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NEWS news (week of Feb 24) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Feb 2)

    • Listener Letter: Fan who recently joined the FC, asked for recommendations on which NEWS DVD to start with.
      Shige recommended Epcotia Encore since part of him wants them to see the most recent NEWS, but he also said it’d be good to start with Neverland since it’s the start of the series. He also did some PR for Story and talked about the song “Stay With Me” a bit. He also talked about how there’s a song that the members wrote together on the album, and it’s a bit different from the ones before. He talked about how they used fans’ submissions in the album, both the drawn ones in the jacket and recordings.

    • Shige also talked about his essay collection coming out and asked people to check it out.

    • ♪ Love Story ♪

    • ♪ Awich - Poison (feat. NENE) ♪

    • Listener Letter - The listener will soon get their license, they wanted to know where and with who Shige first drove.
      Shige said that he didn’t really remember, he said he probably borrowed his dad’s car to practice. He thinks he went to a nearby grocery store and practiced in the parking lot before going somewhere. He doesn’t remember who was with him, but he has a feeling it was a parent since his dad wasn’t super confident in his abilities. There was a certain pressure when driving with his dad in the passenger seat, to make sure he did everything just right. He has that memory though he’s not sure if it was his first drive.

    • ♪ “Ikiro” ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Feb 5)

    • The guest this week was Massu

    • Koyama brought up how they’re recording on January 8th, and the next day is the 20th anniversary of when he joined Johnny’s. Koyama talked about how they can really feel how long they’ve been at this by how long it takes them to appear in countdown, since the younger groups go first.

    • They talked about Massu’s drama, ‘Pareto no Gosan ~ Caseworker Satsujin Jiken’ and he said that he’s still filming for it. It’s based on a novel, and Massu doesn’t usually read but he read the novel for this though he hasn’t read Shige’s books. He’d read it if it got turned into a drama and he was cast in it.
      Koyama talked about how he was surprised to see Massu reading a novel when they were traveling for “NEWS Na Futari”.  Massu said since it was far away he got a lot of reading done, and they laughed about how Shige always opens up a book to read but then falls asleep while reading the first page. Massu said that he did enjoy reading it, the second book he’s ever read in his life, so someday he’ll get around to reading Shige’s. He also talked about how he was shocked when he was offered the job, like what? Why me?

    • ♪ Snowdrop ♪

    • Listener Letter: The listener wanted to know what she should give to her boyfriend for Valentine’s day, adding that he likes fashion.
      Massu jokingly said the girlfriend should make an outfit out of cake and wear it, as a more serious answer he said a mug and she could put a cake in it and they debated mugs as souvenirs for awhile.

    • Listener Letter: They asked if Koyama and Massu ever dream, because they don’t. They like Massu, but he’s never appeared in their dreams, they’ve dreamt that Koyama died, Tegoshi got married, and Okura (Kanjani8) comforted them while they cried. They asked Massu to appear in their dreams.
      Massu said that he’s currently busy filming his drama.

    • ♪ Casino Drive ♪

    • At the end Massu did PR for “Rental Nanmo Shinai Hito '' and Koyama talked about how great it is all the work Massu is getting. Massu said that although it’s the lead role he won’t do anything (playing off the title). He asked Koyama to ask him what he’s doing to prepare for the role, which he did and Massu answered that he won’t do anything.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Feb 5)

    • At the opening, they talked about how it’s already February and it’ll soon be the Olympics. They talked about how it was the Setsubun recently (Feb 3rd) and talked a little about it. Massu also shared how Koyama celebrated it on his own and that he sent a selfie of himself to them

    • Request this week: ♪ Eien ♪
      Just after they finished reading the request, Massu told them there were beans, and said they should eat the same number of beans as their age (for Setsubun). They said they’ll eat their ages’ worth of beans during the song, and after the song they said they all finished the beans and the staff are eating too.

    • The listener is in high school and hasn’t eaten yakiniku before. They wanted recommendations for meats. Massu said his family didn’t eat out very often, unless they were already out. So he probably didn’t eat yakiniku until he started working. They then each recommended the meats they like, including garlic marinated meat - Tegoshi said he chooses the days he eats this though, because he’d smell of garlic the next day. (T: There’ve probably been a few times when I went to work with NEWS smelling of garlic, right? M: It’s not A FEW times, maybe like 50 times!) They also shared some stories of Koyama, saying how he’d shorten “change the net please” and would never say it in full, then got Sakura to share her impression of Koyama at yakiniku. Tegoshi started saying Shige’s the type who won’t change the net even if it’s accumulated like 5cm of burnt residue, prompting Sakura to be like, “I’ve never met him properly in person, are you sure it’s really okay for me to have this sort of impression of him?”

