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NEWS news (week of Mar 16)

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  • Shigeaki no Cloud (Mar 17)SC.jpg

    • Shige wrote a bit about “Senshoku” and that he’s writing the script now. He knows he should finish the script first, but he can’t help putting it off a bit because he has to do this first!
      He then posted the fourth part of his liner notes for “STORY”, from track 12 to 16. He also shared the comments from their music producer, and said he’d think about whether or not to write the liner notes for the solos.

  • KEIICHIRO (Mar 18)K.jpg

    • Koyama wrote about the cancelation of the Shizuoka and Yokohama shows saying that it’s frustrating because they really want to see everyone and perform, but that unfortunately feelings cannot change the situation. He talked about how this is an unprecedented situation and he, like many of us, is struggling to come to terms with it. He said that he’ll keep preparing and working to become better in preparation for that day that he can perform for us. Everyones’ safety is the first priority. He said that together we can overcome this and that he won’t let STORY end.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (Mar 19)M.jpg

    • Masuda Takahisa no Rental

    • He wrote that he’s filming “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito” and that one of those making guest appearances is someone he’s worked with before, so he’s happy to be able to meet them again.
      He talked a little about how the weather has been erratic, and how he’s been making use of the short time in between filming to go do all sorts of things. It’s been fun to do that since he doesn’t do anything on his days off. He’s also been picking up all that he can on clothes too. He wishes we could see the tour merchandise soon! There’s the hoodie, tshirt, and xxxxx….
      He ended the entry by saying thank you.

  • NEWSRING (Mar 21)NR.jpg

    • It was Tegoshi’s turn to update

    • Tegoshi started the entry off by exclaiming how much he wants to see everyone and hold concerts. He said it’s really frustrating and sad, but apologized because he knows that we all must be even more so. He promised that there will be concerts and that they’re preparing for them and for all of us to wait just a bit longer.
      He also talked about OPENREC and how much fun it is. He apologized for the timing of the entry saying that it was because of the sudden live performance, but that he’s very grateful to be able to appear live in front of the fans even though it’s through the TV and not in concert.
      He complained about how he hates having to stay at home, it really doesn’t suit his personality. He said that he wants people to be careful, and that since he goes abroad a lot for ItteQ and has been to China, Italy, France, Spain, and England tens of times he’s really worried and sad for everyone. He’s been to over 50 countries and so it doesn’t feel like “oh it’s happening to someone else” he loves all these countries. He hopes that the virus will go away soon.
      He said that he’ll day dream about seeing everyone and wait until they can hold concerts again. He said that the health of everyone who comes to their concerts is the most important to him. He asked everyone to be careful and keep smiling every day.

  • KEIICHIRO (Mar 21)


    • Koyama wrote about performing “U R not alone” on the FNS music SP “Haru wa Kanarazu Kuru(Spring will definitely come)” saying that he sang to send strength to everyone and that he’s continuing to prepare so that they’re ready to tour at any time.
      At the end he included a picture of himself wearing the STORY hoodie and asked everyone if they thought it was cute


  • It was announced on Mar 17th that the Shizuoka Ecopa Arena and Yokohama Arena shows of “STORY” will be cancelled. More details will be sent to ticket holders.
    As with the Miyagi concert, it seems messages from NEWS regarding the cancellation were released through the fanclub.

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!


  • Sorashige Book (Feb 23)

    • Listener Letter: Shige read a letter about “Dekiru koto nara Stead de”, the writer talked about how they love Shige’s writing and asked how the process differs for making an essay collection vs short stories and if it was difficult.
      Shige said that the process is basically the same, putting together already finished works. He said that it was fun but difficult, right around when he was doing Kindaichi.
      He also talked about how he wrote his own solo around then and he’d like to talk about it soon.
      He said he’s also seen some movies like Parasite. Massu seems very busy lately too, they’ve been working a lot on STORY.

    • ♪ STORY ♪

    • ♪ Kojikoji - Horoyoi ♪

    • Listener Letter - Shige read a letter from a fan looking forward to his solo, “Narrative”.
      Shiige said that he usually decides on a title pretty quickly, and talked about how both “story” and “narrative” translate to “monogatari” in Japanese the nuance in English is a bit different, and how from his perspective, “narrative” is a bit more personal, from the first person perspective. He wanted to put the experience of writing into his song, what it’s like to make something that exists in your head. He said that it’s hard to explain, and asked people to not have too high expectations. He also talked about how he also did the arrangement for his solo song this time, which is a first.
      He said that you shouldn’t look forward to the solo too much, since it’s a NEWS album, the NEWS songs are the most important. But he’s also thought about how to express it in his performance, so there are parts he can’t discuss until the tour is over.

    • Listener Letter:  They wrote in to talk about how excited they were seeing the names of those who are working on the album and that they’re sure they’ll love it. Specifically mentioning Mukai Taichi who did “Nando demo” for the album.

