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Tegoshi has all work activities suspended

It was announced via Johnny’s net on May 26th that Tegoshi has been suspended from all activities. There have been a couple of reports over the past two weeks about Tegoshi heading outside for drinks while Tokyo was still under the state of emergency. For both reports, Johnny’s checked with Tegoshi about what happened, and both times, while some parts of the reports were inaccurate, the fact that he was outside for drinks was true. To take such actions, while the rest of the country made sacrifices and stayed home because they placed the containment of the spread of COVID-19 as top priority, showed to the agency that Tegoshi lacked a sense of how the situation was, as well as a sense of responsibility towards the role he had to play.

While it was previously decided that he would only be taken out of the charity song project, that he went out for drinks again while the city was still under the state of emergency made them decide that all his entertainment activities have to be suspended, as this behaviour is not something that can be tolerated, given how it is a time when the entire nation is working hard together to get life back to normal.

The agency has told him repeatedly that his work is not something that he can do alone and that everything is only made possible with the help of lots of other parties, but he has not seemed to understand that. Tegoshi will be asked to reflect upon his actions.

It was not stated in the release how long this suspension period will be.

At the time of this entry,

  • "Tegomass no Radio" will continue with Massu and Sakura for the time being, and Koyama and Shige will be joining them for the broadcasts scheduled for 5/27, 6/3, and 6/10. (Source)

  • “Tegoshi no Game Shiyouze” on OPENREC will be suspended until further notice. (Source)

  • His appearance in “Itte Q” will be suspended until further notice, though the episode scheduled for the 31st will air as planned. (Source)

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