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NEWS news (weeks of Aug 5 - Aug 29) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Jul 21)

    • The first letter was from a listener who wrote in about the newest installment of “Miacis’ Symphony”, and his short story, “Pocket” and that they always enjoy his writing.
      Shige said that he was happy, and commented about how he had written the “Miacis’ Symphony” quite a bit in advance, sometime before May, either in March or April. He said that he’s always writing. He also said that points in the story are going to start coming together, and it’s tough to write something in installments like this. He said that he’s also got some things he can’t announce yet.

    • ♪ Sirius ♪

    • For music club this week Shige talked about Nakamura Kaho, who he’s played on the radio before. He talked about her newest release and how her album “Ainou” got good reviews. He played her song, “Lindy

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that in a recent interview Shige said that he watched the anime, “Sarazanmai”. They talked about how they watched it too and are eager to talk to Shige about it. They talked about how it reminded them of lines from Shige’s solo “Sekai” and they asked for his thoughts on it.
      Shige said that when he has times he’s always at home writing or at the gym, so he hasn’t had much time to go to the movie theater even though there are a lot of movies he wants to see. So he watches a lot of stuff at home. He’s writing from morning to night, but sometimes he doesn’t know what to write so he’ll watch tv. There are a lot of interesting new anime, and he has a number of friends who know a lot about anime, so he asked them what they would recommend and one of the recommendations was “Sarazanmai”. He said that it was interesting, and was nonsense in a good way. He talked about how the music is really good and the characters were good too.
      He said he’s watched a number of other ones too and mentioned a few titles including “Violet Evergarden” which he said was amazing he sobbed watching it. It’s all he’s been watching recently. He described the plot a bit and said that it’s beautiful and a really good story. He really thinks anime is really interesting, there’s a lot of different stories. He also mentioned, “The Dragon Dentist” another anime on NHK which he encouraged everyone to watch.

  • Kchan NEWS (Jul 23)

    • The guest this week was Shige.

    • At the top they talked about how a number of listeners are probably on summer vacation, and Koyama talked about he’s never really had a summer vacation and Shige commiserated saying that they’re lucky to be very busy in summer. Koyama also commented on how the rainy season is especially long this year and Shige laughed saying how adult he sounds starting this off by talking about the weather.

