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NEWS news (week of May 14)

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  • Shigeaki no Cloud (May 14)SC.jpg

    • Shige posted about his Smile Up! Project video where he read aloud a children’s picture book that he wrote himself based on a book he had written as a child.
      He said that he tried to come up with a variety of ideas for things he could do, and wanted to do something that only he could do. For various reasons he couldn’t read aloud a published book, so he decided to make his own. But there were a lot of aspects of the project that he had never done before so it ended up being rather difficult.
      Since he used an idea that he had come up with when he was a kid, the story itself came together pretty quickly, but for a picture book you need pictures. If he had spent more time on them he probably could have come up with something a bit better, but he wanted to get it out to everyone who’s struggling right now as fast as possible and made it on his tablet. But he’s never drawn on a tablet before so he had to first download an application and learn how to use it. (In the end it may have been faster to just draw it on paper)
      In his mind, storybook pictures don’t have outlines, they look like collages or cut out of paper, so he tried to make his pictures with that in mind, but it was really hard to get them as he pictured them and he also had to consider the layout and colors. He erased and redrew them many times but he also had to hurry, so he has a lot of respect for authors of picture books.
      He also had to pay attention to how fast he was reading it which gave him respect for preschool teachers and parents. Then for filming, he had to be careful about the camera placement and lighting, and then he edited the video himself too. It gave him a lot of respect for video producers and youtubers.
      It was a good opportunity to gain respect for a wide variety of people. Becoming immersed in the video making process helped him get his mind off of the current situation, and also the cancelation of “Sen, Shoku” so he’s thankful for the opportunity.
      He hopes that the video helps the children and their parents going through a hard time right now take their minds off of things for a little bit. There’s a lot about the video that wasn’t very good, but he hopes that people enjoy it.
      At the end he also included a message to healthcare workers saying that he doesn’t know if it will help but that he hopes it can lend them some strength. He also added that we’ll all get through this together.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (May 14)M.jpg

    • Masuda Takahisa no kore wa kitto karenai clover (a clover that will not wilt, a line from his lyrics in “Clover”)

    • It’s a short entry with just one line, “Can you find it?” and a graphic of small clovers forming the word “NEWS”
      (TL note: we find out a little later when goods sales started that the clover petal is the necklace’s pendant from “STORY”)

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (May 15)


    • Masuda Takahisa no cotton 100%
      (TL note: both the hoodie and tshirt this time are made of 100% cotton, from the specifications on the website, and we know how much Massu cares about the material from what he’s shared about con tees previously)

    • He wrote an entry about the concert goods, saying sales began that day and that he made the graphic the previous day because he wanted fans to see the goods from them first.
      The necklace was made with the idea of giving it to someone you love on an anniversary in mind, and he/they’ve thought about it since the time when they made  NEVERLAND’s key.
      Their thoughts are conveyed through the song “Clover”, and take the form of this necklace, and he suggested a scenario through which the necklace could be presented, though he leaves it up to us to interpret it. He said they managed to create a thank you gift from the four of them.
      He also shared that the text at the back of the tshirt is by Shige, and it’s super cool.
      The bag is also a combination of the four tours, and the penlight takes the shape of a triangle since it’s the only shape they haven’t had yet since 2013 so we now have all 4 shapes.
      He said he will probably take 3 days if he wrote about all the goods, so he asked us to look at the photos and try to feel them. He talked briefly about the towel and calendar before recommending his own photo sets and stuff at the end.

  • KEIICHIRO (May 15)K.jpg

    • Koyama posted about the cancelation of the last of the STORY tour dates and said that it was tough for them to have to do and that they’re also worried about how it’s affected the fans.
      He also apologized for how it’s been a worrying day.
      He said that he hopes to get closer to fans and give some joy to fans through his jweb.
      He asked fans to stay close and that he wouldn’t let us go.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (May 16)


    • Masuda Takahisa no check, check check!

