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"STORY" live stream + Triple A-side single "Beautiful/Kanariya/Chincha Umakka" release

On November 12th, NEWS posted a video for FC members in which they made two big announcements.

The first thing they announced was that they will be streaming “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2020 STORY” live online concerts, on December 12th (Sat) and December 13th (Sun). They said they understand that there may be a lot of mixed emotions from both fans and themselves alike, but they didn’t want to miss the timing to hold the STORY tour, so after many discussions they decided that they wanted to complete STORY in 2020 as it was originally scheduled to be so that they can move on to a NEW STORY in 2021. More details on the live streams are to come later. Please check Johnny’s Net Online for the latest updates.

The second announcement was that they will be releasing their first triple A-side single, “Beautiful/Kanariya/Chincha Umakka” on Dec 23, 2020. The single will also include "Endless Summer". There will be four versions of the single, LE A, LE B, and two REs, one of which will only be available on the Johnny’s Online Store.
Sales for the Johnny’s Online Store version will run from Nov 13, 12:00 JST to Nov 29, 23:00 JST, but may end earlier once they run out of stock. Each person is limited to only one copy of this Johnny’s Online Store version.

Triple A-side Single Details

LE A (CD + DVD - A)
JPY 1,500 + taxes

CD: 4 Songs in total

  • Beautiful

  • Chincha Umakka

  • Kanariya

  • Untitled Track A

DVD: Approx. 21 min

  • “Beautiful” Music Clip & Making

LE A Details

  • 12 page jacket

  • “NEWS PREMIUM LIVE” streaming ID ①

LE B (CD + DVD - B)
JPY 1,500 + taxes

CD: 4 Songs in total

  • Chincha Umakka

  • Beautiful

  • Kanariya

  • Untitled Track B

DVD: Approx. 20 min

  • “Chincha Umakka” Music Clip & Making

LE B Details

  • 12 page jacket

  • “NEWS PREMIUM LIVE” streaming ID ②

RE (CD Only)
JPY 1,100 + taxes

CD: 4 Songs + 3 Original Karaoke tracks

  • Beautiful

  • Chincha Umakka

  • Kanariya

  • Endless Summer

  • Beautiful (Original Karaoke)

  • Chincha Umakka (Original Karaoke)

  • Kanariya (Original Karaoke)

RE Details

  • 8 page jacket

  • “NEWS PREMIUM LIVE” streaming ID ③ (First press versions only)

RE (CD + DVD - C)
JPY 3,600 + taxes
***Please note that this version can only be purchased from Johnny’s Online Store

CD: 4 Songs in total

  • Kanariya

  • Beautiful

  • Chincha Umakka

  • Untitled Track C

DVD: Approx. 21 min

  • Kanariya Music Clip & Making

RE Details

  • Special packaging

  • Premium Photobook (B4 size)

  • A “Beautiful” mini tote bag produced by NEWS

    • Color: Off white

    • Size: length 30cm / height 20cm / width 7cm

    • With one inner pocket


In commemoration of the release of the Triple A single, there will be a limited stream of a Premium Performance with a live band.

To view: Please obtain one ID from each of the following versions - LE A, LE B, RE (First press version only)
Deadline for registering the IDs: Dec 27, 2020 23:59 JST
Streaming period: Dec 28, 2020 11:00 JST - Jan 31, 2021 23:59 JST

Source: JEHP

For those ready to place your order, the usual sites (CDJapan, Tower Records, HMV) already have the preorder links up.
If you are intending to purchase the RE (CD + DVD-C) version only available from the Johnny’s Online Store, sales begin tomorrow so do make sure you have a Johnny’s Online Store account ready!

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