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NEWS news (week of Oct 9)

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  • The broadcast details for NEWS’s part in “Songs of Tokyo” has been announced - they’ll be appearing on Oct 26th’s episode. Please check out how you can view the programme from your part of the world here. (Source)


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  • NEWSRING (Oct 9th)NR.jpg

    • It was Shige’s turn to update

    • Shige said that he wants to be able to say that’ he’s busy with Kindaichi filming, but their still in the preparation stage and he’s reading the original novel and watching past movies.
      He’s also busy writing, watching movies, and anime. He’s watching a lot of anime. He’s also watching rugby. He’s also been jogging since he feels like he shouldn’t be spending all his time watching anime.

  • KEIICHIRO (Oct 13th)K.jpg

    • He wrote a short entry expressing his concern about how everyone is from Typhoon Hagibis, and that he’d do what he can to help when he has the chance to

  • NEWSRING (Oct 17th)


    • It was Massu’s turn to update

    • He also wrote about the typhoon, saying he’s concerned and sad there’s nothing he can do about it.
      For the shiritori, he said he’s been tidying up his clothes, bookshelf, shoes etc. since he has some time to himself now. He’d take in as much as he can and tidy up the inside of his head too, in preparation for “STORY”
      He ended the entry by asking everyone to take care as it’s getting cold outside, and that he’s always thinking of us


  • Results for “Best Jeanist 2019” were announced on Oct 15th. Massu placed 8th this year, a drop from 4th in 2018 and 6th in 2017. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!


  • Sorashige Book (Sep 15)

    • NEWS’ formation anniversary & Strawberry DVD release - Shige read a few letters from fans

    • ♪ Strawberry ♪

    • ♪ Chelmico - Himitsu ♪

    • Shige responded to a listener who wrote in about the sunburn he got on his wrists from fishing while wearing gloves and long sleeves that were too short (which can be seen here). He said that the next day people saw it and asked him if he was ok and if he got handcuffed or something. He complained that that made it sound like he was a pervert or something.

    • ♪ Share ♪

    • The last listener message was from a listener who said that his choice to play “Ikiro” at the end of the Sept 1st radio made them think that he was sending a message of support and strength to those struggling, since the start of the second semester around this time corresponds with a spike in suicides in Japan. Shige said that he wanted to read this letter because they caught on to why he played it.

  • Kchan NEWS (Sep 17)

    • The guest this week was Shige

    • Koyama talked about how fans are probably very happy for Shige for catching a tuna.

    • A listener wrote in asking if they knew what their birthday sushi were, and Koyama tried to make Shige guess.

      • Tegoshi - Mirugai clam (in sushi language it means ‘beautiful girl’)

      • Koyama - Shako (mantis shrimp - meaning ‘swift’)

      • Shige - Anago (freshwater eel - meaning ‘intelligence’)

      • Massu - Wasabi (meaning ‘stimulation’)

    • ♪ Kibou ~ Yell ~ Represent NEWS remix ♪

  • Tegomass no Radio (Sep 18)

    • They talked a little about their thoughts about the collaboration with ToshI the previous week.

    • Request this week: ♪ Sprechchor ♪

    • If there’s anything they can do regardless of how tired or sleepy they are. Massu - eating. (Both the other two felt his answer is in the wrong direction, but sure.) For Tegoshi it’s gaming. Sakura agreed

    • Would they accept roles that involve things they’re bad with? They brought up how Shige had to play roles who’re good at things he aren’t, like how his role is supposed to be better at swimming than Massu’s. But those things don’t matter, because it’s the role that’s good at it, not their personal selves. Like how people shouldn’t be watching “Voice” thinking, “This is something Massu’s bad at.”
      (M: It’s my failure the moment someone thinks “Massu’s bad at that)

    • A listener wanted to know what classes to send their daughter for, and asked how they decided on the classes to go for when they were young? Both of them felt it’s fine to just try as many as they could/wanted to, then stop going for those they felt didn’t suit them. Since you wouldn’t know until you tried. Tegomass went for similar classes when they were younger - soccer, piano, swimming, English, calligraphy classes. They then talked about what they’d like to send their daughter for if they had one and Massu said swimming, ballet, piano

    • Massu had to do shiritori alone when Sakura was reading the address details and he was terrible - he only managed 2 words before ending the game

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Sep 20)

    • He promoted the final episode of “Voice” as well as the special episode of “Master Hits x Bay Janaika” for bayfm’s 30th anniverary on Sep 23rd. So while it’s a long weekend for Japan, he said it’s only fine for people to go out on Sunday since they have to be at home for “Voice” on Saturday and “Master Hits x Bay Janaika” on Monday

    • If Massu prefers honey toast or french toast - he prefers french toast

    • ♪ Kimi ga ita Natsu ♪

    • If Massu would prefer receiving food or items as souvenirs. He said to be very honest, if he were to receive items, it would be better to receive practical items than something like, a huge magnet that says “Hawaii” for instance. Having said that though, he tends to give items as away for souvenirs. He shared how he bought a whole bunch of Eiffel Tower keyrings when he went to Paris for the Fashion Week. He was curious where the listener’s friends went for holidays since they’re still students

    • When Massu got his driver’s license - when he was 18. As he’s shared the story many times, he only managed to pass on his third try and had to suffer the embarrassment of leaving the waiting room because his candidate number didn’t show up on the screen of candidates who passed. He also shared how scared he was the first time he drove his father’s car out

    • ♪ Yoru no Hoshi wo Nagameteokure ♪

    • At the end, he promoted “Voice”, the special bayfm episode and “Strawberry”

  • Sorashige Book (Sep 22)

    • STORY project

    • ♪ Yoruyo Odore ♪

    • ♪ Pasokon Ongaku Club w/ sp guest Inoue Warabi - reiji no machi

    • The listener asked Shige if there’s anything new he wants to try cooking - Shige says that if there are things he wants to try to make he makes them. He mentioned curry, not that he hasn’t made it before but he talked about specific types/ways of making it.

