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NEWS news (week of Jul 17) - Part 1

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  • NEWSRING (Jul 17) NR.jpg

    • It was Shige’s turn to update
      He picked “don yori shita tenki” (dull and cloudy weather) to continue the word game.
      He wrote that his 6th instalment for “Miacis Symphony” got released on the week’s anan and told everyone to read it.
      He also wrote about the weather, how it’s been cloudy and rainy for a really long time and while he doesn’t hate it, he does hope for a bit of sun already.
      He feels like going for a trip, either a domestic one or overseas.
      He said he recently ate Portoguese food for the first time recently and it was really yummy. That makes him feel like travelling more, but he’s got a lot of writing left to do, so please give him your support!
      He ended by asking everyone to do their best to survive the wet weather.

  • Nonchan Nisshi Season 2 (Jul 18)

    • Nozawa Yuki (Johnny’s Jr.) mentioned NEWS and Massu in his entry when he picked NEWS’ “Megalomania” as his song of the day. He also posted a photo of something he received from Massu in celebration of the opening day of the play he’s appearing in.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Jul 20) M.jpg

    • His second week of answering questions for “Voice”, including one where someone said they were so scared after Ep 1 they couldn’t sleep, and Massu first joked to then stay up all the way till Ep 2, but then said he’d comfort them so please sleep!

  • KEIICHIRO (Jul 22) K.jpg

    • He wrote about watching “Voice” while clutching onto his cushion and said he received a really rare pair of sneakers from Massu. He’s so ecstatic he can’t express this happiness in words.
      He said he happened to mention how he wanted this pair of sneakers and Massu said he has it, would Koyama like them? And Massu hasn’t even worn them once! He thanked Massu and said he’ll wear them with care.
      He also wrote about the issue of “Biteki” released that day, and said it’d be nice if it can turn out to be a stimulating day. (TL note: he played on the Japanese for “stimulating”, “shigekiteki” with Shige’s name)
      He ended the entry with him holding Shige’s uchiwa from “WORLDISTA”

  • MADE ni Omakase (Jul 23)

    • Inaba dedicated a segment in his entry to Massu, saying there’s a lot he wants to say over the past month.
      In chronological order, he received a pair of shoes from Massu, saying it was really white on the insides. The heels aren’t worn too so Massu must have worn them really well, but the white shoes are somehow rather dirty on the outside. He spent an hour on each shoe cleaning them and told Massu he revived them! Only to receive a call immediately saying, “They were shoes aged on purpose”
      That’s when he realised he messed up but Massu was laughing a lot so he was glad. They went for a meal together that day.
      Next, Massu’s birthday! This is probably the 4th/5th time he tried to be the first to text Massu once the date turned July 4th, and he has this alarm set at 23:58 on July 3rd each year. He asked if he managed to be first again this year, but Massu told him no, someone else wished him a couple of days ago. But that’s against the rules! So he still managed to be the reigning number 1 at texting Massu on the actual day.
      Then “Oshareism”. While Massu told him before the broadcast that he mentioned Inaba, he thought it was probably just a mention in the flow of the conversation, but hey his face was properly on screen!! This is not just a “mention”!!! He wrote quite a bit about this mention and clarified that he’s not a swindler (like they mentioned on the programme)
      Finally “Master Hits” (TL note: probably referring to Jul 19’s episode). He wrote about his thought process when he received the text from Massu, and told his fans to be grateful to Massu since there isn’t another sempai as kind as Massu to read an unrelated mail (to the sempai) on his programme.

  • MADE ni Omakase (Jul 24)

    • MADE e Shitsumon Q18
      A fan asked MADE what song they’d like to sing with who, if they had a chance to work with a sempai/kohai.
      Inaba chose to do Kinki Kids’ “Kanashimi Blue” with Massu.

  • NEWSRING (Jul 24) M.jpg

    • It was Massu’s turn to update
      He said he’s still filming “Voice” and asked everyone to watch it. To continue the word game, he chose “keychain”.
      He said he really loves them and ends up buying a lot of them. There’s one he’s been using since high school and he has it on his key. He also uses their tour goods like the key and compass. He’ll work hard to create more goods that everyone will like.
      He ended by asking everyone to take care to not get dehydrated in this hot weather, and to watch the drama

  • KEIICHIRO (Jul 25) K.jpg

    • He wrote to promote his appearances in “Barairo Dandy” and “5ji ni muchu!’, and also his programme “Koyama Keiichiro no Kenja no BORDER 30” on Saturday. The programme will be available on the Tokyo MX app so everyone can watch it.
      He ended the entry with a photo he mentioned on Kchan NEWS of him in front of the wall with wings.


  • One of the cameramen working on “Sore Dame” tweeted on Jul 17 to say the refreshments Massu brought them during the recording was really good and thanked him. (Source)

  • NEWS sent flowers to Yamashita Tatsuro’s concert. (Source)

  • The official account for “Voice” tweeted that Koyama bought the team odango, and that Massu was apparently the one who was most surprised. (Source)

  • The first project for “STORY” was announced on Jul 26:
    Please write “STORY” (all in capital letters) on a piece of white paper. There are no limitations on the type of pens nor colours to use, and we’re encouraged to be creative about it. Photos taken by your smartphones will be accepted too.
    Submission period: Aug 1st - Sep 30th 23:59 (JST)
    Part of the T&Cs:

    • The photos received will be used only for the production of “STORY” and nothing else

    • There will be no payment involved even if your photo is selected

    • Please make sure your submission does not plagiarise/infringe the rights of other people’s works

    • Please understand that modifications may be done to your submission

    • Selections will be made by the company and there will be no individual contact about the selections

    • Submissions that include photos/messages that do not follow the requirements will be disqualified

    • You will not be able to delete or modify your submission, and submitted photos will not be returned. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!

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