    • On how they decided on the email address of their mobile phones when they first started owning one (back in the days when messaging apps aren’t as common as now). Massu said he remembers Tegoshi’s email address to be really lame, using the name of some soccer player. Massu said he used his own name and only struggled over if he should use “masudatakahisa” or “takahisamasuda”.
      They also shared memories of when they first owned their phones and Tegoshi said he started owning one in elementary school. Massu and Sakura started talking about the phones that most people owned and how Tegoshi owned one of the newer models and Massu concluded Tegoshi belonged to the younger generation (T: We’re only a year apart!). Sakura also talked about how she made her own ringtone, and they said teens now probably have no idea what they were talking about

    • For “Tegomass One-line Actors” this week, Tegoshi went first, having to say “It’s raining!! I don’t have an umbrella!!!” while holding in a sneeze. He sounded like he was snorting half the time and Massu said he probably already won this line.
      He then had to say “Hug me~” while holding back laughter. He sounded awful and they said he felt gross and his expression was really scary, like a character that’d appear in some horror film. He said it’s probably because of the combination that it ended up so scary.
      Massu won it because of the impact he made.

    • At the ending, they promoted “EPCOTIA ENCORE” and “STORY” album + tour. Sakura had to read the address details while staring at a bubble tea drink a distance away.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master hits (Feb 7)

    • At the opening, he promoted the “STORY” album and shared a little about their decision on making it a four-part project when they were making “NEVERLAND”. He apologised that the album is just 3 days from the first concert, and said maybe those going to the first show would have to stay up to listen to the album

    • If he prefers soggy or soft/crumbly yakitori - he prefers them soggy

    • ♪ Strawberry ♪

    • The listener has a friend who’s always late for their appointments. What can they do? This friend is a Tegoshi fan, by the way. Massu said there’s no relation between the friend being a Tegoshi fan and them being late. But with regard to them being late, he said there’s no other option than to tell them directly, and he said the friend is probably taking the listener for granted. Massu said he’s very careful with time for work, but with friends, he tries not to give a definite time when he can reach, like he won’t say 7pm, but “slightly after 7pm” or “around 7pm”, or “I’ll contact you once work is done” so it doesn’t feel weird if he ends up reaching at around 7:05pm or something. Or the listener could just head off somewhere first while waiting. Or get Tegoshi to tell the friend not to be late

    • A listener who hangs their laundry outside and saw the stars the previous night while hanging their laundry. Has Massu seen stars recently? He said he’s been filming at places where they can see the stars clearly for “Pareto no Gosan” and commented that there’re days when you can see the stars clearly but you just forget to look up (M: Sorry, I kinda got philosophical there). He also shared there’re lots of outdoor shoots for “Pareto no Gosan” and this made him realise that his cheeks can actually get so frozen he loses control over them

    • A listener who realised they can’t really listen to Massu’s breathing when he sings. He said he gets told that very often, but it’s not any particular technique he’s using. Rather, he doesn’t have any good breathing techniques, and he probably thinks he just can take in a lot of air at one shot. That actually makes his throat dry. He is properly breathing though, and commented that we don’t really hear him breathing over Master Hits either, right? And proceed to breathe really loudly on purpose

    • If Massu is doing anything in particular to care for his sneakers. He shared again of how he tends not to wear sneakers that are precious to him, but this friend who owns a lot of sneakers wears everything, regardless of how rare they are, as sneakers are meant to be worn. He said using waterproof sprays are said to be good, and that he still has the waterproof spray a staff member from Master Hits gave him years go. He also recommended a few other things, like cleaning wipes, cleaning stores etc. or dusting them after each wear

    • ♪ Yoruyo Odore ♪

    • For “Brain Master” this week, the question was, what does “koguma” mean in Korean? He made a lot of wrong guesses and asked for a hint - a vegetable that is good for this season. He made a few more wrong guesses until finally getting it - sweet potato

    • ♪ JUMP AROUND ♪

    • At the ending, he promoted the “STORY” album and tour, “Pareto no Gosan”,  and “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito”. And also made a lot of loud breathing sounds on purpose while reading the address details and saying bye

