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NEWS news (week of Sep 17) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Aug 18)

    • Strawberry DVD

    • Story Project - You can submit more than one. They’re looking forward to our submissions, don’t worry about making something “good”, originality and variety are more important.

    • ♪ Blue ♪

    • ♪ Chance the Rapper feat. John Legend - All Day Long ♪

    • Tuna - He brought it to the japanese restaurant he usually does to get it cut up. They ate what they wanted, took some for friends, and left the rest for the restaurant.

    • He couldn’t make it to Fuji Rock this year because his friend’s wedding was that day and he was excited to wear a suit for it.

  • Kchan NEWS (Aug 21)

    • Koyama’s solo radio

    • Shige catching a tuna

    • Getting a license - Koyama got his license at 18, he failed once before passing. When he first went to get his license he accidentally went when the school was closed and had to go back the next day.

    • ♪ Nagisa no Onesama ♪

    • King&Prince concert - Koyama went right after filming for NEWS Na Futari. He said he was impressed with how well done the concert was and praised the members and Kaito in particular saying he was cute and good at dancing.

    • Summer song - Koyama said that since watching “Ano hana” it’s “Kimi to natsu no owari”

    • Anime/Cosplay - Koyama talked about wanting to cosplay Kaneki for Halloween, he bought a Kaneki mask.

    • Fan wanted to know Koyama’s favorite hairstyles for all the members. He said he likes them all, he always notices when they change their hair. For Massu: he liked when he had longer bangs and center parted, around the time he did the pool photoshoot. For Tegoshi, he thinks the pink really suits him, and it’s his member color. Pink is pretty in style right now so he’s been wanting to put pink in his hair too, but then it’ll look like he’s just doing it because he likes Tegoshi (though he does like Tegoshi lol). For Shige, recently he’s had it permed and center parted. Everyone in NEWS looks cool.

    • ♪ Cascade ♪

    • Voice - Koyama talked about how cool Massu is in the drama

  • Tegomass no Radio (Aug 21)

    • Tegoshi talked about taking the Green Car on a train recently and how touched he was by it. They also talked a little about the convenience and scariness of using electronic payment

    • Request this week: ♪ TRAVeLiNG ♪

    • If they change the way they speak to the same person in different situations (e.g. a sempai in school vs. the same sempai in private). Tegoshi said he does, when he has to interview soccer players he’s close to in private as a soccer caster

    • What they switch on first when they get home (the listener switches the TV on before the lights). Tegoshi - lights. Massu - he first switches his “work” switch off

    • On concert staff, including the drivers who move the concert equipment from one venue to the other

    • “Quiz! Tegomass ni Oshiete”. There were a total of 3 questions. Tegoshi got the first question, Massu the second, and they got the final question at the same time

    • At the ending, Massu had to do food shiritori on his own and he was terrible - he managed to end the shiritori by the third word - gyoza - zarame - men

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Aug 23)

    • No “Voice” that weekend due to the telecast of 24hr TV

    • If Massu prefers tomato soup or tomato juice. If he had to choose something tomato… meat sauce.

    • ♪ Akaku Moyuru Taiyou ♪

    • If he prefers harder or softer rice for onigiri. He prefers the right balance, but if he had to choose, it’d be harder rice

    • Aquarium or zoo - he likes both

    • If he’s good at waking up in the mornings - he’s not and it’s hardest to wake up at around 6 - 7 am

    • How he likes girls to represent “LOL” in texts - (笑) 笑 w
      He said it depends on the content of the text, and it’s hard to decide which to use once you start thinking about it, so he’s going to leave it up to people to decide

    • On a listener who went to Taiwan just to eat mangoes and asked where he’d like to go next - Hamamatsu for gyoza

    • ♪ Butterfly ♪

    • Brain Master - how many people were on the first ever flight from Haneda Airport in 1931. He got it right at the second guess - zero

    • ♪ Let’s Go to the Planets ♪

  • Sorashige Book (Aug 25)

    • Strawberry DVD & Story Project

    • ♪ Kimi ga Ita Natsu ♪

    • ♪ Videotapemusic - Summer We Know Feat.mmm ♪

    • Movies - Violet Evergarden & Avengers End Game & Tenki no Ko - Shige really liked Tenki no Ko.

    • Shige also made umeboshi this year, he talked about going to his friend’s wedding who also started making them

    • ♪ Nagisa no Onesama ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Aug 27)

    • The guest this week was Tegoshi

    • Tegoshi was late so Koyama talked about going to Animate for the first time for a bit while he waited for him.

