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Strawberry Bluray & DVD Announcement!


It was announced on August 1st, that NEWS 15th Anniversary LIVE 2018 "Strawberry" Bluray and DVD will go on sale on September 11th, 2019.

NEWS' first concert at Ajinomoto Stadium was jam packed with many effects that can only be done outdoors, like water canons and fireworks. It also featured a special medley that looked back on their 15 year history, and a tearful first performance of their single, "Ikiro". It's a passionate must-see concert, filled with gratitude for the fans, staff, and all people who have been involved with NEWS.

As a special feature, this release includes an interview with each member where they look back on their turning point, called "Bokutachi no, genten (Our roots)". Koyama, who experienced failure in the first concert; Kato, who continued to search for his place in NEWS; Masuda, who hid his deep feelings towards the place of his dreams, Tokyo Dome; and Tegoshi, who faces the joy and responsibility of his first time being the lead vocalist.

All DVD & Bluray versions will include:

【Disc 1】Approx. 80min

OVERTURE / BLUE / Koi Matsuri / Chumu Chumu / Summer Lover / BEACH ANGEL /  Koi no ABO / weeeek / INTER / Happy Birthday / Aikotoba / Chankapaana / SUMMER TIME / Fullswing / U R not alone / MC / Aoi Bench

【Disc 2】Approx. 95min

INTER / Share / Touch / Endless Summer / Hikari no Shizuku / INTER / Yoru yo Odore / BAND INTER / JUMP AROUND / Akaku Moyuru Taiyo / BLACK FIRE / INTER / NEWS Nippon / Nagisa no Oneesama / NYARO / Hoshi wo Mezashite / Cherish / 4+FAN / INTER / Stand Up / Kibou ~ Yell ~ / SHOCK ME 2013 / KAGUYA / Sayaendo / Hadashi no Cinderella Boy /  BYAKUYA / Sakura Girl / Fighting Man / LPS / "Ikiro"

【Disc 3】Approx. 117min

"Bokutachi no, genten (Our roots)"
・"I'll never stop 'conveying', Koyama Keiichiro's roots"
・"The 17 year old who continued to search for his place, Kato Shigeaki's roots"
・"At the place of his dreams, Masuda Takahisa's roots"
・"I begin my journey as I sing, Tegoshi Yuya's roots"

DVD & Bluray will include:


Anniversary package / 100 page booklet


Enclosed folded poster


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