    • He said he saw Shige’s video on YouTube and said it’s very original and of a quality others can’t come up with. It’s so good Massu wished he could do something like that, though he probably couldn’t set it such that you move onto the next page by tapping. He’d probably want to swipe to the next page lol.
      He also watched Koyama’s video and said he found out how you can tell a song sounds and feels like from watching it through sign language. He felt it’s the smoothest he’s seen Koyama ever lol.
      And because he doesn’t care about the number of views, he’s going to watch Massu’s video a few more times

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (May 17)


    • Masuda Takahisa no Senkou… (flash)

    • He went back to the Q&A format, including the following
      Q: I’m giving birth soon! I’m really worried so tell me something encouraging!
      A: Wow! Hope it’s an easy delivery!! (TL note: He says the same line as his character did in Ep5 of “Rental” for one of his clients)
      This is so amazing. Respect! All the best. Power~~~~~~~~~!
      Q: If you were to release a book on your life, what would you title it?
      A: Maybe “Senkou Scramble Egg”... looks familiar… lol

  • KEIICHIRO (May 17)


    • Koyama wrote saying that he saw Massu’s video on YouTube and that he’s been paying attention to the number of views, ah no he doesn't, but that the numbers themselves can’t convey all the people Massu’s video has touched. And because he doesn't care about the number of views either he's going to watch his own video everyday
      He included a video where he showed his uchiwa for Story and said that he was happy with it and asked if we liked it. He also talked about receiving a message from Kikuchi Fuma (Sexy Zone) letting him know that he mentioned him on TV when asked which sempai are hard to go out drinking with one on one.
      Koyama told him it’s ok and tried to put him in a tough position by asking him to go out for drinks once this is all over and Fuma joking turned him down. Koyama thanked him for mentioning him on TV.

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (May 18)


    • Masuda Takahisa no ikko uso tsuita (I said a lie)

    • He asked if everyone is doing well and said he bought some aojiru (green juice) powder as he hasn’t been taking enough vegetables. He asked everyone to work hard together for the last bit of the Stay Home period before moving on to the Q&As

    • Q: I bought an SLR camera. Please name it for me.
      A: Ah! The thing people send in to Master Hits is here! The super popular segment~ I’m going to do this today as a special!
      Kameranashi (TL note: probably playing on the name of KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi and camera)
      Q: Is there something you feel like you can improve upon now? I do!
      A: What!? Tell me what you improved on~~! Lol. I might lose sleep from thinking about it!!
      For me, it’s probably my height. I’ve been sleeping a lot lately so I’m probably 182 now.
      ↑ this is the lie lolll
      Q: What do you think is on the other side of the moon that we can’t see from the earth?
      A: U-tan is playing there (TL note: u-tan is the name of this character from Tegomass no Seishun’s concert goods)

  • KEIICHIRO (May 19)


    • He posted a video of him feeding Milk a snack and trying to get her to look at the camera, and said he hopes everyone feels better after watching the video

  • Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru (May 19)


    • Masuda Takahisa no Ame no hi suki (I like rainy days)

    • He talked about how it was raining in Tokyo and he likes it when it rains. He proposed a theory of how you might get less drenched if you walked slowly than if you ran and splashed around in the rain and wanted to test it out in “Soredame”

    • Another round of Q&A, including the following
      Q: I’m in the archery club, please let me send an arrow right through your heart!
      A: I will die!
      But… I’m already… your heart…
      Q: Something you will not lose out to anyone on?
      A: My love for NEWS
      Q: Are there moments when you come across some clothes you don’t remember owning?
      A: Yes lol. Sorry. Lol


  • Sales of “STORY” concert merchandise have begun on Johnny’s online store, and will run till July 14th, 23:00 JST.

