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NEWS news (week of Mar 30)

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  • NEWSRING (Apr 1)NR.jpg

    • It was Shige’s turn to update

    • Shige wrote about how though it feels like the year has only just started, the tough days keep on coming. He said that since a lot of his work is indoors anyway not much has really changed.
      He said that he’s writing now, and he recently finished a piece. Usually he writes “END” but it didn’t really feel right so he wrote “fin” instead. Though even though he wrote that it’s not really finished because he still has to go back and edit it.
      He also did some PR for “Alternate”.

  • KEIICHIRO (Apr 4)K.jpg

    • Koyama posted asking how we all are doing saying that he’s worried. He also said that he knows the fans worry about them, and reassured everyone that all the members are doing well and said that we’d all get through this together.
      He also wrote about the further cancellations in the STORY tour. He said that it’s really unfortunate though he knows that it can’t be helped. He encouraged everyone to all be mindful and that once this is all over it’ll be an amazingly happy time to be able to gather together again.
      He said that they don’t know if they’ll be able to reschedule the canceled concerts yet, and it depends on each individual venue. He included a super cute picture of him and Milk gazing into each others’ eyes at the end.

  • Massu’s note on behalf of NEWS (Apr 4)

    • Massu wrote a note to the fans on behalf of NEWS regarding the cancellation of the April shows of “STORY”, saying it’s hard for him to break this news and that they’re doing their best to make this a postponement (instead of a cancellation).
      While they feel terrible about not being able to do anything, he hopes we would wait for this to be over, so we can do all sorts of fun things after.
      For that, we need to stay at home now, and he asked those who cannot avoid heading out to be careful.
      He said he’d do what he can, and asked everyone not to get too depressed, and to save up the cheeriness and energy.
      He asked all of us to protect ourselves, those around us, and the future together.
      At the end of the note, he said the four of them are sending their love to us everyday, and “Love you!” x 4

  • KEIICHIRO (Apr 6)


    • Koyama referred to the episode of “Dash de ItteQ SP” that was aired the previous night, saying he was surprised he got mentioned (in Massu’s segment) and said he’d take 6 years to recover from the damage done. (TL note: Massu appeared in a segment where guests had to search for good looking females, and cross dressed Koyama appeared in one of the searches and they were saying in the show that this damage will take him 6 years to recover from).
      He also said his nephew texted him to ask what he was doing at home, so he listed a few things he was doing, including hinting that he bought a Nintendo Switch and was still figuring out how to use it properly. When the controllers on the sides came off he thought it had broken at first.
      He ended the entry with a photo of him in prescribed glasses and a gray fluffy hoodie.


  • On Apr 3rd, it was announced that the Sapporo and Fukuoka shows for “STORY” will be cancelled.

  • In an interview with Yahoo! Japan’s 8pi, Hayama Shono was asked what his impression of Massu was, and he said Massu’s just like his role (in “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito” (Source About 00:38~)

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!


  • Sorashige Book (Mar 8)

    • Listener Letter: They asked Shige if there’s been a time recently when he felt a sense of accomplishment.
      Shige said when their album, “STORY”, was released as well as his essay collection “Dekiru koto nara Steed de”. He said that there’s more in store for this year.

    • Listener Letter: They were curious about the song “Seven” and how that number has been a recurring theme with the seven gates in Neverland and seven stars in Epcotia. They wanted to know if there’s a deeper meaning.
      S: There is!
      Shige talked about how there were seven elements in Neverland, seven planets in Epcotia and seven also made an appearance in Worldista. There have been a number of motifs and 4 and 7 have been special numbers.
      S: 4 + 7 = 11…. What does that mean?
      He said that there’s a lot of mystery lyrics in Seven and he asked every one to think about it.

    • ♪ Seven ♪

    • ♪ Justin Beiber - Yummy ♪

    • Shige wanted to talk about the Academies and read a few letters about it and Parasite. Shige said that he always looks forward to the performances more than who the winners will be. He talked about how he had thought that Parasite would win some awards but didn’t predict that it’d win Best Picture and how it’s great to have a film from Asia win. He also talked about “This is Us” and Jordan Peele, Janelle Monae, “Midsummer”. He talked about Bong Joon-ho’s speech and said that this year’s show was really fun.

