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Member Responses to Tegoshi's Suspension

Koyama, Shige and Massu updated their respective Jwebs on May 27th with thoughts about Tegoshi’s suspension. While we do not usually post full translations of paid content, we thought this is something that all of us might want/need to read, so here they are, along with a short summary of “Tegomass no Radio” from the same day, with just the parts on the suspension.


We are really sorry for causing the fans to worry.

As a member of NEWS, I’m taking what happened with Tegoshi very seriously.

I keep writing and deleting things because I’m not sure what to say now, but I’m going to write how I feel here, in “KEIICHIRO”.

When my activities were suspended, I faced myself and asked myself everyday, how many people’s support it takes for me to be able to be in the industry, how much it means to me to be able to be a part of NEWS, and above all, how much hurt I’ve caused the fans. At that time, I lost a lot of things. The programme that’d been taking care of me, and even the trust of people. All the trust that had been built up over time was lost all in the blink of an eye. And it’s all what I brought upon myself. It was tough, but it was a wall that I’d built by myself. And because it’s the wall that I’d built myself, it was my responsibility to overcome it by myself. I still blame myself, whether it’s back then, or now. What I want to say is, it’s meaningless unless it’s something you realise and overcome on your own. I understand that there might be some people thinking, “Look who’s speaking.” And I apologise.

But, please let me say this. There are… definitely things that we want to protect, as a person and in a lifetime.

I will continue protecting “NEWS”.

Thank you for reading this to the end.


“Uketomeru Kakugo desu” (The resolution of acceptance)

This is Kato Shigeaki.

The anger, criticism, and harsh words from many people have reached me as well.

As a member from the same group, I have resolved to take all of it in.

The people I feel most apologetic to are the fans who have been supporting us up until now.

In spite of how we’ve already disappointed you several times, we have managed to land ourselves in this situation again and there will never be enough words to apologise to you.

What we should be doing is bringing smiles to a lot of people.

That we saddened you all at a time when we should be fulfilling this role most, pains me more than anything else.

All I can think about is what I should do to fulfill this role.

I will do all I can to help make people feel better, even if it’s just a little bit.

While this is all I can say now, NEWS will not stop moving, and will continue walking forward.

And I pray that everyone’s thoughts reach him.

Masuda Takahisa no Marumaru

I’m sorry for the worry that this incident with Tegoshi has caused everyone.

We’ve had several discussions up till now.

And we have done all we can to protect Tegoshi.

It is beyond frustrating that it has to come to a suspension, causing fans sadness and inconveniencing the staff/personnel involved.

I will protect NEWS because I love NEWS.

Tegomass no Radio

The program started with Massu and Miyamiya introducing themselves and then Massu apologizing for the worry and trouble that Tegoshi has caused. Massu talked about how they’ve been singing together since before the debut of NEWS and how they’ve discussed many things together since becoming four and overcome many things together as well, so this situation is very regrettable. He said that he wants to consider what he can do and what he can convey to the fans and the world as NEWS.
He apologized to the listeners who’ve been looking forward to “Tegomass no Radio” and said that he would do his best on his own to make this a fun radio program for everyone and asked that we listen with a kind heart.
Miyamiya then began to read a letter from a listener who requested the song “U R not alone”. They talked about how they recently became a fan of NEWS and Tegomass, and it’s the first time in their 25 years of life that they’ve become a fan of a group like this. They’ve been buying their concert DVDs to watch when they’re tired and on their days off and it cheers them up. They said that seeing NEWS working hard inspired them to try again at getting national qualifications that they had failed at as a college student. They talked about how “U R not alone” is one of the reasons they became a fan and talked about how the lyrics encouraged them each time they’re on the verge of giving up.

They talked about the listener’s letter and how difficult it must be to get those qualifications. Massu said that he hopes this song can encourage the listeners.

♪ U R not alone ♪

After the song Massu announced the next segment and made Sakura redo her “YAY!” because he felt she didn’t sound happy enough, then said that he felt uneasy about talking on the radio just one on one with Sakura - or rather he felt uneasy being on the radio by himself so there were two people here that day to help - Shige and Koyama.

Koyama commented that it was difficult for them to come on after that opening and Shige commented on the contradiction in how Massu had just said in the opening that he would try to do his best on his own (for the programme), only to end up introducing them right after the song, though he said that that’s fine. Massu said that he had wanted to try to get as far as he could on his own. They said that they were grateful that Massu asked them to be on the show so they could be of help at a time like this. Koyama added that he’s not sure how all the fans of Tegomass no Radio would feel about them coming on and apologized, but said that he wanted to do what he can.

Shige said that he knows that this has caused a lot of people trouble and that they’ve received all kinds of messages from a variety of people, criticism as well as concern, and that they’re taking it all in sincerely and talking together daily about what they can do. Koyama agreed and said that they’re taking this incident with Tegoshi very seriously and would like to move forward while discussing what they can do. He said that more than anything they’re sorry for the trouble it’s caused the fans and everyone.

Massu said to make this programme a fun one.

M: This radio show is a really funny one, you know!

Shige said that they weren’t sure if they should have prepared more for this, and Massu commented on how the two of them are pretty dressed up and Koyama said that he had been nervous when he left home that day and Massu joked that he understood why since this is such a famous radio show. Shige joked that that’s what he had thought, but then they came here and they’re talking about “Ah national qualifications must be difficult!” and how the tone sounded like they’re talking to an elementary school student. Koyama said that that part made both him and Shige laugh quietly at the same time. Shige teased Miyamiya for how she repeated the phrase “Because it’s national qualifications” and Massu said that she’s supposed to be the “proper” one on the program so to not tease her too much and they joked about that.

Koyama and Shige thanked her for keeping the conversation going at a time like this and they said they would do their best.

K: Massu, thank you, really.
S: Thank you.
M: Please make this a fun radio program. Please help!
K: You lost some confidence there at the end haha. We’ll be there with you.
S: We’ll do our best
M: (funny high pitched voice) SO! Shall we move on to one of the letters here?
K: He’s nervous!
Sakura: Masuda-san is always like that
M: (still funny voice) Read it!

They then read some letters from fans and joked around and had fun as usual.

At the end, as Miyamiya started to read out the address information, Massu said that while the address details are being read, since the two of them are here, why don’t they list some good things about him?

M: Ready, GO!
K: Not afraid to crack lame jokes

S: I guess… your smile?
K: You’re super kind
M: Eh one each? One each...

Massu exclaimed that they said so few in the time that it took Miyamiya to finish reading out the information. Massu explained to them how Miyamiya has the amazing ability to listen to what they’re saying while reading the address details and Koyama commented on how reading out the program contact information is the most important part and Massu reassured them that they still get mails from listeners.

Massu thanked them for coming on and they thanked them for having them on the show. Massu said that he thought the next week and the week after would be pretty important episodes to the programme as well and said that since they came for this one, he’d like to get them to promise to come for those as well.

M: What do you think?
S: I think I’ll be catching a cold around that time next week.
M: No, we’ll be recording it today!
K: He said it!

They said that they were joking and of course they were happy to be on. They all signed off and said goodbye.

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