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NEWS news (week of Apr 7) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Mar 15)

    • Listener Letter: The listener talked about how they related to Shige’s lines in “Clover” about feeling like you’re the only one who doesn’t know what their ‘dream’ is as they’re in the middle of job searching.
      Shige talked about how he hopes there are songs in the album like “Clover” that can encourage you in addition to the simple happy songs and the cool songs.

    • He also talked about the announcement of “Sen, shoku” play from his short story and said that he would not be appearing at all, but that he wrote the script. He was really busy writing that in addition to his solo, “Miacis Symphony”, and “Alternate” in addition to tour planning. It feels like there needed to be 8 of him to get it all done. He’s excited for it and he also wanted to write a script.

    • ♪ Stay With Me ♪

    • Listener Letter: They wrote in about the album and Shige’s solo, “Narrative” so Shige took some time to talk about his solo.
      He explained the meaning of the word “Narrative” and how it’s similar to Story but, more of a personal story. He said that with his previous solos, he picks the title/theme first and works from there.
      He also talked about “Clover” and how each member wrote lyrics and music for it, and how they wanted a positive message for the song with “Kibou Yell”. So “Clover” was supposed to be his up-beat side- though his part is also kind of dark as well.. But that’s his upbeat side, so if “Clover” was the front, then “Narrative” is the flip side of that. Towards the end of year he was writing the songs in his free time, like he’d bring a keyboard to his dressing room for FNS and play with cords during the breaks. He finished and handed over his demo on new years eve 30 min before countdown.
      He talked about the writing process a bit and how ami, the singer whose voice was used in “Ayame”, sang for the song again in the chorus. He said he gave a lot of instructions like asking her to sing like a widow- a lot of his instructions and image of how it should sound involves widows.

    • ♪ Narrative ♪

    • Listener Letter: The listener said they read the lyrics to “Clover” before listening and tried to guess who wrote what and they were able to get it correct. They also asked if they wrote the lyrics for the parts they sang like with “Strawberry”.
      Shige said that they did, and talked about how he wrote not just happy things, but also for people who are going through hard times. He said including “Kibou Yell” was also partly because he hoped it would encourage those people. He talked about how four leafed clovers have four meanings: Hope, Honesty/Sincerity, Love, Luck; So they each took on one meaning. Shige’s was “honesty”, which is difficult so he thought about the meaning of “honesty”. He said he wanted to encourage others, and thought about what it means to sincerely encourage others. He thought that it meant to empathise with them, and to show how he’s been where we are- to put himself in the place of those being encouraged. He of course has nights where he can’t sleep too. He said if you go with too narrow a message, then it can turn away others who it doesn’t as strictly apply to and he didn’t want that either. So he just kind of tried to convey a certain feeling of melancholy.
      He also talked about how he wanted to have a lot of words, so it kind of became like a poetry reading.

  • Kchan NEWS (Mar 18)

    • The guest this week was Shige

    • Before the start of the episode it was announced that all four members will be guesting.

    • They congratulated those who have graduated and commiserated on how it’s hard right now since many are at home with school canceled and tried to cheer everyone up.

    • ♪ STORY ♪

    • Listener Letter: Koyama tried to summarize two letters together, but just as he started he realized he couldn’t which made Shige complain. Shige told him he should just summarize both individually. The first one was asking for them to share the correct order to watch Marvel movies in. The second one was asking how Shige knows what kind of thing Koyama will get hooked on.
      Shige said they should read the wikipedia page for Marvel and they’ll see what order to watch things in starting with Iron Man.
      Koyama said that he’s only seen up to Avengers.
      S: Which one?
      K: Which one?
      Koyama said that he’s only seen 6 movies and Shige complained how he’s barely gotten started and threatened to tell him spoilers. Shige commented on how he hasn’t even met a lot of the characters then like Black Widow. Koyama didn’t know who that was so Shige started to explain that she’s a female Avenger, but Koyama cut him off telling him not to even reveal the gender of the character. Shige told him that her movie is going to be coming out soon anyway.
      Koyama tried to say “Captain America” but got stuck on the word Captain saying “Cap cap-” until Shige made fun of him. Shige kept trying to talk about things but Koyama kept cutting him off because he didn’t want to hear spoilers.
      Koyama asked Shige why he knew Koyama would like it. Shige talked about how Koyama and he haven’t finished “One Piece” but that he thought Koyama could get really into it. Koyama said that when they did “Sayaendo” for the “One Piece” movie he watched it, but he hasn’t seen it besides that, he can’t do it when the series gets too long. He likes anime more than manga.
      Shige asked Koyama about “One Punch Man” and Koyama said that he hasn’t yet, he can’t multitask like that. If he doesn’t finish the Marvel series first he can’t move on. Shige said that he’s already watched each movie multiple times and Koyama pointed out that Shige is able to watch multiple movies in one day.

