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NEWS news (week of Mar 10)

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  • KEIICHIRO (Mar 9)K.jpg

    • He promoted the promo video Fuji TV posted on their YouTube channel for “Otasuke JAPAN”, and said he will be appearing in the following day’s “Nazotore SP” with Nakamaru. He also promoted “Otasuke JAPAN” airing that weekend, and ended the entry with a photo of him and Hamada (Johnny’s WEST).

  • Shigeaki no Cloud (Mar 10)SC.jpg

    • Part 2 of his liner notes for “STORY”, from track 4 to 7.

  • KEIICHIRO (Mar 11)


    • Koyama updated to talk about the anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and the tsunami disaster. He said that it’s a day of reflection to him as he thinks about what he can do, what we’ve learned from it, and how to convey this to children who don’t know about it. He asked for everyone to pray together at 2:46pm and promised that they’ll definitely have the Miyagi performance and that when they do they’ll send their power to those up above too.

  • NEWSRING (Mar 11)NR.jpg

    • It was Massu’s turn to update

    • He asked if everyone was well, and asked everyone to overcome this tough period with their power.
      He talked about the work he’s been doing - broadcast for “Pareto no Gosan” has began, he’s filming for “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito” and doing rehearsals for the concert. While he’s mostly rehearsing alone, he shared he’s been feeling lost about what to do, since there’s this huge expectation for this final part of the 4-part project to meet. So he’s just going to keep brushing up on what he feels is the right answer until he can be confident about it. He’s been in constant contact with the staff, and here and there with Shige too. He’ll do his best!!
      He also talked about how amazing it is that the number of followers for “Rental Nanmo Shinai”’s drama account has increased and thanked everyone.
      He then thanked everyone for getting “STORY” to number one on Oricon and said he’s happy.
      He’s really grateful they managed to come to the end of this 4-part project, and thanked everyone for taking them here. Thank you!
      Finally going onto the word game, he picked “buppan” (product sales). He said they took a different approach to the concert merchandise and costumes this time and wish everyone could see them sooner. Though people might not realise the message behind them by just looking at them.
      He ended the entry with “Thank you❤️”

  • Shigeaki no Cloud (Mar 12)


    • Part 3 of his liner notes for “STORY”, from track 8 to 11.

  • KEIICHIRO (Mar 15)


    • He wrote about going to Nagoya for “Taichisan” and seeing Shige on TV when he switched it on, saying it was “KoyaShigeNagoya”.
      He asked if everyone watched “Otasuke JAPAN” the previous night and said he texted Nakamaru (KAT-TUN) saying he hopes lots of people will watch it.
      He then talked about his appearance on “Kinki Kids no Bunbubun”, apologising to Kinki fans about how it turned out to be an episode that’s a little weird, but he loves Kinki a lot and wanted to see the cute sides to them.
      It’s going to be the Shizuoka shows the upcoming weekend, and while nobody knows for sure if the concerts will happen as scheduled, they’re preparing for it while praying that they’ll get to see everyone. He said he received a text from his friend asking if the Shizuoka concerts got cancelled, and he was like, huh?? And said such fake news is really a pain. He asked everyone to make calm decisions.
      He ended by saying he’ll do his best at Nagoya that day and posted a selfie of himself in front of his holding room.


  • “STORY” album topped the Oricon Weekly charts in its first week of release, making it NEWS’ 12th consecutive album to top the weekly charts. They also renewed the Oricon records of being the artist to have the most consecutive number 1 albums since the debut album. (Source)

  • Gai-san tweeted that in celebration of the 15th anniversary of Kchan NEWS, all for members would be appearing together for a SP broadcast where they look back on the history of the program. (Source)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!


  • Sorashige Book (Feb 16)

    • Listener Letter: Shige read a letter from a person who recently became a fan after being shown “Epcotia Encore” by their friend.
      Shige said he was really happy to hear that and that it made him think about how important DVDs are.

    • Listener Letter: Another letter from a fan who couldn’t go see Encore in person due to exams but was really looking forward to seeing Shige’s “Kakao” on the DVD.

    • Shige said that they’re preparing for Story.