    • The first letter was from a listener who said that they’ve enjoyed watching them perform various versions of “Top Gun” on tv.
      They talked about how they performed “Top Gun” with a brass band on The Music Day, and Koyama said that he really talked quite a bit with the teacher and Shige said that they were so close to each other when they were talking Koyama really just looked like another teacher. Shige said that since he’s a bit shy in social situations, there’s no way he’d be able to talk at length with someone he doesn’t know like that. Koyama and the teacher apparently grew up in the same area so they talked about their hometown, like “Is that one cafe still around?” and when Koyama found out that they went out of business he reacted like, “Ehhh???”. Shige said that everyone on set was a bit nervous, and so the students had probably wanted to practice a bit more, but Koyama had totally locked onto the teacher. Koyama countered that that’s not what happened at all, he was thinking that they were probably nervous, it was the students’ first performance on a stage like that after all, and it was a bit of a weirdly timed break they had so he thought it might put them at ease to see NEWS be at ease. The students could hear their conversation and could react to it. Shige commented on how Koyama was acting like an MC even though it was an early rehearsal, but later went to the gym and was tired and slept in the car before the actual performance. Koyama laughed and asked him to cut it out cause it was embarrassing. Shige said that he was talking to Tegoshi, and when Koyama was like, “I’m going to sleep in the car” Tegoshi was like, “That guy, always working out, napping, and then catching a cold!” and burst out laughing. Shige said that Tegoshi said that while playing his game. Koyama commented on how they still had part of the letter left, and continued to read it.
      They commented on how in the medley portion, Shige was able to collab with Ohno (Arashi) and Koyama got to see Nakama (Johnny’s WEST) and Kiriyama (Johnny’s WEST) for the first time in awhile. They wanted to know what they talked about.
      Koyama talked about how for Shige’s song, “Naniwa Iroha Bushi” there’s supposed to be this part in the choreo where you move to the side, but because of where they were performing they couldn’t do it, so Shige just moved his upper body and hands around. Koyama said that he watched him do it in rehearsal and thought to himself, “Wow, that’s embarrassing lol”. Shige said that during rehearsal, Ohno and Fuma (Sexy Zone) weren’t there so it was just him and Chinen (Hey!Say!JUMP) and stand ins. The rehearsal the day of the performance was the first time all 4 of them were there, and a lot of things were different from before since they were also in a newer more narrow space. Shige didn’t do the hand movements at first, but Ohno really did them so Shige was like, “We’re supposed to do the hands??” so he did them too. Koyama said that since Shige does them in a kind of embarrassing way it looks embarrassing watching it, so he told him it’s better to just do it which is what Shige did in the actual performance. Shige added in that he had fun doing it during the actual performance, he complained that the actual problem was Koyama because he did his part too seriously. Shige commented on how Koyama messed up part of the choreo, but that it wasn’t caught on camera. Koyama really practiced for the performance, so Shige said that Koyama must have practiced too much and gotten nervous and stiff. Koyama did the Hey!Say!JUMP song perfectly, but he messed up during the zigzag part of the Matchy song. Koyama said he has a lot of respect for the songs which is why he takes it so seriously.
      Shige asked Koyama if he got to talk (with Kiriyama and Nakama) during the show and Koyama talked about how when he appeared on their radio show they asked him to name all the members and wasn’t able to name Kamiyama at first, and he felt bad so he went to the Johnny’s WEST dressing room to apologize. But before he could, he went to the bathroom and happened to run into Kamiyama there.
      Shige asked him if he recognized his face, and Koyama said that of course he did and started to describe how they were lined up and Shige protested that there was no need to describe it. Koyama said that he really wanted to apologize but first also had to apologize for the place/timing and Kamiyama told him that it was fine. After the song, Koyama asked him to take a picture. Shige asked him if he talked at all with the people he was with for the medley and Koyama answered that he talked a bit with Nikaido, it was the first time they’ve really seen each other in awhile. Koyama asked Shige if he talked with Ohno, and Shige said that he did, they pretty much just talk about fishing. Shige said that Ohno’s also already caught a 29kg tuna.

    • ♪ Top Gun ♪

    • The next letter was from a listener who said that they watched their appearance on KAT-TUN’s show, “Tame Tabi” and wanted to know of any behind the scenes stories.
      Shige said that it’s a tough program, you probably burn off a lot of calories. Koyama agreed saying that it was tiring. They said that it’s hard on KAT-TUN but also on the narrator, the teasing from the narrator is really something. They said that they really didn’t get a chance to talk. They’ve been together for a long time so it felt natural, but the camera was going pretty much the whole time. Koyama said that he really felt like it must be tough on KAT-TUN to go through this every episode and Shige agreed. They said that it was fun. Koyama talked about taking pictures, and Shige made fun of him for having fun on the swings. Koyama asked Shige if he doesn’t take pictures, and Shige said that he doesn’t really take selfies. Shige said he would be embarrassed to take pictures with the wings like Koyama did and Koyama said that it was fun and he had been excited and said that he would put it up on jweb. Koyama said that he had been using a certain app to take pictures, but it really beautifies you too much, so after a few photos he deleted it.
      Shige commented on how it’s good of Koyama to update his blog so much, and Koyama said that it’s fun though he’s not sure how the fans feel about it and Shige said they must be enjoying it and Koyama agreed saying that he does it believing they’ll like it.