    • ♪ Perfect Lover ♪

  • Kchan NEWS (Mar 11)

    • The guest this week was Shige

    • They talked about the release of “STORY” and that they’re recording on release day. Koyama talked about how Imamura, a jr, messaged him to say he bought the album. Shige asked Koyama if he texts with him and lot and Koyama said that recently he texted Koyama saying that he wants to get his haircut, and when Koyama went to the salon after, they told him that Imamura asked them to give him Koyama’s haircut.
      Koyama said that he’s gotten a few messages from Jrs saying that they got the album and Shige laughed saying that he hasn’t gotten any. Koyama told Shige it’s because he doesn’t project that he’s open to it, and Shige said that it’s one of Koyama’s virtues that he doesn’t have, and that there were times in the past that he was too busy and couldn’t reply to messages.
      Shige asked Koyama how he replies saying that he doesn’t know what to say besides just “Thanks!”. Sometimes he gets messages from Shindo, one of the Jrs who backdances for them and was featured in Shige’s solos, and Shige just keeps sending back “Thanks!” so the green reply messages from him are all “Thanks!”
      Koyama gave some examples that he’s used and how he converses with them. Koyama told him that if he doesn’t have time it’s fine. He can just send back a stamp, but if Koyama were to do that then they might think that something was off with him. Shige joked that his base-level of energy makes him seem in a bad mood. Koyama encouraged their kohai to not be put off but this and to send messages to Shige.

    • They talked about how they’ve been playing some of the album songs on the radio both on Koyama’s show and on Shige’s and Koyama casually mentioned to Sorashige Book.
      K: When I listen to your radio-
      S: You listen to it?!
      K: I do
      S: No way!
      K: Yeah, [when Shige plays an album song for the first time] I’m like, “Ah, he’s playing it!”
      S: Eh? You listen to my radio show?
      K: Is that bad?
      S: Not that it’s bad, but I guess it’s… kind of gross
      K&S: HAHAHA
      S: At home?
      K: But I messaged you saying I was listening and you replied didn’t you?
      S: You actually listen to it?
      K: Yeah.
      S: On Radiko?
      K: Yeah
      S: At home?
      K: Yeah
      S: In real time?
      K: I- is that bad?
      S: N- It’s gross
      Koyama said that he listens and probably feels the same as fans getting excited that a song is going to be played for the first time. They talked about the radio a bit longer and did a little PR for the album

    • ♪ STORY ♪

    • Listener Letter: The letter writer talked about how they cried listening to the fans audio included in the album and how it made them feel not alone and like they have lots of allies in NEWS and the fans.
      Koyama and Shige talked about the fan contributions and how they were only able to include a very small amount of submissions which they feel sorry about because they know that fans probably want their submissions to be included, but they emphasized how this isn’t the only way they’re using them. There are also plans for during the concerts etc. Even if you don’t see your own submission, you’re still involved in the process. Please don’t be disappointed. They’re looking over all the submissions and really feel the love from the fans.

    • Listener Letter: They wrote about their Music Station performance and how at the end they struck a pose that flowed into the choreography of the next performance by Hinatazaka46 and they wanted to know how that came to happen.
      They said that in rehearsal Koyama just randomly did it, and Massu and then Tegoshi followed his lead. Shige didn’t see at first and then hurried and followed suit. They decided to do it for the actual performance too.
      Koyama mentioned Hinatazaka46 member “Katoshi” which is a nickname for Kato Shiho and Shige was distracted at how similar the nickname is to his, “Katoshige” and that his came first.

    • Listener Letter: Letter from a fan who was at the recording for Music Fair with her mother. They asked them how they decided who would be paired together from NEWS and Momoiro Clover Z in their collaboration for “Chankapaana” and what pose they would strike together.
      Shige said that he consulted with Reni on what pose to do and Reni decided and Koyama said he asked Ariin for a pose she would usually do and picked it that way. Koyama said that Tegoshi wasn’t sure what to do, and went along with the suggestion to do his “Tei” pose. Massu consulted with Kanako and they decided that way.
      They talked about how they felt bad for making the Momoiro members memorize all of Chankapaana. They were all busy so they weren’t able to practice together until the day of the performance so they got to the venue early to practice. They thanked Momoiro Clover Z.

