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Happy Birthday Massu!

Happy 34th Birthday to our gentle yet strong presence.
It's been a year of milestones, with him becoming a regular on "Gochi", landing his first WOWOW drama, first leading role in "Rental", (anan cover) and an upcoming musical. This year, we hope he gets to eat all his favourite food, rests enough, is surrounded by lots of love, and never has to worry about when NEWS gets to perform at Tokyo Dome again.

While we can't tell how long it's going to take for physical cards/letters to be delivered with the current situation, it's always the thought that counts, so here's the latest address for Johnny's Family Club:


Johnny's Family Club
(Attn: [Insert group/talent name])
Tokyo, JAPAN

Please avoid sending anything more than cards/letters as they will be seen as gifts and get discarded or returned by the agency.

We'll also be leaving this as a sticky post for a week, so please keep all the birthday wishes to the comments section of this post! :)

For those on twitter, here's the hashtag for the day - #増田貴久誕生祭
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