  • Sorashige Book (Feb 09)

    • Listener Letter: A letter from a male NEWS fan who had been hesitant to join the FC but decided to when he saw that one of the STORY venues is near where he lives. He doesn’t know if he’ll hit, but he’s happy thinking about how joining has brought him closer to NEWS.
      Shige said he was happy to hear that. He’s of course happy to hear female fans joining the FC, but he’s also happy to hear from male fans who shore up the courage to join. He said that he hoped the listener hits. He said that he thought STORY would be a tour that men can enjoy too.
      Shige talked a bit about the album and “dekiru koto nara steed de”

    • ♪ Avalon ♪

    • ♪ Miyuna - Can Beer♪

    • Listener Letter: Shige read letters from listeners who were surprised that Shige has an interest in motorcycles since he hasn’t talked about it much before. He said that he doesn’t ride them now, but his parents weren't very fond of the idea but never told him not to. His father had a motorcycle license too, but stopped riding so he could understand Shige’s feelings.
      He talked about how this one called Big Scooter was popular back then.He talked about because his birthday was in July, he was one of the first to get his license. He got his motorcycle license around when he debuted and sometimes rode to work on a Big Scooter. He thought American motorcycles were really cool. He really liked this one motorcycle, Steed, and thought that he’d get that one next around when he was 18 though he was hesitant because driving manual was troublesome. But then he got a car and those are much more convenient so he ultimately stopped riding his motorcycle and sold it around the time he started living on his own.
      He said that motorcycles are dangerous, he also lost a friend in a motorcycle accident, but he still likes them which is why he named his essay series that. Talking about motorcycles is really nostalgic for him, and he talked about how he used to go to school in Shibuya on it, and Koyama would sometimes ask him to drop him off at the station on the way home. So Koyama would ride on the back wearing Shige’s helmet.

    • ♪ Twinkle Star ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Feb 12)

    • This week Koyama hosted the radio solo

    • Koyama talked about how he filmed in Nagoya for “Taichi-san” and how he was nervous and excited to appear on Kokubun Taichi (TOKIO)’s show and couldn’t sleep much the night before. He said he was really happy to be on the show for the start. He doesn’t know much about about the Tokai area yet (where it’s airing), but he wants to become a Tokai fanatic. He hasn’t gone on location yet, because when he got back to Tokyo he had filming for SCP but he’s met with staff and going to be going on a lot of location shoots.

    • ♪ SUPERSTAR ♪

    • Listener Letter: They talked about a movie they want to go see, but that they’d probably end up going alone. They wanted to know if Koyama goes by himself to movies. Koyama said that he does, but that recently he’s been watching movies that Shige recommended to him at home- The Marvel movies, specifically the Iron Man series. He said that before he thought that it would be too unrealistic and that he wouldn’t be able to get into it, but once he tried watching it he got totally hooked. If you were to ask him right now what he wants most, he’d say an Iron Man figurine. He said that Shige is really amazing, he really understands Koyama really well and must love him. He’s thankful. Shige apparently told him what order to watch the Marvel movies in, and he’s seen up through Captain America and next is The Avengers and he’s so excited to see what happens.
      He said that anyone who’s listening thinking, “Iron Man, huh….” to please try watching them. He reflected on how at one point there was a big Iron Man in Roppongi Hills and at the time he didn’t give it much notice, but if it were there now he’d take a bunch of pictures. He talked about how there are all these connections to things in other movies in the Marvel Universe and how fun that is, it’s like how NEWS tries to do.

    • Listener Letter:  A listener wrote in about an anime they’ve gotten hooked on recently, “If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die” which Koyama hadn’t heard of before. It’s from the POV of a female fan of idols. They wanted to know what anime Koyama is watching this season, and Koyama said that he doesn’t really pay attention to seasons.
      He talked about how he watched the anime “The Quintessential Quintuplets” and started reading the manga because you discover who the protagonist will marry, and at the point where he only had around 50 or pages left, he went to go film for SCP. He was talking to Miyata (Kis-My-Ft2) there who is also a big anime fan and asked him if he read it and Miyata said, “I’ve only read a bit, but I saw spoilers and he married xxx, right?” and Koyama got mad because he only had a little bit more to read before getting there. He said you really have to be careful about spoilers and said it’s the same with their concerts, and asked fans to be careful about that.

