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Shige to appear in drama "Yoru ga Dorehodo Kurakutemo"

On September 10th, it was announced that Shige will be appearing in the drama, “Yoru ga Dorehodo Kurakutemo (No Matter How Dark the Night is)”, which will start airing every Sunday at 10pm JST on WOWOW from Nov 22 for a total of four episodes. The lead role will be played by Kamikawa Takaya, who will play Shiga Michinari, the deputy editor of weekly magazine “Shukan Jiryu”. Shige will play Inami Wataru, a young reporter, who clashes with his boss, Shiga, on the ethics of reporting. This will be Shige’s first time acting in WOWOW drama as well as his first time in a reporter role.

The story has it that Shiga, whose life has been smooth sailing, suddenly has the world crashing down on him one day when his only child ends up killing himself, along with the victim whom he has been stalking. Shiga finds himself on the receiving end of the bashing and sinks into despair, but a certain incident leads him to uncover the truth behind the incident. Just as he discovers a glimmer of light, Inami decides to run a close coverage on Shiga. An important role that directly questions the freedom and meaning in reporting, it will be interesting to see how Shige, who also wears the hat of an author, plays this role.

Shige’s comment on Inami:

“What should an editor who handles scandals be like? I think everyone will be able relate to Inami who is struggling in a world where he no longer knows what is ‘right’. This is a strong and warm drama that encourages the development of the ability to think for yourself in an age where you can get information at any time and anywhere. I think seeing how the characters face their tough realities will give viewers courage. No matter how dark the night is. What words would come after that? It would be great if the answer becomes clear after you watch the drama till the end.”

In regard to his feelings about getting the role, Shige said that he had been wanting to appear in a WOWOW drama since he had the image of them being well made and socially conscious and was surprised at how fast his wish came true. He was also surprised to be able to appear in one based off of a work by Nakayama Shichiri and that he’s looking forward to being able to play the role. He can’t wait for filming to start as he is looking forward to finding out how Kamikawa will act out the complex emotions of Shiga.

Source: Oricon
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