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NEWS to hold virtual fan meeting on July 26th

On July 11th, NEWS announced through an email sent out to FC members that a virtual fan meeting will be held on July 26th. On July 17th, more details of NEWS’ virtual fan meeting on July 26th were revealed, via both email to FC members and the tweet by the new Johnny’s net online twitter account. While we are including a short summary of the event details here, this is not a full translation of all the details and fine print, so please look for someone who can read Japanese to help you with your purchase if you’re unsure.

This FC member only event, “NEWS Daishukai 2020”, will be streamed live on July 26th starting at 6pm JST, and a recording of the stream will be available for viewing until August 31st 11:59pm JST.

To participate, FC members must purchase a ticket. There are two kinds of tickets: a viewing ticket and a Zoom ticket. Both tickets are priced at JPY 500.

Viewing tickets can be purchased from July 17th until Aug 31st at 10pm.
Those who want to view the stream in high quality on a single stream are recommended to buy this ticket.

Zoom tickets can be purchased from July 17th until July 24th at 12pm.
Those who have 2 or more screens they can view the stream on are recommended to buy this ticket so that they can view Zoom on one screen and Johnny’s net online on another.

Please note that if you purchase a Zoom ticket, there is a chance that you will appear on the stream as participants will be picked at random to be shown on the screen at the event venue that day. There will also be official cameras there filming and taking photos, so please be aware that your image could be used on TV, newspapers, magazines and/or other media. Please note that purchasing the Zoom ticket does NOT guarantee your appearance on the screen on that day.

While Zoom tickets are scheduled to be on sale until July 24th, if the maximum number of participants is filled before then, then sales will close early.

For the event, Zoom will be used, and you should receive an email invitation by noon on the day of the stream at the email address you used when purchasing the ticket. You must make your Zoom account using the same email address you used for your Johnny’s net Online account to participate. Make sure to check your spam folder for the email from Zoom.

If you’re unable to view Zoom during the event due to internet or other issues, please view the stream on Johnny’s net Online. When participating in the Zoom event, it is recommended to use earphones.

Payment Options
Credit Card (No extra fees)
Convenience Store, Bank Transfer (¥187 yen fee, tax included)
※ Convenience Stores where payments are possible: FamilyMart, Lawson, Ministop, Seicomart, Daily Yamazaki, Yamazaki Daily Store

How to Purchase Tickets

You can purchase tickets from the site here. Scroll down to this screen, and click on the white box for viewing tickets and the blue box for Zoom tickets. Once you click on the box you will be prompted to log in to your FC account.

Above this screen is a test video that you can play to make sure that the stream and audio will work for you.

Once you log in, click on the blue button below.

On this page you just need to click the checkbox and click the blue button on the right.

On the next screen you’ll pick your payment method, the top being credit card and the bottom, convenience store, Pay-easy, internet banking. If you pick the credit card option, you’ll be prompted to fill out your credit card number, expiration date, and security code. You can check the checkbox if you want to make this your default payment method, then click the button at the bottom.

Finally, you’ll see a confirmation screen. If everything looks ok, click the blue button on the bottom right of the screen.

Once you do that, you should receive a confirmation email with your purchase information and a link to where you can view the stream on Johnny’s net online.

FC members who have purchased tickets to the virtual fan meeting can fill in a questionnaire ahead of the event on the same page by clicking on the blue button here.

Ticket holders can also download the original logo of “NEWS Daishukai 2020” by selecting your preferred size here.

Fun fact before ending off: their formation event in 2003 was also titled the same name, "NEWS Daishukai".


Edit Jul 20, 20:04 JST:

It was announced on Jul 20 that all Zoom tickets for the 6:00pm JST session has been sold out, and that an additional session has been added to start at 3:30pm JST on the same day.
Please note that each account can only purchase the Zoom ticket to one of these sessions.

Viewing tickets are still available for the 6:00pm session (as well as the newly added 3:30pm session) as of the time of this update.


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