  • On May 15th, it was announced that due to his failure to follow Stay At Home orders, Tegoshi will no longer be participating in the special Twenty Twenty unit as a part of the Smile Up! Project. (Source)

  • On the same day, it was announced that all the dome shows for “STORY” have been cancelled in view of the COVID-19 situation. (Source)
    Massu wrote a message on behalf of NEWS on Jweb, saying this means all the shows for the tour have been cancelled, and he apologised for cancelling the shows bit by bit, as they’d held on to the hope that there may come a time when they can hold the concerts.
    They’re totally prepared for the STORY project, be it for the concert or the plans after.
    They’ll definitely hold the concerts after the situation has calmed down, and he hopes the same people will get to attend.
    It’s a tough period for everyone now but we’ll definitely overcome this!! Together. So let’s work hard together!
    Thank you for supporting them all this while.
    U R not alone!

  • To keep up to date on NEWS’ activities don’t forget to check out the NEWS Schedule at the top of the sidebar!


  • Sorashige Book (May 3)

    • Listener Letter: The listener is in the middle of job searching but they’ve had to stop due to the corona virus. Some of their friend have received offers already but they’re worried they won’t find anything. They said that the lyrics Shige wrote for “Clover” have been helping them get through these tough times.
      Shige said that he was happy that “Clover” was reaching people. And that all we can do is pull through, it’s tough for everyone right now so no one is alone.

    • ♪ Top Gun ♪

    • He talked about how Drake made the dance for his new song one that people could copy and do themselves online. Shige talked about how he always wants to continue to make stuff that can reach others even if not right away, and about what he can do in the current situation that he couldn’t normally do. Though he often just ends up playing video games.

    • ♪ Drake - Toosie Slide ♪

    • Listener Letter: The listener said that they’ve been feeling out of shape being stuck at home so they recently started working out. They wanted to know what kind of workouts Shige’s been doing lately.
      Shige said that he usually goes to a gym but since they’re all closed he’s started running. Though that can also be dangerous so you have to be careful, he goes running at night when  there’s less people out and wears a mask. He’s also been doing online training with a trainer. Since he started gaming he’s also been doing stretches to help with slouching. He also does squatches.

    • Listener Letter: The listener said that they recently started working from home, and so they’ve discovered how difficult it can be to switch between work more and at home mode and since Shige often talks about writing at home they asked what he does.
      Shige said that for him, since he does a lot of things that are “fun” for work, it’s a bit different for him but that he doesn’t really consciously think of work mode separately. Though he does work hard to focus on what he is planning on getting done that day. House work is pretty much how he divides his schedule. Like, he’ll start work after breakfast and work until lunch time. He plans it around things he wants to do, like since he jogs at night he stops to do that once the sun goes down.

    • Listener Letter: Shige read a letter from a listener who gave their thoughts on “Alternate”
      Shige said that he thinks he’s finishing up with it, if he had to say he’s reached the second half.

  • Kchan NEWS (May 5)

    • At the start Koyama talked about how he’s turned 36 and entered his late thirties. At least, by the time this airs he will have, at the time of recording he’s still 35 so he can’t report on how he spent the last day of 35 yet. He friends have talked about doing a remote birthday party over zoom.
      Today Gai-san isn’t there either, it’s just Koyama in the booth and before they started the director disinfected everything.

    • Listener Letter: The listener talked about how their sports competitions have all been canceled and they’ve been feeling pretty down and like they’ve worked so hard for nothing, so Koyama’s cheer at the end of the radio really cheered them up.
      Koyama said that he understood how they feel but that their hard work has not gone to waste because their hard work over these two years have definitely helped them grow.
      He said that for him, he’s been trying to come to terms with his feelings regarding the concert cancelations and that it’s led to him realize how blessed his life has been and to be thankful for all the things he took for granted. He said that he’s sure many people are feeling down right now and so he picked a song to help cheer them up.

    • ♪ Higher Ground ♪

    • Koyama commented on how he really hasn’t been using his voice as much since he’s been home alone and now it really feels like he’s talking so much.