    • ♪ Supersonic ♪

    • Listener Letter: They watched “Kaere Monday” and said that Koyama went to places in their home town which they were happy about.
      Koyama talked about it, and how he went to Iwate prefecture, saying that he’s been there quite a few times for every before so he knows it pretty well. He said that he walked a lot and it was tiring and talked about how nice the bath at the end was.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Feb 12)

    • At the opening, they talked about how it’s Valentine’s Day and about whether they return favours, on White Day, to the staff who give them chocolates on Valentine’s. They asked if Sakura gives chocolates and she said she does, as a form of thanking people she works with, but always says that she doesn’t need anything in return on White Day. The two of them started wondering why they never seem to have received anything before...

    • Request this week: ♪ Koi wo Shiranai Kimi e ♪

    • On whether they fall asleep without meaning to - Massu does, be it while travelling between jobs, or falling asleep while fiddling with his home in bed and having his phone fall on his head. Tegoshi said he doesn’t, and will properly switch everything off before sleeping. They wondered if he’s never fallen asleep on his sofa or anything.
      T: … not recently!
      M, Sakura: ..???? Which means?
      T: Well, I wouldn’t say that’s never happened to me my entire life but it usually doesn’t.
      Tegoshi went on to talk about how he’s envious of people who can fall alseep immediately because he can’t, and Massu said even people who usually take a long time to fall asleep, fall asleep without meaning to sometimes.
      T: Does that mean all the lights are still on?
      M: Nope it’s usually dark already.
      T: You fiddle with your phone when the lights are already dimmed? That’s bad for your eyesight.
      They then talked about how Massu is able to maintain good eyesight because he’s never put a lot of stress on his eyes - not studying, not reading etc.

    • If they remember their school mottos or their school songs. Both of them can’t remember, though Massu can probably sing along if he hears the melody. Sakura said she can remember a bit of her elementary school song and they made her sing it, but she only managed the first two notes and it sounded scary. Massu continued to make up a few phrases with horror sounding lyrics.
      Tegoshi said he remembers school colours and they appear in the school lyrics. They concluded none of them really remembers their school motto/song.

    • “Tegomass de Image!” this week - bathing.
      First image. Tegoshi - would set the water to 39 degree celsius and soaks for a long time. Massu - 42 degree celsius and soaks only for a short time. Tegoshi said he uses 40 degree celsius in summer and 41 in winter, and soaks for about 10 minutes. Massu doesn’t soak in the bathtub very much, but takes a pretty long shower.

    • Second image - Massu would have a stool in his bathroom and sits on it while bathing. Tegoshi baths standing. Tegoshi sits, and,
      M: Please have the image of me standing in the shower room, and showering facing up.
      Sakura: That’s a music video!
      M: That’s cooler, isn’t it?
      They started discussing if it’s easier to wash their feet properly while sitting down, before expanding to how inflexible Tegoshi is. Sharing a story of Tegoshi sprained his finger while rehearsing “Supersonic” for the previous tour and had to go to the hospital. Massu was really pissed off with Tegoshi then - because it’s a tough dance, everyone took breaks here and there. But only Tegoshi kept saying, “Once more! Once more!” Then ending up getting injured and going home. What’s that??? Tegoshi said he likes pushing himself and Sakura said that totally fits into her image of him.
      T: I went back after I got my finger bandaged though. The members weren’t around anymore since that took quite some time, but the air:man team were still around.
      M: What’s with that. Just go home already! And take your 40 degC bath!

    • Next image. Massu uses bar soap and Tegoshi liquid soap. Reality: Massu uses liquid soap. Tegoshi uses liquid soap for his body, but bar soap for his face. Massu said he likes bar soaps, but doesn’t like how the soap tray gets slippery. And got into talking about how that tray is the perfect breeding spot for mould before Sakura cut him off (M: HEY!)

