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Message from NEWS

Fan club members received a message card during the last week of July, and while we do not usually post content from paid subscriptions, it is the first thing in the mail we received from 3nin, so here it is.

A rough translation of their messages:

Let’s hold hands and move forwards together.
Keep your spirits up.
We’ll see each other soon.
Koyama Keiichiro

Thank you always♡

*TL note: It’s hard to interpret what Massu meant by this line, but a possible way is converting everything, including the “<” symbol, into Japanese, as he might have played on how "<" looks like hiragana "く", and made this pun that makes the combination say "Fan club":
ファン く ラブ

ファンクラブ (Fan club)

To a new place.
To the best place.
We’d definitely prove that we can make it there.
Thank you always.
Kato Shigeaki

(Special thanks to Ria for providing us a good scan of the card!)

- - -

Also, here’s a list of recent NEWS related videos on official YouTube accounts, do check them out if you haven’t, or watch again for some happiness + help boost their view count!

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