    • Listener Letter: The listener wrote in about how how Koyama talked about Animal Crossing on the radio and said that they laughed a lot hearing about how Koyama ate all his peaches. Koyama said that now that some time has passed he’s realized that he shouldn’t have done that and is embarrassed. The listener gave him some advice on the game, saying he should take a pause on eating his fruit and make things to sell at the shop to make bells. Koyama said that since Gai-san isn’t there today for him to ask questions he’d do his best. The listener also advised him that the best way to make money is to buy a lot of turnips and sell them at an island that is buying them for a lot of money. Koyama apologized saying that he doesn’t really understand turnips yet.
      Listener: By the way, the highest price my turnips have sold for is 660 bells
      K: What are you saying?
      The listener asked him to update everyone on his progress.
      Koyama said that he knew about the girl selling turnips but he actually hasn’t seen the turnip lady yet. He brought his switch to the recording both and said he’d play a little bit right now.
      He said that he finally was able to change out of his school uniform and currently has a prince outfit on and a red hat.
      K: So I have a museum on my island right? Everytime you go the museum, isn’t that guy always sleeping?  And he wakes up all surprised like, “Keiichiro-san, did you need something”?
      Koyama was excited to tell everyone that he was able to travel to a remote island that has bamboo because those are apparently rare so he collected a bunch and brought them to his own island. He said he wants to make his island very old Japan-like. With traditional bridges and stuff. He said he wants to collect all the kinds of fruits and build a fruit orchard and do an all you can eat campaign and have people come. He asked people to come visit his island and started laughing. He apologized to those not playing the game who probably don’t get what he’s talking about. He said that he’s been enjoying the slow island life.

    • Listener Letter: The listener brought up how he talked about “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito” last week and asked if he doesn’t feel guilty eating all those sweets. The listener said that since they’re stuck inside unable to be active, they’re worried about gaining weight and are jealous of Koyama who doesn’t gain weight and asked what he eats.
      Koyama said that he didn’t have any guilt at all, and that recently he’s gotten hooked on these small vanilla yogurts. He also eats eclairs and cream puffs. He said the he only goes out to buy groceries, and that he buys those then. He eats them while watching tv and stuff. He said that he has gained weight and it motivates him to work out and change it to muscle. He eats three meals a day, he orders delivery and also makes some on his own while on video chat with his mom. He said that he has his scale by his fridge, but that gaining weight right now can’t really be helped since you can’t go out to exercise. He wants to only gain as much as he can work off later, but that this shouldn’t be something to stress over. Don’t push yourself too hard and eat what you like, though you can practice self control a little bit each day.
      Koyama said that as of this recording, he’s seen up to episode 3 of “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito” and talked about how it opened up with Massu sniffing that guy and said that the angle of the shot was sexy. Koyama said that he wants to make a rental request to celebrate his birthday though it’s hard to do so currently. He’d like a message though, he’s waiting for messages from all of them- Shige and Tegoshi too. He said he pretends that he’s not but he’s really waiting on those messages! He’s been opening his messaging app more than usual recently and will be sad if he doesn’t get them.
      He talked too about how good the family scenes were and the wife’s supportive lines. He said that for him, the fans are the ones who really support him and that he hopes that we all have people in our lives supporting us too and he’s happy if that’s them.
      Koyama reset his “Rental Nanmo Shinai Hito” alarm because he realized he could make it a recurring weekly one.

    • ♪ Distance ♪

    • Listener Letter: The listener said that lately they feel like they’ve been spending too much money on unnecessary things and asked him for tips on how he saves money.
      Koyama said that he does save money, he said that he has two different accounts at the same bank, one for savings and one where his paycheck goes to. He decided a certain amount to put into his savings account each month, so if he works to make sure he does that his savings will grow. He said that a lot of his friends do the same thing.

    • At the end he did PR and talked about how good Massu was at the whistling in “Beautiful” and tried to do it himself and failed laughing.
      K: Everyone, you’re not alone! Let’s get through this together!

  • Tegomass no Radio (May 6)

    • They said they haven’t done a recording in a while and are recording it with acrylic boards in between them. They shared what they’ve been doing and Tegoshi has been taking Emma for walks everyday and Massu has been cleaning his house (including sorting out his clothes)
      M: I mean, my house is about as big as the Tokyo Dome!
      T: Okay! We’re good. Sakura-chan, please.
      M: You’re not going to ask me what I’ve been up to?
      T, Sakura: It’s over at “Tokyo Dome”.
      They talked about how Tegomass can’t see each other’s faces because there’re probably two pieces of acrylic boards between them so it’s like a cloud of blur and talked about how both of them can’t hold a proper conversation anymore.