    • ♪ SUMMER TIME♪

    • The last letter was from a listener who wanted them to talk about which alphabet they would want in place of a banana boat. Since there wasn’t much time left Koyama hurried in reading it skipping the pen name and Shige scolded him telling him to read out the pen name, complaining that he thought the whole question was the pen name, so he was listening thinking, “wow what a long pen name!” Koyama reread it and messed up and Shige complained again and so they both started complaining and laughing and Koyama asked if they should just end the show there, but they decided to come up with some answers and Koyama said “I”, Shige proposed, “S”, but they weren’t satisfied with that. They both agreed that “O” would be fun. Koyama said that “C” would be scary. Koyama said that “A” would be unexpectedly fun, it could be pulled around and you could hold onto the middle part, to which Shige excitedly agreed.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Jul 24)

    • At the opening, they said summer vacation should have started for the students and said they wouldn’t know what to do if they had a month off work. They tried recalling what they did during summer vacation as students, like radio exercises.
      T: I received a pen after going a few times. From that famous brand.
      M: (Louis) Vuitton?
      T: LV doesn’t have pens! Sorry if they do though.
      M: I think they do.
      T: Probably Uni (he first pronounced it as wu-nee, like sea urchin, before correcting it yu-nee, the stationery brand).
      M: I’d hate it if it were uni (sea urchin)...
      T: That’s true. It’d be all prickly

    • The request this week was for “Full Swing”. The listener is studying childcare at a junior college and listens to the song when the going gets tough. Tegoshi said he’d want to try going to a vocational college someday and that he can tell when someone’s attending one, like when he walks along Cat Street (TL note: a street between Harajuku and Shibuya).
      M: Why is Tegoshi walking along Cat Street?
      T: AHHHH here we go. He’s making fun of me again. Where can I go then, if Cat Street isn’t for me?
      M: To be honest, going for runs around your area is already pushing it.
      Tegoshi said he’s been to Cat Street a few times, including when he’s driving, and talked a little about how sometimes the navigation takes you down a street where it’s mostly for pedestrians and people look at you like you’re being a bother. Massu also shared a story of how he ended up into the road of someone’s house on a very narrow street and got really nervous because he had to turn the car around in that very limited space. 

    • ♪ Full Swing ♪

    • The second mail was from a listener who thinks their emotions don’t show up on their face very much, and wanted to know if the three of them think they’re like open books or otherwise.
      Tegoshi started by stating his image of announcers - always proper and right, but probably likely to go crazy at izakayas. Also how their expressions have to change according to the news they’re delivering, and that’s really professional. He can never do that, everything shows up on his face. Massu agreed, saying he’s never seen Tegoshi acting like an adult - he’d never hide his emotions and if he’s upset he’d just act up there and then. (T: Now that you say that… that’s true.)
      Massu said he reacts according to the situation, if it’s okay or better to let people know his emotions, he would. They also talked about how Massu never reacts extremely.

    • The third mail was from a listener who loves going to aquariums and wanted to know if Tegomass goes to aquariums and if there’re any animals/fishes they particularly like.
      Both of them said they don’t go to aquariums very much except when they go for shoots. Massu shared he fed walruses on the shoot.
      M: I was the apprentice.
      Sakura: Of Mr. Walrus?
      M: Not the walrus!
      T: And how did it become Mr. Walrus?
      M: Like, “Walrus sempai, teach me please!”
      Tegoshi shared how he went to an aquarium that had illuminations and it was super pretty. With a couple and another guy friend.
      Sakura said she went to a deep sea aquarium to see the frozen coelacanth. They discussed coelacanth for a bit. They also talked some about the fishes/animals they liked, naming penguins, dolphins (with Tegoshi trying to make noises like dolphins).

    • For “Tegomass no Debate” this week, the first question was which they would eat if they could only choose one of it for all three meals in a day. A: Bitter Stuff; B: Sweet Stuff. Tegoshi chose A while Massu chose B. Tegoshi asked what food’s bitter and they named a few. (M: That guy probably has no idea what bitter food means.) Tegoshi tried defending himself he’s not that good with sweet food to begin with, while he’s okay with bitter stuff.
      Massu tried shooting Tegoshi down by saying how he’s not doing a proper debate since he has no idea what constitutes bitter food. On the contrary, Massu loves sweet food and that since there’re variations to the level of sweetness, it’s better to eat sweet stuff for all three meals. Massu won this round. Tegoshi started justifying his answer again including how it’s easy to win once you grasp Sakura’s preferences and Sakura said she’d be completely objective.

