Koyama asked if he doesn’t like picking out personal things like that on his own, he prefers to go see the item before he buys it. Tegoshi said that he never really goes shopping, but he does want a new TV. He wants a TV and a BluRay Player, his is old so he can’t record the shows he’s on to watch later. They talked a bit about what kind of TV Tegoshi wants for awhile and Tegoshi explained that his current TV is about 7 or 8 years old so they’ve evolved a lot since then.
      T: Buy it for me?
      K: Why! What an expensive man.
      T: Buy it!
      T: Be my “himo” (lit. string/cord but basically means a pimp)
      K: Why do I have to become your “himo”
      T: Be my “himo”!
      K: You’re ok with me as your ”himo”?
      T: Yeah, be my “himo”.
      K: If I’m the “himo” which one is that?
      T: Is “himo” the one that gets things paid for?
      K: Can you stop talking about things you don’t understand??
      T: Which one is “himo”?
      K: Come one…
      T: The one that gets a lot of things bought for them..?
      K: It’s the one that gets taken care of, right?
      T: Oh ok, then I’ll be the “himo”.
      K: You’ll be the “himo”? Ok, then be the “himo”.
      T: Oh, I know! Pay my rent!
      K: What??
      T: Isn’t it fine? You’re the oldest.
      K: This is the only time you call me the oldest.
      T: Yeah, you’re older, the big brother, so pay for everything!
      K: You never call me “big brother”.
      T: My water bill is due tomorrow.
      K: WHY?

    • The next letter was from a listener who wanted advice on what the best purikura pose for NEWS fans is.
      Tegoshi did some pose that caused Koyama to complain and say that he couldn’t describe what it was and that he didn’t want to imagine fans doing that pose, Tegoshi laughed and said that he agreed.
      Tegoshi said that it’s a bit cliche, but the Chankapaana pose is a good one and Koyama agreed. They also said the bowery pose. Koyama tried to get Tegoshi to act out the pose again, but Tegoshi did some weird pose again that Koyama couldn’t explain. Koyama complained as Tegoshi cracked up, and Koyama apologized to the listeners for not explaining what pose Tegoshi was doing, as it would only be detrimental.
      Koyama tried one more time to get Tegoshi to do the bowery pose, but when he did the weird pose again he gave up and just moved on to the next song.

    • ♪ Spirit ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who asked if Tegoshi takes a lot of pictures of his dog and Tegoshi answered right away that he does. He said that he doesn’t take many pictures in general, but he takes a lot of dogs. Koyama brought up how at Tegoshi’s mom’s house they have a doggy camera set up so that he can see them at any time. Koyama said that Tegoshi’s showed it to him before, but Tegoshi’s mother is also often in the video too and he wondered if that’s ok, does it not make her feel like she can’t relax? Tegoshi explained that it’s his mother that decided where the camera should be. Koyama said that then his mother always has to be in a state that’s ok to be on camera, even if she just got out of the bath or something, and Tegoshi said that it’s not like she walks around naked afterwards.
      Tegoshi also said that his mother is a surfer and started to talk about how he, his mother, grandmother, the dogs, and a friend’s family went on a trip to Karuizawa together this year. The same place they went together on SCP. They went by car and Tegoshi drove them. Koyama complained that Tegoshi keep causing trouble throughout this radio but then shows off his good ‘diligent son’ side at the end and Tegoshi protested saying of course he does that properly.
      Koyama said that he hasn’t been on a family trip in awhile and Tegoshi encouraged him to go, saying that there are places in Karuizawa where he could take Milk, it’s not just dogs.
      Koyama asked Tegoshi how long they stayed and Tegoshi said that they spent one night there, and Koyama asked him what they did about the room arrangements. Tegoshi said that their group had multiple rooms and that he had his own bed that he slept in with Emma and his mom and grandmother were in the next bed. Koyama commented on how he wouldn’t be able to sleep in the same room as his mother, it’s a little embarrassing.

    • Tegoshi continued to tease Koyama throughout the ending credits and they mentioned the Top Gun/Love Story upcoming release.

