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NEWS LIVE TOUR 2020 STORY - Live Stream Details

Ticketing has begun for the live streaming of “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2020 STORY”, and details are as follow:

Live Stream Details

Stream dates
Dec 12, 2020 (Sat) 20:30 JST ~
Dec 13, 2020 (Sun) 17:00 JST ~
※ There will not be any archive of the live stream

Ticket sales period
Nov 27, 2020 (Fri) 18:00 JST ~
※ Tickets will be available up till 30 mins after the start of each live stream
(i.e. up till 21:00 JST for the Dec 12 show, and up till 17:30 JST for the Dec 13 show)

Ticket prices
(prices stated are inclusive of tax)

  • NEWS FC members: JPY 4,500

  • JFC members: JPY 5,000 (available to members of all JFCs and Jr. FC members)

  • Non FC members: JPY 5,500

Payment options

  • Credit Card (No extra fees)

  • Convenience Store, Bank Transfer (JPY 187 fee, tax included)

※ Convenience Stores where payments are possible: FamilyMart, Lawson, Ministop, Seicomart, Daily Yamazaki, Yamazaki Daily Store
※ Please complete your payment well in advance

Official Goods

In conjunction with the live stream of the concert, official goods will be sold online.
Details will be announced once they are ready.
(Mod note: We’ll update this post when the details are out. At this point in time, there is no indication of whether these are going to be new goods or just a resale of the previous goods.)

Points To Note

  • Once the number of accounts logged in at a time has exceeded the allocated number, you will not be able to join the stream even when the stream begins. Please log in in advance and wait for the stream to start.

  • You will not be able to playback the stream from the start if you start watching past the starting time.

  • This concert is a stream and no downloads will be made available.

  • As watching the live stream will take up a lot of data, we recommend you to view it using a WiFi connection.

  • The video quality may be affected, depending on your reception and surrounding environment.

  • Photographing, videographing, and/or audio recording, or publicity of the live stream for commercial use is strictly prohibited.

  • There is the possibility of the live stream not being able to go on as scheduled due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances.

  • If you can’t view the video even after the live stream is scheduled to begin, please try refreshing your page.

  • No requests for cancellations or refunds will be entertained after the purchase has been completed.

How to Purchase Tickets

You can purchase tickets from the site here.
Please scroll down to the test video to make sure that the stream and audio will work for you before you proceed to purchase tickets. (Click on the blue and yellow button to access the test video)

Next, scroll down to this section, and click on the ticket option that applies to you.

You will be prompted to log into one of the following accounts during the ticket purchasing process, so have your log in details ready, or create one in advance - Johnny’s net Online / Johnny’s Online Store / Johnny’s ISLAND STORE / ARASHI EXHIBITION “JOURNEY”.

The ticket purchasing process for this stream is similar to that of the fan meeting, so please refer to our previous guide here.
As always, these are just very brief guides and not a full translation of all the details and fine print, so please have someone who can read Japanese to help you with the purchase if you are unsure.

Two more weeks!!!
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