    • Summer - They talked about how Tegoshi texted Koyama when he was at the beach to comment on how Koyama wasn’t there, and Koyama said it’d be wild if he had been there and they talked about how one time they ran into each other at the beach since they have a mutual friend.

    • Tegoshi talked about how he can’t understand people who take selfies at pools.

    • Koyama and Tegoshi talked about a comedian gag that Koyama thought Tegoshi would like but Tegoshi didn’t know it.

    • ♪ Summer Lover ♪

    • Koyama and Tegoshi were talking about the gag and joking around as the song ended and they pauses recording so Koyama could show Tegoshi a video of the gag.

    • Listener letter - They went to watch a jr concert and Made performed “Wonder” and SixTones and Snowman’s debut was announced.
      They talked about how Tegoshi knows Taiga and Taiga messaged him to tell him. Koyama went to go see the concert, and talked about seeing the debut announcement, and how it felt it be among fans of those debuting and those not debuting.

    • Listener Letter - The Music Day, the most memorable thing was Tegoshi’s cover of “Kurenai”. They asked Koyama to praise Tegoshi.
      Koyama praised Tegoshi, and they talked about how ToshI wrote about it on his blog and how Tegoshi cried a lot reading it. He said that the day of the performance his throat wasn’t in a great condition, but he didn’t want to lower the key or not sing it since he might never have the chance again. During the performance Shige, Massu, and Koyama turned the volume all the way up on the TV in the dressing room and watched while cheering him on.
      Koyama’s mom also sent her thoughts via message saying that he really pulled out all the stops. Koyama said that she’s also a fan of Tegoshi’s.

    • Listener Letter - Has Tegoshi gone golfing recently?
      Tegoshi said he did. They talked about how tough it is golfing in the summer, and golf in general.

    • ♪ Fighting Man ♪

    • Listener Letter - The listener said that she was surprised at how quiet and well behaved Emma is because her dog barks a lot, she wanted to know why Emma is so well behaved.
      Tegoshi said that it’s because he’s been training her well, and Koyama pointed out that he’s indirectly dissing the listener. Tegoshi talked about how it means nothing to get angry at a dog or yell at them, instead you have to make them think about what they did wrong, for instance putting them in their cage.

    • At the end Koyama tried to get Tegoshi to talk about what Voice is about and he made up a story.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Aug 28)

    • On summer vacation and the level of Japanese education
      (M: The level started dropping from me.
      T: Then that’s something you should hide!
      M: Like for fashion, if you’re lame to the extreme it’s actually cool.
      T: Ah like me!)

    • Request this week: ♪ Invisible Dungeon ♪

    • Sakura noticed Tegoshi always touches his nose when Massu tries to be funny

    • The wallets they use - apparently Tegoshi’s wallet is some bag-like thing that the other two described as something people going on adventures would use and that it’s really heavy. They also discussed how they arrange their notes
      They went through everyone’s wallets, including Taro-chan’s (the writer). Realising Tegoshi doesn’t keep track of the amount of cash he has in his wallet, Massu asked him to leave his wallet out. (T: You’re going to take my money then! M: I didn’t, and I wouldn’t, but I really don’t like how Tegoshi thinks I will do that. T: I’m just going to keep my wallet in my bag. M: I wish you would never doubt me.)

    • That’s all they managed to talk about for the week

    • At the ending, Tegoshi had to solve a riddle while Sakura’s reading the address details

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Aug 30)

    • On holiday homework - they can be easily completed if you plan to do them bit by bit everyday, and Massu this the type who plans in advance to rush them at the end of the holidays

    • When he eats the egg in his ramen - halfway through

    • ♪ JUMP AROUND ♪

    • How much time did it take for him to do the action scene in Ep 6 of “Voice”? He received a video of the action scene the action director had in mind, and they had rehearsals for about 3 hrs the day ahead of the shoot

    • Apparently Nakamaru (KAT-TUN) said he’d want to watch their own concert once someday, and Kame was like, sure, Massu would take your place. What does Massu think about this? He understands the feeling of wanting to watch their own concert as he feels the same way, but having to do beatbox in place of Nakamaru...nope. It’d be fun to do group shuffles sometime though

    • Someone who bought 50 new pens just for the “STORY” project - does Massu also start from “looking the role” when he starts something new? He said yes, because that’s what he did for his role for “Voice”. On something he bought to start but never started - skateboard