    • Listener Letter: They brought up how Shige talked about motorcycles on his radio show previously and they wanted him and Koyama to share stories about it.
      Shige said that at the time he didn’t really talk about it a lot which Koyama confirmed. Shige talked about how he had a big scooter but he had really wanted this one called Steed.
      They talked about how they would ride with Koyama on the back holding on to Shige, and they joked that Koyama would hold on to him like they were a couple instead of holding on to the motorcycle where there’s a place to hold on. Koyama said that it’s because he was scared. Shige said that because that can get dangerous when you need to turn though he thinks that part way through Koyama did hold onto the motorcycle. They talked about how flashy Shige was back then.

    • Listener Letter: The listener wrote in that they’ve been playing the “Shigeaki game” and explained that it’s an association game, where you start with a word and try to make associations until you make it back to Shigeaki on the fourth word, Ex: “Ocean”, “Fish”, “Fishing”, “Shigeaki”. They asked them to try playing it.
      Koyama said that the examples they gave were too easy because they’re already so related to Shige.
      Koyama started off with “Ice Tea” but then Shige wasn’t sure if he was also supposed to join in on the “Shigeaki” game and so they decided that they would alternate starting with Koyama. Shige picked “Sri Lanka” for the second word, and Koyama connected it to “Being particular about the spices in curry” and Shige finished it off with “Shigeaki”.
      The for the second round, Gai-san started it off with “Stop watch”, but Shige timed Koyama out because he took too long to come up with something and it was a whole sentence about taking naps instead of a word. Shige told Koyama he should have picked “Clock” and Koyama made a sentence about how Shige bought a nice one in New York. Shige told Koyama that it’s not supposed to be a quiz, it’s a game. Shige suggested that they play the Keiichiro game.
      Gai-san gave them the word “pen” to start with and Shige picked the word “notes” then Koyama started making a sentence about keeping notes on your phone and Shige scolded him that that’s no how the game is supposed to be played. Koyama complained that he didn’t understand the rules and Shige told him he could have just said “Commentator” and it’d have worked.
      They tried again with Koyama picking the first word as “clip”, Shige picked “Metal” and Koyama picked “Gold accessory” and Shige closed it with “Keiichiro”. Shige made Koyama do it on his own, giving him the word “sponge”, but when Koyama came up with the word “soft” next:
      K: Soft…. Right now…? My heart…? Is Soft!! Keiichiro!
      K&S: HAHAH
      S: NO! You could have just picked “cat”.
      They tried again with Shige giving Koyama the word “cactus”.
      K: Cactus….. Prickly
      S: Can he do it?? Can he do it??
      Shige coached Koyama through it and it took him awhile as he just kept repeating the words over and over before going back on prickly, and going with “Mexico” which Shige suggested, and then to “Souvenir” and Shige told him that it’s not supposed to be a quiz!! He could have easily just picked “Otasuke Japan”. Shige kept exclaiming at how bad Koyama is at it, and that he can’t understand how Koyama is a good MC.

