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NEWS news (week of May 6) - Part 2

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  • Sorashige Book (Apr 26)

    • Listener Letter: The letter just asked how are you?
      Shige said that he was good and said that he’s still quite busy and working at home though he can’t meet up with friends so of course he’s also dealing with that for the first time like everyone else. He also talked about how he’ll appear in the drama “Nigatsu no Shosha”. He talked about how his own experience of taking entrance exams as a middle schooler was pretty intense, and how reading the manga it’s based on is making him realize how much work parents put into it as well.

    • ♪ Stay with Me ♪

    • ♪ Pearl Center - Sayonara nara Kikitakunai yo ♪

    • Listener Letter: They wrote in thanking him for writing the liner notes despite being very busy and said that they really enjoy them.
      He apologized for the gap in between entries and said he was writing them when he had time and that as always they’re hard to write.

    • Listener Letter: Shige read two letters, in the first one they asked him how he’s spending his time at home and in the second one asked if he’s started playing video games again.
      Shige said that the reason he doesn’t usually play video games is because once he gets hooked on one he can get totally sucked in and lose his whole night. So he quit playing them about 10 years ago when he was a college student. Part of the reason he restarted is because he thought that it could also be good for him to consume as someone who writes stories.
      So he was trying to decide if he should start playing them again, and then his friend borrowed his phone and while Shige was talking to a separate friend just went and bought a game saying that Shige would just go back and forth about buying it but never actually buy it himself so he did it for him since he figured Shigie wanted a little push on the back. This was actually before the stay at home orders but he hadn’t had time to set it up yet until now when he can’t go out. He’s trying to make sure he does a lot of other things in addition to playing games.

  • Kchan NEWS (Apr 28)

    • Koyama brought up how his 36th birthday would be in two days and how it’s surprising he’s turning 36. He talked about how he was supposed to spend it with fans in concert, but it can’t be helped. He said he still wants fans to celebrate him, the thoughts will still reach him. He’ll be spending his birthday with Milk.

    • Listener Letter: The fan was supposed to be in the concert for Koyama’s birthday so instead they’re thinking of baking a cake for it instead and wanted to know what kind of cake he likes.
      Koyama said that he likes Chocolate cake, shortcake, cheesecake, Mont Blanc, eclairs… He loves sweet things. He said that he’s been thinking of what his goal should be for 36 because he thought people would ask but he doesn’t have one. He just wants everyone to stay healthy and wants to see everyone’s smiling faces in person once things settle down.

    • ♪ Hoshi no Tabibitotachi ♪

    • Listener Letter: The listener wrote about how they’ve been doing remote viewing parties with their friends over video call. They asked if the members use video calls.
      Koyama said that at this age they don’t video call each other much, they do text though. He said he has been using video calls a lot lately and it’s great that you can see people’s expressions as you talk. It really connects you with those who are most important to know and let you see how they’re living and that they’re ok.
      Koyama said that he has friends in the medical field who are fighting on the frontlines and so he wrote out a message of support to them and held it up to the camera and his other friend took a picture of it for him over video call to send to them.
      Koyama talked about how it must be fun to do viewing parties since you can react together to the concert like, “Ah that wink just now!” “Shige’s bangs!!” “You could see Massu’s shoulder just now!” and “Tegoshi smiled!” etc etc. Koyama said that he would love to do something like that and that he’d probably end up talking a lot. He wondered how many people you could watch with at once.
      He said that he was grateful that fans were watching the concerts this way.

    • Listener Letter: The listener wrote about how on they saw a bear figure like what Massu collects next to Koyama in the entry he posted with the photo of him playing games. They asked if he also collects them and if they talk about them.
      Koyama said that he does, though he doesn’t have as many as Massu, he does have a number of them at home. He has the one designed by Ninagawa Mika.
      Koyama said that he messaged Massu the other day because Massu remembered Koyama liking this clothing brand, and there were some pretty rare pieces that Massu might be able to get, so he asked if Koyama wanted some. Koyama did. Massu sent about 15 pictures and told Koyama to pick so he picked about 6 and Massu complained that that was too many so he narrowed it down to two and Massu bought them for him (Koyama paid him for them). Then Massu texted him asking how the fit was and it made Koyama think about how Massu’s the type of person who’ll do everything for you. (playing with Massu's drama title, in the opposite sense) He encouraged everyone to watch “Rental Nanmo Shinai Hito”

    • Listener Letter: The listener asked if Koyama is exercising despite the stay at home order and how he’s keeping in shape.
      Koyama said that of course he can’t go to the gym anymore, but he spent so long working out to get in shape he doesn’t want to lose that. It would be a shame so he’s doing all he can to exercise at home, like dancing etc. He found a work out chair, weights, and a yoga mat online so he bought them and they’ll likely arrive tomorrow. That’s all for muscles, but it’s hard to build up endurance at home, but he’s been doing squats and in place running out on his veranda.
      He said that exercising will help your body feel better and that it helps you mentally from feeling negative too.

