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Shige's NHK drama, and some updates

It was announced on Nov 5 that Shige will be appearing in NHK’s new drama, “Rokujouma no Piano Man”, starting Feb 6, 2021. Based on Ando Yusuke’s novel, “Nigedasenakatta Kimi E”, this drama will be in an omnibus format, starring a different person in each of the four episodes. Shige will be starring in the first episode, and also appear in the following episodes.

Shige plays Murasawa Kenji, the ex-coworker of Makoto, who was under power harassment at work and who passed away in a traffic accident eight years ago. When faced with having to witness another case of workplace bullying, Murasawa struggles with how he failed to take action eight years ago.

Shige’s comments:

As I read the script, I felt both the weakness and strength of Man at the same time. I’ll play Murasawa to my best, in the hope that those who watch this drama would be able to receive some strength to move forward.

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Also sharing some updates over the past weeks.

  • Koyama and Shige will be guesting on the Nov 19 episode of “Gochi” (Source) There are also only 3 Gochi battles left in the year before we know who needs to leave, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for Massu!

  • The on demand stream for “SONGS OF TOKYO FESTIVAL 2020” is available till Jan 31, 2021, so head over to watch Part 4 for NEWS’s performance.

  • Fuji TV has uploaded a digest version of Massu’s musical, “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying“, so head over to watch interviews of the cast, as well as short clips of the musical itself.

  • Those who have been following Kchan NEWS may be aware that an informal group for Jrs who look up to Koyama has been formed. It’s named “Kei no Aniki Gundan” (Kei’s Big Brother Troops). Watch the first three members of this group talk about Koyama here.

  • “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2019 WORLDISTA” DVD/Bluray came in first in first week sales across all categories (DVD/Music DVD/Bluray/Music Bluray).

Please also check our NEWS schedule for updates on their latest appearances!

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