  • Tegomass no Radio (May 15)

    • At the opening, they talked about how there are only five more episodes to the 400th episode. Tegoshi said his futsal team just had their 500th practice session the other day. Since they practise about once a week, it means they’d been playing as a team for about 10 years.
      T: 400th for Tegomass no Radio, and 500th for my futsal team.
      M: Sorry, but we’re actually in a celebratory mood now? So we don’t need episodes of other things that’ve been around longer.
      T: No no no…
      M: We didn’t need this episode at all.
      Sakura: So “Tegomass no Radio” should work hard too, so as not to lose out to that.
      T: Yeah. And to overtake my futsal team, we just have to do “Tegomass no Radio” twice a week. (studio laughs)
      Sakura: Or reduce the number of times you play futsal!

    • Moving on to the request for the week - “Gamushara Chachacha”. It’s from someone who’s on their job search, and while people around them have been receiving offers, they have yet to receive even one. But this song helps them to stop comparing themselves with others and feel positive about the situation. This radio is also their source of positive energy, so they’ll keep supporting it.
      T: We’ve never sang this song other than for the recording.
      M: Really? We haven’t?
      T: Nope I’m sure of that. BUT! If we have, sorrryyy~
      Sakura: HAHAHAHHA.
      M: We haven’t?
      T: I don’t think so.
      Tegomass wondered how it feels and how things worked, since they’ve never been through the process. Sakura explained how things worked and the kind of emails that come, whether you’re rejected, offered a position, or have managed to move on to the next step in the interview process. They said they’re supporting the listener, so they hope the listener would do their best.

    • ♪ Gamushara Chachacha ♪

    • The second mail was from a listener who wanted to know if they make noises when doing their training at the gym. There are some people who make loud noises in the kickboxing classes the listener attends and that surprises them sometimes.
      They said it’s probably usual to make noises for kickboxing and probably better to. Massu said the shot putters also make noises when they throw the shot out so it’s likely better to make noises when exerting force. As for whether they make noises while training, Massu said he does a little, and Tegoshi started demonstrating the sounds he make, like “urgghhhhh” and counts.
      Sakura: I’d go “heeeeeeeeee”.
      T: Huh?
      M: Huh?
      T: You’re kidding me.
      Sakura: Really.
      M: You’re just trying to sound cute aren’t you?
      They asked when she makes such sounds and she said when she does the bench press, and demonstrated the sound she makes again. They accused her of sounding different and she said she’s demonstrating the exact sound she usually makes now, while she was just giving an example before.
      T: I make sounds too. But not the “haaaaaa” type and all. Just slight grunts.
      M: This wasn’t interesting at all.
      T: Not interesting- this isn’t about that! I’m just telling people what happens in real.
      M: I already said that!
      T: So am I supposed to lie?
      M: Yeah.
      T: Ah really. Then, *makes some weird noise* (studio bursts into laughter)
      M: Ah I see. That helps you exert strength better.
      T: Yup.
      M: Yeah there’re a few of such people around.
      They continued this conversation for a while and the other two started telling Massu they wanted to hear how he sounds when he’s really at it.
      M: Ah I see. So it it okay if I do the sound I usually make at the bench press?
      T: Sure.
      M: Okay here goes. …..hmmm BENCH PRESS!
      (slight silence in the studio)
      M: Hmm? If we can edit this part out, edit it out please!
      T: I don’t know if “Tegomass no Radio” will be able to hit our 400th episode.
      M: Edit this out if you can~
      Sakura: Yeah it’s true we might not be able to, with the “bench press” thing now.
      T: It’d be hell if we receive such mails all the time, we won’t be able to get through this.
      M: (playing on the image of training) We’d sustain a lot of injuries along the way, yeah?