    • At the ending, they promoted “Top Gun/Love Story”. While Sakura was reading the address details, camera shutter sounds could be heard again and apparently they tried putting photos of eyes over their eyes to take another photo?

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Jul 26)

    • At the opening, he talked about the WiNK UP staff asking what he’d like for his birthday. He said anything’s fine and they don’t have to bother, really. He then shared they gave him water and beer the previous year as they went through the same conversation a year ago, with them asking him what he needs and he named water and beer. They said it’s hard getting things for Massu as he seems particular about the things he uses, how would he like bath towels though? He said he’s rather particular about bath towels too so that’s fine. So anyway they went through a few things and ended up saying beer and water would work best. He said he really wants to change the image of him being troublesome through radio (and look what he just did).

    • The first listener asked if Massu prefers okaki or osenbei (TL note: read about them here). He said they covered the differences between these two on “Sore Dame” a while back though he can’t remember clearly. He prefers osenbei.

    • ♪ Top Gun ♪

    • The second mail was from a listener who wanted to know what Massu thinks of going to a company’s drinking session in a set of checkered jacket and pants (with tshirt under). He said he thinks that’s really stylish though it might be rather hot for the current season. He also tried to be funny by saying the listener can consider wearing a wrap around their waist to impersonate Tora-san. He also asked the listener to write in to let him know how the rest reacted to their outfit.

    • The third listener said they saw on TV that the voice of some singers release alpha waves, which have calming effects. They’re positive Massu’s singing release some wave that make people’s brains and hearts feel good, so could Master Hits try to find out? Apparently the programme’s director asked how they can find that out. He said there’s also the possibility of there being nothing in his voice after they check things out, and he’d be shocked if that happened. He wouldn’t want to know if that’s the case.

    • The fourth mail was from a listener who watches a lot of horror films in summer. They always end up narrowing their eyes and clutching onto something though. They wanted to know if Massu is good with horror films and if there’s anything he feels like watching in summer. He said he’d watch the films if they’re showing on TV, but end up getting jumpy in the shower later. He said he’d like to watch “Toy Story 4” since Karasawa-san voiced Woody for the Japanese version.

    • The fifth listener goes to the swimming pool when the weather isn’t feel that great, as going to the pool refreshes them up. They wanted to know what Massu does when he doesn’t feel that great or when he wants to motivate himself. He said he doesn’t get affected by the weather very much but if he doesn’t feel that awesome when he wakes up, he’d just stay at home and watch TV the entire day. Or read magazines with the radio on.
      As for how he motivates himself, he says he listens to genres like hiphop before concerts so as to get himself hyped up.

    • The sixth mail was from someone who said they had the final match for their club they’re in recently. But they lost the match because of the listener. They wanted to know how Massu recovers from failures. Massu said whenever there are winners there will be losers, but that is a good experience on its own. And he’s sure the listener won’t blame the person if it happened to be someone else, that can’t be helped. He suggested turning the regret into a driving force for the listener’s next challenge. He wondered what he’d do if he lost something, and said that probably happened in relay races in school. It’s natural to want to become number 1 somewhere, so they can work on becoming that the next time a chance comes. Or consider becoming number 1 to someone, rather than for something. (M: How’s that!)

    • ♪ SUMMER TIME ♪

    • For “Masterpiece” this week, he played “Dragonism”. He realised he hasn’t introduced this song yet and talked about how he felt the world view of this song is really amazing and that it’s a cool song. The song was ready at the time of “WORLDISTA” and since a dragon appears in the concert, that having this song released after the tour makes it feel like the dragon everyone worked at nurturing together lives on.

    • At the ending, he promoted “Voice”.

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