    • ♪ SUPERSTAR ♪

    • Listener Letter: Shige read a letter about the Grammy’s and talked about how he watches it every year, and although the results are important too, they cover a lot of topics during the ceremony and this year it was Kobe Bryant’s death which occurred the day before. He also talked a bit about artists that performed, mentioning BTS and said that Tyler the Creator’s performance was great. He also talked about Billie Eilish winning. He also talked about Lizzo and mentioned how she stands for “Body Positivity” and is really positive in general, saying that he really likes her.

    • Tank And The Bangas - Nice Things ♪

    • Listener Letter: Shige read a few letters about the announcement of his “Dekiru koto nara Steed de” essay collection.
      Shige talked about it, and how they used photos that he’s taken in the collection. They’re photos that he just took on his own, not specially for the collection, but he’s happy that they agreed to use them in the collection. There may be some photos that we’ve seen before.
      He also talked about how his writing process for essays and fiction are totally different, since anything can go in fiction, but that’s not true for essays. The parts of his brain that he uses are different. Essays feel more revealing in a way, writing them makes him look deeper at himself.
      He talked about how his essay about Cuba is number zero because it’s before “Dekiru koto nara steed de” became a serialization. He said that he did do a few revisions too for the collection.

    • ♪ Love Story ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Feb 19)

    • This week was Koyama’s solo radio

    • Koyama said that they were mostly finished with the album and teased fans a bit dropping hints about the album. He talked about the titles of the members’ solo songs saying that Tegoshi’s was very Tegoshi-like, and said that he also was really looking forward to hearing them, because until they’re done he also doesn’t get to hear the other members’ solos. All he hears from staff is confirmation that his song doesn’t overlap with any of the other members’.

    • ♪ Top Gun ♪

    • Listener Letter: Koyama read a letter from a listener about the Encore DVD who wanted to know who picked which song for the special New Years Medley.
      Koyama said that he picked “Osaka Romanesque”. All the other songs they pretty much picked together. He talked about how fun it was to do “Ee janaika”. He thinks either Massu or Tegoshi suggested “Cinderella Girl”

    • Listener Letter: A fan who also likes Miyachika Kaito (Travis Japan) wrote about how Miyachika recently talked about how he and Koyama exchanged numbers and said that they should go out to eat soon, but that they haven’t yet. The fan asked Koyama to please talk about it once they do go.
      Koyama confirmed the story, and said that he had volunteered with some members of Travis Japan before, including Miyachika and he gave them some guidance. They even traveled there together so they had time to talk, but everyone’s busy so they haven’t gotten to go yet. He also mentioned Jesse (SixTONES) who invites him quite often to dinner saying that he wants to treasure the relationships he has with kohai.

    • He also told an air-headed moment he had recently. There’s this place where you can get glasses, he told Tegoshi about it too, and he had to have a vision test. It’s the kind where they ask you which way is the opening of the letter “C” facing- up, down, left, or right. So they pointed to one and asked him, and he answered “C”. It even took him a few seconds after answering to realize he didn’t answer the question correctly. It got very quiet after he answered, and had to be like, “Oh wait- no no I mean right!”
      He was able to get his glasses in the end though.

    • ♪ STORY ♪

    • Listener Letter: The listener brought up how Koyama mentioned recently that he’s started to like eel. The listener has always also disliked eel, so they wanted to know how he came to like it, or if it just happened naturally after becoming an adult.
      Koyama said that he’s always been the same way, but he went to a certain nice sushi place and it was the kind of situation where they were served eel, and he didn’t feel like he could turn it down. So he ate it, and surprisingly it wasn’t bad.
      The next time he had the chance to eat it, was for a location shoot for “Kaere Monday” and since he liked it before he decided to eat it again and it was good so he realized that he actually does like eel.
      “Taichi-san” is filmed in Nagoya, where one of the local specialties is an eel dish called “hitsumabushi” and previously when there would be some in their dressing room he wouldn’t have any.
      He said it’s strange, but there are certain things you become able to eat once you become an adult, though raw tomatoes he still hates. Though he did come to like eggplant and peppers as he got older. He also talked about how he eats a lot of delivery.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Feb 19)

    • At the opening, they talked about how “STORY” was going to be released 2 weeks later, they’re done with recording and the album is about to be completed. Sakura said they’ll be playing a song from the “STORY” album, and the other two started playing the fool, saying “NEVERLAND”? “Top Gun”? And even refused to introduce the song title properly.