    • ♪ Perfect Lover ♪

    • They did PR for Shige’s essay collection and talked about how now is a good time to be inside and read about travel since you can’t go travel yourself now. They also talked about how people came up to Shige during Music Fair saying that they were reading Shige’s books.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Mar 11)

    • At the opening, they talked about how they probably would have been thanking people for coming to the Miyagi shows, but unfortunately they got postponed due to the COVID-19 situation. They talked a little about their thoughts about it, including how the four of them discussed it a lot along with the concert staff before reaching this decision. They said they’re really sorry about this but they’ll continue to prepare for the concert and hope everyone would continue to look forward to it. They asked Sakura to pick a song from the album and she picked “Clover”, saying she feels this is an appropriate song for the current situation, since a four leaf clover is what people need, without knowing this was the song they wrote nor how long the song was

    • ♪ Clover ♪

    • If there’s anything they wished they’d done when they were children. Massu said he wished he’d gotten to stay overseas (due his parents’ work etc.), he would like his friends to be the same, except he wanted to have some experience overseas. Sakura said her cousin was like that, born in America but came back when they were really young and can’t speak a single word of English anymore. Tegomass said it’d be nicer to still be able to speak some, and Tegoshi proceed to demonstrate the heavily accented Japanese he imagines someone who just returned from overseas would speak. Tegoshi said he’d wanted to study overseas too. Sakura said she wished she’d learnt the piano as that’d come in useful for work (and the two of them made jokes of what work she does “gravure idol” etc.) before seriously saying being able to play would be nice. They encouraged everyone to try all sorts of things

    • What sauce do they like their shabu shabu with? Tegoshi said most people seem to like ponzu, but he likes ponzu and sesame sauce equally. And proceeded to describe how he likes his sauces. Massu said he can eat shabu shabu with just ponzu alone too, though he never really decides how he likes them, and just eats as he feels like it, even on its own before asking who decided that shabu shabu should be eaten with these sauces anyway. Sakura said she likes ponzu too. Tegoshi asked them to rank yakiniku, shabu shabu and sukiyaki, and Massu said for him it’d be yakiniku for all three places (T, Sakura: EHHHHHH), then shabu shabu, then sukiyaki. Massu started asking Tegoshi to give him up to top 5, he likes yakiniku so much he’s got the 2nd and 3rd place empty. (T: Then move them up and make them the top three!) They went on about this for awhile with apparently Massu wearing a funny face when Tegoshi explained why it should be just top three in that case. Tegoshi said both shabu shabu and yakiniku tie at number 1 for him, and sukiyaki is third. They were like, why are you answering your own question without asking Sakura and getting all excited on your own. He realised he would make a terrible emcee before asking Sakura - hers was shabu shabu, yakiniku, sukiyaki. She said sukiyaki probably would only come in at about no. 10, and Massu was like, that’s even worse than my top 5! Massu talked a little about how he would like to become the father who’s super particular about how they eat sukiyaki at home (TL note: it’s a semi cultural thing? For Japanese families in that it’s common for the father to be the one most particular about how sukiyaki is cooked, and that’s one of the rare times when the father becomes the central figure at meals).

    • The listener secretly bought the same pen as the sempai they like and have been using it for the past three years. Have they bought matching items as someone they admire? Tegoshi said he does - sunglasses. He lost a pair of sunglasses from this particular brand, and would not have bought the same pair again, if not for how he saw Hyde (L’Arc-en-ciel) was wearing the exact pair he lost. Massu tried describing the sunglasses he thought Tegoshi was referring to and asked if he hadn’t bought at least 10 of those, and Tegoshi said he lost them about twice. Massu described them in further detail and Tegoshi was impressed, saying he hadn’t been wearing them recently. Massu said that was when Tegoshi was in everything skulls (M: And wearing a tank top below). Massu said he bought Tegoshi a skull from that brand for his birthday during a Tegomass tour, and complained he’s never brought it with him to work. (T: Isn’t that for display? I display it at home!) Massu said he might have liked red checkered items under the influence of B’z’s Inaba-san. For Sakura, it’s buying the adult version of ranger wear. Massu said he wanted to see that and suggested making a segment for Sakura to do it and Tegoshi agreed.