    • Shige talked about he went to buy a magazine and saw Dancyu, which Maruyama Ryuhei (Kanjani8) appears in, which was doing a feature on a type of curry so he bought it.

    • Listener is really shy and wants advice on how to break out of her shell and talk to others more. Shige said that he thinks there’s nothing wrong with being shy, he said that he thinks that 70% of Japanese people are shy, the majority of people. It’s fine to be shy as long as it’s not causing you harm or trouble. He mentioned the movie/book “Perks of being a Wallflower”

    • ♪ Bring Back the Summer ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Sep 24)

    • The guest this week was Massu - Massu was buying coffee on his way there, and Koyama got a message from his manager saying that Massu was going to buy one for Koyama too, so what kind did he want. Koyama said that he hadn’t been able to say he didn’t want any and turn away Massu’s love. Massu complained that he was noticing how Koyama wasn’t drinking it.

    • Voice - Massu said that for this drama the scripts for the whole series were all finished from the beginning which isn’t usually the case.
      Massu and Koyama talked about how it’s better to refer to characters as their name not the actor’s name, and Massu called out Koyama for doing the same thing, being like “Poor Massu!” instead of “Poor Tooru!” Koyama said that he was sorry but he did think, “Wow, Massu’s shirtless!” in the 9th episode.

    • ♪ Ikiro ♪

    • Listener letter: A fan wrote in and talked about how she’s been a fan for a long time and now is married with a kid hoping to come to their concert as a family. Her wedding anniversary is also Sept 15. She asked about their special days and how they celebrate.
      They talked about how lovely that is, and said for them it’s their birthdays, Koyama’s is usually celebrated in concert, Massu’s is July 4th, so he talked about how there are fireworks in American on his birthday (since it’s the country’s independence day) and said he’d like to spend his birthday there one year.

    • Listener Letter: Which part of Strawberry do you recommend the most?
      Massu - the 4 member color costumes in Share. He said at first the reaction wasn’t what he thought it would be, but he heard from the Staff later about the fans’ responses which was a lot of like, “EH? 4 years??” Massu thought it would be a louder reaction.
      Koyama - Said it was hard to pick one and he’d be more interested to hear the fans’ thoughts.
      Massu agreed saying that it’s hard to say themselves.

    • Listener Letter: This fall’s trendy colors apparently include yellow and purple, what colors do they think are trendy? Massu said that it’s beige.

    • ♪ Bring Back the Summer ♪

  • Tegomass no Radio (Sep 25)

    • Tegoshi said he asked the staff for the recording of the episode which ToshI guested and put it into his phone. (M: I have EVERY episode in my phone.) Tegoshi went to ToshI’s exhibit after that recording, was shown around the exhibit by ToshI personally after the exhibit was closed to public and they even had dinner together. They also read a few letters with fans’ comments on that episode, as well as some unit name suggestions for Tegomass x ToshI

    • Request this week: ♪ Aoi Bench ♪

    • Is there anything they can’t help buying, even if they don’t need it immediately? Massu said the cleaning agent for cleaning water pipes - he’d always have a spare one. Not just this, but also for things like shampoos, toothpastes etc. Tegoshi said he has a lot of the toilet cleaning stamps, as he can’t do the stamping properly, either the entire thing always slips off or the shape doesn’t show up properly

    • At the ending, Tegoshi had to repeat whatever Massu said including a trick question “What did I first say?” but Tegoshi repeated that exactly. Apparently everybody thought Tegoshi would fall for it

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Sep 27)

    • At the opening, he talked a little about “Voice”, saying he started filming the day after the Saitama concerts, so it’s been about 4 months. He hopes he’s grown some from the drama, and promoted the Hulu special

    • If Massu prefers cream soda or iced coffee. Definitely coffee. It might have been a tougher choice if it were between cream soda and coke float, but it’d be coke float anyway so he probably doesn’t feel much for cream soda

    • ♪ Strawberry ♪

    • A listener wrote to thank him for “Voice” and he told people who haven’t finished the series to lower the volume before sharing some comments on how he took on his role. He probably ran 10 years’ worth for the drama. And then went on to talk about how his head doesn’t perspire much

    • If he’s gone for the barbecue with his friends and what role he usually takes during barbecues. He has, and he was tasked to bring alcohol. His friend brought his wife and kid along and the kid has grown up so much since the last time Massu saw them that they can speak already. They called Massu “Masuda” since their father calls Massu “Masuda”

    • What animal print does Massu like? Leopard prints. He talked about how he used to like a tee with tiger prints on it a lot when he first became interested in fashion during elementary school

    • If Massu saw the promo truck for “Strawberry”. He said he received a text from Shindo saying he ran into the truck, with a photo of Shindo smiling in front of the truck. That’s all he saw of the “Strawberry” truck this time. He shared the old story of how he saw the “EPCOTIA” truck the same day as Tegoshi

    • A listener’s brother asked if there’s a friendship version of “NEWS ni Koishite” where he could play to become friends with Massu.
      M: What would that become? More than friends but less than a couple?
      He said the idea is really interesting though he worries the content would be really shallow. (M: “Let’s play soccer!” “Yay!”)

    • ♪ Snow Dance ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “Hakujitsu” by King Gnu.

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