    • ♪ Nando demo ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Feb 26)

    • The guest this week was Tegoshi

    • They talked about how Koyama got Tegoshi AirPod pros for his birthday, and got “Tegoshi” engraved on the case. But lately Tegoshi’s been bugging Koyama to replace the case because it’s gotten tiny scratches on it. Koyama warned that if he did then, he wouldn’t be able to see his name engraved on the case anymore and Tegoshi agreed that that would be sad.
      But Tegoshi has to travel a lot especially for ItteQ so the case can get scratched easily so he does want a case for it.
      T: Hurry up and buy it! It’s been a week and a half already

    • Listener Letter: As Koyama tried to read the first listener letter, Tegoshi kept repeating the pen name using a funny voice and making Koyama laugh so he couldn’t read the letter. The listener wrote to tell them her thoughts on “STORY” and say she was excited for the tour and seeing them come on stage to this song.
      They joked that they wouldn’t be that predictable and Tegoshi said that actually the first song of the tour would be “Byakuya” followed by “Nyaro”, “Wasurenagusa”, and “Nyanta”, then ending with “I’m coming”

    • Listener Letter: The listener wanted to know if they should listen to the songs on “STORY” first or watch the NEWS STORY Radio video firist.
      They agreed that it doesn’t matter which you do first. As they were talking Tegoshi realized that he forgot to take his earrings off. Tegoshi laughed really weirdly and hurried to take them off and put them away, and Koyama explained that that morning they filmed for a music program which is the only time Tegoshi really wears them.
      K: He forgot to put them on-
      T: No I forgot to take them off!
      K: How annoying… can’t you let a mistake that small go?

    • ♪ STORY ♪

    • Koyama congratulated Tegoshi on being appointed as the ambassador of OPENREC

    • Listen Letter: They asked Tegoshi to talk about OPENREC in a way that those who don’t play games can understand as well.
      Koyama said that he doesn’t play video games that much either, but he has a general understanding. Tegoshi said that it’s fun, it’ll be like inviting everyone to watch what it’s like when he plays games normally, it has a very “at home” feel and there will be guests that come to play too. He’ll explain the games as he plays and for new games they’ll do challenges with punishment games. Tegoshi talked about how in the first live broadcast, they got #1 trending on twitter and how amazing video games are.

    • Listener Letter: The listener asked if they want fans to do the NEWS call before the show or if they would rather fans wait quietly.
      They said that they can definitely hear it before the show, and wondered who started the trend talking about how fans do it for other johnny’s group and even other groups like X Japan too. They said that it does make them happy to hear it, but it’s better if it starts right before the start of the show. If you start shouting 15min early then it’s really tiring to continue doing it the whole time. 5 min ~ right before the show is fine.
      Hearing the fans makes them really feel like ah it’s starting! Sometimes they cheer alongside the fans behind the stage. It makes them feel loved to hear the fans, but they don’t want everyone to tire out their voices before the concert since they like to have fans participate.

    • ♪ Love Story ♪

    • Listener Letter: The listener said that when they studied abroad in Italy they were asked to show an example of a beautiful man to represent Japan, and they showed a picture of Tegoshi. Their classmates said he had a pretty smile and they were happy to see that Tegoshi’s beauty transcends country boundaries. They said that Koyama often calls Tegoshi cute, but they wanted to know what he thinks is attractive about Tegoshi.
      Tegoshi said that he is quite popular in Italy and Koyama asked him where he’s really popular and Tegoshi said he was really surprised himself but Brazil. When he went there everyone was asking him is he had a girlfriend or was married. Thailand too.

    • Koyama commented on how Tegoshi was very high energy today and Tegoshi said he’s excited for the tour. He wanted to convey to everyone that you don’t need alcohol or anything to have fun. Koyama said that Tegoshi’s been going to the gym too much which is why he has all this energy. Tegoshi said he really is working out a lot and taking every opportunity to be active. Koyama commented on how his physique has changed from how much he’s working out.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Feb 26)

    • At the opening, they talked about how February’s ending and that it’s a leap year this year. We also find out Tegoshi had no idea what a leap year really is, and that he’d thought there’re 30 days each February, except for leap years, where there’s a day less. He started wondering what happens to the people who have birthdays on Feb 29th and Massu and Sakura were really surprised he didn’t know.
      T: Whoa I’m glad I managed to find out today! That was close!
      M: What do you mean that was close! You’re totally out of the game!
      T: I’m so surprised!
      M: WE are surprised!
      T: I’m going to start telling everyone I knew this!
      Sakura: You better not.
      M: Everyone probably already knew about this since elementary school!