    • Listener Letter: The letter was from a 19 year old listener who recently started living on their own this spring. Since they’re isolated at home alone they’ve been watching NEWS DVDs. They’ve been a NEWS fan since they were a second grader in elementary school, so to them Koyama feels less like an idol to them, but more like a father. (K: Papa!?) They said that watching NEWS DVDs and listening to their music feels like coming home. “Father, please take care of your health and good luck at work”
      K: Father??? Koyama papa?? I’ve become Kei-kun papa??
      Koyama noted how the listener has been a fan of theirs since they were eight years old. Koyama thanked them for supporting them for so long, and noted with some shock that he is at the age where it wouldn’t be strange for him to have kids. He said that he does want to be called “Papa”, though he also wouldn’t mind if his kids called him “Kei-kun”. He also calls him mom by her name.

    • ♪ Fullswing ♪

    • Listener Letter: The listener said that they were told by their friends that their life would change if they go into anime and asked Koyama if that’s true.
      Koyama said that it’s good to know anime since it’s a part of Japanese culture and you’ll be able to talk to more people. He said that the art and music are great, and anime even appears on Kouhaku. He said he thinks it depends on the person if it’ll change their life or not, but that he thinks it is something you won’t regret knowing more about.

    • At the end they played “Happy Birthday” as Koyama read out the ending info and Koyama said that this would be the last Kchan NEWS from 35 year old Koyama and that we’ll meet again when he’s 36.

  • Tegomass no Radio (Apr 29)

    • It was a repeat broadcast of an episode from 3 years ago when Tegomass sang live on the programme in commemoration of the programme’s 5th anniversary. (Originally aired Oct 26, 2016)
      Sakura did a short intro on her own again.

    • We’re just going to do a shorter summary of the programme for those who missed the episode then. They asked for requests for songs for Tegomass to sing live on the programme some weeks before the 5th anniversary episode, and read out some requests

    • The first listener is a relatively new fan to NEWS and is catching up on their songs. They mentioned “Smile Maker” as a song they listen to when they want to lift up their spirits. Tegomass said NEWS has many good songs, and Massu asked if Tegoshi had any recommendations, or any song he found really good the first time they heard it. Tegoshi said “Byakuya”, and for Massu it was “Ichioku sanzenman bun no futari no kiseki”. (M: Dang maybe I should have said “LIS’N”, that’d have been a funnier answer. T: It’s fine we weren’t looking for a funny answer)

    • ♪ Smile Maker ♪

    • The listener has been listening to the programme for 5 years, since they were 11 years old. They wanted to know if the two of them feel they’ve changed in any way. Massu shared that when the staff asked him what programme he’d like this to be, he suggested having an announcer or someone to keep things in control while the two of them talk freely because it’d be better than the two of them talking on their own, since it’d be like their concert MC, and won’t have the element of an external perspective.
      This was also when they found out Sakura is actually older than them as they asked how old she was 5 years ago.

    • The listener stated clearly they’re a fan of Massu and Tegoshi pretended to not want to reply to their questions. They wanted to know if they’ve worn similar clothes to someone else before, and/or if they had embarrassing stories that happened when they were shopping.
      Tegoshi said he stole a pair of underwear from Koyama because he needed a change of underwear and just took them from his bag. So there was once the two of them happened to be in the same underwear in different colours. Tegoshi also shared he was wearing Harry Potter underwear that day. Massu said Tegoshi’s underwear/socks and stuff are really lame as he’d just keep wearing them till they wear out, so there’re times when there’re holes in his socks and stuff.
      Massu said there was once he wore this super loud tshirt and was about to enter a shop when a staff walked out from the shop’s office space at the back. Their eyes met, and Massu just walked past the shop.
      Sakura has never worn the same thing as anyone before, but has worn the same colour combination. Massu said it’s embarrassing when you go for a meal with like 3 people and everyone happens to be wearing checkered stuff.
      Tegoshi said he’s seen some Johnny’s wearing items he owns at Johnny’s Countdown, like Toma having the same jacket for instance. Tegoshi started saying how he doesn’t look good in clothes at all, and Massu would probably look better in the clothes he owns (M: What do I say now…)