    • Request this week: ♪ NEWSTORY ♪

    • The listener started planking during the Stay Home period and wanted to hear tips for planking or strength training. Tegoshi said he always makes the juniors do planking with him before they start concert rehearsals, for the duration of an entire track from the album. Everyone died when it was “STORY”. Sakura shared how there was a period when she planked everyday but didn’t keep the right posture and hurt her back. They asked Massu for his comments and
      M: You know how I don’t like having to maintain the same movements for a prolonged period of time, right?
      T, Sakura: We had no idea.
      M: I don’t really like it. If I have to do something, I’d rather do push ups.
      He said he doesn’t do planks, and shared how the floor where they do rehearsals is really hard so if he doesn’t place a yoga mat there his elbows won’t be able to take it. He apparently also needs to wear gloves when he does pull ups or his hands won’t be able to take it.
      They said it’s great the listener started this and told them to do their best.

    • The listener has problems eating meals that come with a lot of dishes (e.g. 3 dishes + a soup), as they tend to eat them dish by dish so by the time they hit their miso soup, it’s already cold. Are the three of them able to eat everything bit by bit or do they eat dish by dish too?
      Tegoshi went first, saying he tends to take note of the order he eats them, like eating the salad first and carbos last.
      T: But I’ll never end up in a situation where it’s “finish all of this” “finish all of this” and “finish all of this”
      M: It’s mostly “left unfinished” “left unfinished” “left unfinished” for Tegoshi though
      Massu said how if Tegoshi orders a shogayaki teishoku (ginger pork set), he’d finish all of the salad and the other small side dishes that come along, but will leave some meat and rice and go, “I’m so full!” But Massu can eat like two of that.
      Tegoshi said Massu eats all the time back when they used to record “The Shonen Club Premium”. He’d eat before and after they recorded the talk set, eat before and after the song rehearsals, and eat ramen/some kind of noodles on top of both bentos for lunch and dinner. They said if they had like 40 mins break in between, Tegoshi would be gaming, Koyama would be watching some video, Shige would be on his laptop, and Massu would be eating. Or spacing out. They discussed Massu’s diet and how it’s amazing he doesn’t grow fat. They also outed him that he had a large fries before him in the studio that day as the gyoza shop he usually has his gyoza from wasn’t open. They tried saying the listeners all know he’s eating all the time during radio too (M: No I only eat between segments and if they can tell I’m eating while recording I would have failed as a professional!)

    • For “Tegomass, did you know?” this week, the first question was if they knew the “sashisuseso” of cooking. (TL note: there are 5 Japanese seasonings that the most Japanese kitchens have that can be represented by the sa-line of hiragana) Massu said he knew them all, and Tegoshi tried guessing - sato (sugar), shoyu (soy sauce), osu (vinegar)... se???, sosu (sauce), before going back to se and offering seabura (fatty part of pork). He changed “shi” to shio - salt. They told him he got sa-shi-su correct, but not the other two, and they gave him a hint saying they’re both in variations of ramen. He tried guessing for a while before getting “miso” and couldn’t get “se”. They revealed “se” to be soy sauce, as “shoyu” used to be called “seuyu” before.

    • Second question - if they knew the proper timing to eat medicine, “before food”, “between meals” and “after food”. Massu can’t be sure but Tegoshi thinks he knows. “Before food” - 30 mins before, “after food” - within 30 mins after, “between meals” - either 2 hours after the previous meal or 2 hours before the next meal.
      Massu’s answer: “before food” - before eating. “Between meals” - in the middle of the meal. Like for the earlier meal on eating, you eat some side dishes, and some medicine, then the other side dishes.
      He was wrong, obviously, and Sakura said Tegoshi got it right for before and after food, and for between meals, he’s half correct as it should be either two hours after the previous meal or on an empty stomach. (M: Then they should just label it as “on an empty stomach”!)