    • Next image. Tegoshi would emerge from his bath all wet and only towel dry on the mat, but Massu wouldn’t want his bathroom to get all wet, so he’d have his towel ready near the bathtub and towel dry himself there. Reality: Right about Massu and wrong about Tegoshi. Tegoshi says he finishes everything in the bathroom too.
      M: Eh? Does that only happen at home? What about at concert venues?
      T: Same at concert venues!
      M: There he goes. After Tegoshi and Shige take their shower, the bathroom is so wet it’s as if they took their shower outside the shower booth. 
      T: It’s begun again!
      Tegoshi tried defending himself and Massu was like, okay, so you mean to push everything to just Shige now? Massu went to to share how they usually only have 2 scrubbing towels to share while they’re on the tour, and he’d usually wash it after use and hang it to dry inside after he’s done - even give the shower booth a quick spray round to clean it. But Shige (he managed to narrow it down to Shige because Tegoshi doesn’t use scrubbing towels) left the scrubbing towel just as he’s used it, all scrunched up with foam still on it, and the floor all wet. It’s just gross. If the scrubbing towel was the disposable kind, maybe, but this was meant to be shared with everyone! So Massu went to everyone and was like, “Who did this!” They said Shige is really fast with his showers, and said this segment is turning out to be a segment when they just share facts about Shige.
      They’ll do this every month, and for February, they’re looking for impressions of Tegomass and their mobile phones.

    • At the ending, they promoted the “STORY” album and tour. While Sakura was reading the address details, Massu had to explain how he makes and eats gyoza by using onomatopoeia.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Feb 14)

    • At the opening, he said it’s Valentine’s Day that day and asked if everyone received/gave chocolates. He said he used to clear up space in his bag when he was a student so as to make space for chocolates, and said while it seems the “gyaku choco” trend has started in Japan, where males give chocolates to females too, but he hasn’t been that big on this trend as he grew up in an environment where Valentine’s Day has been about girls giving chocolates to boys. However, the received chocolates from this male big shot for Valentine’s Day once during drama filming, and that made him change his mind. He’ll consider giving some next year. Maybe. Though he still wants to receive some from females.

    • If Massu prefers mint flavoured candy or fruit flavoured candy. He buys both

    • ♪ Love Story ♪

    • What chocolate snacks does he like? He likes chocolates, like stuff with almonds or macadamias. He said he only found out about the variations of chocolates when he grew up, like how there are such expensive ones and the difference in cacao percentages, and shared he usually has a stock of chocolates in his fridge. On which chocolate snacks he likes… chocolates!

    • A listener observed Massu doesn’t wear rings on “Gochi” and wondered if it’s because he has to handle food on the programme. They also said they enjoy looking at his hands and asked him to do his best so he can be like the next Taichi (TOKIO). He said while him not wearing rings does have something to do with food, the main reason is the drama filming. Though after reading this mail, it’d make it hard for him to wear his rings even after filming is over. He does agree it’d be better to not wear accessories, and said he’d do his best. It’s really possible to be “fired” from the programme in just one year. While Kento (Sexy Zone) was amazing to have lasted two years, Taichi managed 18 years! He talked about how his estimate was probably about JPY5,000 off the actual amount when the rest weren’t even more than JPY2,000 off for his first battle. But he’ll do his best so he can stay on the programme for years.

    • If Massu is good at estimating the ages of people he meets for the first time - he seems to be pretty good. He often gets told he looks younger than his age and he’s got a standard answer to that already - does that mean I’m empty on the inside? (To make people feel he’s younger). He wondered when he’d look his age and joked that maybe it’d last till he’s 80, and people will go, “EH! I thought you were 79.”

    • What clothes has he bought recently? He bought a coat for spring, and some new towels. He said because he receives them sometimes or buy just one from clothing brands he likes, they don’t match. But he doesn’t like that, and also got influenced by Tamamori (Kis-My-Ft2) who said on some programme that he’s particular about his towels and owns only white ones. He finally decided to standardise his towels and bought 5 of them. But he couldn’t bring himself to throw away his old ones so while he’s got new ones, he’s still using his old ones. He wonders if he should use them for cleaning or give them to the Jrs. (M: Hurhur I guess they don’t need towels)

    • A listener whose letter got read on Master Hits at the end of the year, and managed to get accepted into the private school they wanted to enter, thanks to Massu. Each time the studying got rough, they’d recall the encouragement Massu gave and would continue to work hard for the public school entrance exams too. Massu recalled the previous letter, and said he’s glad things went well so far, and hopes they’ll be able to use NEWS’ music/concert as a breather after they’re done with the exam season

    • ♪ Strawberry ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “SUPER STAR”. He said her0ism, who wrote this song, is a genius as it’s different from the usual soccer songs they sing, and how he discussed with him to include “STORY” into his rap portion and said he can’t wait to perform this at concerts

    • At the ending, he promoted the “STORY” album and tour, apologising for the short time between the album release and the first tour. He also promoted “Pareto no Gosan”

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