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Massu to star in musical "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"


It was announced on Mar 16th that Massu will be starring in the Japanese adaptation of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying". This will be his first time participating in a foreign musical, and he will be playing the leading role of Finch, a window cleaner who enters World Wide Wicket Company for a job. The play will run at Tokyu Theatre Orb in September, and Osaka Orix Theatre in October. Ticket sales are scheduled to start in June.

Massu's comments:
This is my first attempt at a foreign musical. I've always wanted to be involved in musicals, it was one of my dreams, so when I heard about this I was ecstatic. It felt like a step closer to my dream, and I'm really happy. As the dance is amazing and interesting scenes appear one after another at a really good pace, I think this will be a work you won't be able to take your eyes off of even for a second.
I've already met the director, Chris Bailey, and had him watch me dance. It was probably the moment when I perspired the most in my life (laugh). I was really nervous, but he was very kind, and told me he's happy to be able to create this musical together.
I believe the cast and crew will enjoy themselves, and hope to prepare myself to do my best. Please definitely come down to the threatre.

The official site is up, head over to see Massu's look as Finch.

Source: Oricon

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