    • When they were supposed to introduce the song, Tegoshi went “STAY WITH ME” when it’s supposed to be “SUPERSTAR” and he came up with all sorts of excuses how he got that wrong

    • ♪ SUPERSTAR ♪

    • On whether they go to zoos. Sakura said she does, and she even goes alone. Tegoshi was surprised and tried to imitate her expression when she’s at the zoo alone. Massu said he’s been a few times for programme shoots, and shared how elephants throw their faeces onto the wall and he helped clean the wall once. Tegoshi can’t remember the last time he went to the zoo. It might be for “Soukon”, as he doesn’t go to the zoo privately. He’s been to the aquarium a few years ago to accompany his soccer friend on his date, and Massu said they went to one for “The Shounen Club Premium” too. They talked a little about zoos, guessing that the listener might have gone to the Asahiyama Zoo since they’re in Hokkaido, and about the zoos around the Kanto region.

    • For “Did You Know, Tegomass?” this week, the first one was if they knew the difference between chikuwa (tubular shaped fish paste) and chikuwabu (tubular shaped flour paste). Massu knew the difference between the two and Tegoshi probably didn’t, but tried to rephrase what Massu said.

    • Second question - if they knew the difference between vegetables and fruits. Massu was getting close to the answer and Tegoshi tried stealing Massu’s answers again. So apparently fruits grow on trees, and vegetables are plants grown for eating, making things like watermelons and strawberries vegetables. They said people probably know watermelons, strawberries etc. as fruits, so let’s just call them fruits anyway!

    • Third question - referring to something Tegoshi said in his “No Chara Life” segment before, where he had no idea what root vegetables there are except potatoes. The listener listed four types - potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, and yam. Did Tegomass know all four? Tegoshi tried to list dishes for all of them, but he didn’t know taro. He thought they tend to appear in French cuisine, but Massu thought they’re probably more often used in Japanese food. Massu seemed to know all four types, and they suspected Tegoshi of riding on what Massu said again. They were proven right as it turns out Tegoshi was talking about lotus roots instead of taro. They asked Tegoshi to name the most common dish made from yam and he said he eats them with shoyu, so they said tororo (grated yam)! And turns out he didn’t know tororo was made of yam. He started saying he’ll tell people from that day he now knows tororo is from yam and again they told him not to do that because it’s common knowledge. (T: I think I’m good for this segment, I don’t know so many things!)

    • At the ending, they promoted the “STORY” album and tour. When Sakura was reading the address details, Massu had to try to make food comments in response to the dishes Tegoshi named. 

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Feb 28)

    • At the opening, he talked about “STORY” a little, including recapping the concepts of N, E, and W, and that “STORY” is a bit more realistic than the rest. They also collected stories from everyone and some songs are based on them

    • If he prefers mille crepe or mille feuille - he prefers mille crepe.

    • ♪ STORY ♪

    • The listener mentioned being happy to see the fans’ contributions being used in the album jacket and costumes, and that they look forward to the concert. Massu talked about how they also used the fan art for their shoot for the tour merchandise, and also in other items that the fans will see soon.

    • Which would he not give up? The iced coffee he drinks to take a break from everything, or the beer at the end of a day. He said this question is hard to choose, though he doesn’t drink iced coffee during breaks, he pretty much drinks it all the time. And beer isn’t usually the drink he ends the day with, it’s usually his first drink of the night. So… both!

    • If Massu does impulse shopping. He said it’s mostly impulsive shopping when he goes to the shops, though there are also cases when he sees items at previews/collections, then ends up buying them at the shops anyway. So it’s impulsive shopping in the end. He agrees with the listener of spending more on an item and using it longer. He also wants to come across items he likes so much he buys them on impulse, than have to think over whether to buy them or not a lot.

    • How he chooses his dishes for “Gochi” - by what he wants to eat, or by prices. He thinks about the prices and how many items to order of course, but he also picks what he wants to eat. He wonders how the rest do this, and he thinks it’s really hard to strike a balance. It’s really hard to know how much the dish would cost from just the menu, because like 100g of meat and 300g of meat would cost very different. He’d do his best for the programme, so please watch!

    • Both the listener and their mother are fans of Massu, and the mother is going through a tough period because she has to care for some family members. Would he please send a message to their mother? He said both their mother and the listener are amazing and told their mother to do their best without pushing herself too hard

    • On how Toshimaen is closing down soon. He said he practically grew up with Toshimaen - the pool, roller coaster, merry-go-round… he shared more memories of his first experiences there, like the floating pool, water slides, games etc. He said he’d like to go again before it closes

    • The remote control for the listener’s TV has been spoilt for half a year, and it made them realise how convenient the remote control really is. What is something Massu finds convenient? He talked about the lamps that you switch on and off using the string, and it’s convenient when they grow so long you can reach them even while sitting on the ground. Back to the remote control, he mentioned how some TVs can be controlled via smart phones and that should be possible isn’t it? Washing machines are really convenient too, and it’s probably the home electronic he’s most grateful for.

    • ♪ SUPERSTAR ♪

    • For Master Hits this week, he played “STAY WITH ME”. He said this song made him realise they’ve probably never sang a song like this before, not projecting their voices over strongly and everyone’s singing just envelopes really gently.

    • At the ending, he promoted  “STORY”, “Pareto no Gosan” and “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito”

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