    • ♪ Greedier ♪

    • For “Brain Master” this week - what’s the name of the orange suit astronauts wear to space? He made a bunch of wrong guesses before getting the hint of him having used the word in his song before and finally got it - Pumpkin Suit

    • ♪ Pumpkin ♪

  • Sorashige Book (Sep 1)

    • Story Project - Content is more important than form

    • ♪ Easy Come, Easy Go ♪

    • ♪ Biteki Keikaku - Kissnotabi Gyutto Gutto ♪

    • Books - Murasaki no skirt no onna

    • ♪ Ikiro ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Sep 4)

    • The guest was Tegoshi

    • Strawberry DVD & Interview locations - Tegoshi talked about how he can ride the train because everyone’s on their phones and don’t notice him.

    • ♪ Jump Around ♪

    • Listener Letter - what would Tegoshi be if he weren’t an idol? Without the knowledge he gained from being in Johnny’s. A soccer coach, or something with J-league. If he had the knowledge he has now he’d be an business owner/manager.

    • Listener Letter -  A listener was asked out for the first time recently and she thinks he’s wonderful but isn’t sure how to transition from friends to a relationship, and is also afraid of what would happen if she found someone more important to her than Kei-chan has been to her. They encouraged her to go for it, and to go to NEWS concerts together.

    • Listener Letter - A listener got a customer facing job, but they’re shy and so they got a job at a restaurant to get better at customer conversations. She has a hard time joining in on conversations, and they told her there’s no reason to force it, just be open to others.

    • Voice - Tegoshi continued to come up with stories of what happened in the last ep

  • Tegomass no Radio (Sep 4)

    • Shige’s footsteps are really loud, and his actions are basically loud - even the sound of him putting his bag down

    • Request this week: ♪ Aoi Bench ♪

    • The little things in life that pisses them off (though they only made Sakura say hers and then move on)

    • A listener who met her husband to be at “Tegomass no Seishun” concert when they happened to sit next to each other. What NEWS/Tegomass song would they recommend to play at their wedding ceremony?
      Tegoshi and Sakura tried to figure out what started the conversation did they both go alone or with a friend each or… (M: STOP THAT that’s not the point we want to talk about the two of them!!!)
      They said “Hanamuke”, Massu’s cover of “Zutto issho sa”, maybe a recording of this part of this radio episode, NOT Tegoshi’s solos (T: My solos are probably all inappropriate, like “ike~~~” where do you want them to go to??)
      They continued on the topic for quite a while more including drifting off slightly to whether the lyrics of “Tsuki no Tomodachi” were good or not

    • One-line actors
      T: “Otsukaresama for school today” as if he’s a cicada
      M: “Is that true?” as if he’s eating something sour
      They both did really well, but apparently Massu’s expression was really funny (T: Must be because he’s in his actor mode now) so Sakura gave this to him

    • M: “It’ll all work out somehow, do your best!” while extremely sleepy
      T: “Bill please!” while having a stomachache
      They were both terrible this time and Sakura gave it to Tegoshi as he said his line properly

    • They picked a situation for Sakura to read the address details: As if she’s at the train platform sending her kid off to Tokyo

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Sep 6)

    • “Voice” - the drama heading towards the end, having to film under the hot weather, and being happy about getting to be involved in the drama

    • If he prefers hard or soft boiled eggs - it depends on whether he’s eating the egg on its own or in something, but he’d like them medium done

    • ♪ BLUE ♪

    • The kind of clothes he likes girls to wear - riders jacket + dress, or hoodies. He doesn’t like the super frilly/girly clothes, and prefers slightly boyish fashion

    • Whether to buy a new wallet based on design on function - absolutely design, but if it’s lacking on function he wouldn’t want to use it much so he recommends taking time to find one that has both design and function

    • What the listener can do to be better liked by the sempai they like. It’s hard to say since it’s not like there’s a list of things to tick off, and it’s a build up of things and the way they interact over time

    • If he starts buttoning his shirts from the top or bottom - he starts somewhere in the middle and the top button usually goes last

    • ♪ Endless Summer ♪

    • Brain Master - what do rugby players take care to do when they’re holding beer glasses? He couldn’t get the answer and asked for it - to hold the glass with their left hand, so they won’t have to offer a cold hand to someone from the opponent team when shaking hands

    • ♪ With Me ♪

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