    • ♪ STORY ♪

    • The listener often takes the same route to work but sometimes takes a different route and realised they sometimes forget what’s in the area, meaning they don’t really take notice of the scenery they pass by. Has similar things happened to them before? Tegoshi said he walks and rides the bicycle a lot, so he takes notes of the changes. If he took the car, he’d probably end up watching soccer videos though. Massu said he likes looking at the scenery too, and is the type who’d take a different route on purpose. They shared depending on the manager who’s driving them to the next work destination, the routes taken also differ. There’ve been times when the group who left 10 mins earlier ended up reaching later, because of the different route they took. They talked about how sometimes they can’t remember what used to be there once things changed, and how some buildings get completed real soon. Then drifted off to whether or not Sagrada Familia looks different after a year.

    • The next letter was from a listener who felt times have changed recently, from how they could register for modules/check results for college through their smartphones now. Before, they had to go to school to do all that, but now they can do it on their phones. Has there been anything that made them feel times have changed recently? Sakura and Tegoshi discussed how it was nice though to receive results on paper and look at them bit by bit.
      M: Ah...right, that was nice.
      T: He’s lying.
      M: I don’t get it, I don’t get it at all. What’s “registering for modules”?
      (studio laughs)
      They explained it to Massu and he was like why didn’t they just say make their timetables then!
      On whether there’re instances when they feel times have changed, they said so many! And Tegoshi offered how important messages are now not said face to face, but over text/emails instead, like love confessions, quitting a job etc. Massu started pointing out that there were things like love letters too, so whether or not majority of that was done face to face or through the written word is open for discussions. Tegoshi then moved on to say how the younger boys don’t seem to be as interested in cars as it’s probably less a status symbol as before, Massu offered, same for watches, and Tegoshi said golf too. Sakura said she often attends virtual concerts and it’s really interesting. Tegoshi started asking what it is that virtual idols have over humans? Since they can only respond as programmed/recorded, and can’t do things in response to the fans real time.
      M: That their looks are perfect, isn’t it?
      Sakura: YES exactly that, Masuda-san.
      M: And they probably won’t go out of breathe, will they.
      T: Obviously, they can dance all they want.
      M: Like me, my performance just worsens over time.
      Sakura: Nono Masuda-san’s always great!
      T: Don’t lose out, human! We’re going on the “STORY” tour soon!
      M: From the next time onwards, it might be the virtual me there instead.
      Sakura said she likes both as each has its pros and cons, and Massu said he’d like to go to one someday. They reached the time for this segment to end before Massu got to talk about his, and he offered his - that paper straws have become the norm. (T: AHHH I SEE. That’s AMAZING! And that’s the end of this segment!)

    • For “Tegomass’ Likes & Dislikes” this week, the first one was “flash mob”. Massu said he’s seriously thought about bringing 100 Jrs with him or so when he proposes, saying it’d be fun, wouldn’t it? Tegoshi also likes it, as he likes the idea of sharing a happy moment with people. And went on to how Japanese are colder, and people in other countries are friendlier and would say hi and stuff. They differed in whether they’d want to do this with people they know or strangers, and Tegoshi is fine even with strangers, but Massu wouldn’t like that. If a flash mob happened to him out of nowhere, he might run away, thinking, I’m going to stand out! They wondered if rejections have happened with proposals done by flash mobs. Sakura shared she often hears stories of proposals getting rejected even if it wasn’t a flash mob, but in the middle of the crowd, because they didn’t like how the proposal was done. And unexpectedly, she doesn’t like the idea of flash mobs.

