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Shige's short story to be made into a play!


It was announced on March 13th that Shige will be writing the script for the theatrical adaptation of his short story, “Senshoku”, from his short story collection, “Kasa wo Motanai Aritachi wa”. This will be his first time trying his hand at scriptwriting.

The play will be called “Sen, shoku”, and Masakado Yoshinori, a Johnny’s Jr of the group Ae! group, will be playing the lead role. The play will be held June 4th - 21st at The Globe Tokyo, and June 25th - 28th at Osaka Ebuno Izumi no Mori Hall.

Shige’s comments:

It started with the staff asking me if I’d like to do a theatrical adaptation of any of my works. What came to mind then was the first short story, “Senshoku”, from the short story collection, “Kasa wo Motanai Aritachi wa”, because it was a work that I personally want to see as a play.

The next thing the staff asked me was, “Would you write the script then?”

It was when quite a few jobs were happening at the same time, so I considered rejecting the offer, but the theatrical adaptation of “Senshoku” started playing itself out inside my head. And this version was one that’s slightly different from the short story version. The same bewitchedness, presented through an ensemble cast of art college students. That’s probably something that only I could write. A bold change in plot that only the writer of the original story could do. This made me rethink my decision, and so I decided to accept the offer.

Then I wondered if it was okay to use the same title for the theatre adaptation, if the story wasn’t going to be exactly the same. After a few trial and errors, we decided upon adding a comma in between, making it, “Sen, shoku”.

While it is “Senshoku”, it’s not quite “Senshoku”. I’m working on the script now, thinking it’d be great if I can present a mysterious play, while also preparing for NEWS’ tour.

Please look forward to this version of my world, that can only be presented in theatre.


The official site for the play is up, you can watch how Shige wrote the artwork for the title from the ending bit of March 12th’s “NEWS na Futari” here.
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