    • At the ending, the two of them discussed in super loud voices online nomikai (drinking session) and what they’ve been doing while Sakura was reading the address details. And the two of them showed Sakura the instructions Taro wrote for them “Tegomass should just converse freely, even after Sakura-chan is done with the address details.” Sakura said this part will be cut since they talked so much for the opening and the two of them said it’s because they haven’t spoken in such a long time

  • Masuda Takahisa no Master Hits (May 8)

    • At the opening, he talked about how he’s home all the time and can only pass time by cleaning and said there’s no end to cleaning once you start on it, as he’s cleaned his walls, ceiling, lights etc. He feels there’re still places left to clean and is going to look for things that he can use the time now to do

    • If he prefers dragon fruits or papayas - he likes shine muscat grapes

    • ♪ Bokura no Sora ♪

    • The listener started collecting crockery recently and wanted to know if Massu likes them. He said he has a friend who owns a crockery shop and received some really nice stuff from his friend and they are mostly simple pieces like black or white ones with no prints on them. He talked about his love for mugs, and said he used to buy two of those he likes but realised he doesn’t really need two of the same ones so he’s been buying just one of each now. He prefers simple ones and would be interested to see the ones the listener likes

    • What dish Massu thinks goes well with Japanese sake - he thinks fish goes well, be it grilled fish, raw fish, sashimi… he usually likes his sake cold, and shared how sometimes when he goes out for meals with older people, they sometimes order atsukan (hot sake) or nurekan (warm sake) but he prefers his sake cold

    • If he has joined any online nomikais (drinking sessions) - he hasn’t. He’s received invitations from about 4-5 people, but he’s either rejected them making excuses like he has something else on (M: Even though we’re all home now hurhurhur) or just disappeared magically during the time the session was supposed to start. He said he still feels averse to the idea somehow and he’d try to ignore the messages when people send screencaps of their video sessions. He doesn’t even like the idea of video calls and he wouldn’t pick them up if he saw it was a video call. He does feel this concept might pick up, like as a tool to connect with relatives staying far away, and this is something on the top of his list of things he wants to try

    • The next listener said they read on NEWSRING that Koyama video calls his family and wanted to know if NEWS has done it among themselves.
      M: To have a video call with the members… why??? Hur.
      He said they’ve never done it and wondered when they’d feel like they need to talk while seeing each others’ faces. They don’t even make phone calls that often, and he said he probably hasn’t called them for more than 20 times in total his entire life. Though yeah, this is a good chance to try doing that and he wondered what the maximum number of people you can video call and if an online concert would work

    • If he’s been cleaning things he doesn’t usually clean - he said the ventilation fan and tried thinking of other things, but he doesn’t have many places he doesn’t clean much. He talked a little about which cleaning agent to choose for the bathroom drain before moving on to saying how he’s been trying to organise his clothes by brand/occasion. He realised he owns quite a lot of similar pieces

    • The listener is a nurse and has been struggling with their own fear of catching the virus and also the desire to see the faces of the patients under their care every day. It’s a tough period for many people now, and they’ve been listening to the “STORY” album on their way to work and playing concert DVDs on the way home. NEWS songs have been what have been giving them strength and they’d like to request for “Clover”, a song they listen to everyday before they go to work.
      Massu said he feels very helpless when he thinks of how hard the healthcare workers have been working and that there’s nothing he can do, so he hopes there can be some way that they can provide some form of comfort to people. He’s happy they’re listening and watching NEWS, and is glad their work is helping them feel better. It’s probably a really scary and tough period for them now, and Massu asked them to please place their own health first and to do their best

    • ♪ Clover ♪

    • At the ending, he said he’d intended to either do a Masterpiece or a Brain Master but “Clover” is a really long song but he wanted to play it in full so as to send out some comfort to people so this is it! He also promoted “Rental Nanmoshinai Hito”

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