    • The third mail was from a listener who’s good at remembering numbers, such as birthdays and car plate numbers. Is there anything they’re good at remembering? They named some celebrities who are known for being good at remembering birthdays while wondering what they’re good at. Tegoshi said he’s good at remembering game characters and the music for particular scenes and started singing some song from Pokemon etc. Tegoshi asked if Massu’s fast at memorising lyrics, Massu’s slow and Tegoshi said it’s the same for him. Massu said he can’t remember them much to begin with. He doesn’t remember them as words, but as sounds. Tegoshi brought up how Tsuyoshi-kun (Kinki Kids) said there’re lots of lyrics that aren’t written by themselves, so there’ll be words/expressions not in them they have to remember and that makes it hard. All three of them are better at remembering faces than names. Massu said while there are some people whose names suit them very well and he remembers them immediately, but then there are those where he can hear their names multiple names but still not be able to match the name to the face. (M: Like, this person doesn’t look like a “Sato”...) They all agree they remember faces better though. Massu said they should try to come up with at least something, and he brought up how Tegoshi was good at mental calculations (when he had to do it at the end of the programme recently). He said he likes numbers and he used to read books talking about the stories behind formulas etc. The other two have never seen these before. Massu said he’s terrible at math, and Tegoshi started asking him about his other subjects - he’s average for Japanese, barely safe for science, and doesn’t know about social studies.
      T: Well you’re a Physical Ed and Music person, aren’t you?
      M: Physical Ed, Music and Recess.
      T: You don’t get credits for Recess!
      M: I received top grades for that! Like for drinking 2 servings of milk.
      They said Tegoshi is amazing for being good with numbers as they’re bad at that, Massu brought up how he can’t even remember phone numbers these days.
      T: Oh I do that pretty well.
      M: Then say that! When we started on the topic!
      T: HAHAHAHA.
      Sakura: We wouldn’t have had to go through all that Pokemon talk.
      They talked a little about phone numbers, how Massu can remember the numbers of his childhood friends (those for their homes), but can’t remember the numbers to anyone’s mobile. Takes effort for him to remember his own too.
      T: Ah I can, I can even remember the previous ones.
      M: Then say that!
      Sakura: Why didn’t you say that?
      T: Yeah, I shouldn’t have offered Pokemon.
      Sakura: Yeah! I tried so hard to come up with something.

    • For “Quiz! Tegomass ni Oshiete” (Teach Tegomass) this week, the first question was a riddle. This place has trees 木, woods 林, and forests 森. Where is this.
      M: Earth.
      Sakura: Masuda-san, this is a riddle.
      Sakura told them to think in terms of kanji, and that it’s the name of a place. Massu got it right pretty soon after - Roppongi (六本木), where the literal translation = 6 trees (6 木).
      Massu shared how Roppongi Hills had 6 circles in their logo, and this must be the reason behind it.

    • The second question was also a riddle - what animal is always near the flames?
      M: LIZARDON! (Charizard)
      T: That’s Pokemon.
      Sakura: No this isn’t a continuation of the Pokemon topic.
      To help them, Sakura told them to think in terms of what flames are, and this animal is a small animal everyone knows. She then added to think in terms of what “near” can mean, and Tegoshi offered “himawari” (sunflower), which sounds similar to “around the fire”. Sakura said he’s on the right train of thought, and after more prompts, Tegoshi got it - hiyoko (chick), which sounds similar to “next to fire”. He said many times “That was close!” after that.

    • The third question was also a riddle. The crow and the goat made noises in the garden. What kind of weather was it?
      Tegoshi got this right pretty quickly - showers (niwakaame, a combination of sounds from “garden” and the sounds crows and goats make) He was really pleased and started asking if everyone was listening. Massu protested, saying crows don’t “kaaa” but “aaaaa”. Tegoshi started saying Massu was showing off by telling them about the Roppongi logo but he managed to win in the end. Massu then asked wasn’t the first question worth 10k points??? But obviously not.

    • At the ending, they promoted the “WORLDISTA” tour as well as the “Top Gun/Love Story” single. They mentioned Massu did the costumes for both PVs and said they hope to sing both songs on music programmes. When Sakura was reading the address details, Tegoshi had to act out the expression for the scenarios Massu read out. It ended a mess obviously, finishing with Tegoshi doing his Emma baby talk.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (May 17)

    • At the opening, he talked about the release of “Top Gun/Love Story”, how they can finally talk about it, it’s a Double A side single and shared some details on the songs. He hopes everyone can look forward to the release. It’ll be the Saitama concerts that weekend and he told those who can make it to look forward to it too.

    • The first mail was from a listener who wanted to know if Massu prefers sour or sweet umeboshi (pickled plums). He said this is a tough one, and said he likes a sour one that’s also sweet.

