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A quick update

This is not an easy entry to write.

It is extremely hard to choose the right words, when everyone is still trying to process what hit us last week. As with most of the fandom, we are trying to digest it all and figure out our next steps. The community isn’t going to disappear, as it has been around for NEWS since 2004, and will continue to be. While the mods have changed over the years - just like how the four of us only took up these positions a few years back - the aim of this community hasn’t. To be a place for NEWS and NEWS fans. We will need more time to sort out what this community should look like from this point on, but we will be back, so please be patient with us until then.

We hope this news_jpop can continue to be a safe and positive place for all fans of NEWS, so as we continue to try to cope with what has happened, we would really appreciate it if all of us could respect that everyone’s coping mechanism is different and that even though we might not all react or feel the same way, every reaction is valid.

In the meantime, here are a few key updates on NEWS’ work.

  • It was announced through email on Jun 22nd to FC members who hit for STORY tickets that the entire tour has been cancelled and refunds will be made. They are planning for an event in Fall 2020, and there will be a stream on Jun 28th from 17:00JST onwards. FC members can watch the stream through this link.

  • On Jun 24th, it was announced through the drama's twitter that "Nigatsu no Shosha" will be postponed. Shige was supposed to be part of this drama originally scheduled for this summer. The postponement is out of how the COVID-19 situation is still ongoing, and the production team decided postponing it will protect the cast, made up of many young actors, better. They will announce the new broadcast dates once details are firm.

  • "Tegomass no Radio" will be renamed to "Masumasu Radio" from Jul 1st onwards, and will continue with Massu and Sakura. (Source)

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