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NEWS to appear on Johnny’s World Happy LIVE With You

The line-up for “Johnny’s World Happy LIVE With You” was announced on June 6th via Smile Up! Project’s twitter and Johnny’s net, and NEWS will be appearing on the June 18th stream (20:00 JST onwards).

For some quick background, Johnny’s first announced the “Johnny’s World Happy LIVE With You” live stream project on June 1st, and Massu mentioned in his NEWSRING update on June 3rd that NEWS will be participating with just three members. Massu also said that while there may be people who feel worried about or who don’t like the idea of having them appear as three, they will do their best to deliver a performance that people can approve of, and most of all, a performance that can make people smile.

The live streams this time will be pay-to-watch, and proceeds will be going towards supporting health and medical efforts as part of the “Smile Up! Project”. For those who would like to support the project, please continue reading on for details and a brief guide to purchasing tickets to the live stream.

First of all, some general information.

  • Price per ticket is at JPY 2,500 for all JFC members, and JPY 3,000 for the general public. FC members can buy tickets to all days at the FC rate, regardless of whose fan club you belong to.

  • Tickets are sold per day, meaning if you want to watch more than one group performing on different days, you’ll have to purchase tickets for the respective days they are performing on.

  • The order of performance may not be in the order the groups are listed on the line-up.

  • There may be changes to the artist lineup due to certain circumstances.

  • Payment for the tickets can only be made by the following credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners). Some debit/prepaid cards with credit card functions may also be used.

Next, information about the stream.

  • Content:

    • Live performance

    • Artist message

    • Handwashing video: “Wash Your Hands -Twenty★Twenty ver.” (this video will be the same across all streams)

  • The live stream will start at 20:00 JST on June 18th (for NEWS), and an archived video will be available for viewing from after the live stream ends till June 25th, 23:59 JST

  • Ticket sales have started, and will be available till June 25th, 22:00 JST

Mod note: Please note that there is no information on whether or not the live stream will be made available outside of Japan, nor how long each stream will be. If you are worried about whether or not you can watch the video, we suggest you try the following before purchasing the tickets: 1) try playing the test video to see if it plays (it does seem to play with no issues from where we are located); 2) try to see if you can watch the free Special Happy Digest on June 15th; 3) wait to see comments from fans outside Japan after the first paid stream on June 16th.

Points to note about the live stream:

  • Once the number of accounts logged in at a time has exceeded the allocated number, you will not be able to join the stream even when the stream begins. Please log in in advance and wait for the stream to start.

  • You will not be able to playback the stream from the start if you start watching past the starting time.

  • As watching the live stream will take up a lot of data, we recommend you to view it using a WiFi connection.

  • The video quality may be affected, depending on your reception and surrounding environment.

  • Photographing, videographing, and/or audio recording, or publicity of the live stream for commercial use is strictly prohibited.

  • There is the possibility of the live stream not being able to go on as scheduled due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances.

  • If you can’t view the video even after the live stream is scheduled to begin, please try refreshing your page.

  • No requests for cancellations or refunds will be entertained after the purchase has been completed.

To purchase tickets for NEWS, please click here, then click on the button that applies to you. (Do note that the following is only a very brief guide, please get someone who can read Japanese to help you with the purchase if you are unsure.)

FC members

Step 1: After logging into your FC account from the above link, please click on the following blue button to proceed.

Step 2: Confirm the date of the ticket you are purchasing and click on the blue button to proceed.

Step 3: Confirm the purchase details again, check the T&Cs box and click on the blue button to proceed to enter your credit card details

Step 4: Enter your credit card details, click on the blue button to submit, and you’re done!

Non-FC members

For non-FC members, you need to first register an email address. Fill in your email address, check the T&Cs box, click the register button, and wait for an email from jfc-mail@fc-member.johnnys-net.jp.

Click on the URL in the email sent to you and repeat the same steps from Step 2 for FC members as above to complete your purchase. Please note that you will need this registered email address, as well as the confirmation code (認証コード) you receive after completing payment to view the live stream.

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