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Shige to reprise his role as Kindaichi Kousuke this December!


After a number of teaser tweets by the official twitter account since Sep 28th, it was announced on Sep 30th that there will be another Kindaichi Kousuke Special this December on Fuji TV and Shige will be reprising his role as Kindaichi Kousuke.

The same team behind last year’s “Ikegami no Ichizoku” will be coming back to produce “Akuma no Temariuta” (The Devil’s Ballad). Alongside Shige, Namase Katsuhisa will also be returning to play the role of Detective Tachibana.

Shige’s comments:

“I am very honoured to be able to play the role of Kindachi Kousuke for the second year in a row. Putting the costume on for the first time in about nine months to film the PR video, the memories from last year came back to me instantly, and I was surprised at how quickly I got back into the role. The staff (the same team as last year) going, “Oooh” when they saw me in that get up again also left an impression on me. The unkempt hair overflowing from the frayed tulip hat, worn out hakama, and the sound of the geta. In spite of myself, I am excited by how “that guy” is back again. With expectations stronger than ever, I am already certain this will turn out to be interesting. “Akuma no Temariuta” after “Ikegami no Ichizoku”. Strange murders occur one after another in this work as well, with Kindaichi going after the mysteries behind them. To say it upfront, “Akuma no Temariuta” is more terrifying than the previous work. There’s no doubt that everyone will get goosebumps once you hear the ballad, whether you know the story or not. Please enjoy this scary mystery shrouded in vengeance on a cold shivering night this year as well.”

While the exact telecast details aren’t out yet, the site for the SP is already up, along with the first trailer for this SP.

(Alternative source for the geo blocked trailer: Twitter )

Source: Fuji TV

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