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Massu to Appear in a WOWOW Drama Starting March 2020


It was announced on Dec 23 that Massu will be appearing in a drama series by satellite TV station WOWOW. "Pareto no Gosan ~Case Worker Satsujin Jiken~" (Pareto's Miscalculation ~The Murder of A Caseworker~), a 5-episode human suspense drama serial, will start airing from March 2020. Based on the novel "Pareto no Gosan", actress Hashimoto Ai will be playing the leading role, Makino Satomi, a temporary staff at the Welfare Department of a municipal office. Massu will be acting as one of her co-workers, Onodera Junichi, who, together with Satomi, gets drawn into the darkness behind the town, uncovered by the sudden discovery of a senior they both respect at work, burnt and dead in an apartment.

The first episode will be free for all to watch, but the remaining episodes will only be made available to WOWOW subscribers.

Massu's full comments (from the drama's website):

Thoughts on appearing in a WOWOW drama for the first time
When I learnt about the offer, I was really happy, and shot questions at my manager, like, "Why did they ask me? Who invited me?" (laugh) While it's a story about societal issues, it's also got elements of suspense, making the script a very intriguing read. I can't wait for the filming to begin.

Thoughts after reading the original work
I'm not really good at reading novels, but reading this was a breeze. Even someone as bad with novels as me managed to get caught up in this work, so I'm really excited to see this work getting dramatised, both as an actor and a viewer. I'm also interested in the Pareto's Principle that's linked to the title.
I read the novel while comparing my life to the principle, wondering which side I belonged to.

What you want to convey through this dramatisation, and your message to the viewers
To be very honest, I knew very little about the current state of the welfare system, and felt that many people are probably apathetic, thinking it's got nothing to do with them. Through my involvement in this production, I got a deeper understanding of the current situation, the kind of people eligible for welfare, how much they're given, where the money comes from... and now have a renewed mindset of a taxpayer. It would be great if more people can find out about the current state of welfare, and start thinking about our current welfare system through this drama. Please definitely watch it!

Source: Oricon
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