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NEWS news (week of Jul 9) - Part 1

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  • Shige will be appearing on the Jul 20th episode of “Ikegami Akira no News Sou datta no ka!!” (Source)

  • Massu will be appearing on the Jul 22nd episode of “Fukai Hanashi 2hr SP”. (Source)

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  • NEWSRING (Jul 10) NR.jpg

    • It was Tegoshi’s turn to update

    • For shiritori, he picked the word “legend” and talked about The Music Day and said that he was grateful that he was able to perform 6 songs. He also talked about performing “Kurenai”, and how much of a challenge it was. He said that he really loves X Japan and ToshI and that he has so much respect for him as a vocalist. “Kurenai” is also the most difficult for him to sing well since it’s so high.
      When he was first offered the chance to perform it on The Music Day, there were other options of song to sing, but he thought that he might not have another chance to sing a song by an artist he loves so much live on a show hosted by Sakurai-kun (Arashi). He thinks it’s better to regret something you’ve done than regret something you didn’t do, so he agreed to sing it.
      He said that he doesn’t think he did it justice, but he has confidence that he performed this song that he loves with the utmost love and respect. He’s glad that he chose to sing it.
      When he had filming for ItteQ after that, lots of his fellow performers and staff told him that they saw his performance and enjoyed it which made him happy.
      It made him feel even more that he wants to become even better at singing, and he would love to sing a duet with ToshI or have Yoshiki accompany him on the piano someday. He’ll work hard to make this dream come true, and believes that putting dreams into words helps make them come true.
      He also talked Johnny, and how he’s grateful to him for picking him to be a member of NEWS and recognizing his singing and hoping for him to help change the impression of Johnnys’ singing abilities. He said that the song he sang for Johnny at that time was X Japan’s “Forever Love”, and Johnny praised him. Johnny took a chance on him when he could have put someone more famous in.
      He said that Johnny saved him and made his life brighter, it’s because of him that he’s able to lead such a fun life. He’ll continue to work hard so that Johnny would say that he’s grown. He believes that Johnny is watching over him with a smile from heaven.
      He asked Johnny to rest in peace, saying it’s important to take breaks and signed his entry “From Johnny’s Jimusho NEWS Tegoshi Yuya”

  • KEIICHIRO (Jul 10) K.jpg

    • Koyama wrote an entry to Johnny-san, with details like the first words Johnny-san said to him, thanking Johnny-san for giving him his place for the past 19 years etc. He also shared how Johnny-san accommodated his school schedule when Koyama told him that he wanted to graduate university in 4 years.
      He also thanked Johnny-san for giving him dreams and letting him meet his precious fans. He’s going to continue treasuring the “NEWS” that Johnny-san created, and will continue chasing his dreams as NEWS’ Koyama Keiichiro.
      He said he was able to convey his thanks to Johnny-san while holding his hand, and asked him to rest in peace, thanking him again at the end.

  • Shigeaki no Cloud (Jul 11) SC.jpg

    • Shige wrote a fairly long entry, first on his birthday, then on Johnny-san.
      On his birthday, he took the chance to thank the people who’ve been supporting him, writing something for the following people - his fans, his parents, his friends and staff around him.
      He then moved the topic to whom he calls his second father, Johnny-san.
      He was a very ordinary boy until he entered Johnny’s. Before then, he has never been chosen for anything, never won anything, and had no confidence in himself.
      He remembers an episode when he first started appearing on TV. He forgot to hold the mike up to his lips while speaking, and even though the rest of the guests managed to make it a funny thing, he felt extremely ashamed for himself. But Johnny-san praised him, saying “YOU are very good.”
      Shige said Johnny-san always praised him when he failed, giving him chances to dance and act even when he could do neither. Johnny-san was definitely the person who supported him the most at that time.
      But when they stopped getting to meet as often after NEWS’ debut, Johnny-san gave him these harsh words, “You used to be so good in the past,”
      Shige remembered feeling really regretful and sad, wondering why Johnny-san stopped praising him. He understands now though. To help him build confidence before debut, and to keep him grounded and constantly aspiring for the better after debut.
      This was extremely deep love. So many Johnny’s talents, but he managed to treat each one with importance.
      There’s still a part of Shige who hasn’t been able to accept the passing of Johnny-san. He’d wanted to be praised by Johnny-san again, and it hurts that that’ll never happen again. But he’ll do his best to be recognised by Johnny-san again as he feels Johnny-san will definitely still be near them.
      His memories with Johnny-san will never fade. He told Johnny-san to rest in peace, and thanked him again.

  • KEIICHIRO (Jul 11) K.jpg

    • Koyama posted about Shige’s birthday, saying that Shige’s equal measures of clumsiness and skillfulness is cute, and said that he hoped he had a great year ahead. He also talked about how Johnny put them together as partners when they were jrs, and he remembers it well even now. He said that they should keep supporting each other in the future, and work hard so that Johnny could call them the best of partners

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Jul 13)  M.jpg

    • He answered 10 questions sent in with regard to the drama, including one of the first line he said in the drama, “Aniki!!” (Brother!!)


  • ToshI mentioned Tegoshi again in his blog entry, saying he received many messages from Tegoshi fans with regard to his previous entry. He also expressed his happiness at how his fans and Tegoshi fans are interacting and being on good terms. (Source)

  • Tweets for Shige’s birthday

    • NEWS na Futari’s official account tweeted that Shige handles every social issue sincerely, and surprises them with his word expressions as a writer as well as the wealth of his knowledge. They’re full of gratitude for him. (Source)

    • Gochan, the official mascot for TV Asahi, tweeted to wish Shige happy birthday and said he’s eternally grateful for how Shige stopped KoyaTego from trying to lift his head up during Dream Festival. (Source)

  • The website for Koyama’s SP programme is up, and you can view it via the source link (Source)

  • Ongaku no Hi related tweets

    • NEWS na Futari tweeted twice that day, both around the times when NEWS performed - first with a photo of the egg sandwiches and curry buns they bought NEWS, then just to say NEWS is singing a lot. (Source 1 2)

    • air:man tweeted to say “Love Story” is a good song and that it was trending (on twitter) (Source)

    • her0ism also tweeted about “Love Story” trending and that the response has crossed the seas to reach him, thank you. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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