    • If they like listening to people boasting about themselves, or how much fun they’re having in their lives. Tegoshi hates it. He offered this thing of how some girls rent a limousine and have balloons and stuff for birthdays etc.? He hates those. And he said he probably doesn’t like girls’ night out, and stuff like selfies with maybe 5 girls at some night pool? Sakura agreed she probably wouldn’t like people who’d go to night pools. Massu started on how he doesn’t like the idea of rejecting people who’re enjoying themselves. Clarifying of course, that they shouldn’t be doing bad things or affecting people negatively. Tegoshi said that’s fine if they wanted to enjoy themselves, but that they post it up on social media means they just wanted to do it to post it on social media.
      T: I’m sure 99% of those girls at the night pool are taking photos.
      M: Nah, it’s probably just 60%!
      T: No, 99%.
      M: I’m sure there are people who genuinely want to swim!
      T: I’ve been to a night pool just once-
      M: YOU HAVE HUH. I’ve never been!
      Sakura: Me neither!
      Tegoshi started saying how the only time he went to a night pool, 99% of the girls were taking photos, with their phones in those clear phone protectors and taking photos of just about every single thing, and he hates that behaviour. Massu started saying he can’t be sure since he hasn’t been to one before, but if he does go to a night pool, he’d probably be taking tons of pictures too and uploading them to Instagram immediately. (T: You don’t even have an account!) Tegoshi continued saying he doesn’t like that, and Massu said he’s fine with that, and would like listening to that. (T: Me too! M: Huh you could have just stuck to saying you hate that since you’ve been in that direction!) They concluded it’s fine to share how much fun they had, but maybe not if it’s like, “HEY look at what a great time I’m having~”

    • At the ending, they promoted the “STORY” album and tour. While Sakura was reading the address details, Tegoshi had to imitate Takeda Tetsuya, Anpanman, the founder of Japanet, while rapping and playing “Magical Banana”. He was terrible, especially as Anpanman.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Feb 21)

    • At the opening, he talked about NEWS’ appearance on the episode of “The Shonen Club Premium” that aired that day and shared how they were talking to the staff during their time in between recordings and it felt like home.

    • If he’d be happier to have grilled salmon or natto at breakfast. He said a yoghurt drink.

    • ♪ SUPERSTAR ♪

    • If he likes enoki, eryngii, or shiitake mushrooms. He said he likes mushroom hotpots, where there’re all sorts of mushrooms in it, and he wondered which one he’d like best alone. He pretty much likes mushrooms on the whole and it’s really hard to choose, but if he had to, it’d be shiitake.

    • What Massu will feel like eating when he’s famished. He said if it’s in the day,it’d be fast food like hamburgers or ramen.

    • The listener referred to the episode of “Soredame” where Massu’s prince character had a twin brother. They wanted to know if Massu would want to be the older or younger twin. He talked about how the definition of who was the older twin changed over time. Because he has an older sister, he feels there wouldn’t be a difference if he was the older twin or younger twin because it’d be about the same. It’d be nice to have a younger sister though, and he’d probably do everything for her. He considered having a younger brother for a second, but decided he’d prefer to have a younger sister. And if he were to have a younger brother, he’d rather have one who’s a lot younger than a twin brother, so he could have conversations like, “Did you know that?”

    • If he prefers clothes with zips or buttons. He said 100% zips as buttons will fall off, and he doesn’t like how incomplete the item becomes if a button falls off and how cumbersome it is to have to sew it back on. Worse if you lose the button somewhere.

    • If he prefers a multicoloured pen or a single coloured pen. He said those pens with three colours (black/blue/red) are genius and whoever made them is amazing. He said if he were to produce a pen, he’d make all of them black though. When he brings a pen along, it’s usually black. Like when he has dramas, he’d have a black pen and a highlighter in his pencil case. But talking about this multicoloured pen made him want one, so he might just go buy one.

    • What’s something important to Massu? To the listener, it is NEWS’ merchandise. He said he’s really to hear that, and commented it’s really hard for him to say something else after the listener’s answer. Because obviously all the merchandise is important to him. He said everything is important to him and said again how he’s happy the listener said NEWS’ merchandise. They do their best to make items people will like, and he said they’ve been working on the Tshirt and hoodie for “STORY” since quite some time ago, and feels they’re really good, so please look forward to them.

    • ♪ Symphony of Dissonance ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “STORY”. He talked a bit about the album, saying they spent the most time thinking of how S should be, as it’s the ending album to the four-part project. He also asked everyone to look forward to the album

    • At the ending, he promoted the “STORY” album and tour, and “Pareto no Gosan”.

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