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[NEWSYonin] 3 NEWS project - 2020

[NEWSYonin] 3 NEWS project - 2020
3 NEWS will need help getting back on their feet.
Deadline : 27 June 2020
Aim: To get 3 NEWS back on their feet ASAP, be their signpost in the darkness as they have done for us.
This booklet is to help them know what the fans want/think of their strengths and any suggestions so they can regroup and restart.
All fields are non-compulsory, you can fill in what you like.
This will be printed professionally as we have done so many times before.
Lockdowns around the world are over and printers in my country are considered essential services.
This project will be printed and sent to FC.
I will email a PDF to all 3 member's radios but everyone is emailing there so I think our messages will get lost.
Tags: advertisement: fan project
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