    • ♪ Invisible Dungeon ♪

    • The second mail was from a listener who usually wears contact lenses and wanted to try making a pair of spectacles. However, the ones they find cute and try on never evoke positive responses from their friends. Would Massu ask for opinions or buy something he likes? He said if it’s to ask for an opinion between two pairs he chose himself it still makes sense, but he doesn’t want to end up choosing something he completely doesn’t like. He feels it’s better to choose something the listener likes as they’d be the one wearing it. He suggested going to look around some more to find a pair they like.

    • The third mail was from someone who’s in charge of the costumes of their cheerdance team and wanted Massu’s opinion on which two colours to use for their costumes. He suggested light brown (but not as light as beige) and neon orange. He said he’d love to try designing costumes for cheerdance someday though he might get them all wrong since he knew nothing about cheerdance. He hopes his opinion made it in time and that the listener would write in again when they have the design finalised.

    • The fourth mail was from a listener who’d be celebrating their friend’s birthday for the 8th time and needed ideas for a birthday present. They wanted to know how Massu chooses presents for his close friends and if he had any suggestions. He said he observes what the friend likes and would pick something he thinks they’d like/suit well. They tend to end up being clothes, objects, sometimes home electronic items. Things that person would like, but wouldn’t buy for themselves. Like a shampoo on a higher price range or something. For friends from his hometown, they tend to just meet up for a meal and pay for the person who’s celebrating their birthday. So it’s a treat from them, and that they’re gifting their time to the birthday person, rather than buying a physical item.

    • The fifth listener wanted to know what Massu was doing on the last day of the Heisei era. He said everyone was talking about what to do on the last day of the era and he went for yakiniku with about 5 friends, but it wasn’t to celebrate the last day of Heisei or anything, but to celebrate the birthday of one of them. They did end up counting down to the first day of Reiwa though. It was a memorable day as he got to spend the last day of Heisei and the first day of Reiwa with these friends.

    • The sixth listener said Massu experienced showering in Ecuador without a shower head, and wanted to know if he cares about the water pressure of the showers. He said they’ve been talking quite a bit about the shower rooms of each venue during the MC of their current tour, like which shower room works the best etc. But he doesn’t care very much about such things, unless of course, the water is weak to the extent it feels like the person next to him is using everything up. So he’s mostly just listening on when the rest talk about it during MC. For Ecuador, he said they probably don’t have shower heads, so it was really just using a hose. He doesn’t like it when the water from the shower comes on too strongly. It’d be just right if it doesn’t hurt even if you directed the water onto your face.

    • The seventh mail is from a listener who will be celebrating her fourth wedding anniversary soon. However, this would be the first time they get to celebrate the anniversary together as her husband got posted overseas for work soon after they got married. The posting ended in April, so they’re finally getting to celebrate it together. She wanted to buy her husband a present and wanted to know if Massu has suggestions for an item that would jazz up an outfit for anyone instantly, even for someone who doesn’t care much about fashion. He said to only be able to celebrate it after 4 years is almost like Olympics and it’d be nice to celebrate for past years they didn’t get to too. He suggested getting cropped pants, as most men can pull that look off. He then started wondering what they can do for that day, like going shopping for those cropped pants together, then going for dinner together (including a conversation with the restaurant staff about that new pair of cropped pants). He was just saying he’s not married and might not be able to give good advice when realised he was overplanning things as the listener didn’t ask him to plan the entire day for her, but just for suggestions for a stylish gift. He apologised and said, “Cropped pants.”

    • ♪ Remedy ♪

    • For Brain Master this week, the question was: what is the average time giraffe sleeps? He made a few wrong guesses before getting it right - 20 mins. It’s because giraffes need to eat a lot for their body size, and as such wild giraffes have to keep moving around to search for food. Giraffes also can’t keep the position of lowering their head to sleep for too long as they have high blood pressures (due to the distance between their hearts and their heads). He said he has a feeling he already knew this information from somewhere and commented on how that’s why giraffes have the image of always chewing on something and that he doesn’t remember seeing sleeping giraffes at Amazon.

    • ♪ Cheetah, Gorilla, Orang Utan ♪

    • At the ending, he promoted the Saitama concerts again.

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