    • ♪ Seven ♪

    • K: Ok, It’s time for us to say goodbye
      S: I can’t wait to say goodbye to this idiot
      K: hahaha
      They continued to talk about how awful Koyama was at the game before doing some PR.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Mar 18)

    • At the opening, they talked about how it’s a second half of March and many people might be starting their new lives soon once the new fiscal year begins in April. They talked a little about when Sakura was still an announcer at a TV station in Fukuoka and when she was living there. Tegoshi commented that he’d want to stay at Fukuoka if he wasn’t living in Tokyo, and Massu said he’d want to stay near MBS (in Osaka, the station Tegomass no Radio is).
      T: It’s not like you’re going to get new job offers by saying that!

    • They let Sakura choose a song from “STORY” to play again, and she picked “S” based on the length of the song as she picked a really long one (“Clover”) the previous week.

    • ♪ S ♪

    • For “Tegomass de Image” this week, they talked about the listeners’ image of Tegomass and their mobile phones.
      The first listener: Tegoshi always owns the latest model, and is able to use even the lesser known features; Massu chooses base on the design, and is only capable of using basic features like “Camera” and “Music”.
      Reality: Massu owns the latest model while Tegoshi’s is one model earlier. He said it’s the first time he didn’t buy the latest model as he always checks what new features the latest model was getting, and the USP this time was the camera function, and he decided he doesn’t need that update anyway since he doesn’t take a lot of pictures nor upload photos anywhere. Massu bought the latest model not because the new model was released, but because he felt like buying something then. And it’s pretty much right Tegoshi can use more features than Massu (M: But I can do what I can’t on the computer on the phone! Like copy and pasting.)

    • The second impression: Tegoshi would carry his phone in his pocket while Massu would carry his in the bag pocket for mobile phones in his bag.
      Reality: Tegoshi carries it in the pocket that’s easiest to reach. E.g. if he’s wearing a long coat, his phone would be in his coat pocket. They tried to figure out what it means by bag pocket for mobile phones, and Sakura had to explain how some bags have smaller compartments for things like phones. Massu said it’s usually the pocket for him, and he might never have carried his phone in his bag. Same for Tegoshi, though he would put it in his bag when he’s on the bicycle as he wouldn’t want it to fall out.

    • Assuming they’re alone at home… Tegoshi would answer his calls on speaker mode, while Massu wouldn’t.
      Reality: (T: I don’t pick up calls. I hate them.) Massu has never picked up his call on speaker mode when he’s alone, but Tegoshi does, as he’d like to keep his hands free. They talked a little about picking up calls on wireless earphones, and Tegoshi said he’s ever been recognised by passers-by when he was on a call, but it’s hard for them to tell he’s on a call when he’s not holding onto anything.

    • Tegoshi has a lot of apps installed and wouldn’t delete those he stopped using; Massu would organise his apps into genres and have neat screens.
      Reality: Tegoshi has 6 pages, Massu 2, Sakura 3. Folder wise, Massu has “Fashion”, “Music”, and “Games”, that’s about it.
      Tegoshi - “Maps”, “Photos”, “Contacts”, “Conversational English”, “Languages”, “Navigation”, “Music”, “Food”, “Soccer”, “Taxi”, “Shopping”, “Videos”, “Travel”, “Books”, “Health”, “Radio”, “News”, “Golf”
      Sakura - “Game”, “Hero”, “Pro Wrestling”, “Jump”
      They happened to talk about how many notifications Tegoshi has for app updates and LINE (T: I have 30,000 unread emails and 80 unread LINE messages!)
      It happened that another listener wrote in to say Tegoshi has the image of having a lot of apps and unread texts/emails and they said the listener is completely on spot. On Massu, they said he had the image of installing just the minimum apps he needs and no unread texts/notifications. (Disclaimer: Not that he doesn’t receive texts, just that he doesn’t like leaving them unread)
      Tegoshi said the oldest text he hasn’t replied in LINE was from 4 days ago. For example, if someone texts to ask if he’s free for dinner that night and he’s already eating, he’d just ignore them since he couldn’t go for dinner with them anyway. And he’d only reply when he’s really free, like when he’s on the shinkansen or on flights etc.
      They then talked about how Massu didn’t have any update notifications, and no backlog of unread texts.
      Sakura: But that’s not a lot, just a single digit.
      M: Why did you have to say that.
      Sakura: The listener already said something nice about it! Not that you don’t receive texts!
      M: Look, I receive texts!
      Sakura: Everyone’s trying to be considerate towards your feelings!
      M: Why do they have to be? I have lots of friends!!