    • At the ending, when Sakura was reading the address details, Massu had to play the word chain game himself while making his voice progressively thick.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Mar 13)

    • At the opening, he talked about “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito” for a bit, that filming has started and that it’s a service that’s actually running in real life.

    • If he prefers coffee floats or cream sodas - he likes iced coffee

    • ♪ STORY ♪

    • On how the listener noticed Massu wearing a wedding band in the visuals for “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito” and asked if it’s different from wearing rings as he usually does (as accessories). He said it’s the first time he’s playing a character who’s married and a father, and that in between filming, he has removed the wedding band to try to fit it to other fingers but they all don’t fit and he couldn’t keep completely calm. He now understands why some married people don’t wear their wedding bands and talked a bit more about how there’re some scenes with his family in the drama

    • The DVD/Bluray for “Voice” has been released and the listener wanted to know if Massu’s still in touch with the “Voice” cast. He said he received a copy too, since he appeared in it, and they probably gave him a copy for himself and a copy for his manager, and his manager gave him the DVD. He was like… I prefer the Bluray. He shared the conversation of how he prefers Blurays and might buy one himself, when he discovered that his manager was holding the Bluray copy but didn’t notice. So he took over the Bluray! He’s gone for food a few times with Karasawa-san and some members of the cast and said he wants to become someone like Karasawa-san.

    • The listener has a 7-year old daughter who’s a Massu fan. They watch “Gochi” together each time and in the recent episode when Massu lost and had to pay, their daughter bawled, saying “Poor Massu!!” The listener asked Massu to get the “Perfect Prize” next time. He said because the results are accumulated for the entire year, so if he can get perfect for the final game, his “debt” would be reset and he’d be able to stay. However, once he’s started on it, he realised how hard it is and he’s always about JPY 4,000 off. But he knows he can’t keep on saying “he doesn’t get this”, otherwise he’d end up getting “fired” faster than Kento (Sexy Zone). He’ll do his best so he can be like Taichi (TOKIO).

    • The listener read how during a shopping trip Shindo (Johnny’s Jr) went with Tegoshi, they ended up getting Tegoshi matching clothes as Massu and wanted to know more. He said Tegoshi probably asked Shindo to go shopping with him, and because Shindo knows the brands Massu likes and the clothes he wears, he said he did his best to choose clothes that won’t overlap with Massu’s and would suit Tegoshi. There was once Tegoshi brought the clothes he bought to work, and Massu was like, “Shindo, I have that pair of bottoms. And I have the older version of that long tee!” And Shindo was like, ahhh so you really have them! Massu said he’d probably never match them ever as Tegoshi and Shindo’s faces would always appear when he tried to do that. (M: I mean, if Tegomass turned up at rehearsals wearing the same clothes it’d be really gross.)

    • On when they feel a generation gap with people around them. The listener shared how they’d shake their mobile phone when the signal gets weak, and their juniors at work didn’t get what they were doing. It’s probably a habit they couldn’t get out of from using older phones back in the day that still had antennas on them. Massu said he totally understands and does it too, wondering if that doesn’t work on the current phones. He said it’s true how mobile phones make you feel the generation gap most, as there weren’t as many functions before, and he finds it amazing when he sees young kids unlock the devices. He also talked a little about mobile phone antennas and it’s cool to have them sticking out though it makes the phone harder to keep

    • ♪ Love Story ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “Perfect Lover”. He said this song is really cool and when he sings it he feels he becomes a little cooler, and this is a song that makes people feel excited

    • At the ending, he promoted the “STORY” album, “Pareto no Gosan”, and “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito”

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