    • They said they received about 2,000 mails for the song request and decided to talk a little about the requests that came in before going to the most requested song they were going to sing. Some titles that came up - “Hanamuke”, “Aoi Bench”… Massu made a joke about how “Good Morning Woohoo” didn’t come up and Tegoshi got confused, wondering if they had a song like that. (M: It’s a joke! You should have stopped me! T: But it does sound like something we’d sing) They went back to the list for a bit before announcing the song they were going to sing - “Yoru wa hoshi wo nagameteokure” (“Hajimete no asa” and “Hikari” were next popular)

    • ♪ Yoru wa hoshi wo nagameteokure ♪

    • They said it’s been a really long time since they sang this and will try to do this again sometime. They thanked everyone for sending in the mails

    • Sakura did the ending on her own again, a short one with the address details

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (May 1)

    • At the opening, he said how as with the previous week, they’re recording the programme with the minimum required, due to the COVID-19 situation. He asked everyone to do our best together

    • If he prefers silky tofu or firm tofu - he isn’t really interested in tofu and doesn’t really know the difference between the two. He loves cold tofu though, and said again how he doesn’t like tofu in hot soups like in hot pots and yudofu. He concluded he likes cold tofu, and said he’ll play “Happy Birthday” since it was Koyama’s birthday

    • ♪ Happy Birthday ♪

    • How would Massu spend his time if he had a month off? He shared his current routine - wake up, watch TV, clean, sleep. His floor is super clean now. So clean, the coating of his flooring might be coming off. He’s also been wiping everything he can. He’s relooking the things he owns now since it’s rare he gets so much time at home. Also failing at decluttering because he can’t part with anything

    • What would Massu like in his hot sandwich? He owns a hot sandwich maker just like the listener does. He suggested a few ingredients, like tuna, maple syrup, eggs, ham, cheese, bacon though his favourite would probably be corned beef and mayonnaise. He also said it might be nice to put some sweet mochi inside. But he basically only puts corned beef in his

    • The listener has a stuffed dolphin since young and feels safe when it’s around, but is struggling with the decision of whether or not to bring it with them when they move to Tokyo soon. Does Massu own anything similar? He doesn’t recall having any like that. As for whether or not to bring the dolphin to Tokyo, he said if the listener’s place would have enough room for the dolphin then do it, but if there won’t be space for it, it’d be sad. He received a dolphin plushie when he guested for “Juui Dolittle” and said maybe they own the same plushie. It might be nice for the listener to bring theirs since they’d be staying on their own for the first time

    • If Massu joins the top of “4” when he writes them. He doesn’t and said people who write their “4”s that way must be super particular and their homes must be super clean and all their notes in their wallets are probably lined in the same direction. He went on to talk about how people write different numbers in different ways, like for 7, and he’d wanted to write 7 with a line across in the center because he thought that looked cool. There’s also this thing about how 1 has one angle, and if you write 2 like Z, it’d have 2 angles, and 7 would only have 7 angles if you wrote it like 7

    • The listener is from Massu’s generation and wrote a little about their memories of the mini4wd. He talked about how his friends and he would go to those small snack stores and their bicycles to look for limited edition parts for the mini4wd, eat small cup noodles etc. They’d all go home after school, put their bags down, grab some change and go out on their bicycles. He also talked a little about air guns and really wanted to share more memories of the snack stores but realised it’s hard for him to be nostalgic on his own and he needs someone to be around to go, “OH YES and there was also this-” He’ll try to improve his conversation skills and do better next time

    • ♪ Kimi no Kotoba ni Emi wo ♪

    • For Masterpiece this week, he played “Koi”. He said the song’s written by GReeeeN’s Hide-san and talked about how the title is written in the old kanji 戀 instead of the simpler current one 恋. And the way people remembered the way of writing 戀 was by going いとしいとしというこころ (itoshii toshi to iu kokoro - the parts of the kanji broken down into simpler characters). There’s also this famous episode of how renowned novelist Natsume Soseki translated “I love you” into “The moon is beautiful”, and Massu thought this was very Japanese and the words are really beautiful. So on nights when the moon is beautiful - itoshii toshi to iu kokoro (koi, therefore love). He said when Hide-san explained this to him, he couldn’t stop saying “sugoi” (amazing) and he said he’s really grateful to Hide-san for this beautiful song. He went on to share how this collaboration came about, that Massu first asked Hide-san if he would write him a song, and they met a few times when Hide-san asked him about the song and himself. When Massu was first asked what kind of song he wanted to sing, he said he wanted a song that’s very “GReeeeN” - gentle yet strong, with some rap parts, something like “weeeek” and not a ballad. Hide-san said, “Got it!” but came back with “Koi”, saying a ballad would suit Massu better. He feels this song was only possible because he asked Hide-san to produce it, and it wouldn’t have happened if he went with his own sense

    • At the ending, he promoted “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito”

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