    • Next image is of the current battery percentage of their phones. Massu: 56%, Tegoshi: 82%.
      Reality: Both 100% as they both own smart battery cases, but Tegoshi’s smart battery case was at 83%. Massu’s was at 95%.
      M: I think I can last a week or so with this smart battery case.
      Sakura: Don’t think so, that’d be like you have no friends.
      M: I said I DO! LOTS!

    • Image of their photo gallery. Tegoshi’s is filled with Skull and Emma, while Massu’s is filled with clothes or draft designs of tour costumes. Both of them don’t take many photos, but Tegoshi has a folder for Emma and Skull. He also always asks the ItteQ staff to take behind-the-scenes shots when he’s on the location shoot so he’s got a bunch they sent him from a recent shoot. Massu barely takes photos too

    • They commented how the fans are really good at predicting how they are with their phones, and said this segment is really fun.The following month’s theme: “Gym”. The deadline for sending in messages on your images of them + gym is the end of March

    • When Sakura was reading the address details, Tegoshi had to rap again.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (Mar 20)

    • At the opening, he talked about how he was filming for “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito” and everyday has been really enjoyable for him

    • If he prefers strawberry sandwiches or egg sandwiches - he prefers egg sandwiches

    • ♪ SUPERSTAR ♪

    • The listener is always struggling over when to clean their bathrooms - before or after their baths. So they’d like Massu to decide it for them. Massu said if he used the bathtub, he’d wash it after he uses it so he doesn’t wash it before he uses it the next time. The bathroom is the place where he wants to keep clean all the time so he cleans it regularly. He said whether to clean it before or after bathing depends on each person’s lifestyles, so he’s going to leave it up to them. But suggested at the end to clean the bathtub right after using it, clean the rest of the bathroom, then take a shower

    • On what proverb Massu likes - he said he liked things like proverbs and four-character idioms in school and a four-character idiom he likes is “温故知新” (onkochishin), to learn new things by studying the past.

    • The listener has problems deciding the last song to sing at the karaoke when they go with friends/family - should they pick something they really want to sing, or something everyone would enjoy. He said it’s hard to decide on the first song too as everyone would be trying to let the other go first (M: Did everyone not come because we all wanted to sing??). He said there probably would be a list of songs in the system already though by the time the time is almost up, so it’d just be going through the list or watching the ads/promo videos that play. Whether to choose a song that everyone would enjoy is almost like creating the setlist for a concert, like, “Should we insert ‘weeeek’?”. He says it’s fine not to worry about that for the karaoke though

    • The listener wants to move to a new place but can’t find something they like. What’s something Massu definitely wants in his house? He shared the story of the friend’s friend’s place in Sweden he went to many years back - a really big one-room apartment, and the room was just more or less segmented into areas for each use. It made him realise there was no need for a lot of rooms as this huge space means he could change the layout anytime. But there probably isn’t a place with such a huge room in Japan though. As for something he definitely wants to have, it’d be storage. Like having an entire wall of wardrobe in that huge room, and the clothes would switch places by themselves by just the press of a button

    • A listener who met their boyfriend (who’s a Massu fan) and started dating after he asked them to go to “WORLDISTA” together, so they thanked Massu for helping them meet. “STORY” would be the first concert they attend together after they got together so they’re really looking forward to it. Massu said he’s really happy and wondered how they met. He said to send his regards to their boyfriend and said NEWS will be supporting their “story”.

    • ♪ SEVEN ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “S”. He said just when they were discussing the “S” album and what to do about it, the producer came to them and said, “We’ve got this song - ‘S’.” Massu will leave it up to everyone to decipher what “S” stands for though. He was given two versions of the rap and he chose the one he did, saying, “This one is DEFINITELY cooler.” Though the other version was also really cool and he asked if there was a way they could include both. He’s looking forward to performing this song in concerts

    • At the ending, he promoted “Pareto no Gosan” and “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito”.

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